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Let's Play

Teasing to get what you want might get you what you need!
I’ve since learned not to date co-workers, but back in the day I didn’t care. I was just out of a big-time relationship and had started fooling around with a police woman. We'd known each other since the academy. She was hot and athletic and we had an understanding, this was about sex. We were both rebounding and didn’t want anything but some unattached fun.

Okay, works for me, particularly in light of how hot this chick was and still is for that matter. She was medium height, muscular, with brown hair cut at her shoulders and the smallest breasts I'd ever seen in person. But her nipples were pert and uber-responsive. I've since never needed big breasts on a woman, though I don't turn them down either...

Our first session came after we’d gone out a couple of times. It was fun and I didn't want to get attached. One day I decided to end it, since I didn't want to hurt her, and as we talked in my apartment she finally started laughing and said she was going to break it off for the same reasons.

We ended up deciding to just have a physical relationship. We started that night and I didn’t have any condoms, so I told her I just wouldn’t cum. She seemed pretty doubtful, but after we’d fucked for what seemed like hours, probably a lot less but still pretty impressive, I’d made a believer out of her. Finally she jacked me off and my first hot spurt shot over her head onto the wall.

She called me one day as I was about to go for a run. I ran six miles a day around one of the city's two airports. She asked me to stop by her condo at the end of my run. No problem. A little over an hour later I’m banging on her door, knowing that I was going to be doing some banging of a different sort pretty soon.

She answered the door in a bathrobe. Who was I to complain? She took my hand and led me to the couch. Even though I was a sweaty mess, she pushed me down onto the couch. She undid her robe and let it fall open. She was naked, her small titties were pert and her nipples were sticking out and she had recently shaved her pussy altogether. Bless her! She pushed her pussy into my face. This wasn’t like her, but again, who was I to say anything? She was very wet.

I reached under and behind her robe and grabbed her ass. She worked out on the stair machine and had a round, rock hard ass. She let me lick her pussy for a minute and work my fingers deep into the crack of her butt when she pulled away and said, "No." But she said “no” with a twinkle in her eye.

She’d said some time ago that she had a reluctance fantasy. I’d said that I didn’t like hurting anyone and was uncomfortable with that particular game. She’d said it didn’t have to hurt, just had to be forceful. Now I could see what she was doing. I was all lathered up from the run and from the hour of anticipation. She’d given me a taste and was obviously wet and willing and now wasn’t interested, pulling away saying, "No."

I stood, my cock hard. She let the robe fall to the ground and said, "No." I grabbed her and brought her to me, kissing her hard. She kissed me for a second before turning her head away, saying, "No." I’d just had about enough of that word. I turned her around and forced her onto the couch. She didn’t fight, but she resisted. I pulled my shirt off easily and was fumbling for my pants when she tried to get up.

I pinned her on the floor, her back against the couch. My shorts were around my knees and I forced my way between her legs. She feebly tried to push me away, pulling her head back from my face. I was able to work one hand behind her back and arch it toward me. My other hand had grabbed my cock and I was trying to stuff it into her cunt, as my weight held her down.

She twisted against me, but I was able to get in, but not too well. I fucked her but could only get half my length into her. She loved it, but still resisted. Finally I’d had enough.

I threw her to the side and smashed her onto the floor, mounting her in the missionary position. I held her arms above her head and roughly mauled her throat up onto her face, then forced my tongue deep into her mouth. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I was sweating worse than at the worst part of my run. I was tired and sore, but this girl had me mind fucked.

I don’t how long I was on top of her, grunting as I slammed my cock into her pussy. We were both like a couple of animals. She had stopped trying to get away at some point and had positioned her hips for maximum penetration, but still there was some kind of resistance.

I pulled my cock from her and straddled her chest, those small titties, now bright red from being mauled, poking my thighs. I thrust my cock at her, her own juices dripping from its angry length. She let me fuck her mouth for a minute but I’d felt the tightening of my balls and knew I was going to gush hot semen any second.

I held off for as long as I could; she never let me cum in her mouth, but I wanted her to think I as going to force this on her tonight. She tried to shake me out of her mouth, but I rode her hard. When I couldn’t hold back, I pulled out and came. My cock acted of its own accord, jerking and spurting thick ropes of cum across her face, onto her chest and tits.

I let go of her and she stroked my cock until it was spent. I fell over, rolled onto my back and she put her head on my chest and we both just breathed for a couple of minutes.

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