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Lightning Over Arizona Part II

Entering the 12th level of Hell


I was concentrating very hard on not screaming that I looked out the airplane window and I could see that it was starting to rain.  It grew darker outside and I could of sworn I saw lightning out of the corner of my eye.  It was getting hard for me to breathe so it felt good that the air was blowing above me and towards my head.  How did I get here? I wondered to myself.  I felt chills down my back the more Tommy moved his fingers inside me.  I looked over to Gabriel and he was dead asleep with his Ipod on full blast.  He could care less that his friend was taking advantage of me.  Frustrated with this situation I roll my eyes and turned my head away.

All of a sudden, Tommy leans in to my side and pretends to be interested in the movie and doesn't even look at me as he pushes his hand deeper inside of me under my cover.  I hold the arm rest to my left side for dear life and try to compose myself.  I glare at him and he smiles arrogantly and winks at me from the corner of his eye.  I felt my body betray me as my back arched a little when his finger pushed deeper into me.  I was starting to lose my concentration as memories of that night with him started to flood my mind.  A combination of pleasure and guilt filled my stomach and I felt trapped under Tommy’s control, and that infuriated me.  How could I feel pleasure and utter disgust at the same time?  I thought to myself.  My patience was wearing thin and I looked at him and furiously said.

“Why are you doing this to me, just stop!”  I said gritting my teeth.

Tommy said nothing and just pushed his hand further into me inserting now three of his fingers.  I let out what felt like a silent moan as the back of my head hit my seat.  I grabbed onto the arm rest so hard I felt that I was going to ripe it clear off the seat.  Tommy smiled as he got pleasure from seeing me in this position.  He knew I was aroused but he also knew I would not admit it to him that easily.  He leaned towards me and said.

“I wonder if you remember how I made you scream that night?  Do you remember how you begged me to fuck you harder?  How I fucked you for hours until you begged me to stop?  Do you remember how I came in your mouth and you came in mine?”  He said with a smug smile of satisfaction on his face.  He knew I was getting close to my breaking point and he loved every minute of it.

He was now rubbing my clit slowly with his thumb as his fingers moved in and out of me.  I was fully determined to fight him with every ounce of will power I had left in me.  I knew I had to stop him soon and with that I said.    

“Stop, just stop it damn it!  What I do remember is slapping the shit out of you for trying to kiss me which is something I am going to do right now if you don't stop touching me!”  I glared at him and tried to pull his hand from my shorts.  

“Oh yeah I almost forgot about that.  I always did like it rough so come on baby hit me with your best shot.”  He said sarcastically laughing as he fingered me harder and pushed my hand away.  

I felt like I was going crazy with anger and I couldn't take it anymore.  I will not give him the satisfaction of making me cum I thought to myself and in an effort to make him stop I pushed Gabriel’s hand and said loudly. 

“Sorry, baby I don't mean to wake you but I need to go to the bathroom!” He mumbled something I did not understand and without looking at me he just moved to the side to let me go by.

I saw my opportunity and I threw off the cover Tommy had over me and he had no other choice but to remove his hand from inside me.  I let out a sigh of relief and got up and walked around Gabriel and out onto the aisle.  I turned and smirked at Tommy and defiantly gave him the finger as I laughed all the way to the back of the plane.

As I was walking, I looked around and noticed that the plane was not full at all and that the flight attendants were busy giving other passengers something to drink at the front of the plane.  I began to think of a plan to get away from him but my options were limited seeing that I was 30,000 feet in the air.  I thought to myself that maybe I could wait in the lavatory for a while so that I could calm myself down a bit and hopefully Tommy would go to sleep and forget about me.  I smiled to myself and thought that this plan might actually work.  I finally got to the lavatory with all the intentions of locking myself in there throughout the whole flight if I had to when out of the blue I felt someone roughly push me in and lock the door behind me.  It all happened so fast that I didn't even have time to speak.  I was suddenly facing the mirror on the wall in that small compartment and my hands automatically hit the metal sink in front of me.  I was startled to realize that it was Tommy and that he was now standing behind me.  I panicked and tried to open the door to get out and he grabbed my hands tightly and said.

“Oh no, you’re not going anywhere!”  We both struggled with the door handle and I was so furious with him that I elbowed him in the stomach and said.

“What the hell are you doing?  Have you gone completely mad?  Let me out this instant before I scream my lungs out!”  He grabbed me by my waist and put his right arm over my chest and tightly covered my mouth.  He lowered his head to my ear and whispered.

“You need to calm the fuck down right now and listen to me!" My chest was heaving up and down and he made it impossible for me to move so I had no other choice but to listen to him.  He stared at me in the mirror and waited for me to calm down a bit and said. 

"I know you didn't think you were going to get away from me that easily?”  He said with an arrogant look on his face as he slowly unbuttoned my shorts with his other hand.  "You should know me better than that." 

I tried to stop him with my free hand but I knew I was fighting a losing battle when I felt my shorts drop to my ankles.  He put his hand down my panties and wickedly smiled when he realized how wet I was.  He stared at me in the mirror with a smug pleasure as I felt myself blush.  His hand moved deeper inside me and I tried to scream but his other hand just held my mouth tighter and made it impossible for any words to escape.  He watched my facial expressions and whispered in my ear.   

“You know you love my fingers fucking you, just admit it.”  I moved my head from side to side and tried to say the word no through his hand.  “No?  Really?  Then explain to me why you're so wet right now?”  

He arrogantly smiled as I watched him though the mirror pull his hand out of my panties just to show me that his fingers were glistening with my moisture.  I helplessly stared at him as he put his fingers into his mouth and lapped up my juices with his tongue.  I suddenly felt a flood of wetness in my pussy.  Angry at my own body betraying me I closed my eyes and tried to turn away from him.  I did not want to accept what was happening; I had denied it for so long to myself that I could not bring myself to admit that I wanted him too.  I refused to admit it.  He forcefully moved my face back to the mirror so that I was looking right at him.  His hold over my mouth grew tighter as he put his other hand back inside my pussy and where he began to slowly rub my clit again with his finger.  He licked my face as he whispered to me. 

“I want you to look at me as I touch you!”  He said demandingly as he held my head in place.

I resisted at first but since we were in such a small space there was not really much I could do to stop him.  I was pinned against him and the sink now and had no choice but to stand still while he fingered me.  We stared at each other in the mirror and I would not give him the satisfaction of seeing me react.  He started to kiss my neck and smell my hair as he moaned into my ear and said.

"I have been dreaming about this moment for a year now and nothing is going to stop me from getting what I want."  His eyes were filled with lust as his fingers moved faster inside me.

Everything was so surreal and the little will power I had left was quickly slipping away from me.  He finally stopped playing with my clit long enough to pull my panties down and I felt them slide down my leg.  I knew what he was going to do and there was nothing I could do to stop him.  I shook my head from side to side in an effort to sway him from his intentions but he just held me tighter.  I heard him unzipping his pants and I suddenly felt his cock slide in between my ass cheeks.  I jolted my head back as he bent his knees under me and leaned his body towards mine.  He forcefully pushed his cock into me and all I could do was shake my head anxiously  begging him with my eyes for him not to do this.  He leaned towards my ear and said. 

“You fought me that night as well don't you remember?  So I am used to you being difficult.  In fact I encourage it because it turns me on all the more.  Hopefully this will jog your memory a little so you could finally admit how much you loved me fucking you.”

As soon as he uttered that last word I felt him push his cock all the way inside me until he finally penetrated my pussy.  He pressed me harder against the cold metal sink with every thrust of his cock.  I struggled a bit but he made sure I could not move as his grip on me got tighter.  As much as I tried to suppress it, I could not help but moan in between his hand.  I could not deny it anymore how good his touch felt.  I closed my eyes and slowly let myself go back to that night and the memories came flooding to my mind like scenes from a dirty movie.  

How he pursued me for weeks prior to that night even though I would repeatedly shut him down.  How he showed up at that party and knew Gabriel was out of town.  How he stared at me the whole night like he was undressing me with his eyes.  How his very presence made me drink more and more.  How he offered me a ride home and would not take no for an answer and practically carried me to his car. How all the while he drove he could not keep his hands off of me as much as I repeatedly pushed him away.  How I told him we could not do this because Gabriel was his best friend and my fiancée.  How I agonized for months of wanting him so fucking much and feeling guilty for it.  How I just got out of his car and slammed his door hoping to never to see him again.  How he ran after me and kissed me no matter what I said and pushed me inside my house.  How I slapped him clear across the face for doing that as he slammed my house door shut.  How he grabbed me by my hair and pushed me against my foyer wall and kissed me to the point of exhaustion.  How he quickly ripped my panties off and fucked me right there against the wall where I stood.  How I shamefully gave in to my temptation and let him fuck me for hours.  How I enjoyed every minute of his touch and came more times that I could count.        

I came back to reality as his cock moved faster and faster inside me.  My will power was gone and I could not deny him anymore.  I closed my eyes as I moaned in defeat.  My hands grabbed his thighs roughly and I moved my ass in rhythm with his thrusts and finally just let him in.  He let out a grunt and said.

"That's it baby give yourself to me.”  He moaned loudly and pushed his cock deep into me.

I opened my eyes and we stared at each other intensely as his thrusts became harder and faster.  I could not control myself and I began to moan louder.  He tried to muffle his owns sounds of ecstasy by pressing his face into my hair.  He then slid his hand off my mouth and onto my neck and held me tighter there.   He slid his other hand under my shirt and started to pinch my left nipple hard as I felt his cock grow harder inside me.  He held my throat firmly to the point where it was getting hard for me to breathe.  I had never felt this sensation and I hated myself for liking what he was doing to me.  He observed me in the mirror and said.  

“Trust me I know what you like.”  Squeezing my throat tighter.  “Just stop fighting me and surrender yourself to what you feel and cum for me baby, please cum for me.”

His pace quickened and he thrust his cock into my pussy faster.  I moan uncontrollably now as the back of my head hit his right shoulder and I finally surrendered myself to him.  My body began to shake within his arms and I screamed as a powerful orgasm ripped right through me.  He removed his hand from my throat and put it back on my mouth and said.

"God knows I love to hear you scream baby, but none of that here unless you want the whole plane to hear us."  He held in place as he finally came inside of me as well and moaned. 

"Oh God! Shit! You feel so fucking good. Oh, my fucking God!"  I felt our bodies almost give way to the pleasure we had just experienced but he held me up and made sure we didn't fall.  

We stood there holding each other as we slowly felt our orgasm subside.  We were both breathing pretty hard and he finally let me go.  He slowly took his cock out of me and bend down and pulled his pants up.   They had only fallen to his knees along with his boxers.  He then slide down my shaking legs and pulled my panties and shorts up and as he was coming back up he bit my ass hard.  He started to laugh when I smacked him on the head said.

“Stop, you got what you wanted so now you need to get out.  We've been in here way too long and I'm very nervous!"  I quickly adjusted my panties and buttoned up my shorts.

"Ok! that's fine I'll go, but we will be talking about this later!" He replied in a serious tone and turned me around and kissed me hard on the mouth.  I had to catch my breath and pleaded with him in a panicked voice.

“Please Tommy stop, just go I don’t want someone to catch us in here!”  Pushing him to open the door.

"I am not leaving until you agree to talk to me about this once we land."  He said and kissed me again.  I angrily replied.

"Yes, ok, fine I agree now please leave before I kick your ass!"  With that he smiled and opened the door discreetly poked his head out and told me the coast was clear.  He told me to wait for five minutes and follow suit.  I said yes and with that he left and I closed the door.  

I put my hands on the sink and looked at myself in the mirror trying to understand what had just happened.  I tried to clean myself up and the guilt finally set it that Gabriel was only feet away from where Tommy had just fucked me.  Panic flooded my mind and my heart was beating faster at the thought of Gabriel finding out.  I was soon brought back to reality when I heard a knock on the door asking if someone was inside.  I composed myself and fixed my hair and opened the door and stepped out.   I saw that it was the flight attendant and she asked me in a concerned voice. 

"Are you all right Honey?"  I knew instantly that she had noticed I was walking funny and so I laughed to myself and replied.

“I feel like I just got struck by lightning but otherwise I’m doing great, Thanks!”  I nervously laughed to myself as I continued to walk to what seemed liked my inevitable fate.

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