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Jen's Summer finally got interesting

Who knew spying could lead to this... The first part to Jen's stories..
It was a blisteringly hot day. Jen had been making the most of this and had been sun bathing in her back garden all afternoon.

Jen was a beautiful 20 year old girl, fresh out of university and home for the summer visiting her parents. She had long brown hair and bright green eyes; she was about 5”5 in height and had a gorgeous thin body and flat stomach that she didn’t have to work hard on to keep. Jen hated sports, she ate well but again didn’t deny herself a pizza if she felt like one. She was just effortlessly sexy.

Her tits and legs were definitely her finest assets; she had amazing 34DD breasts that were currently resting in her sparkly pink bikini top. Her legs went on forever, smooth tanned and perfect right up to her peachy ass that was covered by her hot little denim shorts. She was lying on her back, resting on her lounger, her legs outstretched and her arms by her side letting the sun beat down on her body with her iPod playing and her headphones in her ears.

Jen knew she was an attractive girl, but she was also very smart — she only had a few sexual experiences under her belt and all had been with partners; she was definitely not one for one-night stands. Currently, though, she felt as though this summer was not about boys. She just wanted to relax in her hometown, see her parents and maybe catch up with some old friends, despite how horny and lonely she had started to become.

Suddenly the peace she had been enjoying stopped abruptly and her step dad was looming over her. He had pulled her speakers out of her ears.

“Hey!” she exclaimed.

“Sorry, Jen. I had been calling you from the door but I guess you couldn’t hear me. I have a feeling this may be at fault,” he said jokingly swinging her head phones over her face.

“Oh! Sorry,” Jen said giggling. “Can I help you with something?”

Pete had married Jen’s mother last year and since doing so had gotten to know Jen very well. He enjoyed it when she came home from university. He knew she was a wonderful girl with a great personality...and a great set of tits. Pete drank Jen in with his eyes for a moment before he spoke.

“No, I just wanted to let you know your mother and I have decided to go into town and get some shopping done, I will probably take her out for something to eat afterward,” he said, finally unlocking his gaze from her perfectly rounded DDs to her nipples that were visible under the thin pink fabric of her bikini.

Jen hadn’t noticed where he had been watching. She was very naive like this.

“Oh that sounds nice! Have fun, I was going to go in soon anyway. I don’t want to burn! I will probably just grab a shower and then watch a bit of TV. It's getting too hot out here, even for me!”

Pete let her words circulate in his head as he began to imagine her slipping her shorts down over her ass and pulling her bikini top up over her head, letting her gorgeous tits bounce freely as she stepped into the shower. “Fucking tease,” he thought.

“OK sweetheart, have a nice afternoon.”

He was gone.

Jen lay there for a few moments more before sitting up. It was really just too hot now. She walked into her house and up the stairs to her bedroom....

Across the street the neighbour’s son James was mowing the lawn. Jen had noticed him a few times since she had been back. He was tall and athletic looking with floppy dark hair and quite tanned. Jen could see his body for the first time this afternoon as she watched him from her bedroom window. He was mowing topless. And he looked good. Real good.

She watched him pushing the lawn mower around for a few moments. The lawn mower looked heavy; it was definitely an old one. Jen could see him sweating.

Suddenly thoughts flicked across her mind of her being in that garden with him. Maybe he would be facing her and the lawn mower just wouldn’t be there.... Instead? He’d be holding her in those big strong hands of his. And the sweat on his chest? Yeah, she’d lick that right off. She’d run her tongue down his chest slowly, dropping to her knees as she did till she was finally face to face with his belt buckle...she would raise her hands up his jeans till they met right at the clasp of his buckle. Then she would look up and flash him a smile, allowing him to stare into those deep green eyes. In that instant he would know she was about to give him the best head of his life, all in his front garden for the world to see what the beautiful girl wanted to do for him.

Suddenly her little fantasy was interrupted by shouting. His dad had come out of his house, and he clearly had been drinking.

Jen ducked behind her curtains slightly, but still didn’t tear herself away from the drama that was about to unfold in the lawn across the street.

“FUCKING IDIOT!” he was screaming. “There you are mowing the lawn like some sort of saint for your mother and you’ve gone and tracked mud all through the house!!”

Jen didn’t quite believe this; Mr. Mayer had a massive drinking problem which was known to all the neighbours. If anything, it was probably he himself who had gotten mud on the carpet — if there was even mud on it to begin with, which was also questionable. It wouldn’t be the first time Mr. Mayer had come out with ludicrous accusations because he had gotten pissed and bored and wanted to start an argument.

“You really are a fucking cunt, boy! You're no help to anyone!” With those words Mr. Mayer picked up the bin bags full of grass James had already cut and tipped it out all over the lawn.

Seemingly satisfied he sneered at James and staggered back into the house.

Poor James, Jen thought. He was clearly nothing like his father. James was sweet, sexy and kind. With that thought Jen watched as he suddenly kicked his lawn mower with such force that the plastic guard on it obliterated and shards of orange plastic showered the lawn. Well, nearly nothing like his father, she thought, though clearly they both had similar tempers.

Suddenly James looked up, straight at Jen, who was still looking directly at him. Startled, she realised he could see her and leapt away from the window.

“Fuck,” she thought as she sat on her bed gasping. How embarrassing.

Jen then heard a slam coming from the backdoor she had used to enter her own house after sunbathing. Did she not lock it?

She stared down the stairs and to her complete horror and surprise saw James marching through her house, up the stairs and into her bedroom.

“Did you enjoy that?!” he shouted at her. “THINK IT WAS FUCKING FUNNY TO WATCH MY DAD SCREAMING AT ME?!”

“N.. No.” she stammered, alarmed. “I... I’m really s..sorry!”

“What were you staring at!? Or had you been watching for a while?! Do you like it when people leer at you!! Think it was alright to stare at me like I was a piece of fucking meat did you!” shouted James, still clearly fuming.

“I.. I am r.. really s..s..sorry!” spat Jen, trying not to cry. He was really beginning to scare her now. Jen wished he would leave.

James stood there in the door of her bedroom, his fists clenched with rage as he panted, trying to catch his breath. He began to look her up and down, as though only just noticing what she looked like.

He couldn’t believe how nosy this bitch had been, he thought. He looked at her face and noticed her brilliant green eyes and full lips...he trailed his eyes down to her neck and then shoulders...he noticed her dark brown hair just brushed the curves of her breasts...his eyes looked further still directly at her tits, which he noticed were so big looked as if they were straining the fabric of her silly little bikini top. Her flat stomach was moving rhythmically up and down as she tried to control her breathing, still shaken as to what he was doing in her house.

Her little denim shorts hid what was underneath, but James could guess — and he was really starting to like what he saw.

“Your quite a nice piece of meat yourself, aren’t you?” he said, walking closer to her.

“W.. what?” Jen said, trying to get her head around what he had just said, and why he was moving closer.

“Yes.. yes you are.”

James was standing directly in front of her now and he put his hands on her arms and grabbed her firmly. He stared down at her breasts. This was going to be fun, and exactly what this fucking bitch deserved.

He shoved her directly onto her bed behind her. She flopped startled onto her mattress and looked up at him completely shaken.

He then yanked at her top so fiercely that it came off in his hands. He had snapped the strings but he really didn’t care. She lay there completely topless in front of him. Her perfect perky tits jiggling, finally free from her top. Her nipples were pink and pert.

“What are you..d..doing!” Jen managed to scream.

James ignored her and crawled on top of her, pinning her little frame down on the bed as he straddled her and putting his head in-between her tits... he began to lick those perfect nipples that stood so firmly to attention.

“I think you know.” he finally said as he came up for air.

With those words Jen did know, she knew that James was going to fuck her.

Jen pushed his chest off of her with all her might but it was a losing battle.

James grabbed her arms and flipped her body around. Now she was on her stomach, her ass hanging off the side of her bed but still safe behind her shorts. Her face buried into her mattress as James held her head in position. With his other hand he began pulling her shorts down, then her pink thong that had matched her bikini top.

She was laid there completely exposed to him now. He leaned his body into her back as Jen heard the sound of his belt buckle loosening — the same buckle she had fantasised about undoing herself only minutes before. He heard his jeans hitting the floor and his shoes being kicked off.

James was acting like a kid in a candy store.

“Oh baby,” he growled.. “I have to be honest, I really don’t know where to put my dick first. In your ass..?” With those words Jen felt the tip of his dick drag between her ass cheeks.

Jen prayed he would not put it there, she may not be a virgin but the ass would definitely be a new experience. She had never done anal before in her life. But she thought if she was to say this to him, her fate would be sealed and he would definitely push it in.

“...Or maybe your cunt...” She felt the tip of his cock travel again; he moved it around with his hand, hungrily searching for her opening. He found it. James then let his cock rest there, pressing in on the entrance of her hole.

“Maybe I’ll stick it in that hot little mouth of yours,” he said, grabbing her hair and lifting her head up by the fistful of hair in his hand.

James let go of her hair and let her head fall back onto the bed.

"Jen, I am going to fuck you," he said. "You brought this on yourself. Nosy bitches like you deserve a good you want it? Tell me you want it and I will fuck you like nobody ever has." James pushed the tip of his dick against her hole as if to emphasize his words. "Tell me you don't, and I'll leave," James finally said, taking the tip of his cock away from her as if to show her how lonely she would be without her new friend.

Jen lay there for a moment, completely bewildered. He was giving her a choice now? She thought of how boring her summer had been so far, just days and days of sun bathing and making small talk with her mother and step father. This could be the one bit of fun she could have for the rest of her vacation.

She thought of what would happen if she asked him to he would lean away from her, pick up his jeans and leave her there, confused and naked. Would she be relieved? Happy? Or just really fucking disappointed?

"I...I.. want you" she whispered into her bedding.

"What was that?" James sneered He lifted her head up again with her hair. "Scream it!"

"I WANT YOU JAMES!" Jen yelled, completely surprised at the words coming out of her mouth.

“Here we go baby,” he said, seemingly satisfied.

Jen felt his hard cock begin to push into her pussy. She had not had sex in months and was extremely tight. She felt his dick entering her and stretching her out slowly. James was in no rush as he eased himself into her, sighing in pleasure as if entering a warm bath after a long day.

“Oh my God,” Jen moaned. She couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

James began to pound her. He started off slowly and then began to gather speed. She could feel her pussy stretching and rubbing against his cock, which felt so thick and long. The friction of his cock against her pussy walls was unbelievable. Every thrust he gave her was strong and confident. He began to lean further back, allowing his dick to push deeper into her and his hands to travel to her ass. He watched as he fucked her, watching his cock go deep into her cunt and her ass wiggle with every hard thrust. He smacked her on the ass and Jen cried out in a mixture of pain and hidden pleasure.

She could not believe this was happening; her tight pussy was being pummeled by James and she could feel herself enjoying it. Her body was hung over the bed, her cunt impaled on his massive cock. She was completely helpless.

He took his cock out of her and flipped her over.

“Now, are we having fun?” he asked as he looked into her face which was flushed and bewildered.

He didn’t wait for her to answer. He slid his hand against her mound and then felt around her engorged clit, finally stuffing two fingers into her hole.

He took them back out.

“Clearly you are,” he said as he spread out his fingers in front of her to reveal her slippery juices all over his hand.

Jen felt a little embarrassed by how fast she had gotten wet. She didn't want to appear desperate, but the truth is she was. She was desperate to feel his dick inside her again. Desperate to feel his body against hers. Desperate to be fucked by him, to be turned inside out. Why was he stopping?

"Is that it now?" she asked him in the sexiest voice she could.

“Don’t be dumb,” he said as he began to lean his cock into her again.

However much she was surprised, scared, startled as to what was happening to her, she had not been fucked like this in her entire life. The fact that this boy had come into her room in such a violent way, ripped off her shorts and left her suspended over her bed was the most exciting thing that had happened to her in years.

James began fucking her again, holding on to her waist as he dove his dick deep into her pussy once more.

“Oh fuck!” Jen gasped as he pummeled her.

“That’s right baby!” James said as he put one hand on her tit and squeezed happily, then let his other hand travel under his chest, across her stomach and back to her mound.

“I’m going to make such a mess of you girl!” he sneered.

He began moving his fingers over her clit as he fucked her. Jen couldn’t deny this felt fucking amazing. Her breath began to quicken. Her body began to quiver. James knew what was starting to happen. He looked into her face and watched her cheeks begin to flush.

“That's right, whore, you are going to cum for me,” he told her.

“Aren’t you?!” he said sternly. “Cum for me baby... cum for me.” He began to lick her stomach as he moved his fingers firmly around and around her clit.

“Oh my fucking God!” Jen screamed as she lost complete control of her body. She shook and moaned out as she finally gushed all over his dick.

“Yes!” he shouted in encouragement as he fucked her harder. He wanted to feel every spasm of her cunt around his dick.

“I want to taste you,” he told her as he began to snake down her body.

Jen didn’t move, she was exhausted from her orgasm. James had her right where he wanted her. He could do anything he liked now. She was his, and the more he fucked her the more he could see just how much she didn’t want him to stop.

He had moved completely down her body now and was face to face with her glistening pussy. He dove his face into her labia and tongued her juices, lapping them all up hard.

Jen could barely contain herself as she moaned and wriggled under James’s firm hand which was placed onto her stomach as he ate her, holding her in position just in case she stupidly sat up.

He started jerking off with his free hand.

“I... I .. I want to suck your dick!” Jen suddenly screamed.

James stopped licking her and looked at her on the bed. So exhausted, so beautiful, so his.

"If you insist," he said. She began to sit up and James got off the floor and sat on the edge of the bed.

Now it was her turn to be in control, Jen thought as she sank onto her knees facing his cock. For the first time she could see what had been hammering her. It was easily the biggest cock she had ever had. Thick, long and rock hard. Waiting for her. The head of it glistening from her juices and his pre cum.

She licked her full dick-sucking lips and kissed the tip of his cock before sliding her mouth down him. She could barely fit him all in her mouth but the moan that escaped James’s lips told her she was doing just fine. After the intense orgasm he had given her earlier she no longer cared that he had acted so scary and forceful at first. All she wanted to do was please him like he had pleased her.

James watched her tits bounce and sway as she sucked him. “This is fantastic,” he thought. He grabbed the back of her hair and began thrusting into her mouth slowly.

This bitch was fucking good and he really needed to cum. She was now licking the base of his dick and all around it. “Fucking little cock tease,” he thought. He knew exactly where he wanted to put his load though.

James grabbed Jen by the hair and lifted her up.

“Very good,” he said to her. “But I really need to cum inside’s what I want.”

With that he threw her onto the bed again stomach first. Her pert little ass was facing him and he grabbed it with both hands.

Fear suddenly spread across Jen’s face as she realised exactly where he wanted to cum.

"MY ASS!?!?!" Jen screamed

"It will only hurt for a moment," James replied, his cock throbbing at the entrance of her asshole. They didn't have any lube, but his cock glistened with her juices and he decided that would be enough.

"Don't you think I deserve this? Did you not cum all over my dick before? I felt you all over my balls, Jen," James said sternly at her now.

Jen really wanted him to think she was as good as she thought he was.

"Just do it," she said a little warily.

James dug his cock into her ass with as much force as he could.

“FUCK!.. FUCKK!!” Jen screamed in pain.

“Oh .. My.. God!” she shouted.

“Oh my God, yes!” James answered her shout as he thrust into her tight virginal ass again.

“I’m so close baby... I’m.. so..” Jen suddenly felt James force his weight and his entire dick deep into her ass.. he had to hold onto her firmly to stop her escaping. He came deep into her pulling his cock out slightly and then pushing it in again hard as he did. He then flopped his sweaty body over hers, breathing heavily.

Jen lay there in disbelief over what had just happened. Her ass hurt so much, yet surprisingly she had enjoyed it. Or maybe she just thought she had now that it was finally over?

James eased out of her and went to get his jeans.

Jen began to sit up.

“Well that was something,” he said. “I should really get back to the lawn now.”

Jen looked at him in utter disbelief. She drank him in with her eyes. This amazingly sexy guy had just fucked her brains out — and he only lived across the street.

“Um...I think I’ll be leaving the back door open again tomorrow afternoon,” she finally said to him.

James looked at her. She was still naked, her hair was all disheveled and she was completely flushed.

“Fantastic,” he said.

 He walked over to her and kissed her on the mouth, parting her lips with his tongue as they made out.

“The one thing I didn’t do. I stuck my dick in your ass but I didn’t kiss those beautiful lips,” he said, holding her chin firmly.

James let go and then left her bedroom and Jen heard the door close behind her.

She flopped back against her bed. She was really, really glad to be home this summer.

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