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It's Cuckold Outside

3 get presents, but one gets coal

“I don’t even know where we are. I can barely see through this snow,” Amy muttered.

We were on our way to our friend Tim’s house for Christmas Eve. Tim lived deep in the Mountains of Colorado and the trip from New Mexico was a treacherous one. My girlfriend Amy was becoming irritated with me as the car ride seemed to be taking longer and longer. The further we drove into the Colorado Rockies, the more our car slid back and forth on the thick ice glued to the road. Snowflakes the size of quarters were rapidly hitting the windshield, making it very difficult to see what I was driving into. Suddenly, the car’s heater stopped.

“What the fuck!? Now we’re going to freeze to death! How could this get any worse?” Amy screeched.

“Calm down babe. Freaking out won’t do either of us any good. We should have about 50 more miles and we’ll be at Tim’s. I’m sure it’s nice and warm in there, so just be patient,” I reasoned.

Amy responded with a menacing glare. She turned away from me with her arms crossed. Fifteen minutes passed and the car was no longer warm. The temperature within the car was soon the same as outside. The car’s gages became fogged and impossible to see. I wiped the gas level gage off with my sleeve and was not pleased with what I saw. We were running on empty.

“Amy I know your pissed right now, but be prepared to upgrade your anger. We’re about to run out of gas,” I said reluctantly.

“WHAAAT!?!” Amy screamed.

That very moment the gas pedal locked and we began to slow down. The car stopped as the gas tank realized it was completely dry.

“We’re going to need to find a gas station,” I announced.

“No shit Sherlock, but all I see is snow. Do you have any idea where we are?” Amy asked.

“Well, I thought I did. I think if we head down this road, we should be able to find someone who can help us,” I suggested.

“Well I’m definitely not staying in this car with no heater. I guess we’re both going to take a walk. Let’s get going before we get frostbite!” Amy demanded.

We got out of our car and started walking. It was difficult keeping myself moving through the frigid winter wind attacking me with its gusts. We walked for ten minutes and still saw no sign of human life.

“I ca-can’t keep go-going for much longer,” Amy stuttered.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find someone,” I answered optimistically.

We continued to walk on the road for another few minutes, then I saw a light glimmering in the distance just off the road.

“There! I think it’s a house! We‘re going to be fine Amy!” I declared.

I began moving faster through the snow, gripping Amy tight and trying to help her towards the light of hope. As we approached the light, the house became more and more visible. The light was coming from a big log cabin. We finally reached it, walked up to the door, and I banged on the door as loud as I could with my fist. A few seconds passed with no answer. I tried knocking again, but still no answer.

“Shit. I don’t think anybody’s home,” I said desperate and annoyed.

Amy began to wobble and fell back, plopping into the snow.

“Oh my god! Amy!” I cried.

I knew I had to do something drastic, so I ran over to the large window at the front of the cabin, and threw my elbow into it. The glass shattered into a bunch of pieces. I hurried over to Amy, wrapped my arms around her, and threw her over my shoulder. I carried her through the broken window and into the cabin. I saw a red velvet couch sitting in front of an active fireplace. I stumbled over to it and gently laid Amy down on it.

“Amy? Amy? Are you ok?” I asked breathless.

Amy slowly opened her light blue eyes and looked at me.

“Huh? What happened? Where are we?” Amy asked confused.

“It’s alright. We’re in a warm place now. I think you just passed out from the cold. Just lay here, I’ll be right back,” I assured her.

I rushed over to a wooden spiral staircase. I heard something from upstairs. The sound was muffled, but it sounded like a woman screaming. I ran up the stairs to find a closed door where the noise was coming from. I grasped the door knob and readied myself for what awaited me on the other side. Would I have to stop an attack or murder on top of everything else that’s happened today? I squeezed the knob tighter, turned it, and swung the door open. This was not what I expected. Inside, there was a dark haired man ramming a beautiful blonde with massive breasts doggy style. She was screaming alright, but they were definitely screams of pleasure.

“I’m going to cum baby! Keep going!” the blonde hollered.

The man responded by thrusting into her faster and faster. Then, my heart dropped as the man looked over and made direct eye contact with me. He became enraged instantly.


The man pulled out of his gorgeous blonde companion and stomped over to me.

“I-I-I’m sorry sir, but we’re in trouble and need help. Please help us,” I begged.

“What? What are you talking about? How the fuck did you get in my house?” the man asked.

“I’m sorry sir. We ran out of gas and my girlfriend was sick and needed help. I tried knocking, but no one answered. I had to break your window, but I promise I’ll pay for it. Can you please just help us?”

“God damn it. Lacey, I’ll be right back. I’m going to go see what this asshole did to my window,” the man told the blonde.

The man pushed past me, exiting the room, and headed down the stairs. He either had forgot that he was completely naked or really didn’t care. I wasn’t in a place to be picky though, so I followed him down the stairs. When I reached the bottom of the stair case, the man was standing in front of his newly shattered window, holding his head with both hands. He turned around to face me. He seemed to be filled with rage and ready to attack me any moment.

“Todd, where were you? Who’s this?” Amy asked from the other side of the room.

Amy was now standing in front of the fireplace. The man looked over to where Amy was, and his mood seemed to change instantly. A seductive smile spread across his face.

“Amy this…” I started to answer before the man interrupted me.

“Why hello there, Amy is it? My name is Antonio and I live in this cabin,” the man told Amy.

“Uh-hi Antonio. Nice to meet you,” Amy replied.

I looked over to Amy to see her staring at Antonio’s naked body. Her eyes panned down until they reached Antonio’s cock. Amy’s eyes lit up when she saw it. Antonio’s cock was monstrous and almost inhuman. Antonio’s cock made John Holmes’s look like a Vienna sausage. Antonio saw Amy admiring it.

“I see you were checking it out. Would you like to come over and get a closer look Amy?” Antonio queried.

Amy began walking towards Antonio until she stopped right in front of him.

“What the fuck is going on here? Amy we’re leaving,” I demanded.

“Excuse me. I believe it was you who just broke into my house. I should call the police right now. I’m sure they’ll charge you with breaking and entering,” Antonio responded.

“Now, now, there’s no need for that. I’m sorry I broke your window. I’ll pay for it. I’ll give you whatever it costs with interest. Just please help us get our car running and we’ll be on our way,” I reasoned.

“I have no need for your money. What that window costs to fix will be like a penny in a well to me. However, I know of another way that you can pay me,” Antonio said slyly.

Antonio then took Amy by her wrist and place her hand at his crotch. Amy grabbed a hold of Antonio’s cock instantly.

“Oh my! It’s so huge and thick!” Amy proclaimed.

“Why are you doing this Amy! There has to be another way!” I pleaded.

“We can’t have him calling the police. I guess I’ll just have to do what I have to do,” Amy responded.

“I’ll tell you what’s going to happen here, what’s your name anyway?” Antonio asked.

“It’s Todd,” I answered.

“Well Todd, listen to what’s going to happen. I’m going to take Amy upstairs to my bedroom where Lacey is already waiting impatiently. You are going to follow us. Then, you are going to sit in the corner and watch as I tear apart your girlfriend and Lacey with my cock. Hell, I’m sure we’ll even do some things that Amy’s never let you do before. After I’m done doing this, I’ll give you a container of gas to take back to your car so that I don’t have to ever see your fucking face again. Now let’s get this started,” Antonio commanded.

Antonio took Amy by the hand and led her towards the stairs. Amy grabbed my arm and dragged me with them. We reached the top of the stairs to find Antonio’s bedroom door still wide open. It appeared Lacey had started without them. She was already fingering herself vigorously and it seemed like she had applied some oil to her massive natural breasts. Antonio walked into the room, and Amy and I followed.

“You sit here,” Antonio commanded, shoving me into a white chair in the corner of the bedroom.

“You’re finally back, and it seems you’ve brought a sexy little friend,” Lacey observed.

Antonio quickly unzipped Amy’s jacket, letting it drop to the floor. This revealed Amy’s voluptuous body confined by a white sweater. Without hesitation, Antonio ripped the fabric of the sweater to reveal Amy’s 34D breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her perfect pink little nipples were already hard without being touched. Antonio grabbed Amy’s breasts and gave them a rough squeeze. Amy let out a loud moan as Antonio fondled her. Next, Antonio pushed Amy onto the bed where Lacey was pleasuring herself. He grabbed Amy’s boots and pulled them off one by one. Antonio wasted not time and gripped Amy’s jeans and underwear at the same time, and ripped them all off at once. Now Amy was completely bare from head to toe with her big sweet ass up in the air.

“Amy this is Lacey, Lacy this is Amy,” Antonio introduced them.

“Hi, nice to mee--”

Amy started to talk, but before she could complete her sentence, Antonio shoved her face into Lacey’s soaking pink pussy. Amy responded with a high pitched giggle, and began eating away at Lacey’s pussy. As Amy munched away on Lacey, Antonio rubbed Amy’s clit from behind and prepared his already rock hard cock for entry. Antonio grasped his enormous cock and slowly began inserting it in Amy.

“AAH! It’s so fucking big!” Amy squealed.

Antonio plunged his cock deep inside Amy’s tight little pussy, and began fucking her doggy style rapidly. Amy let out a long muffled moan. She continued to eat Lacey’s pussy, giving special attention to Lacey’s clit with her tongue. This continued for about ten minutes until Lacey let out an intense scream. Lacey exploded, squirting all over Amy’s innocent face. Amy didn’t see this as a finish line, and continued eating away.

“Oh wow did you see that Todd? Lacey cumming all over your girlfriend’s face really makes me want to do the same. Where do you think I should cum?” Antonio asked me laughing.

I didn’t answer him. I was in shock.

“Well let’s see. I think I have enough cum to do a few things,” Antonio suggested.

Antonio began pounding Amy’s pussy harder than ever. His massive balls slapping against her. Suddenly, he held up two fingers to me.

“What do you think I should do with these? Oh wait, I think I already know!” Antonio said excitedly.

Antonio then took those two fingers and shoved them up Amy’s ass. Amy let out the loudest moan of the night, and began cumming more than ever on Antonio’s cock. Antonio let out a loud grunt as his cock exploded inside of Amy. I could see the gooey white sperm seeping out of Amy, but Antonio wasn’t done. He quickly yanked himself out of Amy, flipped her over on her back, and let the rest of his enormous load spray on her face like a fountain. Amy’s face was now cloaked with Antonio’s thick white jizz.

“Mmmm, I want some of that too,” Lacey whined.

Lacey came over and began licking off some of the cum on Amy’s face.

“Yes, yes, there’s enough for both of you Lacey. I don’t want to be rude. Did you want some Todd?” Antonio asked.

“I think I’m going to be sick. Just give me the gas container so Amy and I can go,” I answered.

“Sure thing, but I think Amy wants to stay here for round two,” Antonio said.

Amy looked at me, her face still covered in cum, and nodded in approval of Antonio’s suggestion.

Antonio led me downstairs and out the front door to a shed where he kept the gasoline. He reached into the shed and pulled out a gas canister.

“Here you go,” Antonio said, handing me the canister.

“So I guess Amy’s staying with me. Thanks for bringing her, I hope you had as good of a time as we did!” Antonio said sarcastically, as he laughed maniacally.

I began my long walk back to the car alone holding the canister Antonio gave me. I looked down at my watch to find that the clock read twelve. It was officially Christmas morning. This would not be a Christmas I would soon forget, even though I would desperately want to.

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