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Leslie's Submissive Lesson Part 2

Leslie's Submissive Training

Leslie’s Submission Training

Part 2

by Woffen



Chapter 3: My Next Lesson


Joe and I retuned home. It had been a wild night. I had never felt so sexy in all my life. Joe was quiet but I could feel his dominate presence. I knew I dare not speak. I leaned against him all the way home with cum oozing out of my well fucked ass. Once we got home it was very late.


“Did you enjoy your night out?” Joe asked me.


“Of course I did. I had the best time ever. But…uh…but is there anything I can do for you?”


Joe was undressing and was down to his skivvies. He turned to me walking in my direction. He had a look of power. I knew he was in charge. As he approached me he grabbed me by my hair forcing my head back.


“Bend over the bed!” Joe demanded.


I looked up at Joe not knowing what he was going to do next. I placed my hands on the mattress and tried to look back.




Joe slapped my ass three times. The pain was strangely pleasurable.


“Open your fucking legs! NOW!!!”


I did as Joe demanded.


“Now raise your ass more.” Joe commanded me.




Joe spanked me again but this time on my pussy! A shot of pleasure went through me. I was almost cumming! I never knew having my pussy spanked could feel so good. I could feel my pussy creaming! I wanted more!


“You like that!”


“Yes Sir! Please don’t stop!”



My entire body trembled as Joe spanked my ass again. My legs were getting weak as the pain and pleasure racked my body. I closed my eyes and buried my face in the bed.


“Do you want more?”


“Yes….Yes Sir!”


“Then tell me!”


“Please….Please don’t stop! I….I love you spanking me!”




Joe grabbed my by the hair and stood me up. My legs felt like rubber and my ass and pussy burned!


“I’m not finished with you! On your knees and suck my cock slut!”


I immediately dropped to my knees and took Joe’s cock in my hand. I had never felt this helpless….this vulnerable…this excited! Less than an hour ago Joe had me bent over the hood of his car with his cock buried in my ass as we were being watched by another couple. Then he had spanked me and now he wanted me to suck his cock. The same cock that just minutes before had been stuffed up my tight little ass. A rush of desire and need swept through me. Cum was still dripping out of my ass and I could feel my nipples harden and my pussy start to get wet all over again. I love the feeling of power and control that Joe was expressing over me.


I brought his cock to my lips and stuck out my tongue and licked the head. I could taste the dried cum from his earlier deposit. As I tasted the cum on his cock my ass involuntarily tighten up. A response to his earlier attack on my anal cavity.


I put the head in my mouth and sucked, running my tongue over the gland. I could hear Joe moan. He placed both his hands on my head and pulled me forward forcing more and more of his cock into my mouth. I wanted to take this slow and easy but Joe had a since of urgency in his actions. He started fucking my mouth just like he had fucked my ass earlier, hard and fast! Joe was shoving his hard cock all the way in my mouth gagging me.


“Open your mouth bitch and keep it open!” Joe demanded.


I opened my mouth as wide as I could as Joe continued his onslaught on my mouth. He was fucking my mouth, driving his hard cock down my throat. I grabbed onto his strong thighs for support. His cock was choking me but I wanted this too much to stop. Joe held my head as he pounded my face with his cock.


“Uhhh….Uhhhh…Uhhh…” I was gagging with every thrust. Joe had never treated me so rough or fucked my face so hard. His strong hands were pulling my face back and forth as he continued to slam his cock in my mouth. I was finding it hard to breath and getting dizzy. My mind was swimming; my site was getting blurry as Joe continued to grunt as he fucked my mouth in a flurry of strokes. My spit was running out of my mouth and I could feel it dripping down my chin drenching my tits. My eyes were watering and it was becoming more and more difficult to breath.


It didn’t take long until Joe announced he was cumming.




One final thrust forced the head of his cock down my throat. Joe was filling my throat and stomach up with his cum. He was shooting his load directly down my throat. When he finally released me I fell back on my ass gasping for air. I was dizzy and confused but strangely satisfied.


I just looked up at Joe feeling helpless and said “Thank you Sir!”


Joe smiled at me and turned to walk to the bathroom. I pulled myself together enough to climb into bed. I was covered in spit, with dried woman cum on my thighs and dried cum from my ass. My ass and pussy was still burning but I was content and feel asleep before Joe even came to bed.


Chapter 4: Home Alone


The next morning we were awakened by a phone call. Joe answered the phone as I yawned and stretched and tried to wake up. My mouth and ass was sore from the night before but I was strangely happy and satisfied. I heard Joe say “Yes Sir” and I knew it was for him so I got out of bed and headed to the shower. Twenty minutes later I reappeared dripping wet with a towel around my head and nothing else. Joe was sitting on the edge of the bed.


“I’m shipping out again tomorrow. I’ll be gone a couple of months maybe more.”


“But you just got home!”


“Yea but there is nothing I can do about it. I’d better start getting ready.”


Joe headed for the shower. I was really hoping for another night like last night but now I knew it was going to be a while. The rest of the day was spent getting Joe ready for his deployment. Laundry, shopping….picking up those little things that the military doesn’t take care of.


The next morning at 5am Joe was up and out the door. I lay in bed already missing him. Missing him in my pussy…in my ass…in my mouth. Missing him dominates me…. controlling me…..using me. My pussy was getting wet just thinking about it. I started to finger myself hoping to get some relief. It was already after 8 and I had been lying there for over 3 hours when the phone rang.


“Hello? Oh Hi Tracy !”   It was a friend from my unit.


“I heard you got back.” Tracy said.


“Yea just over a week ago.”


“How is Joe?”


“He had to ship out again this morning.”


“You’re kidding! He just got back.”


“Yea well hopefully this will be short. What are you doing?”


“Not much. I was wondering if you would like to get together.”


“Sure….late this evening OK?”


“Sure…about 7?”


“Sounds good to me. Just come on over.”


“I’ll be there.”


Tracy was a beauty. She was about 5’6”, 115 pounds, size B tits with big nipples, short dark hair and just a little hair at the top of her pussy. How do I know this? When you’re deployed and showering with seven other women you get to see a lot! Tracy was an officer that carried her authority well very demanding of her people and the people around her. She never hesitated to give an order and it didn’t matter if it was a man or woman. Even her superiors listened to her when she spoke.


I spend the day cleaning, shopping and relaxing. I picked up a couple of bottles of wine and put them in the frig to chill as soon as I got home. I fixed a light dinner and waited for Tracy . About 7 I hear a knock on my door. I have already consumed one glass of wine as the wind sits in the cooler on my coffee table.


“ Tracy ! Come on in. It’s good to see you.”


“Hey Leslie. How have you been? Good to see you too.”


I show Tracy into my den. It is nothing elaborate but functional. Joe and I did splurge on a flat screen TV for him and a comfortable couch for me. I lead Tracy over to the couch and tell her to sit down. I have some music on in the background. It’s one of Joe’s favorite CD’s of Barry White. Just listening to that music can get my pussy wet. Joe has fucked me so many times to his music.


“You want a glass of wine?”


“Sure! I’m not on duty for 48 hours.”


I pour Tracy a glass of wine and top mine off. We sit and chat about our last deployment together and the possibility of having to go again.


“And you say Joe left this morning?”


“Yea! He got a call early yesterday and he left today. Don’t know where and don’t know how long.”


“Damn girl! He had just been home a couple of weeks. You must have just gotten into the routine of getting some on a regular basis.”


“Yes I was! The last couple of days were incredible! I don’t know what came over him but he was pushing every button I have. Do you want some more?”




I got up and poured Tracy the last of the first bottle.


“I’ll be right back.” I got up and retrieved the second bottle opening it as I entered the den.


“OK, where were we?” I asked.


“What do you mean?” Tracy asked.


“Oh…you mean about pushing my buttons?”


“Yea….you know exactly what I mean!” Tracy smiled as she took a long sip of her wine.


I hesitated. Tracy and I were good friends and we shared a lot in the past but there was always a line we never crossed. She was still single and had told me a while back that in her younger days when she had too much to drink that she had ended up in a bar and taken on a man or a woman depending on her mood. She loved to party. I looked at her and her full pouty lips and dark eyes. But that is when she was younger and lately she only dated guys.


Like I said, there was a line but after three glasses of wine I was about to cross it.   




“Come on. You can tell me.” Tracy said as she gave me a naughty little smile.


“OK, a couple of days ago Joe got back from checking in at the base and had this weird look on his face. He is usually very sweet and gentle and caring but when he walked in the den he was very quiet. I didn’t think much of it at the time and went about doing my hair. About an hour later Joe called me in the den and I asked him what he wanted. He said “Get in here now!” like he was barking an order at me.


“You’re kidding?”


“No! He had never spoken like that to me before. I didn’t know what to think but at the same time…..I don’t know……I kinda got excited you know what I mean?”




“Yea…Just for a second I got a little rush. Anyway I came into the den and Joe was standing right there. He looked at me and said “Come here. NOW!” I didn’t know what was wrong so I walked over to him and then he took hold of me and told me to suck his cock. But not like asking me too but telling me too. Like it was an order!”


“That doesn’t sound like Joe. Well did you do it?”


I looked at Tracy . This was just like her. Cut to the chase. Take charge…get to the bottom line.


“Well let me tell you this first. When Joe told me to suck his cock, he grabbed me by the hair and started pushing me down to the floor.”


“What did you do?”


“I didn’t know what to do but between you and me.”


I hesitated while I took a big swig of my wine.


“I liked it! I really did!”


“You liked it?”


“Yea…it wasn’t so much that he wanted me to suck his cock. I would do that anytime. It was that he was demanding that I do it. He was so dominate and I felt like I was being a submissive little slut that he could control.”


“And that got you excited?”


“Yea! I don’t know why but being ordered to do a sexual act….well it….it thrilled me…it excited me….it made my….well my….you know…my pussy wet!”


I blushed and drank the remainder of my glass doing anything to keep from looking at Tracy in the face. I reached over and grabbed the bottle and poured myself another full glass.


Tracy sat back and took a sip of her wine and gave me a little smile. She wasn’t saying a word.


“Anyway, Joe got very demanding and for the first time in my life it made me….well…. you know….horny.”


“And did you give him the blowjob he wanted.”




“And did you like it?”




“And then what happened?”


I could tell Tracy was really loving this. I had crossed the line and there was no going back. She had hinted at stories of her past but I had never told her anything about mine except that Joe and I were very happy. Now I was going off the deep end with the help of a great deal of wine.


“Well…..Joe told me to get dressed and he took me out to dinner.”


“Is that all?”


“No….I got dressed while Joe was having a beer and when he saw me he told me to change. He wouldn’t let me wear panties…..I had to wear this thin short white dress….no bra….and my 4 inch heels.”


“Is that all?”


“No….Joe got us a booth at the restaurant and then he finger fucked my pussy until I had an orgasm with the waitress watching us. Then we went to the bar and he made the waitress take me to the ladies room.”


“So what went on in the ladies room?”


I hesitated and took another big swig of my wine. I was getting light headed and excited telling Tracy the story. I could feel my panties getting wet. I wanted to stop telling her but she was leaning over toward me just inches away from me. I looked down and could see her dress had ridden up as she had slid toward me on the couch. I could actually see she was wearing a pair of sheer panties and they appeared wet. She had one leg up on the couch and the other foot on the floor so her crotch was exposed.


I took another sip of wine and could tell her nipples were hard. They were poking through her dress and it didn’t appear she had a bra on.


“Uh….Uh…. The waitress was really nice and Joe had me so worked up. She lead me into a stall and ….” I stopped not knowing what to say next. I was getting more and more excited.


“And what Leslie? Tell me.” Tracy asked as she leaned closer and closer towards me.


“Well she pushed me against the wall and shoved her fingers in my pussy and finger fucked me until I had another orgasm.”


There….I had said it. I didn’t know I could get it out but there it was.


“And did you like that?”


Tracy ’s lips were just inches from mine. She has moved closer and closer as I told my story to her.


“I don’t know…”


“Yes you do Leslie…..You know exactly what you liked!”


“Well….yea….yea I guess I did.”


“I bet you did. You liked every bit of it didn’t you. What else happened?”


“Uh….well Joe stopped at this little dive driving home and uh…”


“What Leslie? What did Joe do?”


“He…uh….he made me bend over the hood of the car and fucked me!”


“He fucked you? Where?”


“In…uh….in the ass!”


“Mmmmmm….was anyone watching?”


“Yea….another couple walked out and saw us.”


Again I hesitated. I didn’t know what to do. I took another big gulp of my wine almost wishing it was gone so I could fill my glass again.


“Anything else you want to tell me?”


“Well….uh… Joe….”


“Joe did what?”


“Joe spanked me last night after we got home and made me suck his cock again.”


I looked down. I couldn’t look Tracy in the eyes a second longer. I had bared my soul… my sexual soul and I got excited doing it.


“You fucking little slut! And you liked every fucking minute of it didn’t you? You like when Joe was finger fucking you! You liked when the waitress pinned you against the wall and fucked your tight little cunt. You liked being watched while Joe was fucking you in the ass! You fucking like getting spanked don’t you? That is what you really like isn’t it? You like being controlled… like being dominated… you like being a little submissive slut don’t you Leslie.”


I felt like I was cornered but I liked it. It was like Joe in high heels. Tracy inched closer to me and I loved the feeling of being submissive.


“Tell me! Tell me you like it!”


“Uh…Yes….uh….Yes I do like it.”


“Good….now we all agree. You’re a submissive little cunt! A fucking little slut to be used for pleasure. Tell me what you are Leslie…tell me. I want to hear you say it!”


“I’m…uh….I’m a submissive little slut.”


“No! Tell me what you are dammit!”


“Uh….I’m…uh…I’m a submissive slut here only for your pleasure.”


I could feel my pussy creaming. I could smell it! Tracy was inching closer to me.


“Kiss me you submissive fucking bitch!”


I didn’t move. I was frozen in place as Tracy grabbed the back of my head.


Tracy whispered again. “Kiss me you nasty little slut!”


I closed my eyes as Tracy pressed her lips to mine. I melted. Her kiss was soft and so sensual. My nipples became instantly hard. My pussy flooded with juice.


Tracy kissed me putting her hand on the back of my head and pulling me towards her. Pressing her lips harder and harder against mine forcing my mouth open so she could slide her tongue into my mouth. She started playing with my tongue. Kissing me and making me melt.


Tracy broke our kiss backing off just inches from me. She reached over and took my wine glass from my hand placing both glasses on the table.


“Come here Leslie.” Tracy ordered me.


I immediately complied. I liked the way Tracy commanded me to move.


“Kiss me!”


I leaned forward and kissed Tracy ’s lips. It was soft and sensual. Tracy took charge grabbing me by the hair kissing me harder sliding her tongue deep into my mouth. After several minutes of tongue fucking Tracy pulled me back by the hair.


“It’s time for your next lesson in being a submissive.”


Tracy pulled my by my arm forcing me to face the back of the couch. My knees were on the cushions and my arms were resting on the back of the couch.


“Mmmmm….look what we have here.” Tracy moaned.


I looked back and could see Tracy standing behind me. She placed her left knee on the sofa cushion next to mine and grabbed me by the hair with her left hand.


“Stay there! I’ll tell you when you can move.”


My breathing started getting more labored. The anticipation of what was about to happen was growing fast.


“Mmmmmm….Lookie here!”


I could feel Tracy pull my dress up over my ass exposing my thong panties.


“Spread your legs!”


I hesitated. My desire was growing but…




I spread my legs as wide as I could. I was clinging to the back of the sofa. Tracy let go of my hair but I was afraid to move…afraid to look.




“Mmmmm….I bet you like that don’t you?” Tracy said as she spanked my ass.




“Ohhhhh….” Was all I could say.


“I bet you like that don’t you!”




“Ohhhhh….Mmmmmmm….Oh fuck!!” I moaned as Tracy spanked my ass again.


Then I felt Tracy pull my thongs out between my ass cheeks. I had never been in this position with a woman and I was more excited than I had ever been.


“Let’s get these off you.”


Tracy pulled my thongs down over my ass and down my legs until I could feel them hanging on my left foot.


“Open your legs bitch! MORE!”


I complied with her demand and opened my legs as wide as I could. I knew my wet snatch was in full view.


“Oooooo….Look what we have here. You have you pussy pierced. Mmmmmm…. I know your nipples are pierced but I didn’t know about your little pussy.”


Tracy reached between my legs and played with my bar. I am extremely sensitive since I had the piercing done and just touching it will send me off.


“Ahhh….Oh fuck Tracy !! Mmmmmm….that feels so fucking good!”




Tracy spanked my exposed cunt and it sent a shock right through me.


“You like that don’t you bitch? I can tell you like me spanking your hot little pussy. I can smell your cream!”




Tracy spanked my pussy again. I could already feel myself starting to build. This was one of the most exciting feelings I had ever had.   I could feel Tracy moving behind me. She put her hands on my ass cheeks spreading them apart.


“Mmmmmmm…..your little cunt looks so sweet! And your little ass looks so red!”


The next moment I could feel Tracy ’s hot breath on my sore wet cunt. Her spanking had gotten me so sensitive I could almost cum.


“Let’s see if this little cunt taste as sweet as it looks.”


Tracy leaned forward and I could feel her tongue on my cunt. It started sending shock waves through me.


“Ahhhhhh…..Oh fuck!!! Lick me Tracy! Please….please!!!!”


“Is this what you want you little bitch?” Tracy asked me.


“Yes…Yes…Please…Please lick me! Lick my cunt! It feels so good!!!”


Tracy licked my cunt from bottom to the top stopping to use her tongue to play with my piercing. It was driving me mad.




Tracy started applying more pressure pushing her tongue deep in my cunt. She was holding my ass cheeks open as she was licking and sucking my cunt. My orgasm was already building.




Tracy started to tongue fuck me sticking her tongue in and out like a cock. I started humping back trying to get more and more of her tongue in me. All of a sudden I felt two finger enter my cunt and starting to fuck me deep. I could feel Tracy ’s left hand on top of my hips as she fucked me hard and fast with her fingers. I could hear my pussy squishing as she fucked me.




“What are you?” Tracy said demanding an answer. “I said what are you?”




Tracy then shoved a third finger in my cunt. I felt like I was being split in two!




My orgasm exploded as Tracy continued to fuck me. At last my orgasm subsided and I fell exhausted on the sofa. I was breathing hard. Cum was running out of my sore wet pussy.


“Now it’s time for you to take care of me you fucking slut!”


Tracy grabbed me by the hair forcing me to my knees on the floor. I didn’t know what to do.   Tracy smiled then sat back on the couch spreading her legs.


“Lick my pussy!” She commanded. “Lick it you fucking cunt!”


Still holding me by the hair she pulled my face towards her cunt. I slid in front of her and was kneeling between her knees.


“Suck it you fucking little cunt! Suck my fucking pussy! Make me cum!”


Tracy was holding me by my hair and then reached down and pulled her thongs to the side of her pussy with the other. I could smell her cunt juice as she held my head inches from her nearly bald cunt. Tracy slid down putting her ass at the edge of the cushion. Her pussy was now fully exposed and I could see her cream leaking out of her cunt and running down to her ass.


“Lick me dammit! Suck my fucking cunt!”


A jolt of desire shot through me. My pussy was dripping cream and my nipples were so hard they hurt as they rubbed through my thin tube top. Tracy pulled my head towards her cunt. I involuntarily stuck my tongue out to taste her sweet nectar.   The taste of her cunt was intoxicating. My head was swimming. Tracy pulled my hair and forced my mouth to cover her exposed cunt.


“Suck it you fucking bitch! Lick my fucking pussy! I haven’t had a fucking nasty cunt like you for a long time. Make me cum you nasty little slut!”


I started licking and sucking Tracy ’s cunt like a mad woman. I loved the taste and couldn’t get enough. The more Tracy ordered me to suck her cunt the more I wanted. I licked and sucked and shoved my tongue deep into her cunt.


“Fuck me….stick your fingers in me and fuck me you nasty little bitch! Eat me you fucking bitch! Taste my fucking juice!”


I shoved two fingers deep into Tracy ’s cunt as I sucked and licked on her hard little clit. I could hear Tracy moan as she grabbed my head with both hands holding me in place between her legs.


“Suck me!! Fuck me you little cunt! Lick my fucking pussy!!! Make me cum! You have me so fucking hot! Eat my pussy you little bitch! Lick me you fucking slut!”


I started shoving my fingers into Tracy ’s dripping wet cunt faster and faster as I licked and sucked on her hard little clit. She was going wild as she started bucking her hips up to my face.




Tracy started cumming spraying juice all over my face. She continued to hold me against her pussy as her cum sprayed all over me drenching me in her juice.




Tracy collapsed and released me. I fell back soaked with the juice from her pussy. I never knew a woman could spray cum. I looked down and my top was soaked with juice. I licked my lips and then my fingers.




Tracy opened her eyes and smiled.


“Oh fuck sweetie! That was fucking incredible! Let’s go to bed slut and find out if you have any toys we can play with.”


I thought I hope Joe understands as Tracy took me by the hand and lead me to bed.

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