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I'll walk tonight

Down a cobbled tunnel in murky London...
Pulling the thin material of my coat closely to me, I smiled and nodded at the bouncers outside the club.

“Leaving by yourself love? Shall we sort you a taxi?”

“I’m OK tonight, thanks anyway. I’m going to walk down and get the bus I think.”

“If you’re sure love.” He growled.

“Look after yourself.,” said the other, before shaking his head and muttering “I wouldn't let my daughter walk home from here.”

"Hey, I heard that gramps! I’m old enough to look after myself thank you!” I giggled as I waved goodbye. I’d done this walk so many times I couldn't count anymore. It was an area I came to often just to walk, clear my head.

Tonight was one of those nights, I was so glad to be leaving. I hadn't been in my bed for nearly two days, let alone managed anything resembling sleep. I had literally been dragged out by my best friend. She wanted to go meet some guy and wanted my moral support. I think what she really meant was, ‘Please come with me so I don’t look pathetic showing up alone.’ Once she’d disappeared off, after about twenty minutes, I’d found myself trying to have a good time. A few guys tried to dance and talk to me but I really wasn't in the mood.

Sleep deprivation hits me hard sometimes. It sends my brain into frenzied overdrive. I didn't even have to think too hard about where I was going when I started walking. My body just followed my legs lead, leaving my mind to wonder.

I loved the walk back through London Bridge. The whole area is characterised by the raised, ancient trade railway line. It forms rows of tunnels, some abandoned, with grotty, cobbled, dimly lit streets running through them. Round the corner is the Crossbones Graveyard. An Eighteenth Century unconsecrated burial ground for the ‘Winchester Geese.’ Prostitutes that lived, worked and died in these very streets.

So much history, it never failed to fill me with a sense of awe. Over the years they estimated over 15,000 paupers and prostitutes were buried there. It was somewhere that my partner and I had stumbled across together whilst on a day out. I think we both had a morbid fascination with this particular part of London’s history.

A lot of these tunnels are now being renovated and upgraded in an attempt to modernise the area. These small pockets of history all slowly being demolished, paving the way for shiny new office blocks and unaffordable housing. My train of thought was cut off as I was about to turn down the tunnel that took me to my bus stop.

I was stopped by a load of barriers set up by building works. For some reason only about two street lamps were working as I peered down. It looked empty, the lamps casting an eerie, orange sulphurous glow and shadows.I hesitated momentarily. Taking a quick check behind me, I snuck through a gap between the barriers, before making my way down the cobbles.

Builders waste was strewn everywhere as I walked further down. Large sections of the wall had been demolished, revealing the cavernous insides of the buildings normally disguised between the arches, below the railway line. Fascination took over me as I peered into the darkness. I gasped, as I felt a strong arm pluck me from the ground by my waist and spin me around; slamming me against the damp, stinking, crumbling, old brick wall.

Apparently the building crew hadn't all gone home. I didn't feel too threatened and I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the two men were wearing boots, hard hats and fluorescent gear.

“I’m so, so sorry.’” I started. “It’s just my shortcut to the station. I know I shouldn't hav…”

Suddenly one of the men was stood right in front of me. His immense body blocking my view to the exit and filling my personal space. He simply patted my cheek repeatedly, shaking his head, instantly silencing me. My mouth opened wide and tears pricked my eyes as I went to move his hand away from my cheek.

“Shut up.” This first guy said, calmly, almost sweetly. “You shouldn't have been here should you, little lady?” He continued to purr. “I ain’t got time for none of your excuses now.”

“OK, no excuses yeah, I’ll leave now. The way I came, alright?” I said nodding earnestly, my eyes wide with fear.

They looked at each other nodding and exchanged a smirk. My instincts were telling me I had to leave. Now. But there was something about his voice that had me transfixed. I couldn't move despite the feeling of dread; the orange light making them look even more evil, the way it cast shadows over their faces.

I started to edge the way I came, but the other guy appeared blocking my path with his muscular arm. I looked from one of them, to the other, both now silent and licking their lips menacingly. I was trying to slink away when a coursing sensation shot through my scalp. From behind, one of them had grabbed a large section of my hair, twisted it round his hand and had pulled me right up to his face.

“I’m afraid we’re going to have to punish you for trespassing. You’re not going anywhere little lady.”

Trembling, I felt my body go limp and a strange sensation burned in my nipples causing my pubic muscles to clench. That voice was hypnotic.

“But….I….please…?!” I stammered trying to get coherent words out and untangle his hands from my hair. He simply shook me, pulling my neck back, spinning me around so he could growl into my ear.

“SHUT. UP. Be good. Sort out me and Jimmy like a good girl, and we’ll send you on your way.”

Inhaling deeply to try and stem the flow of tears streaming down my face, I ran through my options. Shouting was pointless there was no one around. I couldn't escape. I didn't want to get hurt. The easiest way out seemed to be obedience.

“OK.” I said looking down at my feet, whatever fight I had drained from me.

He turned me back around, pushing me down on my knees, onto the cold cobbled pavement so I was eye-level with his crotch. He pulled out his cock; the bulbous head looked at me menacingly, glistening with pre-cum. He rubbed it in circles around my mouth and over my cheeks. 

I was trembling and kept leaning vainly trying to keep it away from me. Using his free hand he lightly held the hair at the back of my head to hold it still, and continued rubbing his hardening erection over my face. I could hear Jimmy laughing as I looked up at his friend, pleading with my eyes.

“Oi, Mark, you reckon her pussy’s wet yet?”

“I bet the dirty little bitch is mate.”

I opened my mouth to argue, resulting in sharp tap round the face and Mark's now solid cock pushing its way past my lips. Controlling me by my hair, he moved my mouth up and down his cock, forcing it further and further down my throat. I hated giving head. I could never breathe properly and I had a very strong gag-reflex.

Gasping for air between his thrusts, made fresh tears begin to flow down my face. As I continued to do my best to suck it, I felt Jimmy grab me by my hips, pulling me up to a right angle. I wished I hadn’t worn such a short skirt as I felt the cool air of the tunnel around my ass.

I felt my heat beat harder and a surge through my body, as his rough hands felt up my bare legs. It was making my knees tremble. Reaching my panties his fat finger began to probe around the edges, wriggling inside to find the heated, moist contents.

I almost choked on Marks cock as Jimmy dipped his finger straight into my cunt, swirling it around. Next thing I felt was his hand smearing my juices on my face.

“Look at that! She fucking loves it mate, she’s dripping like a tap!” Jimmy said moving to rub his hand up and down my slit.

“I should make you beg for Jimmy’s cock in you while I fuck your face.” Mark chuckled, pulling his cock out of my mouth. Strands of thick, stringy saliva broke as he did so leaving my chin glistening and covered. 

I’d always thought that this was something I wanted. To be dominated. Not in control. How could a woman have all control removed, yet, still get off on it? If my pussy was anything to go by, apparently it was very possible. But the tears still rolled down my cheeks with the humiliation of what they were asking me to say.

“Please, please. Fuck me while I suck his cock.” I murmured, looking down at the floor. 

Mark grabbed me roughly by the jaw with both hands so I was looking at Jimmy.

“Tell him properly; tell my friend, what a dirty little slut you are, and how much you want him to fuck you like one.”

I sniffed, trying to nod, looking at Jimmy. “Please, I am a dirty little slut.”

“And what, little slut?” He said, stroking my hair with a compassion tinged with such menace I shuddered.

“And. And I want you to fuck me like a dirty whore, while he fucks my face.” I croaked.

“Good little girl.” He whispered, as he gently pulled my face back onto his cock. He started to grope around my chest, searching under the material of the jacket. Reaching what he wanted, he grabbed at one of my tits, pulling it out of my bra. He was roughly twisting the nipple while my screams were muffled by his cock, going in and out of my mouth.

Jimmy's hands were back at my panties, this time, ripping them off. He swirled his coarse finger in my wet cunt again, before abruptly withdrawing it. After hearing the rustle of his trousers, I could feel the head of his cock moving up and down my slit before pausing at the hot entrance to my pussy.

I yelped onto Mark’s cock as Jimmy rammed the entire length of his cock into me, his balls swaying, brushing against the sensitive skin between my thighs. He remained there for a second, leaning into me closer he whispered.

“You ready bitch?”

I could do nothing but pathetically whimper into Mark's cock as Jimmy started to relentlessly pound me from behind. I could feel the cock in my mouth twitching and pulsating and I looked up at Mark. His head was rolled back, eyes shut, mouth slightly agape. His hand moved to the base of his cock and he started to stroke in time with the movement of my mouth.

Grunting, he looked down at me. Pulling his now purple, saliva soaked dick out my mouth. I managed to scrunch up my eyes before he sprayed globs of bitter, hot cum all over my face. Holding his softening cock he smeared his semen all over my face before feeding it into my mouth.

All the while, Jimmy was still pounding into me. Now his mate was finished up, he wrapped an arm around my neck, pulling me into a standing position. My back arched allowing his cock to move into me even deeper. Hardly able to disguise my pleasure now, Mark stood and watched for a minute with his cock still in his hand.

Jimmy maneuvered so one hand was covering my neck while the other moved to my chest. He took it in turns to squeeze and twist each nipple, teasing them both into hard points. I was trying so hard to fight the swelling, hot feeling in my clit and groans of pleasure escaping my mouth.

“Let’s switch places in a bit. I wanna feel how wet her slutty little pussy is too.” Mark said still stroking his cock lightly, clearly getting excited at what he was watching.

“Come on little bitch, come clean all your slut juice off my cock now so I can cum all over your whore face too.” Jimmy snarled, his cock making a sickening, slurping sound as it was pulled from my pussy.

I couldn't explain what had happened to me. I was in a trance. The gaping hole his cock had left in my pussy was aching for something to fill it. I greedily turned to Jimmy’s cock and started licking and sucking taking care with the sensitive top. I could smell myself on him, and though it should have disgusted me, I could feel myself gushing.

The sight of me so turned on, covered in his cum, had got blood rushing back to Marks cock. I could feel his giant head now at the entrance to my cunt, and whimpered. My body had entirely betrayed the rational thoughts of my brain.

“Fucking hell. Absolutely dripping! She’s absolutely gagging for it.” Mark said as he felt up and down my pussy, pinching my clit.

I was ashamed at how badly I wanted him; I had to force myself from pushing back onto his dick. He rubbed my round, firm buttocks almost lovingly, before sharply spanking alternate cheeks. I squealed as each slap fell down on me, sucking hard on Jimmy’s cock to try and numb the pain.

I could feel him lining himself up against my pussy carefully. He forced in his full length and massive girth, ripping into me, causing a confusing pain that seemed to course through the rest of my body as pleasure. I squealed and my body shook, overcome with having two cocks filling me up at the same time. Mark pulled his cock almost all the way back deliciously slowly, before shoving himself hard and fast, into my lubricated hole. He continued to fuck me slow and hard.

“So, little lady you gonna come walking down blocked off roads again?” I heard one of them say.

I started shaking my head furiously, my mouth too full of Jimmy’s dick to speak. He started fucking my face now, grabbing my neck, feeling and prodding his cock further into my throat, almost gagging me. It forced my eyes to bulge and fresh hot tears to trickle down my face, but I was held in place by Marks cock from behind.

Gagging, I felt Jimmy’s cum shoot straight into my belly, tears still streaming down my face as I struggled for breath, while Mark was fucking me mercilessly from behind. They high-fived each other over me as Jimmy freed my neck. Pulling his cock from my throat he pulled up his trousers with a deep, happy sigh.

Mark grabbed my hair holding onto me, controlling my body like a jockey would a horse. He pulled my head back so hard it made my spine arch, forcing his cock into me so deep I almost passed out. He moved a hand to my clit massaging and pinching it sending waves of pleasure running through me again.

By now my body had totally succumbed to the abuse, I hadn't realised but I was groaning in pleasure. With increasing speed and ferocity Marks cock slid in and out of my soaking wet, hot cunt. Time sped till it was a blur, and I couldn't fight what my body had been building up to. I shook and screamed as an intense orgasm racked through me.

My pussy felt as though it had actually sprung a leak, my juices running out and trickling down his balls. My strong pelvic muscles were clenching around his cock, squeezing and massaging it.

“Fuuuucking hell!” He yelled, as his balls started to flex and twitch again unexpectedly. Mark grabbed my hair again using it like some sort of support while he continued to fuck me hard from behind. He suddenly took his cock out and pulled me upright, spinning me round, then back down onto my knees in front of him. I knew what to do now; he almost looked like he was in pain as I sucked hard on his cock. Bobbing my head back and forth, flicking my tongue in circles round the sensitive top.

My hands moved to stroke my engorged clit, deftly moving my fingers till I was on the brink of orgasm again. Before I knew it his balls started pumping out what spunk was left into my mouth. Gagging on his cum, I let most it dribble down my chin as he let me slip to the floor spent and exhausted.

I closed my eyes for a second before looking up. I grinned, and both men offered me their arms and pulled me up from the floor.

“That was exactly how I dreamed that it would happen!” I sighed happily.

Mark smiled and handed me a tissue to clean up my face.

“It was a great little spot you chose, Sweetheart.”

Jimmy joined in. ­­­­­­“Did you like the builders costumes?!”

“I was actually quite scared till I saw your faces, nice touch.” I winked. 

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