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How to Break Up with a Cheating Boyfriend

Kirsten's had enough, but needs to fulfill a fantasy before she ends it.
Kirsten knew this meeting was inevitable. She had been putting up with Aaron’s bullshit for two years and she knew that it was time to end their relationship for good. She had broken up with Aaron six times already, but until now, she had always taken him back. She had suspected that he had been cheating on her for the past few weeks. He had broken a few dates, made several lame excuses, and been caught in several little lies. One incident alone wouldn’t have aroused her suspicions, but all of them together were adding up to trouble.

She had to admit that she was still very much attracted to Aaron. His sandy hair and stubbly face gave him a semi-surfer look. He was broad-shouldered and quite handsome with powerful arms and a sexy muscular chest. She loved his strength and the way he used it when his powerful body was on top of her, controlling her, taking her. The sex between them had always been great. She had done things with Aaron that she had never done with anyone else. He expanded her horizons sexually and made her realize how much she truly loved sex and being dominated.

Her friends had told her that Aaron was a dog and likely cheating on her since the day they met, but they never had any proof to offer. They fought often because she suspected he was cheating. The fight that split them up this time was much like all of the others. She accused him of running around on her. He denied it and called her paranoid. She screamed and cried. He yelled and acted defensively. Ultimately, he walked out. That was a week ago. He hoped today would be their usual reconciliation. She knew that today would be their last day.

She thought that meeting at her place would give her the strength she needed to end it. She didn’t want a scene in public place or to be in Aaron’s apartment with his beer buddies hanging around. Being at her place would also help her put her special plan in action. She had been thinking about it all week and she had spent much time trying to figure out all of the angles. She believed it was foolproof.

She told her roommate, Heidi, to make herself scarce for a few hours. Heidi didn’t like the idea of leaving Kirsten alone with Aaron, but reluctantly agreed. She said that she and her boyfriend Patrick would be back in a few hours.

Kirsten fantasized many times about fucking Patrick. He was bigger and stronger than Aaron. He played defensive end on the football team. Working out was like a religion for Patrick. He had muscles on top of muscles. In her fantasy, she imagined Patrick on top of her. She would caress his chest and abs while he pounded relentlessly into her wet pussy. She imagined Heidi watching them. That turned Kirsten on even more. She had told Heidi about her lust for Patrick many times. Heidi just smiled and nodded, never offering a verbal reaction.

Just as she was beginning to lose herself in her little fantasyland of joining Patrick and Heidi in a hot threesome, Kirsten heard a knock on the door. She knew it was Aaron. He strolled in twenty minutes late, and acted like he didn’t have a care in the world. It irked her that he could just waltz right in assuming they would get back together like so many times before. She hated the way that he took her for granted. He told her that he missed her and wanted them to get back together. He promised to do whatever it took to get back in her good graces. When she asked if he had cheated, he denied it again, but he did say that he had fooled around and kissed a couple of girls. He said that he hadn’t slept with any of them, but that he had made out with a few here and there.

Kirsten was furious, but quiet. Aaron expected her to erupt with anger, but she remained composed. There was no screaming or hitting like with their other fights. Kirsten wanted for Aaron to finish completely. She took time to consider her response. “I see,” she paused. “Aaron, I think it’s definitely over for us this time. I care about you, but I don’t like you very much. You don’t respect me enough to treat me the way that I should be treated.”

“But baby,” Aaron tried to respond.

“Please don’t interrupt me,” Kirsten said. “I need to get this out. She explained to Aaron that she had deep feelings and even passion for him, but that a relationship just wasn’t possible. Aaron was impressed by how calm she was. Her demeanor and well thought out speech had his complete attention.

Are you saying you want to remain friends with benefits,” he smirked.

The thought of being fuck buddies with Kirsten was perfect in Aaron’s mind. She was an absolute knockout. She was blond and athletic. Aaron was convinced that if she wanted to be a cheerleader, she could have been easily, but she was never really into it. She kept fit at the gym and her time on the treadmill and in yoga class had not gone to waste. She was firm and sexy and shapely in all the right places.

She laughed, “Not exactly. What I’m suggesting is that we part with one final benefit. I want you to fuck me right here and now for the last time today. After today, it is over and done with.”

Aaron began to pull off his shirt, but she stopped him.

“Wait. Wait. Not so fast,” she said.

She explained that she wanted something in particular. She told Aaron that she had a fantasy that she wanted to explore and that she wanted his help. She said that if he was willing, that they could act on it just this one time. Aaron listened intently. She told him that she had a fantasy about being tied up and that she needed to feel like she had no control of the situation. Aaron felt his cock beginning to stiffen in his jeans. He and Kirsten had experimented with toys and even had sex in public, but bondage had never gone beyond the hypothetical stage until today.

She explained that she would go into her bedroom and that he was to come in and force her to the bed. She handed him four lengths of rope for each of her extremities. Aaron smiled a wicked smile thinking of how hard he planned to fuck her. He knew how hot Kristen got when he pounded her. He figured that if he made her cum hard enough she would take him back again. Kristen told him to give her a few minutes to freshen up and then to come in and get started. Aaron took off his clothes down to his boxers while he waited for Kristen to get ready.

When Kirsten got into the room, she used her phone to call Heidi. She tried to sound as frantic as she could in hushed tones. She didn’t want Aaron to hear her in the next room. “Heidi, get here quick! Aaron is going crazy. I don’t know what he is going to do. I’m in the bedroom, but I think he’s going to break the door in. Please hurry.” She hung up abruptly and threw the phone to the floor.

Kirsten pulled off her tank top and removed her bra. She put the tank top back on. Her nipples were aroused and poking prominently against the sheer white material. She took off her shorts, leaving her in Aaron’s favorite hot pink g-string. He had bought for her last birthday and he often begged her to wear them for him.

She went around the room making it look like a scuffle had taken place. She pulled the bedding loose. She turned over a nightstand and knocked some things off her dresser. When she was satisfied that the stage was set, she called Aaron.

He burst in and immediately noticed the neon pink panties. She could see his rock hard cock tenting his boxers. She correctly assumed he had been stroking himself in preparation for his attack. He grabbed her forcefully and pushed her towards the bed. She gave some resistance, but didn’t make things too difficult for him. Aaron moved aggressively as he worked to secure her wrists and ankles.

“What are you going to do to me? Don’t hurt me. I’ll do anything you want,” Kirsten said acting the part of the defenseless victim.

“I’m going to fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked before, you little slut,” Aaron said loudly.

When he had her secured, he ripped off her tank top and tore her panties off of her. He took a second to admire his handiwork and look at Kirsten delectable body. Her usually perfectly brushed blonde hair was flying in every direction. Her breasts fit his hands perfectly. He took a moment to fondle them roughly before pulling his boxers down. He moved to the head of the bed and offered his throbbing cock to her. She sucked him hungrily, offering no resistance. He grabbed her throat hard; not to choke her, but to control her as she took his 7 inch dick as deeply as she could. He reached down to finger her soaked pussy, sliding first two, then three fingers into her. Her hips bucked wildly.

He pulled his cock from her lips with a loud pop and moved into position between her legs. He drove deep inside her wetness hard and pounded her pussy forcefully. She moaned loudly as her hips rose as high as they could to meet every violent thrust. She came for the first time after only a few strokes. She was so wet and insatiable. She wanted more and more. She laid there taking every stroke and loving it. She was enjoying it so much she nearly forgot to stick with the plan.

When she remembered, she started yelling, “Stop it. Don’t hurt me. Please don’t do this to me.”

Aaron thought this was all part of the game. They talked about bondage scenarios many times and agreed that “giraffe” would be their safe word meaning that if she said it at anytime, he would stop whatever they were doing. Since he never heard “giraffe”, he kept on slamming into her pussy. Kirsten kept screaming and begging for him to stop, but in reality, she was loving thrust. She could tell that Aaron was about to cum as she felt his body begin to tense. At that moment, Patrick burst through the door.

“Get off of her, you son of bitch,” he yelled and yanked Aaron off of the bed.

Aaron tried to explain the situation, but Patrick drove his fist into Aaron’s stomach before he could get any words out. Aaron couldn’t talk and struggled to breathe as he doubled over at the waist. Patrick then kneed Aaron in the face. Aaron felled backwards to the floor. Before he could collect himself, Patrick picked him up like a rag doll and started moving him toward the door.

By this time, Heidi had come in and was yelling at Aaron. “You piece of shit. You can’t treat me friend this way. Get out of this fucking house and don’t ever come near us again.” She collected Aaron clothes and threw them out the front door. Soon after, Patrick threw Aaron’s naked ass out to join the rest of his belongings.

Aaron got dressed as quickly as he could and limped back to his car. He hoped that no one had seen his bare ass. He kept shaking his head, trying to clear the cobwebs from Patrick’s blows to his face and stomach. He drove away trying to figure out just what the hell happened.

Heidi and Patrick went back in to check on Kirsten and found her lying and still tied to the bed with the most satisfied smile on her face. Heidi started laughing when she saw the look on Kirsten’s face.

“You set him up. Didn’t you? You little bitch,” Heidi said nodding her head up and down.

Kirsten could see that Heidi had figured it all out.

Patrick stood dumbfounded, trying to figure out what was happening. He bent down to release the ties around Kirsten’s wrists and ankles.

“Wait,” Heidi said. “That’s not what our friend wants.” She smiled, “Is it, Kirsten?”

Kirsten shook her head, bit her lower lip and spread her legs even wider.

Heidi laughed, “Patrick, she wants you to fuck her too.”

Patrick was confused, but not so confused that he intended to pass up this opportunity. He stripped off his clothes and moved in between Kirsten’s thighs. She got a look at his manhood and gasped audibly. He wasn’t much longer than Aaron, but he was much thicker, and the bulbous head of his cock was the biggest that Kirsten had ever seen. She felt him fill her pussy in a way that it had never been filled and stretched before. His thrusts were firm and powerful, just as she had imagined they would be. Kirsten groaned with delight as she felt her second orgasm building.

Heidi moved to the head of the bed. Instead of just watching, she started caressing Kirsten’s breasts. She pinched Kirsten’s firm nipples hard, causing Kirsten to squeal. Heidi reached under the little sundress she was wearing and under her cotton panties and started finger her bare, wet pussy. In her fantasy, Kirsten never imagined that Heidi would want to join in. She just assumed that Heidi was only into guys. She soon discovered that Heidi had her own fantasies.

Heidi had been imagining what it would be like to have sex with Kirsten since they had become roommates, but her fantasies didn’t move into high gear until Kirsten told Heidi about her fantasies about fucking Patrick. Heidi had lain in bed many nights, fingering her pussy while imagining Kirsten lapping her tongue against her clit. Heidi imagined Kirsten’s steel blue eyes looking up at her, begging her with just one look, to cum hard all over Kirsten’s face.

Heidi was shorter and curvier than Kirsten but still very sexy. Patrick loved Heidi’s ginger-red, curly hair and round tits almost most as much as he loved the way she could use her mouth to satisfy his fat cock. Heidi pulled the little sundress over her head and stepped out of her panties. Her wet pussy needed more attention than her fingers could provide. She got on bed and threw her left leg over Kirsten’s face and before Kirsten could protest, she ground her wet lips into Kirsten tongue. Kirsten moaned loudly into Heidi’s pussy. The sensations of Patrick banging into her were only intensified by having Heidi pleasure herself on Kirsten’s waiting tongue. Heidi was facing Patrick. When he looked up, they both smiled widely and started kissing deeply. They both used Kirsten’s body, pleasing themselves with little regard about her comfort or satisfaction.

Patrick broke the deep kiss and moaned loudly. Kirsten felt his body tense as he blew his load deep inside her wet pussy. Kirsten pussy clenched his fat cock and she climaxed for the third time. Heidi leaned down and pulled Patrick’s still rigid cock from Kirsten’s pussy and stuffed his prick into her skillful mouth. She sucked the rest of his ejaculate while her body tensed and her orgasm ripped through her body. She rolled off of Kirsten and tried to regain her composure after the best orgasm of her life.

Kirsten laid there panting heavily. Her pussy was soaked. Her body was covered with sweat. Her wrists and ankles sore from straining against the bindings. She sighed deeply and thought to herself, “Now that’s how to break up with a boyfriend.”

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