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In the Garden Shed

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A garden shed encounter with a close friend, with her partner close by.
In the garden shed

I had come to know Natalie over the last year and ended up close friends.

Having met her at the same time as her boyfriend Phil, I had taken the path of friendship. He chose the path of relationship. Over time I got used to this, having felt I’d lost out but, the feelings I had for her never really went away. Having such a good friendship, we were still very open with each other about everything, including sex. I knew she loved me. We would both regularly meet up through a week, but this particular weekend I ended up at hers and Phil’s place.

“Come over this weekend if you like. We really need to sort the shed out and replace some panels and shelving; your help would be so much appreciated.” Me being me and Nat being a good friend, I would always say yes.

Around came Saturday and I arrived mid-morning, finding them both in the garden.

“Philip’s going to be doing some work in the garden while we work in the shed, is that OK?” she said.

“No problem,” was my reply.

Phil wandered off as he shouted to the two of us, “Have fun in the shed you two! Don't let me bother you. If you need anything just give me a shout.”

The shed was a good deal further down the garden, so off me and Nat went. Everything we needed was there for the tasks we had set ourselves.

“Right!” She shouted, “We need to move these cabinets around before we can make a start.”

Large wooden cabinets and frames can be tricky to move, so using a little back and forth we managed to move all but one into place. All along, me and Nat were having our regular giggle and silliness with each other that we enjoyed so much. The final cabinet was of waist height and the final piece to put into place before we would fit the new shelving. Being an awkward fit and Nat being smaller and more nimble than my larger 6 foot frame, she decided to lean over this final cabinet to shuffle things to the rear of the cabinet out of the way. As she was bent over the cabinet, her tight jeans were clinging on to her legs all the way up to the greatest ass I have ever seen.

“I think if we move this here and move that there, we should be able to shuffle this more into place,” said Nat. But by now I was leaning back just a couple of feet behind her, my gaze not moving from her ass.

Outside, I could see Phil was sat on the grass further up the garden in a mess and a tangle from the job he was doing. I could see him through the small opening in the shed wall. Turning my gaze back to Nat’s ass again I had not really been listening to what she had said. My gaze was suddenly interrupted by her voice.

“Hey! Are you staring at my bottom again? I know you love it but come on, have you listened to a word I’ve said?”

“Yeah I’m listening! And enjoying your ass too! Just carry on with what you’re doing!”

She stuck two fingers up at me, giggled and bent over the cabinet again desperately fidgeting with something at the other end. From my point of view I was starting to do my own fidgeting, as my imagination was running away with itself.

I took a brief moment away from her, and glanced through the gap in the wall again. I could see Phil was still very busy with what he was doing. Turning around I sat back against a set of drawers behind me, slipping my right hand inside my jeans. I had to guide my ever growing erection to one side to stop the uncomfortable tightness. I was extremely hard by this point, and could barely take my eyes from Nat’s protruding behind as she was still bent over the cabinet.

“I’m really struggling to get this into the hole and back out again,” said Nat, as she was trying desperately to tie something to the wall. This was my chance and I had to take it.

Slowly moving up to Nat from behind, my right hand still holding onto my erection down my jeans. I moved my left hand up to the top of her ass and clamped my hand firmly and flatly against it.

“What are you doing?” she said, as I slowly ran my hand all the way down and between her legs.

“I have to have this Natalie. I’ve wanted it for a long time now and so have you, you just can't admit it.” 

“But we can't do this,” she growled, “I’m in a relationship with someone, who happens to be standing right outside!”

At this point I didn't really care as Phil was too busy playing with his tools further up the garden.

“I know you love me Nat, and I know you want this. Do you want me to stop? Say so, and I shall walk out now.” She turned her head to stare at me, and gently sighed as I was still running my hand slowly up and down between her legs. It was getting warmer and warmer.

“OK,” she said as she gave a little grin. “Of course I want it.” With that response I pulled my right hand out of my jeans and proceeded to undo my belt.

I was now standing there with my jeans around my ankles and an extremely hard cock pointing out and upwards. Slowly I began stroking my cock with my right hand, for a final time I had a peek out the wall hole to see what Phil was doing. All was safe and so it was time to move ahead.

“He's not even interested in what’s happening in here Nat, it's your move.” With that she stayed lying over the cabinet, and pulled both her arms behind her. Slowly tugging at her jeans with both thumbs pushed on the inside, she slowly pulled them down inch by slow inch.

While I had been stood there watching her, I had only seen a couple of inches of ass crack but, the more she pulled down the more intent my gaze became. Her amazing body began to reveal itself to me.

Her ass was now fully displayed, as she had pulled her jeans all the way down to her knees. Revealing that she wore no underwear and the most amazing rear I had ever seen. In jeans I knew it was amazing, but in the flesh? There was nothing to describe it.

“So do you like what you finally see?” she asked as she stared at me while I slowly masturbated behind her.

“Of course,” was my reply. Her pussy was glistening and I could tell she was getting wet, so I moved up behind her and once again clamped my hand on her lower back. I slowly slid my hand down over the crack of her ass, this time inserting my index finger down the crease of her cheeks. Passing her asshole, my finger approached the top of her pussy. My hand and finger rested here for a moment, and she let out a very gentle sigh as I stopped.

“Don't stop, please keep going,” she said in a slightly desperate tone of voice. This wasn’t a tone I had ever heard from her in the past, but one I hoped I would be hearing more of in the future. As requested, I slipped my finger inside her. What a feeling! She was extremely wet, and it was the warmest most pleasant feeling I had felt in a long time. I took my time slowly sliding my finger in and out, as I increased from one to three fingers. She quietly started moaning to herself as time went on.

By now I couldn't stand there much longer stroking myself. While sliding my fingers in and out of her, I quickly squatted on the floor. Leaning forward and grabbing her waist with both hands I pulled her a few inches forward so she was in a bent over right angle. I proceeded to bury my face between her ass cheeks and legs and slowly licked all the way from her asshole, all the way down her pussy until my tongue was buried slightly inside her. I continued this for the next couple of minutes, slowly working my tongue up and down. With an end flick of her clit on the down stroke I returned my tongue up again.

The outside world was but a muffle through the sheds wooden panels.

“Bastard, fuck it!” came the voice of Phil from outside. I stopped what I was doing for a brief moment to look through the gap in the wall, heart pounding. Phil was stumbling around with tangled hose-pipe around him.

“Don't stop!” said Nat.

“It’s a good thought though what he says,” I replied to her. And with that I stood up. My cock was now aching from being hard for ages with no action yet. This was about to change.

I pushed the top that Nat was wearing further up her back so I could get an even better view of her ass and bare lower body. Taking my hands I proceeded to place both between her thighs and pushed her legs apart. Then moving up behind her I placed my hands onto her ass, one on each cheek. I rubbed my hands all around each cheek of her ass, sliding my hands over and round to get a good feel of her skin. My hands finished at her hips, holding on tightly for a moment.

“Just stick it in me!” she said. Quite taken aback but even more aroused by what she had said, I guided the tip of my penis against her pussy. Taking my right hand away from her hip for a moment I slowly pushed my cock up and down her now soaking hole.

It didn't take very much effort to gently slip inside her as she let out a groan, followed by one myself. My hands now back in place, I slowly built up my rhythm as I gently slid my cock in and out of her vagina. My groin gently slapped against her ass as I built up my speed. The feeling of finally being inside her after all this time was building up the excitement of the situation. It was a wrong but such an exciting feeling of fucking someone else’s girlfriend.

After 5 minutes of action, I increased the intensity with which I was pounding her from behind. Every few seconds she would moan. As I was hammering harder than she had most likely ever been, at this point the pounding I was giving her vagina was starting to rock the cabinet she was bent over. As I slammed my erection deep inside Nat, the wood knocking sounded like someone was hammering for real.

A voice from outside shouted.

“Are you putting those shelves up now? Be careful you don't hurt yourselves.”

Little did he know about the different hammering that was going on inside the shed.

After banging her relentlessly for a while now, Nat was getting increasingly louder and the noise coming from her was more arousing than anything I had ever heard. Groaning and moaning, she was really enjoying herself as much as I was. My orgasm was getting closer as the combined noises from our sexual activities were getting more intense.

Suddenly Nat let out the loudest moan ever, which was the catalyst for my own orgasm to begin. While she lay there in front of me having her orgasm and trembling, my own was nearing as I pulled out and stood slightly away from her, still staring at her from behind.

“Show me how much you love my ass,” she moaned at me, in a very tired breathless voice.

Masturbating again, my orgasm was approaching as I aimed my cock at her from a couple of feet away. It arrived as my knees started to buckle and I shot numerous hot streams of cum all over her ass. I slowly sunk to my knees on the shed floor, holding onto the outer edges of the cabinet. A large amount of spunk had flown from my cock all over her ass, totally plastering her as it slowly started to trickle down her legs.

“You two OK in there, I heard a loud moan?” As Phil’s footsteps grew closer to the shed.

“Yes! We're fine!” We both shouted at the same time, looking at each other in amusement.

“I hit him with the hammer, I think he's OK!” She shouted to Phil, as I looked at her trying not to laugh.

Standing up again, jeans still round my ankles and my erection still there but weaker, I grabbed an old piece of towel lying on a side board and gently cleaned her up.

“Thanks! It’s not every day I get coated like that!” she said with a giggle in her voice.

“Sorry,” I replied as I stood there recuperating from the intense session we just had. Nat climbed up from the cabinet and moaned briefly from being hammered into shape over it and stood up straight.

Looking down at my partially erect penis, she knelt down and looked at it.

“You look a happy boy now?” she whispered. I looked at her and nodded. Slipping my slowly waning erection into her mouth, she began slowly licking around the head of my penis. Moving her mouth down to the base and back up again, I breathed a slight breath of relief as she let go and stood up again. We both tidied ourselves up before we went outside.

Walking outside, Nat went over to Phil and gave him a loving mouth to mouth kiss.

“You've been eating something?” he said to her, “I’m sure I know that taste from somewhere”.

“It’s just a little something sweet we were both sucking on in the shed that he brought with him today,” she said to Phil.

“Oh right! Great.”

Yeah great, I thought with a sly grin.

The day ended with a few drinks, a few coy glances at each other and a few laughs. A day I could never forget with the faint hope that one day it would be repeated, but with us both as partners and not just friends.

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