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Internet Down

My Internet was down and I needed service
Internet Down
by MissAnonna

I rolled my eyes when a knock came at my door because I knew the minute I got into the shower, the cable company would be showing up. Had I not been in the shower, the repair person would be showing up at the last minute of their available slot. Nonetheless, I answered the door, dripping wet and in my towel. “Give me two minutes, please?” I said as I swung open the door and he agreed, apologetically. I headed to the bedroom to toss on something quick and the young man’s face haunted my thoughts. He was cute, very cute and I began to wonder why I was putting clothes on but then I laughed internally and smiled externally, threw on a pair of sweat pants that seemed a tad tight. “Oh God,” I thought. “I’m getting fat.” I said as I grimaced and pulled on the sweats. I heard a rip and stopped pulling instantly. “Shit!” I cried, felt around my inner thighs, outer thighs and found no holes, thank goodness. I grabbed a sports bra out of the drawer and threw my arms through it as I headed to the front door and opened it up. “Hi!” I said as the door opened. “Sorry about that, come on in. The only way I can get you guys here on time is to get in the shower.” I said to him leading him to my electrical panel. He laughed.

“I completely understand, Ma’am.” He said “But I always try to be on time.” I looked at him in disbelief and studied his face. He was adorable, indeed. I ran my eyes down his torso and legs and assessed his body type. I don’t know why but possibly it is a habit. “You’re having intermittent internet issues?” He asked.

“Yes!” I cried. “And I can’t live without my internet and YOU are going to fix it, right?” I led him through a door and pointed to the back wall.

“I sure hope so.” He said with confidence.

“It’s there.” I said. “If you need anything else, I’ll be in the kitchen. Do you want some coffee?” I muttered while walking towards the kitchen.” I just made a pot.”

“Sure,” He said in a perky manner. “That would be great!”

“How do you take it?” I yelled from the kitchen. “The coffee, I mean.” I heard him laugh slightly and I smiled because I did really mean the coffee but was definitely curious on any other subject.

“Black, please.” He yelled from the back room as I was pouring coffee into a mug, picking it up and heading back to the electrical panel. I opened the door and glanced at his ass and truly admiring it. He was definitely in great shape but not muscular. He turned towards me as he heard me enter the room.

“That’s a shame.” I said under my breath but definitely audible.

“What’s that?” He asked.

“Here’s your coffee.” I said with a touch of sarcasm and raised my brow. “Black , like you like it.” I winked at him and headed back to the kitchen. His smile stuck in my mind and I thought seriously about teasing him with a little flirting but remembered that I had some things to do and the first thing that popped into my mind was the post office. I didn’t really have a problem leaving him there to work as the post office was just a mile down the road but I figured I would see how long he was going to be. I bounced back into the back room where he was working. “Do you know how long you will be?” I asked.

“I’m not sure right now, Ma’am but I’ll know in about 10 min.” He said very apologetic.

“Well, look,” I begged. “ I just need to run down to the post office and it won’t take me long. It’s ok for you stay here and work but I didn’t want to leave if you were only going to be a few minutes.

“I’ll be awhile but if you need me to leave, I can.” He said and before he could finish I chimed in.

“No, no, no.” I said quickly. “You’re fine here. “ I smiled at him and turned to leave, heading towards the carport door and just before I opened it, I yelled out to him. “I’ll be right back!” I shut the door and headed for the car. I got to the end of my driveway and realized that I forgot my phone and I have to admit that I would have driven the 10 th of mile back in reverse but I don’t do reverse very well so I got out and jogged back to the house. Entering the carport door, I headed up stairs knowing my phone was on the hallway stand. I grabbed my phone and heard something move in my bedroom so I peeked around the corner and there was my cable guy standing in front of my dresser, drawer open, panties in his hands and pushed against his face. I was shocked, stunned, tickled and turned on all at once and didn’t quite know what to do but my arm involuntarily lifted my phone in front of my face and pressed the camera application. I felt an evil grin come over my face and snapped a shot, stunning my hunky cable guy.

“Shit!” He cried and I quickly pointed at him.

“Don’t you dare fucking drop those, I just washed them!” I yelled. “Gently put those back in the drawer or I swear I will snap another photo.” I almost couldn’t keep a straight face I was dying of laughter inside myself but was somehow able to keep my composure. He moved his hands slowly toward the open drawer and delicately placed them back then slowly closed the drawer while pleading.

“I…I…am so sorry, Ma’am, I couldn’t help myself, please don’t get me fired.” He begged.

“What the fuck are doing?” I asked in surprise. “Fired? What are you talking about?” I hadn’t thought about it but I could easily get him fired from his job, however that was NOT what I had in mind.

“I was just smelling them.” He pleaded. “I didn’t..” I stopped him.

“You listen to me, Mr. Pervert.” I said with conviction and yet I hadn’t really considered that he was sniffing my panties, in fact, I was thinking he was going to try them on or something and now I was less amused and more turned on that some man would want to sniff my panties. I walked toward him. “I have a picture of your dirty deed, mister and you will now listen up.” He nodded in compliance and I began to feel the control I had. I liked it, too. “Open that drawer!” I firmly stated and he slowly opened it with his puppy dog eyes glaring at me. “Grab the pink ones.” I said and a confused look came over his face. “Do it!” I said. He slowly reached into the drawer and grabbed my favorite pink thongs and held them up as if he were asking if they were the correct ones. I stepped even closer to him and reached out to take them from him. He placed them into my hand. “Why on Earth would you want to smell these, Sicko?” He opened his mouth but I stopped him. “Answer me!” I was getting so turned on by my new role that I wasn’t even paying attention to what I was saying or even doing. I just kept inching toward him and feeling the heat in my crotch.

“Well,” He started and cleared his throat. “You are a very attractive woman and I, uh… I don’t know.” He looked like he was about to cry when I stuffed the panties down into my sweats and wiped my soaking lips against them, pulled them out and handed them back to him. I cannot describe the look he had on his face in the least, somewhere between shocked, surprised, relieved and anxious. He stared reluctantly into his hands.

“Is that what you want to smell?” I said and he looked into my eyes. “Well? Is it? Smell it! C’mon! Sniff it up, man!” I hollered as I pushed his hands up to his face. He had big hands, too and I kept thinking to myself that this guy could easily beat the living daylights out of me but I couldn’t stop myself from playing this domineering bitch I was becoming. He pressed the panties against his face and took in a deep breath. I watched as his eyes rolled back into his head like he were in heaven and I was completely confused as he took in another deep breath. I stepped back at looked at him in amazement. “Really?”

“Oh, God,” he said. “Smells so wonderful!” His voice was quivering and I stood there in shock, looking him over in disbelief. I glanced at his package and noticed a significant increase in size or so I thought from an earlier glance I had caught. My hand instantly covered my mouth.

“Oh my God,” I said into my hand. I ran my fingers down my neck and onto my chest. “That’s actually turning you on, isn’t it?” He said nothing and remained in position, breathing in my pheromones. I watched him briefly, then reached out to him and grabbed his crotch and gave it a squeeze. I felt his hardened rod and ran my fingers along the sides of his shaft towards the tip and it stretched all the way up to the top of his pocket. I realized I was dripping wet.

“Oh my,” He said looking down at me. “Um…I should go.” He said backing away from my hand and setting my panties down on the dresser. “I’m really sorry.”

“Oh, no you don’t, sport.” I said in a frank manner snatching my panties from his hands. “You’ve got some explaining to do here. “ I pushed the panties down into my sweats again and wiped them firmly against my dripping muff and grabbed his belt, pulling him towards me. He lunged forward with my pull and I placed the panties against his mouth, then pushed him onto the bed and laid him back. He muttered something but I heard nothing while I quickly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants and pulled at them like a tigress ripping at the flesh of her kill. He watched in amazement as his erection popped out from under his boxers and I wrapped my hand around the thick tip and squeezed a little drop of love onto my lower lip. His cock felt powerful in my hand and I could feel the blood surging through it. I ran my other hand through the fine hairs on his abdomen and bounced his thick tool against my cheek. With the head of his cock against the palm of my hand I stuck out my tongue and lay it against his testicles, slowly ran my tongue up along his shaft and stopped just below the tip. Flicking my tongue across the bottom of his swollen cap, I heard him gasp and then felt a warm sensation against my forehead. I backed away slightly to look and realized the young man’s gun was spouting cream like a 45 automatic and my open mouth had been the next victim. I frantically raced my hand up and down his shaft and wrapped my lips around the base of his throbbing member, feeling every pulse of liquid through him with my tongue.

My ass went straight up in the air and my free hand began to remove my sweats and panties as I felt the semen collect on my neck. I wriggled out of my shoes and sweats, through my leg over him and planted my ass on his chest. “Here,” I said “Why don’t you taste the real thing?” I spread my lips open with my free fingers as I was still holding onto his thick, slippery tool and guided my clitoris to his mouth. “Gimme your tongue!” I said sternly. He slowly stuck out his tongue but the minute it touched my lips he began to lap at me like a dog. I threw my head back as I was in a state of bliss and felt my clitoris getting harder and harder as his tongue darted across it and my finger. I pushed my muffin harder into him until he was having trouble breathing then I let go of his softening cock. Looking at my hand I noticed several large pools of fresh cream around my knuckles and wiped them off on my hood, then worked his semen over my clitoris and onto his tongue. “You got me all messy, Pervert.” I yelled at him half-heartedly. I crossed my arms in front of me and pulled off my sports bra and watched his eyes gaze upon my breasts. I think he was getting a kick out of this because when I reached behind me I felt his cock getting hard again so I began to play with it, then grabbed the back of his head and pushed him into my clit. I fucking came instantly, shaking and shivering and then I felt something I had never felt before. A surge went through my crotch and I felt liquid spray out of my lips. For an instant I thought I had pissed on him but he began to eat me like a hungry wolf and his cock was once again on the rise. I love my young men!

“I sure as hell hope you have more for Mama!” I said as I dismounted him, stepped off the bed and pulled him into a standing position by his stiffy.

“I sure do,” He said enthusiastically.

“Shut your mouth. Dammit!” I said and giggled when I saw his eyes widen as defense came over his facial features. I pushed him aside and laid my chest on the bed. My feet were on the floor, I was on my tiptoes forcing my ass up in the air and awaited his entry. I turned to look at him but he seemed to be assessing the situation and not acting upon it so I slapped my ass cheek twice. “C’mon, Sweety. Come make Mama happy.” I begged and watched him slowly move in then felt his big hands on my ass, sliding up my back then back down around my waist. Reaching through my legs, I felt his testicles fill the palm of my hand and I was able to work my fingers around the base of his tool and guide him into my love nest. Slowly I felt the head of his cock part my lips and my fingers stopped and felt him slide through. I was burning up inside and when I felt his throbbing beast glide through me, my legs began to shake.

He buried is cock as deep as it would go and I felt his balls against my undercarriage. I took a deep breath and squeezed him inside of me and that seemed to have sent him into frenzy. He pulled out and pushed back in slow at first but in no time he was at full speed, sliding quickly through me and I could feel every inch. My boy was doing a fine job and for a moment I zoned out and let him go to town. I could hear the swishing and sloshing of his staff repeatedly penetrating me in the background and it drew a smile to my face. He slowed a bit and his hands moved up my back and wrapped around my shoulders. I could feel the power in his arms as he pulled me into him with each thrust and it drove me insane enough to push myself up into a standing position, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling my back up into his chest . His hands instantly drifted across my breasts and my nipples fell between his fingers. He slowed his thrusts down to a minimal and I could feel his pulsating member vividly as I twisted my ass all around, working his cock into every little nook and cranny I could get it to touch.

Honestly, I couldn’t take much more and pushed him back toward the dresser and turned towards him. Setting down onto the bed I smiled at him and lay back, throwing my right leg straight up onto his chest and then my left. He pushed forward and worked himself inside me, slowly forging through my love canal and wrapping his hands around my legs, just above my knees. He worked himself in and out of me, slow but powerful and with intent until I felt my body shaking uncontrollably and my back arched up. I reached down and wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock, feeling it slide in and out of me and pulled up, forcing his thick out to slide out and across my clitoris. Pushing against the head of his cock, I forced it into my button until my orgasm peaked and he thrust toward me one last time and cried out.

“Oh Shit!” He cried with my hand wrapped tightly around the head of his cock. Liquid surge so intensely through his erection that I could feel it through my lips and then a stream of thick cream shot out from between my thumb and forefinger and painted a perfect line across my left nipple. I jerked him frantically for a second and then stopped and squeezed. He trembled and jerked forward and time seemed to slow down for me while I watched a white bullet fly into the air where it seemed to hover momentarily over my chest then slowly descend onto my chin and lips. A second shot silently rang out but with less force and pooled in my belly button. I jerked him again like shaking a bottle and a steady flow of pearly juices ran over the back of my hand. He seemed to deflate just then and a relaxing look came over his face as he began to sway in place. I sat up and with my hands led him around my leg and sat him on the bed next to me.

“Wait here.” I said with a deviant grin. “I’ll get you cleaned up.” I headed to the bathroom, grabbed a towel and pushed him over on the bed where he grabbed his forehead with his hands.

“What the hell just happened?” He asked. I could tell he wanted to say more but nothing came out of his mouth.

“You just provided service to another satisfied customer.” I said frankly while toweling him off. “You’re welcome to the shower if you need it. Oh and for you great service I will delete the picture from my phone. Did you fix my internet?” A smile replaced the confused look on his face and he sat up. “

“Your internet is working and I just need you to sign this sheet.” He said looking down at his naked body, then looking up at me with a crazy grin. “Glad I could be of service.”

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