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Indecent Proposal And Its Aftermath

An emotional story about a young couple who almost lost their house in foreclosure.

My husband and I were married two years ago. I am now 23 years old and my husband is 25. We bought ourselves a very nice house a year ago. I thought everything was great until I lost my job several months ago. It was a big lost for us and our bills were starting to pile up. We couldn’t keep up on the mortgage payment and fell several months behind. The bank had now filed foreclosure papers. We had only 3 weeks to get our account current or our house would be auction off. It took me a few days before I could tell my husband about the foreclosure of our house. We were both devastated and didn’t know what to do next.

I checked out a few sites on the internet to see if there was anyway to get a loan or something to at least tie us over for a while. I started to asked around if anybody had any ideas on what we could do to save our house. A few days later a got a phone call from a gentlemen who said he may be able to help us. I had no idea who he was or how he got our phone number but I wasn’t going to turn him away. He asked how much we needed to get our mortgage caught up. I explain our situation and told him about six thousand dollars. He instructed me to send him an email with a picture of myself and he would get back to me. He wanted to see who he was doing business with.

I sent him an email with a picture of myself. It was the next day when I received an email back from him. He explain that he would bring our mortgage right up to date. I was really excited now as I sent him an email back thanking him. I also ask him, “How can we pay you back.”

He reply, “ All I want is to make love to you for one night.”

I was stunned. I said, “ I would have to talk to my husband about your offer. I would be willing to do it if I have to.”

We had less than two weeks to go before the auction of our house. I had no other choice but to go through with his offer. I had to find a way to explain this to my husband now. I know he won’t be very happy about it.

My husband came home from work that evening. I sat down and started to explain to him the offer I had received today. He reacted just like I thought and wanted no part of it. I told him, “ Honey, we have no other choice right now. If we don’t pay the bank in less than two weeks we will be out on the streets.”

He reply, “ I don’t care! I am not going to let you do this.”

I said, “ Please understand. I am going to tell him tomorrow yes and at least we will save our house.”

He starts to shake his head in disgust and tells me, “ Do it if you think you have to.”

I responded back to him the next day that I would except his offer. I said lets set this up as soon as possible as we were getting closer to the auction date. He email back, “ How about tomorrow night?”

I said, “ That is fine.”

He set it up for me to meet him on a parking lot about 20 minutes from where we lived. He would pick me up from there and bring me back the next morning to my car. He didn’t want anyway my husband could follow us. Everything was now set up.

I told my husband that night about the arrangement. I said, “ I am going to be with him tomorrow night and I will be home the next morning. “

My husband reply, “ I am still against this?”

I said, “ It will be alright. I am asking you to trust me on this. I am going to keep my emotions out of this. I will fuck him and that will be it. I am sure I can control things.”

It was the next day. My husband went off to work and I kissed him goodbye. I told him, “ I am going to meet him at 6:30 tonight so I won’t see you when you get home from work..”

The rest of the day I kept telling myself that this won’t be any big deal. I know I can control my emotions and I am not going to let him make me cum tonight. The hours went by very slowly as I began to get ready. I didn’t want to dress to sexy for him. I had a very good looking body for being 23 years old. I had great looking tits and my ass was very nice. I didn’t want to turn him on anymore than I had to.

I started off to the parking lot where he is supposed to meet me. I figured he was probably some rich 60 year old guy who is trying to get off with me. I thought he probably would be lucky to do one time and it would be over. I pulled onto the lot and seen a man sitting their in a pick up truck. I pulled along side his truck. I heard him say, ”Please get in.”

I couldn’t see him at all through his tinted windows. I opened up the door and climb into his truck. I was very surprised to see a good looking gentlemen that was around 40 years of age. I was surprised how sexy he looked. My heart began to race as we drove away. He had explain to me that he had never married before and that he was more of the playboy type of guy. He had fucked several women in the past but he liked my age group best. He had a cabin that was secluded back into the woods.

We now arrived at his cabin and headed inside. We sat down and talked for a few minutes. He then asked me,” Are you ready?”

I said, “ I guess so.”

He led me up some steps that took us into his bedroom. It was wide opened loft area. I could see the whole cabin down below. He handed me a sexy outfit to put on. He told me, “ You are one of the most sexy women I had ever been with.”

I was starting to get the feeling I was out of my league with this guy. I went into the bathroom and put on the outfit he had given me. It didn’t really cover very much of me. It showed off my nice size tits and the thong part rode up my gorgeous ass. I headed back out into the bedroom. He stood their with just his pants on as he checked me out from head to toe. I felt kind of weird as I walked over to the bed. He then gently lay me down onto the king size bed.

He grabbed my feet and started licking my toes. He ran his tongue up and down my legs. My body was starting to tingle as his tongue started getting closer to my pussy. He slowly licked around the thong bottom I had on. He started to suck on the inside of my thighs. I let out a small moan as my body was now very sensitive. He slowly pulled my thong off me. I could feel his tongue moving closer to my pussy. He then took his tongue and gently brushed it up against my now swollen clit. My body jerked every time his tongue touched my clit.

I was feeling very horny as he began to suck on my pussy. I thought I could control my emotions, but I was throwing all of that out the window. His tongue started to rotate around my clit. My hips were now starting to jerk. His tongue felt so good licking my sweet pussy. I had never had my pussy licked like this before. I started to cry out as his tongue was bringing me closer to an orgasm. The thought of me not letting him make me cum was all gone. My whole body started to shake as his tongue brought me to a very powerful orgasm.

I lay their on the bed as he got up and removed his pants. I watched closely as his cock appeared from under his boxers. I could see he had a enormous size cock. It hung down in between his legs. He crawled over the top of my face and slowly lower his cock down to my mouth. I wanted his cock so badly. I opened my mouth and his big cock slid into my waiting mouth. His cock taste so good as I continued to sucked on him for several minutes. He was very hard now and he slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth. He let it gently slide down across my tits. He then moved it over my stomach until he reached my wet pussy.

I was very horny and I couldn’t wait to feel his massive cock inside me. He slowly worked his cock into my pussy. This was the biggest cock I had ever had before. I moan out as his cock started to slide deeper into me. He fucked me very slow for several minutes. He kept bringing me close to an orgasm and then would stop fucking me. I wanted to cum so very badly. My emotions were no longer about my husband. I could only think about this 40 year old guys enormous cock inside me. I began to beg him to let me cum. He just smiled at me and started to fuck me harder. I was on the edge of cumming as I screamed out, “Please fuck me hard. I am going to cum.”

He started to fucked me harder as I had a very powerful orgasm on his big cock. He had fucked my 23 year old pussy for more than 20 minutes without stopping. My pussy felt so good as I came again on his cock. He then without notice pulled his cock out of my wet pussy. He moved it up over my face and asked me, “ Do you want me to cum all over your beautiful face?”

I moaned out, ”Yes, Please yes.”

He shot several streams of cum all over my face as I lay their on the bed. He grabbed a towel and gently clean his cum off my face. He handed me one of his shirts to wear as we headed down stairs to eat something.

It was about 10:30 and he wanted more of me. He led me over to the fireplace. It was a beautiful brick fireplace that sat in the main living room. He had a good size fire burning in it as he pulled me towards him. He slowly unbutton the shirt I was wearing. I was getting very turned on as his hands caressed my body. My pussy was very wet as he ran his fingers over it. He had taken my shirt off and he pushed me down in front of him. He had a beautiful bear skin rug right in front of the fireplace. I pulled his boxers off him and I began to suck on his enormous cock. I sucked on it for several minutes until it was nice and hard. He had me suck on his balls also. My pussy was so hot now and I wanted to feel his cock in me again. He moved me onto all fours as I looked right into the fireplace. I could feel his big cock pushing up against my swollen pussy from behind. I moan out as he pushed his cock into me. He slowly fucked me as he had control. My emotions were running wildly as started to fuck my pussy harder from behind. He grabbed my hips with his firm hands and pushed his cock as deep as he could into me. I fell over the edge and I started cumming very hard on his cock. I had never been fucked like this before as he kept pounding my pussy for almost 30 minutes straight. I couldn’t control any of my emotions as I continued to scream out for him to fuck me. I couldn’t believe how sexy it felt getting fucked right their in front of a roaring fire. I started to cum again as he quietly pulled his cock out of my pussy. He wanted me to suck his cock off. I positioned myself right in front of him and I quickly began to suck on his cock. It was only a few minutes later when he grabbed the back of my head and started to cum inside my mouth. It had been one of the most erotic fuck sessions I had ever experience in my life. My body crash onto the bear skin rug as I was totally worn out.

My legs were still really weak as I walked into the bathroom to get clean up. I had been fucked two times already and I had only been their four hours. I made my way upstairs and lay on the bed to rest. He laid next to me as we both fell a sleep. I woke up around 2:00am. I was starting to feel guilty about my husband. This was the first time all night I had even thought about him. As I lay their in the dark I felt a hand starting to caress my body. All of my thoughts about my husband were vanishing quickly as he started to stroke my pussy. He could feel how wet I was again. I reached over and began to stroke his big cock. We caressed each other for about 10 minutes. He pulled me on top of him. There was no lights on so it was very hard to see anything. He had no problem as his cock easily slip into my pussy. He pushed his cock deep into me as I rode his enormous cock.

He was pumping me full of his large cock now. I could feel one of his fingers penetrating my ass as he fucked me. I was so ready to cum again as I rode his big cock as hard as I could. I moan out as I came very hard. He pulled me off his body and position some pillows on the bed. He had me lay over them as my ass was up in the air. I felt his tongue running up and down my butt crack. He quickly moved his cock up against my ass hole. I knew it was going to hurt at first but I wanted to feel his cock in my ass. He pushed his large cock into my tender ass. It hurt a lot at first but I quickly excepted it. He fucked my ass for a good 15 minutes. I reached down and started playing with my pussy as I was very close to cumming. I moan out, “Fuck my ass harder.”

I started to scream out again as he fucked my ass very hard. I had another very powerful orgasm. I had never felt anything like that before. As I was cumming he pump my ass full of his cum. I was so worn out as I collapsed onto the bed. He gave me a long kiss on the lips as we fell both back to sleep.

It was almost 8:00am as we both woke up. I looked over at him and his cock was hard again. He wanted to fucked me one more time before he took me back to my car. He rolled on top of me and I felt his big cock enter my pussy again. He fucked me longer and harder than the previous times. He had held me down tightly to the bed as he rotated his tongue around my hard nipples. My body was starting to tremble. I told him, “ Fuck me harder.”

I was cumming again as he pushed me over the edge. He continued fucking me very hard as he sucked on my nice size tits. He whisper into my ear that he was going to cum in my pussy. He wanted me to cum with him. I felt his body starting to tighten up. I told my husband their was no way I would let him cum inside me. I was about to be a liar as he began to fill my pussy up with his cum. My finger nails dug into his back as I also came with him.

It took me several minutes to get my composure back. He tells me, ‘ I have already wired the money to your mortgage company. You are now paid up with them.”

I gave him a hug and a small kiss as he drop me off at my car. I didn’t know what to tell my husband. I started to cry as I headed home. He had fucked me 4 times and I came at least 7 or 8 times very hard. Their was no way I could tell my husband everything that had happened. I had told him, “ I could control my emotions and that I wouldn’t let him cum inside my pussy.” I was wrong on both things. I guess my plan would be to try not to say much of anything that had happened that night..

I got home and I slowly walked into the house. My husband’s first words were,” Did you do it?”

I reply softly, “Yes”

“ Well, how many times did he fucked you?” he asked.

I reply, “Does it really matter?”

“Yes it does” he responded.

“I am not going to talk about this anymore” I said.

I went on to tell him, “That we don’t have to worry about our house getting auction off anymore. He has taken care of everything for us.”

My husband then walked away. He was still having problems with dealing with this. I had hope he would understand why I had to do this. The next 6 months are relationship was very uneasy. My husband still had not totally gotten over at what had happened that night. I guess it will take time for things to heal up between us. I still hadn’t found any employment and we are now again behind on our mortgage payment. I just received a letter yesterday saying we were in foreclosure again. I started to wonder, “Am I going to have to fuck him again?”

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