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Land of Smiles and Happy Endings (Hand Job Series)

A clean room and hand jobs, all for just 35 baht per day

Do you know the story of Dominique Strauss-Kahn?  He was an IMF head who on a visit to New York had a go with a maid at his hotel.  It was a temptation that DSK should have resisted, because the maid claimed to have been assaulted.  He beat the criminal rap, but lost his job, had to pay out a cash settlement and his political aspirations were finished. 

What happened?  I haven’t a clue.  Like many no doubt, I had a sense of schadenfreude about the whole thing.  Well before today’s confabulation of privilege there were people like DSK.  People born so rich, that they become socialists.  So connected that they can’t be contained by the limits of their ideology.  Like their names, they need hyphens to append additional bivouacs of control to their core ideology: Socialist-plutocrat.  I suppose in earlier times they were just plain aristocrats.  Now that’s real privilege. 

I shouldn’t be to0 judgie of DSK though, because I’ve also known the temptation of a hotel maid.  There was no reason for me to have any pretentions about myself, but I certainly had advantages over my humble house keeper too.

After I finished university I spent some time teaching English in Thailand. While I was there I could never quite commit myself to staying long term.  Instead of finding an apartment, I just kept renting at a Khao San Road guest house. For anyone who doesn’t know, Khao San Road is the back-backer’s hub of Bangkok. It’s a short street messy street, festooned with guesthouses, restaurants and farangs.

As far as guest houses go, mine was kind of middle of the road quality wise. It didn’t have hot water, but it was clean. To find it required navigating a series of alleys off Khao San Road. It made for a spot that was more isolated and much quieter.

Staying at a guest house for more than just few days, really gets you familiar the staff. First you get to know the reception and wait staff, then eventually you start nodding hello to the house keepers too.

There was a pair of housekeepers who usually worked together, who always seemed to giggle when they saw me. I wasn’t sure if their tittering was because they liked me or that I was caught committing an unrealized cultural faux pas.  They were very friendly, but unlike the front staff, they didn’t speak much English. In fact, my Thai might have been better than their English. Which isn’t saying much, because most of the Thai I knew came from the phrase section of my travel book.

That was all there was between us, until one day after getting back from breakfast on my day off. When I got back to my floor I could see those two women at my open door. Apparently they were just about to start cleaning. Surprised at seeing me, both girls bowed in Thai wais. They said some stuff I didn’t understand, that I assumed were explanations and apologies.

“Mai pen rai,” I told them, which means ’no problem’.

“Kun poot Thai?” One of them said, asking if I spoke Thai.

“No, pom poot nit noy, nit noy, nit noy,” I said holding my finger only slightly apart, indicating how little Thai I spoke.

That was the strongest point of our verbal communication. I wasn’t even able to get their names. I tried, but I couldn’t make myself understood.

I think they were a little older than me. One was about 5’ 4“ and the other maybe just over 5’. The taller one was the bolder of the two and to be honest wasn’t that attractive. The shorter girl was a little overweight by Thai standards and had the cutest face imaginable. She had happy looking eyes, dimpled cheeks and nice full lips.

The taller one took a peak around, making sure the coast was clear and then ushered all of us into my room. I wondered where all this could be going. While I would have wished for more, I assumed this was all as innocent as their school girl like giggles. After all this was a respectable guest house. Once they wouldn’t even let my travel agent deliver a plane ticket to my room. She was Thai, so I had to meet her in the lobby. Other than staff, no Thais were allowed upstairs. The management wanted to make sure that no commercial sex occurred on the premises.

We sat on my single bed and the taller girl led us in an incomprehensible conversation. Since it was clear that I couldn’t understand her, she began pointing slowly from me to her cute friend. Her cute friend would demurely shake her head and push the taller girl’s hands away when they were pointed at her.

My understanding was that the taller one was trying to act as some sort of matchmaker for her adorable friend. Though I wasn’t completely sure until the taller one, to both girls' amusement, took one of my hands and placed it on her friend’s ample breast.

Surprised I said “Sway mac,” meaning beautiful as I lightly squeezed her round breast.

“Mai chi,” the short cutie countered, “Kun sway!” Her response denied her complement and redirecting it to me.

Timidly my new friend began running a hand across my chest too. Since all I had on for my breakfast in the ally was a sarong (Thailand’s the only place where I wear a sarong) and a loose tank top, she was able to run her hand across my skin.

To say my morning had taken an unexpected turn, would have been putting it mildly. It seemed that out of nowhere, I was suddenly cupping the nice full breast of a real cutie. All while she appreciatively ran her hand over my midriff. The result being, I began pitching a noticeable tent under my sarong.

The two girls continued talking, while doing a good job pretending that my growing cock wasn’t noticeable. Given the way the girls had instigated this get-together, I was surprised by the way they managed to turn a blind eye to the predictable effects. The girls seemed satisfied enough with what they initiated, but I wanted to see how much further things could go.

I began trying to feel up under the little cutie’s t-shirt, but she stopped me every time. Unfazed she would place my roaming hands back on her covered mounds. Smiling she would hold my hands firmly against her breasts, but strictly on the outside of her shirt.

With that avenue of advancement blocked, I thought I’d try something else. Casually taking her hand I guided it down from my chest and wrapped it around my stiff cock. Suddenly with only the thinnest tropical fabric separating her hand from the touch of my shaft the little cutie’s nerves began to falter.

Timidly she said, “Mai chi, no we go now.” She was speaking as much to her friend as she was to me.

Without her stopping me, I kept guiding her hand up and down my cock. In my broken Thai I tried to reassure her and it seemed to me that her friend was trying to convince her to stay too.

Holding her finger to her mouth, the taller girl shushed us both. Getting up from my bed she went over the door and peaked out into the hallway. Satisfied that the coast was still clear, she closed the door again and pulled a plastic chair to the side of my bed. She said something that seemed intended to reassure her friend and gestured for the two of us continue what we were doing.

I pulled the little maid up beside me and she went back to tentatively stroking my cock through my sarong. With her right up against me I could put an arm around her and feel her tits while she held my cock. I was also better able to make stealthy efforts to get a hand under her clothes. Despite my improved proximity and her divided attention, she still always managed to stop me before I made much progress. At least she always returned my hand to her breast.

Even though the friend seemed to be encouraging the cutie to play with my cock, she also appeared to admonish me for trying to get under her friend’s shirt. It wasn’t that they disapproved of hand on flesh either, because when I guided the maid’s hand under my sarong she didn’t resist. Apparently she could touch me, but I couldn’t touch her.  In fact, our curious chaperone was quite titillated once her friend’s hand went down my sarong.

Underneath the material it was only too easy to tell that she was playing with my cock. As she stroked my dick, my sarong began loosening until it finally fell away. Both girls started giggling at the sudden sight of my cock.

“Yai mac,” the observing friend exclaimed. I can happily report yai mac means very large.

“Sway mac,” the cute girl added, appraising my cock as beautiful.  Her hand gently fondling me as her friend watched.

It felt nice and it was a turn on to be watched. As my little friend’s hand lightly caressed my cock, I could tell she would need guidance if I was going to cum. Since she wouldn’t have been able to understand my instructions, I took her hand and began guiding it up and down my shaft.

Once I felt I’d established the pace and technique, I released her hand to let her stroke my shaft on her own. Without my guidance though, the pace immediately slowed. I let her continue, hoping that it was only a momentary lapse, but it turned out she wasn’t a vigorous hand job giver. Either that or stroking me to completion wasn’t part of their plan. Though I suspect things had already moved beyond anything they intended.

I took her hand again and began working it at a steady pace. It was feeling really good too, but a bit like masturbating with someone else’s hand. Still, her nervous passivity was unexpectedly turning me on.

It was becoming a little awkward sitting up on the bed while guiding her hand. I had to brace myself up with one hand, while helping my little friend jerk me off with the other. To make things a little easier I laid back on the bed and pulled her down with me. If she had seemed nervous before, laying down on the bed made it worse. I couldn’t understand what she was saying, but I could hear the tension in her voice.

“Mai pen rai,” meaning ’no problem’, I said to reassure her.

It seemed once she realized I wasn’t going to try to get her to do anything more than stroke my cock she relaxed a bit. I pulled her up close to me and we softly kissed while I worked my cock with her hand.

Once we were laying on the bed, it was much easier to jerk off with her hand in mine.  Feeling the girl’s body pressed up against me, while her friend watched, easily offset her reluctance.  In fact, while her hesitancy deadened her hand, her apprehension had my excited cock seeping pre-cum.  Faster than expected, I began to feel the flutters of an on-coming orgasm.  Normally I would have tried to resist, but the situation seemed too fragile for that risk.  Better to surrender while I could and see the girls’ reactions when my sperm splashed free.  I especially wanted to see the little cutie’s reaction.  She seemed so nervous, I wasn’t sure if she might even cry.

Grasping her hand tightly around my shaft, I began working faster.  Pumping my cock with her docile hand, I quickly reached the point of no return.  I felt the rising charge and my milky load shot in air landing on my new friend’s brown skin. 

She flinched when my sperm hit her.  If she seemed nervous before, she became even more flustered when my cum began splashing her.  She was especially concerned when an errant shot landed on her shirt.

Meanwhile our observer leaned forward to better view my fresh discharge.  She said something that had an excited tenor, but I have no idea what it meant.

I kept hold of the hand stroking my cock until my flow subsided.  When I was finished, I squeezed her hand tight around my cock one last time before letting go.

She took moment to gather herself.  Carefully holding her cum coated hand and wrist away from herself as she got up, it left her defenseless when I reached out to dab a little sperm on her button nose. While the move amused her friend and I, it left her even more distressed.

I wiped myself off with a few tissues, while she washed herself at the sink in my room.  She rinsed her hand and scrubbed the sperm from her shirt as best she could. When she was satisfied that she was clean both girls gathered by the door. They gestured in a way that made me understand that they wanted me to peak outside and make sure the hallway was empty.

I opened the door and seeing no one there, I stood aside to let the girls pass.  

Before she left my little handmaid gave me a timid hug and once more time told me, “Kun sway mac.”

Over my remaining stay in Bangkok these special maid services were from time to time repeated.  Because of the language barrier it was nothing that we could really plan.  If I saw my especially helpful maid in the hall and I had the time, I’d call her over and pull her into my room.

She would give me nervous hand jobs in my room, cooing in Thai that my cock was beautiful.  Unfortunately, my efforts to get under her clothes were always rebuffed and all my hand gestures designed to suggest fellatio seemingly not understood.

Though finally on my last day in Bangkok I had a breakthrough.  It was a Saturday morning and I was throwing away a few things before leaving.  Among the items that I was tossing out was a porn mag that had kept me entertained between indulgent nights out.

Just as I stepped into the hallway to toss my magazine into the floor’s garbage bin, my maid appeared at top of stairs.  She had come up to say goodbye and surprised by her sudden appearance, I tried to shield the magazine behind my arm.

After quickly peeking down the hallway to make sure no one was around, she came over to me to give me a farewell hug.  Noticing that I only wrapped one arm around her, she looked down at the semi-concealed magazine that I was holding at my side.  I pulled it back behind my back, but apparently having seen enough to have gotten a fair idea of what I was holding, she started giggling and grabbing at the magazine.

I backed towards my room, fending her off as she grabbed for the magazine.  Once in the doorway, I held the magazine inside of my room as bait.  When she reached for the magazine I closed the door behind her.

Sitting down on my bed she began flipping through the pages.  The magazine featured a blond Asian girl, with blue eyes and big tits.  Counterfeit features aside, she was a real beauty.  Not only did she have a great body and a beautiful face, but it showed her doing pretty much everything that I like.  She had her pussy licked, she sucked a cock, she got fucked, she took it in her ass and she had a big load splashed on her face and in her mouth.  My cute maid's dimples were showing as laughed, but she was fascinated too.  She studied every page and while I couldn’t understand her, it seemed anal sex was something that was a little too much for her.

I sat close to her and reached around her back to fondle her tits while she perused my magazine.  As usual I was in my in sarong and I let it slide open for her casual viewing alongside the magazine.

She gave me an amused smile and casually grasped my shaft, while flipping through the pages.  Once she had thoroughly reviewed the pages, including revisiting particularly riveting photos, I took the magazine away, so she could focus more intently on her final hand job with me.

With notably less apprehension than usual she started to stroke my cock.  Her hand traversed the length of my shaft, moving up and down in smooth stokes.  It was feeling so good and I knew that if she built a little more pace that she would have been able to make me cum all on her own.

Tapping the tip of my dick with her free hand, she reminded me once again about what she thought of my cock. “Sway mac,” she smiled.

She seemed so engaged that I thought I’d thumb to a few pages to see if I could give her some ideas.  I knew I’d never get her out of her clothes, so I skipped the fucking pages and instead found pictures of blow jobs.  The girl in the magazine ran her tongue along the length of the guy’s shaft on one page and then deepthroated him on the next.  Then skipping ahead a few pages, he pulls his cock from her ass to shoot on her face.  Undeterred by the cock’s recent residence in her ass, the girl finishes by licking the cum covered cock.

Pointing from the magazine to her and then my cock, I suggested what I wasn’t able to do with words.

She sheepishly shook her head no, but she leaned against my chest with her face looking right down at my cock.  I leaned back and her head slid to my stomach.  Her face was close enough that I could have dabbed her with my seeping eye if I rolled of my hips.  I wanted more, but for now I thought it best to enjoy my cock’s unprecedented proximity to my maid’s mouth.  As she stroked my cock I could feel her breaths against swollen head.  Peeking over her head I could see her strokes cresting at the top of my cock.  Her hand was pumping my shaft right beside the cum covered face in my open magazine.

After enjoying the view for a while I reached down to guide her hand.  Only this time I wasn’t helping her with her work.  This time my goal was to direct my cock toward her face.  With my cock winking directly at her, I began subtly thrusting my hips forward, inching closer to contact.  Meanwhile my other hand stroked her black hair, in the process keeping her head where I wanted it.

I could feel her trying to retract from cock, but I held her in place.   When I finally grazed her skin, I felt her flinch.  Just like our hand jobs her nervous resistance wasn’t an obstacle.  It was just something that I found surprisingly arousing.

At first my cock only gently grazed her face.  Then she surprised me by giving it a little kiss.   Once she did, I reactively pushed my cock across her face, grinding harder against her cheek.  Letting out a series of sighs, I think I could almost feel a trickle of pre-cum leak out on to her skin.  Drawing my cock back again I positioned my leaking head against her lips to hoping to receive another kiss.

I felt her lips softly kiss the head of my cock and then the slight brush of her tongue as she licked her lips.  It might have been just an unchecked reaction to the sensation of my moisture on her lips, but now I knew that she had tasted both my preliminary fluids and hot skin of my cock.  The unexpected turn rushed me back in time to my first blow job.  I had the same feeling of disbelief about what was seemingly about to happen.

It was just a brief pause from the surprise her tongue on my cock, until I pushed past her accepting lips.  Her mouth seemed just as unimaginably soft and hot around my swollen dick as my first blowjob too.  Unlike that first time, at least I didn’t immediately cum.  It was no eternity, but it was long enough to savour this unexpected development.

It was quite incredible looking over her head and seeing this girl who had only given me the most sheepish and apprehensive hand jobs now sucking my cock.  Positioning her just right, I could see my cock sliding in and out of her mouth.  On the bed in the background, the magazine was still flipped open to a similar scene.

Another way this blowjob differed from my first one was what I did when I came.  My first blow job was in a hammock with my high school girlfriend.  I spotted it on the way back from a party and thought it would be a fun place to make out.   One thing led to another and the sudden feeling of her mouth around my cock was better than anything I ever imagined.  Feeling myself immediately lose control, I pulled out and put my hand over my erupting cock in embarrassment.  That was a long time in the past though and I’d long since managed to become quite comfortable cumming in a girl’s mouth.   In fact, it had become a real favorite.

I studied her juicy lips around my cock and felt the rapid build up to point of no return.  I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be when I unloaded into her mouth and I assumed it might be a first for her.  Despite Thailand being a sex holiday destination, the average Thai was much more prudish than North Americans.  I figured the surge of cum about to enter her mouth, while not an unforeseeable event, might still come as a shock to her.

As the first flood of cum rushed into her mouth, I grabbed the back of her head to hold her in place.  She flinched and made some guttural noise of complaint, but my grip kept my cock trapped in her mouth.  Once the initial burst subsided I relaxed my hold and my spewing cock sprang free.  She didn’t quite spit out my sperm, so much as it spilled like drool from her gasping mouth.  Meanwhile my cock shot cum all over her face and hair.

The moment held together long enough for me to finish my orgasm.  Once she caught her breath though, my maid seemed as shaken up as she was the first time she jerked me off.  She was so nervous again, only this time she had even more of a mess to clean up.   Her lips were covered with my sperm and it was dripping from her chin.  She had a white streak that ran across her smooth cheek into her hair.  She also had a creamy splash on her cute little nose.  While her forehead was sperm free it was adorably furrowed with concern.

Once my orgasm was spent I helped her off the bed, so she could clean up at the sink.  While she washed her face and rinsed her mouth, I used a little toilet paper to clean the glistening residue from my cock.

After she finished I inspected her to see if she missed anything.  While her face was clean there was a little bit a sperm still in her hair.  I helped her get out the pearly glob, but there was still a shot on her t-shirt.  I tried to wipe it free, but it seemed to leave a subtle stain.  Sperm can be stubborn.

Not sure what to do I offered her a souvenir t-shirt I’d bought in Vietnam.  It said XL on the tag, but it was closer to North American small or medium.  It was really too small for me, but it fit over my maid’s tits perfectly.  Luckily, I hadn’t really worn it because of the size, so no one from the hotel staff would link her to me when she wore it.

After cleaning up my maid was much more relaxed, and she even waited with me while I finished packing.  We rode the elevator down together and she leaned back against me as we descended.  She pulled my hands up to cup her breasts and my cock hardened again as I pressed it up against her.  Even though the elevator was slow, three floors was only enough to enjoy one final moment together.  Before the elevator doors opened she turned around and gave me quick kiss goodbye.


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