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Kelly's awakening

Kelly finds herself submitting completely in body and mind
I heard a knock on the door and went to answer it.

"Hi Madam, we're here to fix the water leak like you requested," said the first guy.

I looked at this young man standing in front of me, his slim but strong figure, his glistening tanned skin, muscular arms and chest.. and the same for the guy standing behind him. In fact, they looked quite similar, perhaps brothers even?

Suddenly I realized that they were waiting for an answer while I had been lost in my thoughts about the rather delicious two course feast standing before my eyes. "Um.. err. Oh yes, that's right, it's right through here in the kitchen."

I led them through the house and smiled to myself as I could feel their eyes fixed on my firm, petite butt in my jeans. I decided to give it an extra little wiggle as I led them, just to accentuate my curves. Showing the two guys the leak, I left them to it and decided to change into something a little more comfy. I watched them for a moment or two working away with their strong hands, arms and legs, muscles tightening and rippling as one of then works the wrench on the tap.

Heading into my bedroom, I closed the door and slipped out of my jeans and top and into a gorgeous tight fitting little singlet top that stretched firmly over my petite breasts. Looking at myself in the mirror, in my tight top and little g-string panties, I smiled a wicked smile, then turned and opened the door just a little. From where I was in the bedroom I could see the too lovely guys working in the kitchen. Watching their strong bodies at work found me with my hands almost involuntarily slipping down over my breasts, tummy and panties. My fingers explored myself through the now moist fabric, playing with a rapidly engorging clit, tracing over the outline of the outer labia, parting them as much as possible through the fabric, my eyes never leaving the two cute guys, their strong legs, firm, tight butts. "Oh shit!!" I quickly slammed the door as I realised one of them was standing there watching me while I was busy watching his brother. "Fuck, did he see anything?" I wondered. I thought he couldn't because of the door, yet he was smiling at me as if he knew.

Feeling a little shaken, I slipped on a short skirt, headed to the couch and pretended nothing had happened. They worked away for awhile and then one of them came in and said that it looked like being a bigger job than they first thought.

"Could you perhaps organize a cup of coffee for us?" he said and I noticed that the whole time he was talking his eyes never lifted from my slender legs.

"Sure," I replied and went to the kitchen to start preparing the coffee. I smiled at them as I entered the kitchen and they smile back but this time there was a sort of deviousness about their smile, like two brothers up to something. I started preparing the coffee and reached up to the top shelf to pull down some mugs. 

"Mmmm!" I heard from behind and realized that as I reached up they were getting a damn good look at my sexy little butt, with the thong obviously not covering anything but the crack.

"Um, thanks," I said in a quiet voice, not really too sure how to react to it.

"Mmmm, yeah that's one sweet little tush ya got there lady," the other guy said. 

"Err, well.. thank you," I replied, feeling my face turn a little red. I tried to concentrate on making the coffee but found myself trembling a little as I could feel their stares on the back of my thighs while I worked.

I suddenly gasp as I felt a hand firmly grip my butt, squeezing tightly, almost to the point of hurting. "Wha.. What do you think you -- " I started to say when a second hand came around the other side and cupped my breast through through the tight singlet top.

"Hey, these are the sweetest set of tits I've seen in a long time man," the guy with his hand on my breast said to his brother who was still gripping my butt.

"Yeah man, small tits are so fuckin' hot 'ay?" the other guy said, then, "why don't you show us what they look like lady?"

"Um, no I don't," was all I could get out when suddenly I felt my top being pulled up from behind and over my head. I tried to resist a little but even one of them was way too strong for me, let alone two of them. In an instant I suddenly find myself standing there with these two strangers with only my thong left between me and total nakedness. I found myself trembling with a strange mix of fear and delicious anticipation. I tried again to resist and tell them to give my top back and that they should leave now but they only laughed at me and I suddenly realized that I no longer had any control over the situation. I was already at their mercy and glad of it.

Next thing I felt myself being pushed forward over the kitchen table by a strong muscular hand, my breasts pressed against the cold surface of the table, my chin pressed down so I couldn't move. I felt one of the guys move closer to me, a firm hand sliding over my naked butt, a finger slipping beneath the string of fabric. Suddenly, it got wrenched to one side and I braced myself for what came next. I heard the guy behind me undoing his pants and they fell to the floor. A strong hand slapped my butt firmly enough to sting and then I felt the firm round head of his hard black cock pushing against my labia, sliding up and down. My butt cheeks were parted by his strong hands and the head of his cock was pushed in with a little force but he wasn't rough, just firm and confident in his action. He started sliding in and out in slow, rhythmic thrusts.

I was initially very tense when he first entered but strangely, I found myself relaxing and actually, well, to my utter astonishment, really enjoying the sensations. I heard another fumble of belt buckle, zip and trousers and caught a glimpse of his brother out the corner of my eye. He had his large cock in his hand, watching his brother slide in and out of me as his own strong hand slid up and down the length of his long shaft, spreading his glistening pre-cum up and down the full length.

I saw him move around in front of me as I looked up from my position, pinned down over the table by his brother. I felt strangely mesmerized by the sight of his cock and couldn't take my eyes off it. Feeling very confused about all this I started to find that my initial feelings of trepidation towards these two guys for taking advantage of me, had now become mixed with a growing sensation of desire for them, a desire to be used and to be naked in front of them, to be submissive and give myself totally to them to do as they please.

Where the hell had these thoughts come from I pondered briefly as the strong man behind me kept up his slow, deep thrusts into me. I tried to justify the strange feelings and started to tell myself that after all, it was me who was playing with myself while I watched them in the kitchen. But my thoughts were broken by the second guy who moved close to my face, pushing his long, thick hard cock toward my mouth. At first I was hesitant, then as the glistening glans starts pressing against my lips, I felt a strange surge of excitement descend over me and spread through my naked body. Hungrily I took the head of his lovely hard cock between my lips, my moist tongue seeking the little slit at the end, playing and circling it, tasting his oozing pre-cum and swirling it around the smooth head, flicking my tongue around the sensitive skin and savouring the delicious surges of his shaft as he responded to my delicate touches. His brother pulled his cock out of me and flipped me over on the table like a puppet.

Despite not even knowing who these guys were or what they could do to me, the desire within me grew and started to take control; the hunger for these two gorgeous hard cocks in my mouth is all I could think of. that, and wanting to be used by these two guys for their pleasure. The first guy, the one who was fucking me, moved up to join his brother and stood next to my head at the end of the table. I was laying on my back, legs hanging over the edge of the table. I found myself spreading them almost involuntarily, wanting to show myself to these guys, wanting them to see how wet I had become, how 'open' I felt.

"Here Kelly, you little suck slut, take my cock in your mouth as well," the first guy said. I turned my head to be confronted by another large glistening cock, slippery with my own juices. I turned my attention to it and my tongue ran up and down the length of it, swirling around the head, tasting the mix of pre-cum and pussy juice. My lips descended to his tight, balls and I took them into my hungry mouth, rolling them around with my tongue, pushing and probing, eliciting groans of delight from the guy. I felt a hand clasp each of my naked breasts and found myself arching my back to meet them, feeling fingers circling and teasing each engorged nipple. another hand slid down and started to tease my aching clit, delving between my silky labia, finding the sweet juices inside my pussy and spreading them around and around the little clit.

The tingling excitement in my pussy made me feel even hornier now, actually wanting to give myself more and more to these two strangers, knowing also that I couldn't stop them anyway, I totally belonged to them now and I suddenly realized that this is just what I wanted, to belong to them, to be used by them whenever they want me. Yes, that's just how it should be. The delicious thought of them using me over and over for their pleasure seemed to override anything and everything else and I found my hands coming up to take hold of the two gorgeous hard cocks surging and throbbing before my face. I let myself go and started to suck each lovely cock in turn, plunging my lips up and down the first guy, Dave was it? I struggled to remember from their introductions at the kitchen door, I was so busy eyeing them up.

Anyway, I found myself sucking so hard on 'Dave's' amazing cock, pushing my lips down as far I could, feeling the head of his cock grazing the roof of my mouth, pulling my lips back to the glistening, surging head and then back down. Then Pete's cock was pushing against my lips at the same time, urging to get into my mouth, urging so badly to be sucked. so I turned my attention to Pete's delicious shaft again, licking and sucking as hard as I could, lovely moans of pleasure coming from both men drove me wild, knowing that it was my cock sucking that was giving them such exquisite pleasure.

Soon I felt Dave starting to get more urgent, thrusting into my mouth faster, his moans getting louder. I clamped my lips firmly around his beautiful cock, sucking as hard as I could and feeling him erupt into my mouth, the spurts of cum hitting the back of my throat as he climaxed, groaning loudly. I swallowed each spurt as quickly as it came and then another and another. Dave pulled his still firm cock from my mouth as Pete was still rubbing the head of his against my face, my cheeks, nose, lips, chin, leaving glistening trails of pre-cum.

Both men were surprised that I swallowed the mouthful of cum and grinned to each other like a couple of high school seniors finding a peephole into the girls change rooms. I was feeling so horny now with the taste of cum still in my mouth, my tongue sliding over the end of Dave's cock, licking the last droplets of cum from the head of his shaft. By now all I wanted was to please them, suck them and be used by them for their sexual pleasure.

Hungry for more, I slid Pete's cock into my mouth, felt him start to fuck my mouth as he slid in and out between my moist lips. I looked to one side and saw Dave standing next to me, his lovely cock in his hand, wanking himself as he watched me sucking on his brother's cock. I felt even more excited, being watched as I sucked and seeing Dave get hard again so soon by watching me suck cock.

God, it felt so good in my mouth, so hard and strong, the pre-cum so slippery and the taste so erotic. I found my fingers slipping down between my legs and I start playing with myself giving an even more stimulating show for Dave. Fuck! His cock was so gorgeous and hard again already. Pete was getting very excited and I started to tighten my lips expectantly, ready for him to shoot his lovely tangy cum down my throat, but he pulled out at the last moment and I watched from beneath as spurt upon spurt of creamy white cum shot across my tits, covering each nipple with a lovely pool of thick semen. I sat up on the table and the cum ran straight down the front of me, over my tummy and into my trimmed little patch of pubes. 

 I sat there feeling very, very naked and exposed, my legs apart, covered in Pete's cum and finding that I couldn't take my eyes off Dave's hard cock in his hand as he wanked himself while taking in my naked form. It was too much for me and I jumped off the table and landed on my knees at Dave's feet. I took him straight into my cock hungry mouth once more, my fingers sliding around behind him, gripping his firm butt in my hands and pushing his gorgeous hard cock deeper into my throat. I sucked hard and quick, making slurping noises as my lips slid up and down the length of the lovely thick shaft.

Again Pete was next to me with his rapidly engorging shaft and I again split my attention between the two lovely cocks, pressing the heads together and sucking them both into my mouth at once then running my tongue down the length of one and up the other, sucking each in turn, wanting to be used, wanting to have my mouth fucked, wanting to be a gorgeous cock sucking slut for these two hunky men. I didn't know why I felt like this but it was just so important to me that these guys use me, that they kept pushing their cocks into my hungry mouth. I just wanted, no, needed to pleasure them in this way and it made me feel so good, so sexual, so desired. This time both Dave and Pete start moaning in unison, two pairs of strong hands on the back of my head, holding me against their strong muscular thighs, two sets of balls slapping against my chin as each cock was pushed between my warm lips, each cock surging once more, unloading into my hungry mouth, spurt upon spurt, groan upon groan from Pete and Dave as their cum poured into my waiting mouth. I knelt there for them with head back and mouth wide open letting them empty their gorgeous cocks into me, the cum filling my mouth and overflowing onto my lips, dripping down off my chin and onto my pert tits.

I made a real show of rolling the cum around in my mouth, savouring the salty flavour, but really enjoying the delicious look of pleasure and satisfaction on their faces more than anything. Finally I swallowed the cum, knowing how much they want to see that. I stood up, taking each lovely dripping cock in either hand and kiss each one. "Hope there's plenty more where that came from?" I said and let them recover for a few minutes.

I let them get back on with their work, but decided to stay naked for them, feeling so sexy and desired as I walked about totally naked in front of them while they were fully dressed again, making me feel submissive and their sexual property. I loved the way they kept eyeing me up and down and I let myself be used like that, jumping to their every request and demand almost like a naked sex slave.

When they left, I was sorry to see them go and want to ask them to return but felt that that wouldn't be right somehow. But within a couple of days I found that I wanted more of Dave and Pete. No, I needed to have more of them, needed to give more of myself to them. So I engineered a little plumbing disaster and called their mobile. I got Dave and start to say who I was but he started laughing and said that he knew I'd be callin' for his big cock again. Trying to sound like I was actually not that interested but already feeling a tingle of excitement spreading from my nipples down to my inner thighs and then throughout my body, I told him it was pretty urgent as there was quite a lot of water leaking.

"Well, we're on another job at the moment Kelly, so we have to send another crew and we'll get there when we can, ok? I can really recommend these guys, if you know what I mean?" was Dave's reply.

Yes, I got his meaning. 'Fine' I think to myself, if someone else's work is more important then I'll make Dave and Pete so damn jealous that they would never think of letting someone else come and invade their territory and use their property. With that I got ready for the other guys who would arrive soon to take care of the leak. Meanwhile, if I could just get the thought of Dave's lovely hard cock out of my mind for five minutes.

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