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Life On The Road - Part 2 - Seattle

The life of a traveling salesman and his conquests. Part 2 - Seattle
Every time I travel with my job, the opportunities are endless. Businesswomen at bars, wives stopping at Starbucks, stay-at-home moms shopping for husbands and family, the urges are everywhere. My problem is, I can’t just walk by without making myself known. I am a man. I can’t help it. The woman that you see at Starbucks is a woman on her way home from work. The woman that I see is a private fuck party waiting to meet someone that will make them lose all control of their inhibitions. The woman that I see is waiting for me.

These are the stories that make up my life. Not my life at home with my wife, but my life as a nightmare for husbands and boyfriends everywhere.

This week, I was on my way to Seattle. My flight was set to make a stopover in Las Vegas where I had allowed myself about three hours to eat dinner and kill some time in between flights. At about 6:00, I settled into a nice seat with a chicken salad and a great view of the passers-by. I admit, I am a people watcher. I guess it is a habit. Everyone moving in one direction or another with their Blackberry’s as their only companions. I love seeing men eying women as they pass and I especially love when women glance at me, knowing they will take another look when they think that I am not looking.

From my position I had a great view of the security checkpoint and my eyes focused on one woman in particular. She had blonde hair down to her shoulders and she was dressed in a sun dress that made her look absolutely tasty. I watched intently as she made her way around the snake of a security line with a boyfriend in tow. She seemed to be reluctant to face him, as if she was embarrassed he was with her. I don’t know what made me think this, I just did.

The deeper into security she traveled, the closer she came to me. Her face was very cute with full lips and cheeks. Her eyes were what I admired the most. They were as blue as the ocean. I guessed she was in her early twenties. As she got to the identification check my previous thoughts were confirmed by her boyfriend turning and leaving after one last kiss. Instead of leaving he simply exited the line and watched her as she made her way into the X-Ray scanners. He seemed to watch her like a hawk and I assumed it was because he hated her leaving. I became well aware that she would be a prime candidate for my next conquest but the odds of her heading to Seattle on the same flight that I was were slim to none.

As she made her way past security she retrieved her shoes and I saw her glance back to see him standing there like a desperate idiot. She seemed irritated by this and knelt down with her back to him to begin putting her shoes back on. I watched her slip on each shoe and as she rose her eyes met mine.

There it was. That expression that I know all to well. Her eyes seemed to say “Fuck me that guy is hot.” I casually grinned at her and winked and she produced wicked half-smile as she stood. When she gathered her carry on she looked back to see Mr. Idiot still standing there and she quickly walked around the corner to break his gaze.

I continued watching her as she entered the first shop she could find before turning to the clothing and sneaking another look at me. Knowing it was coming, I locked eyes with her and pulled the chair to my right closer and patted it’s seat, inviting her to join me. After a couple of long seconds, she nodded her head in the direction of her Idiot that was just now beginning to lose hope of seeing his prize again. Although he wasn’t’ looking for her, he was still casually looking at the passengers as they past. I returned to her gaze and held my index finger up as to say “Wait just a sec.”

Sooner or later, Idiot left and I motioned for her to sit again. This time, she walked towards me, reluctant to look me in the eye, but continuing to close the gap between us. When she got close, she sat down and I extended my hand and introduced myself. She thanked me for helping me with Mr. Idiot, although she called him Mike. And she began to tell me about how possessive Mike was and how it embarrassed her. I told her that I understood both sides. She looked at me with a question in her eyes so I reiterated that I understood why she would get embarrassed but I also understood why Mike would be so possessive. “Why’s that?” she replied. I looked deep into her eyes and responded “Because you are the sexiest girl I have ever laid eyes on and you are way out of his league and he knows it. He thinks you will find someone better. Someone that will please you in ways that you can only imagine.”

She immediately blushed and stared back into my eyes before responding, “Where are you headed?”


She told me that she was too. I think she seen the twitch of my grin when she admitted this. “My boss is picking me up at the airport. We are having a corporate meeting there.”

I immediately seen an opening so I placed my hands onto hers and said “Why don’t you and I meet up and I can show you what you are missing with that guy.”

She licked her lips as if she were planning it in her head. When she finally looked up at me she said that she would be with her group all weekend because she didn’t even have a car.

In my mind I was cursing, I wanted this hot little bitch. “That’s too bad. We could have a great time together.” She grinned and said that she was thinking the same thing.

As we talked, we both noticed that people were starting to fill in around us, so we decided to walk somewhere where we could talk in private. I took her bag as I stood and she seemed to watch every move that I made. When she stood she had to look up to meet my eyes. She playfully patted my chest and squeezed telling me that I might be useful carrying her bag until our flight.

As we walked we passed the security area I was surprised to see Idiot, still glancing to spot her. I told her not to stop because Mike was looking for her. As we walked by I looked at him. He spotted her anxiously trotting away from him and then his eyes met mine, recognizing her bag draped over my shoulder. His eyes seemed to be doing the math and he stared at me with hated. In response I grinned a wicked grin and placed my hand on the small of her back while we walked around the corner out of his view.

When we finally found a seat in a less-inhabited area she had a call on her phone. She asked me to watch her bag as she no doubt talked to him. Evidently he was not very nice on the phone because I noticed that she came back and her face was flushed. She looked me in the eye and said, “He thinks I am going to fuck you in the airport.”

I couldn’t help but to laugh. I pulled her head into my chest and hugged her telling her that he had every right to be angry. She asked me why and I responded, “Because he knows that I want to fuck you, and he is scared that you will let me.”

She looked at me in defiance. “You think I would be that easy?”

I knew from my past with women how to handle this question. “After you see what I have to offer, yes.”

She looked anxious now. She responded, “And what would that be?”

I looked her in the eye and patted my cock hanging limp down my leg. She got the point when she seen its outline in my business slacks. I could hear her breathing start to quicken. “Oh my” was all she could get out.

She seemed to be in a trance as she gazed at my leg. Suddenly, an idea formed in my head and I reached into her bag for a book that I had seen earlier. It was a brand new hardback edition, perfect for what I needed. Also, I grabbed my coat and draped it across my lap, breaking her trance.

“What are you doing,” she said.

I pulled her to me until she was leaning on me and propped the book open to the middle before telling her that I was going to show her why Mike was scared of her leaving him.

From the view of anyone walking by, we were just two people sharing a book. I could feel her tense as I reached under my jacket. I knew she could hear my zipper lowering. I knew she licked her lips and quickly inhaled when I raised the jacket enough for her to get a good look at my massive cock hanging out of my zippered hole.

As she stared I put my hand around her shoulder and looked down like I was reading the book. Her eyes never left my cock. She seemed to be entranced. Her gaze was broken when I said, “This is why Mike worries about you. He knows he can’t make you feel what my cock can make you feel. He knows that if I get this inside your pussy you will never be content with his cock. You know it is true. Don’t you.”

She never spoke but she nodded. I knew she was mine.

“Now reach down there and grab it. Make it hard.”

She slowly reached down and took my dick into her hand. She encircled it with her fingers and squeezed. I could feel it begin to rise as I kept the lookout for any interruptions.

I kept whispering to her. “See how big it is getting? You know you want to stroke it.”

She nodded as her hand began to jack it up and down. I decided to start getting dirty with her.

“Wouldn’t you just love to have this cock in your little pussy?”


“Does Mike’s cock get this big?”


She kept jacking it and soon it stood at full splendor, barely hidden by the large book. A drop of precum had formed at it’s tip.

I whispered into her ear, “Go ahead, taste it.” She took her hand and starting at the base, squeezed as she traveled upward on my cock. More precum came out of the head of my cock and she dipped her finger in it. Without hesitation she brought it to her mouth.

“Does my cum taste good?”

“Yes, I can’t believe how big your cock is.”

I looked up and noticed that no one was coming our way. This is the perfect time to feed this bitch.

I grabbed her head and pushed her down slowly while I whispered to her. “Suck on it. Suck my cock. You know you want it.”

She pushed back saying “Someone will see us.”

I could see down the concourse at least 6 terminals in each direction. I knew it was a chance, but it was a chance I was willing to take. I told her, “No one is coming, I wont make you do it long, now suck it.” This time I applied more pressure on her head. She seemed to surrender. I kept my eyes forward as I pushed her lower and lower. Immediately I felt her mouth on it. Her lips encircled my cockhead and I could feel her tongue darting around it. Her mouth was absolutely incredible. I grabbed her hair and forced her up and down my huge cock 3 or 4 times before letting her sit back up. When she reached the tip her suction made a “pop” and I groaned. I had to have this little slut.

She looked into my eyes and I could see the lust in her. Just to degrade him even more, I asked her if Mike’s cock could make her act like a slut in public. She responded “No way. I want your cock in my pussy so bad. I am thinking about climbing on you right here.”

I will admit, the invitation had be intrigued, but even I knew that would be stupid. It seemed my mind was made up for me when the loudspeaker announced the departure of our plane. I quickly zipped my pants and put her book back into her bag. She stood up before me and I could see the wet spot on her sun dress. I draped my arm around her and rested it on her ass as we made our way to our gate.

When we approached, I noticed that our gate only had about 6 waiting passengers. Since this was a late flight out of Sin City, I knew from experience that there was a chance that the flight would be cancelled. To my amazement, the boarding instructions began. We turned to each other and grinned.

Upon entering the plane, we were the last ones to board. Thank God everyone was sitting toward the front. I grabbed her hand and led her to the row in the back. Before sitting down I loaded our carry-ons into the overhead and she went to use the restroom. While she was gone I approached the rear flight crewman and informed him that we would need a blanket and that we didn’t want drinks because we were both exhausted from partying in Vegas and we wanted to sleep. He grinned and nodded and handed me a blanket. He seemed happy that 1/4 of his passengers just declined service.

When she came back the plane was ready to taxi and the lights were cut, encircling us in darkness. I wasted no time in raising the bar between us and exploring her body with my hands. I soon found that whether she knew it or not, her body was made for fucking. Her dress opened easily allowing me to explore her tits. They were probably C cups and they were very firm. I kissed her as my hands had free reign over her petite body. We kept this up for about 20 minutes until the plane leveled off headed toward Seattle.

The entire time she couldn’t keep her hands off of me. I unbuttoned the top 4 buttons of my shirt revealing my chiseled chest and she turned toward me and ran her hands inside the fabric. She was leaning over and kissing my face and chest. I took the blanket out and covered us before commanding her to pull her dress up. She lifted her ass off of the seat and I knew her tight little cunt was exposed. I told her to hand me her dress. At first she looked confused but she soon got the idea. I wanted this little slut completely naked on this plane. She seemed reluctant until I said, “Don’t make me tell you again. Hand me your dress slut.” This seemed to set off a spark inside her and she went to work under the blanket. After a minute of struggling, she handed her thong and dress to me. I tossed them under the seat.

Before removing the blanket I hit the button and reclined her seat the entire way back. I looked at her face, even through the faint darkness I could see the lust in her eyes. I told her to reveal herself to me. She obeyed and laying in front of me was Mike’s treasure. Her abs were defined and her pussy was completely shaven. Her nipples were hard enough to cut ice. Like an animal I pounced on her. My right hand braced me from the seat while my left went to her clit. She began to moan so I had to cover her mouth with my hand while I slid my fingers inside of her tight cunt. She was still laid back when I pulled her by the hair to my face and whispered that she should keep quiet or she would get us both busted. She panted that she was sorry but she couldn’t help it. I told her that I had other ways of keeping her mouth covered. I told her to kneel in the floor. She obeyed and although tight, she arranged herself on her knees in front of me my while I unzipped by throbbing cock.

She needed no instruction and began to swallow my cock. I hit the recline button myself now. This was by far the best flight I have ever experienced. I locked my fingers together and put them behind my head as I leaned back and looked down and Mike’s girl sucking my cock like a slut. It was pure heaven. She sucked me for a good 10 minutes or so before I stopped her and pulled her up, laying her on her back in the middle seat. I took her legs and placed one on each side of my torso, spreading her pussy, opening her for me. I leaned down and while she panted I told her that I was going to split her cunt open. I asked her if she was on the pill out of sheer curiosity. When she said no I told her that I didn’t have any condoms and that I wasn’t going to pull out, I was going to seed her pussy and claim it.

She looked me in the eye and said, “Fuck Me.”

I grabbed her thong and told her to hold it. “Why?” she answered. “You will see soon,” I replied.

With that I took my spear and parted her pussy lips. I handed her the blanket and pressed it to her face. She got the hint and moaned into it while I impaled her on my cock. Inch by inch I fed her pussy. She was tight and wet. With each thrust she arched her back and moaned. When I had about half of my cock in her she began to convulse under me. I love it when another man’s property cums on my cock. I waited for her to come down from her high before removing the blanket and looking into her eyes. When I did I seen pure passion. She whispered for me to give her more. “Please don’t stop. I have came 3 times and I cant stop. Please fuck me.” I told her to hold her breath as I pulled almost all the way out before slamming my cock back into her. This time, I was buried inside her. My huge balls rested on her ass and she was delirious. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she was biting the blanket, trying to remain silent through the most powerful orgasm of her life. Once again, she calmed and looked up at me. I had unbuttoned my shirt and she ran her fingers along my chest and my abs. She told me I was the sexiest man that she had ever seen. I kissed her in return. Buried inside of her I began to pulse my cock and she moaned softly before telling me to fuck her.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I was close after her expert blowjob and I knew I wouldn’t last long. I whispered back to her. “It’s time for me to claim your pussy. Beg me to do it. Let me hear it.”

She responded “Please.”

I asked her, “Please what? Tell me slut.”

She tightened her pussy around my cock and looked up from underneath me, “Please cum in my pussy. Make it yours.”

I handed her the thong and told her to put it in her mouth. She stuffed the material into her mouth and I began to thrust into her. Her tits bounced with each powerful thrust. I could feel her pussy contracting with each orgasm she experienced. She placed the blanket back over her face and I could hear her muffled moans barely audible. I couldn’t go fast because of the noise but I took full strokes from tip to base inside her. I looked down and I could see her shaved pussy lips clinging to my rod and it sent me over the top. I buried myself balls deep into her and grunted. My dick was like a geyser unloading inside her. I moved the blanket and covered her mouth with my hand so I could look into her blue eyes as I claimed her cunt. She was cumming also. I unloaded jet after jet into her pussy and never retreated an inch. I knew she felt each one because she tightened with each volley of sperm I shot into her. Soon my dick was spent. I gently pulled out of her and held her knees up, viewing my work. Not a single drop had escaped. I took the thong from her mouth and slid her feet through it. She seemed to know what I was doing because she used the seat as leverage and lifted her ass so I could slip the garment over her hips. I pulled it tight around her pussy before leaning down to kiss her passionately. Next I helped her get her dress on and we fell asleep in the seat. We arose to the sound of the pilot saying that we had landed in Seattle. As she stood she kissed me and said that her pussy was leaking and that she still felt full. She looked me in the eye as she slid her hand into her dress and pulled it back out, covered in my juice. She sucked it into her mouth and told me that she couldn’t believe how good my cock made her feel and how she reacted. I wrote down my email and gave it to her before heading our separate ways.

That night before falling asleep my Blackberry sounded off with a new email. I checked it and saw pictures of her lying on her back on her hotel couch with her legs spread. The first one showed a drop of cum barely noticeable on her lips. The second one showed her fingers buried deep inside her pussy and the third was after she removed them. It was incredible. The couch was covered with cum and there was a river of it flowing from her pussy. I actually felt proud.

On the address list was and

I grinned and drifted to sleep.

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