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I get taught a lesson

I get an attitude adjustment...
Tyler and I strolled into the party, and everyone's heads turned to look at us per usual. We were an odd sort of couple. Tyler, strong and forever angry looking, and me tall, skinny, and never without a half smirk on my face. I was wearing a cut off t-shirt that showed my tan stomach, belly button ring, and the top of my cleavage, along with skinny jeans and flats. My long black hair fell in loose curls down my back. I saw several girls give me bitchy looks as I walked in. I laughed and took Tyler's hand gently in my own as we made our way to the kitchen to get our drinks.

I wasn't always so confident. Tyler had taught me everything. How to properly suck dick, how to strip, how to please a man, and somewhere in the middle of our frenzied fucking and "teachings" I had gotten this amazing confidence within myself. Tyler on the other hand, had for once in his life, fallen in love. With me. Unfortunately.

I was a virgin when I met Tyler, I wrote about our first encounter in one of my earlier stories. After that night he had made me his personal sex slave. He loved to please me. To see me close my eyes and moan his name. To see me stare at him as I bounced up and down on his dick, begging for him to fill me up. But I think what he liked most of all was the jealousy of his friends. I loved to tease his friends, and they loved to try to get me to fuck them.

When we first started Tyler had shared me with his close friends, but as time went on he started to get jealous. He couldn't get hard because he was worried the other guy was fucking me better. The threesomes stopped after that.

A month or so ago I realized I was bored with Tyler. Sure, no one could eat me out like he could, but I was tired of his possessive ways. I wasn't allowed to do anything anymore and I had to beg him to even come to this party. I knew he loved me, and god he could fuck me SO well, but it was time to move on.

I leaned against the counter and sipped on some fruity mixed drink in a blue plastic cup Tyler had made me. There were a lot of good looking guys in this party. Mostly trash, but there were a few diamonds in the rough. One particular guy I took notice of was an older blonde sitting on the couch talking with a few girls. His hair was a bit past his ears, and he was about as tan as me. He looked like a college boy, and was wearing faded jeans and a white shirt with the sleeves torn off. He didn't look like he was from around here, yet everyone at the party seemed to know him.

"Hey." Some scrawny drunk guy with a pair of sunglasses came up to me, trying hard to appear cool.

I sighed. Tyler had strayed to go talk to some of his friends but no doubt he'd be back in a minute to kick this poor guy's ass if he kept talking to me. Although that might give me some time to snag the blonde.

"You know you're not anywhere in my league, yes?" I said not even looking at him, and instead checking out the girls who were shamelessly flirting with my blonde boy. Bitches.

"I know, you're the prettiest girl here. You can do better than me.. But I just wanted to give it a shot. You seemed like you might be nice."

Shit. He was an all right guy. It was too bad Tyler was going to pummel his face in. I saw him walking back and I rolled my eyes, backing into the shadows of the living room. Tyler would probably just shove him around a bit and make sure everyone else at the party knew not to hit on me.

I heard an argument breaking out and I strolled into the living room, a bit bored with the whole evening to be honest. If this blonde boy wasn't interesting I would tell Tyler to take us home.

I went to the hall and he looked up at me and smiled. His blue eyes were dazzling. Oh yes this was going to be fun. I motioned for him to follow me and he got up and chased after me into the bathroom. I shut the door and locked it and sat on the sink counter.

"You are a little devil aren't you?" Blonde boy said leaning against the back door.

I could feel the bass of the music shaking the sink against my pussy and felt myself start to get wet. "Me? Never," I said looking up at him coyly.

"You know every guy at this party warned me not to talk to you," blonde boy said looking me up and down.

"Oh, so you were asking about me then?" I pulled him to me by his arm.

"You're Tyler's girl. We shouldn't be here," he said looking uncertain.

"Are you scared?"

"Would I be here if I was?" At that he put a hand behind my back and pushed me into him.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, and as his tongue entered my mouth I ground my pussy against his jeans.

He lifted my shirt over my head and kissed the tops of my breasts, and grabbed them underneath my bra. He pinched my nipples, and I moaned and ran my fingers through his soft hair. I could feel his hard-on through his jeans and I smiled and undid his belt with one hand, while rubbing his dick with the other. Oh god, yes. This was just what I needed.
Suddenly there was a pounding on the door, and blonde boy looked up at me like he was about to shit his pants.


"What should we do?" Blonde boy whispered.

"We?" I said laughing as I pulled my shirt on.

I knew Tyler would never physically hurt me. He was a bad boy, but he had a soft heart when it came to me and made sure to always take care of me. But that didn't mean I wanted to stand around and listen to him bitch.

I climbed on top of the toilet and opened a window that led to outside. I crawled through and shut the window behind me, and started walking across the lawn. It was around 3am and I took my shoes off to feel the cool wet grass underneath my feet. I started walking, not really knowing where I was going, but not really caring.

Boys drove by and whistled at me, and I smiled as I walked slowly, enjoying the night. I had been walking for about eight minutes when Tyler's car pulled up next to me. He rolled the window down, but I kept walking, pretending not to see him. God I was too sober for this shit.

"Get in the fucking car," Tyler said as he cruised along beside me.

"Nah," I said continuing to walk.

"Don't make me get out and get you."

"Oooooh, I'm so scared," I sarcastically whined.

He stopped the car and walked around and picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, carrying me back to the car.

"HEY!" I yelled, pounding my fists on his back.

He opened the back door and laid me down on the seats and walked around got in the front seat. Tyler didn't say anything for the whole ride, and when we got to his apartment he got out and slammed the door behind him. As much as I wanted to just walk away, I couldn't, because all my stuff was in his apartment including my cell phone. I didn't want to listen to him bitch at me, even though he was SO sexy when he was mad.

I grudgingly walked up the stairs and into the his apartment. Tyler was standing in the living room, seething. In the light I could see his eyebrow had a cut through it and was bleeding, and his cheek was already starting to swell and bruise. I felt a flicker of shame. He must have gotten in a fight with the blonde.

"Are you fucking happy, Tayler?" he said walking over to me. "I fucking taught you everything. You would be NOTHING without me, do you understand that?" I nodded, feeling a bit scared, and turned on. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, and backed me against the couch. "You are mine. I own you. This new little attitude you have is not cute. I'm done putting up with it."

He spun me around and bent me over the couch and roughly pulled my jeans down. He ripped my thong off, breaking the left string, and smacked me hard on the ass. I screamed and lifted my ass in the air, feeling my pussy juice start to drip down my leg. God yes, God yes, this is going to be fun, I thought as I bit my lip and dug my nails into the couch.

"Is this what you fucking want, Tayler?! Is this how it's going to have to be?!" he yelled smacking me on the ass again.

I pushed my ass against the crotch of his jeans but he grabbed my arm and pushed me to the ground making me kneel. He unzipped his jeans and wrapped his fist around my hair and pushed my mouth onto his thick hard cock. I was taken by surprise so when he first shoved my head down on it, I couldn't take it all in, but the second time I managed to deep throat it like he'd taught me. He started pushing my head forward, fucking my mouth, and he let out little moans as I sucked his dick harder than I ever had before.

His hand loosened on my head so I pulled back and gently licked up and down the sides of his shaft, and swirled my tongue around the head.

"I'm sorry baby," I said looking up at him with my big brown eyes as I ran my tongue up and down his dick.

"Just shut the fuck up." He grunted as he pulled me up and ripped my shirt off and pulled my bra off.

He bent over a little to suck on my nipples, and lifted me up and carried me around the couch to sit me down on it. I could feel the cool leather of the couch against my pussy as he sucked and bit my nipples, and I started moaning and humping the couch, wishing he would fuck me now.

He stood up and took his shirt and jeans off, and I lay my back against the couch, and opened my legs for him. He took the head of his cock and pressed it against the slit of my pussy. "Fuck baby put it in. Please, please." I moaned trying to scoot down and get it to slide in, but he held me back.

"Whose are you?" he said staring me in the face.

"I'm yours. I'm your slut forever," I said touching his cheek lightly.

He pushed my hand away, and instead of gently sliding his dick in like usual, he slammed it in, and I screamed and dug my nails into his back.

He started ramming into me, and watching my tits bounce up and down, until I closed my eyes and started screaming louder than I think I ever had. I had never been fucked like this. It was savage almost, but Jesus fucking Christ it was perfect. 

He leaned down and bit my neck, and I arched my back upwards and screamed as my first orgasm hit me. He quickly turned me over and started to fuck me doggy style as I gripped onto the armrest of the chair, screaming for him to keep going and other things that didn't even make sense. 

It felt so primal and so fucking good. He was pounding into my pussy hard, and suddenly I felt his cum squirt into me and I tensed up and orgasmed again and again. 

He hunched over me exhausted, and pulled me against him, his soft dick still inside my cum filled pussy. 

After my breathing had calmed down I pulled him out of me and stuck my fingers in my pussy and felt his cum.

"Tyler did you cum inside me?" I asked starting to panic.


"Why would you do that?!"

"To teach you whose you are," he said getting up and walking to the kitchen.

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