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Just Another Day Working at Home

I was on Lush Stories when I was seen by two landscapers working in my yard.
I am Diane I am a typical twenty something young woman in every way. Well, except for the fact that I have grown more and more sexual as my husband and I explore exciting sexual situations and encounters. I am five foot six inches, 127 pounds carrying a 36C chest with shoulder length auburn hair and I have been told I am beautiful. I love to dress to show off my body that I work hard at the gym to maintain.

It’s the New Year and as a manufacturers representative, it’s the slow season. I usually use this time to do research online, checking for potential customers, major projects that might be starting soon, and other information useful to my job.

I was working at home last week, searching the web for useful information when I started getting bored. I decided to take a quick look at Lush Stories to see if there were any good stories that might grab my interest and give me inspiration to touch myself. I was in the middle of a story about a call center employee that also danced after hours and getting excited when I had a private message from one of our online friends pop up.

I was being to feel a little horny and Hunter12 started making suggestions after asking a couple of personal questions. He asked me to undress, and touch myself. I told him that since I was working at home, I hadn’t gotten dressed and was still wearing only the ‘wife-beater’ tank top t-shirt I sleep in. I raised my t-shirt and began to caress my breasts, squeezing them and pinching the nipples. I told him to tell me what he likes best about my body and what he would do to me, but he only seemed interested in me playing with my pussy. Then he told me to grab a vibrator and go lay down in my bed to satisfy myself. I told him that I liked to play with myself on our couch that faced our front windows.

The front of our house has a large amount of landscape plants that makes our front window semi-private. From the couch you can see part of the street and sidewalk, while the view into the house from the sidewalk and street is limited. It’s the perfect place for a little exhibitionism know that you might be seen by a passerby.

I had grabbed my favorite play toy and jumped on the couch with my laptop to continue whit what I hoped to be a great session of computer sex. I had already pulled my t-shirt up which left me naked from my shoulders to my toes. I again asked Hunter to tell me what he liked about my body and how he would use or abuse it. He just told me to use the vibrator on my pussy, but I had beat him to it and had shoved the Butterfly vibrator into me and was quickly getting excited, even without encouragement from Hunter.

I was too caught up in the cyber chat to notice what was going on outside, but when I looked up I saw that the community landscapers were working in the yard, mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges and weed eating. There was one guy standing at the edge of the flowerbed directly in front of me. By the bulge in his pants I could tell he had been watching me the whole time.

I sent a message to Hunter telling him about the crew and he asked me if I could see the guys dick. I told him I could see the bulge in his pants but the guy wasn’t playing with himself. While I was typing the message the landscaper called another one of his buddies over to see what I was doing.

I love to show off my body and like having people watch me in sexual situations and now I was really getting wet. The second worker was standing along side his coworker and looking directly at me. Both of them were smiling in appreciation of my body and my masturbation with the vibrator.

I was sweating with little beads of sweat spread across my chest, my breathing was labored as I worked the vibrator harder and harder in my dripping wet pussy. I knew that I was making all kinds of gibberish noises as I worked my way to orgasm, My tits were bouncing and my head bounced from side to side. I opened my eyes to see the two guys standing in front of the window and I came in a shuttering climax.

I smiled at the guys and made a motion inviting them inside. They turned and headed for the front door. About the same time Hunter sent me a message to tell him what was going on and I responded that I had invited the landscape crew inside and I would tell him what happened before closing the computer.

The two guys came to the front door and knocked. With my legs too weak to stand, I just hollered for them to come on in. When I heard the door open I called out and told them to go to the kitchen and grab me a bottle of water and for them to grab themselves something to drink.

They walked into the living room carrying my water and a beer bottle for each of them. I was laying with my back on the seat portion of the couch with my legs spread out in front of me, my head resting against the back of the couch. The too guys, whose name tags read Blake and Bradley walked around in front of me. Blake was probably six foot seven, tall and lean with a handsome look. He appeared to be in his early twenties, while Bradley appeared to be in his mid thirties, Bradley was maybe five foot ten and stocky. Not fat just stocky.

They both came around to stand in front of me and were leering at my naked body. No one said anything for a couple of minutes while they examined my body with their eyes. They were grinning an almost sinister smile looking at me and then at each other. To break the tension that was building I asked for my water. Blake was holding the water in his right hand and the beer in his left.

“Can you hand me the water?” I asked in a gravely voice, my throat still a little rough from my noise making.

“Sure,” Blake hissed clenched teeth as he turned to put his beer down on the window sill. I saw him glance at Bradley who silently nodded his approval of whatever Blake was planning.

Blake turned back towards me as he cracked open the water. As he stepped towards me he began to pour the water onto my pussy and worked his way up to my tits, while unbuckling his pants and pulling down his zipper. I tried to sit up but Bradley had stepped behind me and pinned my shoulders down. He was leaning over the back of the couch glaring down at me with a frightening look covering his face. Blake had dropped down to his knees between my legs and was forcing my legs wider apart. I was reaching out to push him away but he was out of reach. His hands left my legs and I heard the familiar sound of a condom being opened.

“Don’t want to leave any little Blakes behind, now do we?” he asked with a satisfying look at me.

I was shaking my head back and forth while still struggling to take control of the situation. My head was spinning knowing I had invited this situation upon myself and still unsure of what was about to happen.

Why those thoughts filled my head Blake’s cock was suddenly filling my still soaked pussy. He hade a hard grunting sound as his thick cock slid into me. My back arched in appreciation of the excited feeling generated by the quick thrust he used to enter me.

Suddenly I screamed in surprise as Bradley had freed my shoulders so he could squeeze and pinch my nipples as I had been doing earlier. Crazy thoughts were filling my head as I was still unsure of my situation. My pussy was begging for satisfaction while my guard was up concerned for my own safety. My mind was in complete turmoil but my body was reacting to the stimulation.

“Yes, yes. Yes” I was muttering through my own clenched teeth as I began to thrust my hips trying ever so hard to work his cock deeper inside me. Even through the condom I could feel the enlarged blood vessel that lined the outside of his cock, while Bradley rough and calloused hands were abusing my tits. Blakes rough hand were holding the outside of my thighs pressing them against him as he shook back and forth on his knees. My own body was betraying me as my pussy drew tight on his cock forcing him to cum deep inside me, his load being caught by the Trojan. I was also in the throws of an intense orgasm , my second of the day. His head flew back and his hips gyrated wildly as he filled the condom. He pulled his softening cock out leaving me begging for still more.

Bradley had quickly stepped around the couch without his pants or underwear putting a pink condom onto his short fat cock. I was reaching out to him trying to pull him down onto my when he reached down grabbed my knees and pulled my back off of the couch. With just my head and shoulders laying on the couch Bradley impaled himself into my now soaked pussy. He had grabbed my ass and was pumping his hips for all he was worth. I wrapped my legs around his extend waist and grabbed the cushions for stability.

Now I was yelling my approval of Bradley’s position. My body was covered in sweat and the aroma of sex filled the air. I was working my hips in response to Bradley’s pounding of my pussy.

I screamed as the third orgasm racked my body, which shook in convulsions as I came. Bradley continued to pound my pussy, his breathing showing all the signs of an impending finish. Suddenly his body went rigid as he held me in place before tremors rocked his body as he emptied his load into my satisfied pussy.

As he pulled himself free he turned my body to lay me back onto the couch with my ass resting on the padded arm and my legs dangling off the edge. Blake had returned with another bottle of water, and he propped my head up to give me a drink.

I smile at him and quietly said, “Thank you’ before closing my eyes and starting to drift off to sleep. I heard Blake and Bradley giving each other a ’high five’ as they drained their beer bottle.

I felt my legs being spread again over the edge of the couch and wondered what the two guys had left as I suddenly felt one of the cold beer bottles slide into my pussy.

“That will remind you of how big my cock was,” Blake said as he pushed my legs together.

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