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Indecent Proposal The Next Chapter

A young couple who almost lost their house in foreclosure but saved it the hard way.

It had been a week after we had received another foreclosure letter from the bank. We were down to only a week and a half to go before they were to sell our home. I had to end up fucking a 40 year old guy to save our home 6 months ago. I am 23 years old and my husband is 25 years old. We had bought our first home together two years ago and then got behind on the mortgage after I had lost my job. It definitely put a lot of stress on our marriage since that time. I still hadn’t found a job and it was time to sit down with my husband and figure out what we should do next. I tell him, “Honey, we are out of options? If we don’t get the money very soon they will take our home from us. Please understand I don’t want to do this again, but there is no other choice.”

He reply, “I don’t like it at all. I don’t trust this 40 year old playboy guy at all. Why do you trust him so much?”

“He took care of our loan last time didn’t he? and he seems to be a very caring person.” I responded back.

“I still think you are wrong about him, but if you think it is our only option than do it.” he reply back.

I said, “It will be all right. I won’t let any of my emotions get involved with him. If we can get our mortgage up to date I feel very confident I will find a job very shortly. We will be fine after that.”

The next day I contacted him to see if he would help us out again. He said, “Sure! Lets set it up for tonight?”

I called my husband and told him that I was going to meet him tonight. He again said, ‘Don’t trust this snake.”

I said, ‘I will be fine and I will see you tomorrow morning.”

He had set it up the same way he did last time. I was to meet him on a parking lot and he then would take me to his cabin up in the woods. I arrived on the parking lot and he was sitting their in his truck. I got out of my car and climb into his truck. I was somewhat nervous as we headed to his cabin. I had thank him for helping us out again with our mortgage mess.

I started to remember a lot about our last session together as we walked into his cabin. We talked things over for about half an hour and he asked me, “ Are you ready?”

I said, ‘Yes”

He took me over to the couch right in front of the big fireplace in the living room. It had a good size fire burning in it. He removed my shirt and bra quickly from my body. He started to grabbed my nice tits with his one hand as his other hand had unbuttoned my pants. He grabbed my pants and pushed them onto the floor. He moved his hands down to my waist and he grabbed hold of my panties. He quickly yanked them down over my tight ass and shoved them onto the floor. He wasted no time and strips off all of his clothes. I watched carefully as he removed his boxers showing off his large cock. My eyes were glued to his big cock as it hung down between his legs.

He grabbed my shoulders with both hands and pushed me down in front of his cock. He ordered me, “I want you to suck on it.”

I sucked on his big cock until it became very hard. He had me then sit on the couch. He got down on his knees in front of me. He grabbed my legs and pulled my ass to the end of the couch where his big cock waited for me. He took his cock and started to tease my wet pussy as he gently ran it across my swollen clit. I tried to contain my emotions, but I was getting very horny as I told him, “Please fuck me now.”

He pulled my legs apart and pushed his big cock into my waiting pussy. I cry out as I remember how good his cock felt last time he had fucked me. He started off fucking me slowly as my first orgasm of the night was building. I was moaning out very loudly as I was very close to cumming. I was stunned as he started to fucked me very hard. He grabbed my hips and he pounded his cock into my pussy. I yelled out as I started to cum all over his big cock. He continued to fucked me very hard after I came.

The last time he had fucked me he had fucked my pussy very slowly. This time he seemed much more aggressive with me. His hands were squeezing my tits in a much rougher way than last time. It didn’t make much difference to me as I came even harder on his cock a few minutes later. He kept fucking me hard until he was ready to cum. He grabbed a hold of his cock and moved it up to my tits. He then shot his cum all over my firm tits as I lay their on the couch. I was already exhausted as he gave me a towel to clean myself up with. He also handed me a white buttoned up shirt to put on to keep warm.

We ended up taking about a two hour break. He was ready to fucked me again. He tells me, “ I want you to stand right in front of the fireplace and I want you to dance for me.“

I was very surprised at what he wanted me to do but I did as he wanted. I started dancing as I shook my ass and tits as he watch. He asked, “Why don’t you unbutton some of the buttons on the shirt.“

I slowly unbuttoned three buttons. My tits were barely covered up. He then said, “I want you to turn around and lift up your shirt so I can see your nice tight ass. I want you to shake your ass for me.“

I grabbed the end of the shirt and slowly pulled it up over my tight ass. I started to shake my ass as I danced in front of him. He says, “I want you to grab your ass and pull it apart for me.”

I reached back and grabbed my ass with both hands. I start to pull my ass apart as he can see my ass hole. I continued to shake my ass for him at the same time.

I had become very horny as I danced in front of him for several minutes. I couldn’t take my eyes off his massive hard on as he sat their playing with himself.

He says, “I want you to play with your pussy. ”

I was so hot right now as my hand worked its way down to the end of the shirt. I moved my hand underneath the shirt and I began to rub my very wet pussy. I was squirming around as my finger invaded my wet pussy. I looked over at him and he was stroking his big cock a lot harder now. I cry out, “O‘ Man, I want to cum badly.”

He tells me, ‘I want you to take off your shirt now!”

I am still playing with my pussy as I removed the shirt from my body. I am totally naked as I feel an orgasm coming on. He moans out, “ Make yourself cum!”

I moved my other hand down to my pussy so I can pull my pussy lips apart. I gently run my fingers across my swollen pussy and I tease myself until I am ready to cum. I closed my eyes as I started fingering myself to an orgasm. I screamed out, ”O Fuck!” as I started to cum right in front of him. I had came so hard I could hardly stand up anymore. I tell him, “Fuck me now! I need your big cock.”

He walked over to me and told me. ”Get on your knees now! I am going to fuck the hell out of you.”

I moved down to my knees. I could feel his big cock positioning itself right up against my wet pussy. I screamed out as his cock had now penetrated my pussy from behind. He started to fucked me very hard. I had never been fucked so hard in my life as I try to keep myself from falling onto the ground. His cock is pounding my pussy as I am ready to cum again. I yelled out, ”Fuck me harder!”

His cock is hitting very deep inside my pussy as he fucked me as hard as he could. I scream out loudly as I started to cum very hard on his cock again I am crying out the whole time as he keeps assaulting my pussy with his big cock. This goes on for several minutes as I can’t take it anymore. My body had become so weak I collapsed onto the floor. I was totally exhausted at that point. He still hadn’t cum yet. He grabbed one of the sofa cushions and wedge it under my hips. The next thing I knew he pushed his big cock into my ass. I yell out, “OMG,OMG.”

He waste no time and hammers my sweet ass with his cock. I am screaming out the whole time as he holds my hips tightly to the cushion as I can’t move at all. He fucked my ass for a good hard ten minutes as I had another powerful orgasm. He pulled out of me and shot his cum all over my ass and back.

It was already after midnight and I was totally worn out. I crashed on the couch and fell a sleep very quickly. Nothing else happened until the next morning. I woke up around 8:00am and he was their standing right in front of me. He says,, “I want you to blow me before you go.”

I moved off the couch and down onto my knees in front of him. I started to sucked on his big cock. I worked his big cock with my hot mouth for a good twenty minutes. His hands started to grabbed the back of my head. He was fucking my mouth very hard as his big cock was slipping down my throat. He fucked my mouth for several minutes until he was ready to cum. He pulled his big cock out of my mouth and pushed it right up against my face. He held my head tightly as he stroked on his big cock. It only took a few seconds and his cum was running down my face. He then shoved his cock back into my mouth and I had to suck down whatever juices that were left.

As I got dressed he wired the funds for our house payment. We were now even again on our mortgage. He then took me back to the parking lot and drop me off. He gave me a weird type of smile as I got out of his truck. As I headed home I was very surprised how hard he had fucked me this time around. The last time he was very gentle and this time he was a lot more aggressive. I didn’t know what was up with that but at least it was over and our mortgage was up to date. I decided on the way home that I would just tell my husband very little. I will just tell him that I controlled my emotions all night long and that it was nothing special. I had hope this will be the last time we will have to go through with this.

I walked into the door and gave him a big hug. He was very quiet and asked me, “How did it go?”

I responded, “It was nothing special and I was very bored.”

He went on with his business and we didn’t really talked much about it after that. The next week I had found a job. We were both really excited as I was making more money than I did at my old job. I also got better benefits with it. It looked like things were getting better for us. Our marriage was getting better and better each day.

It was two months later and things were going good. My job was great our marriage was at its best point in over a year. Everything was good. I then received a tip from someone to checked out a particular website. I had no idea who had sent this tip to me. I thought I would check out this site to see what it was all about. I was shocked when a porn site pop up. I really didn’t know why somebody wanted me to check this site out. It seemed like any other porn site out their. I was leaving the site when I noticed a section called, ”Fuck for your mortgage.” I started to think about it and I thought, ‘No way this could have anything to do with me. Could it?”

I clicked on it and up pops the feature video of the month. It says click here to see a sample of it. My heart was now racing as I didn’t know if I should clicked on it or not. I thought about for a good ten minutes. I grabbed my mouse and clicked on the free sample. I couldn’t believe it was me on the video. My heart just sank as I watched an edited part of our fucked session that night. The edited sample showed me begging for his big cock along with me crying out,” Fuck Me.” It also showed me getting fucked very hard. It lasted three minutes but it made me out to look like a total slut on camera. I wonder if the piece of paper he had me signed that night was a contract to show us fucking. I really didn’t even read it as I thought it was some kind of promissory note to pay our mortgage.

I now knew why he had been so aggressive with me that night. I also started to figure out why he wanted me to say a lot of dirty things to him. If my husband even sees these three minutes of footage he will divorce me immediately. I had no idea what was on the rest of the video but I am sure it wasn’t good.

I had no idea what I should do now. There was three other women also on their getting fucked by him. One was 29 years old and the other two were 35 and 45 years old. I had to admit I was the best looking of the bunch and that worried me that most men would want to see my video more than the others. I sat their for a good hour wondering what will happen next. I had thought everything was going to be great for us and this happens. I can only hope that my husband doesn’t see or hear anything about this. I figured in a few months it will fade away into the back round. I just hope my husband doesn’t find out. My husband was right, this guy was a big jerk. I should have never trusted him.

It was a month later and so far my husband knows nothing about it. I started to think that maybe nobody will find out about this. All of a sudden my phone rings. I answer it and my life is about to change again big time. I can’t believe what has happened now as I sit down and rub my hands over my face. ‘What am I going to do now” I wonder.

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