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Lightning Over Arizona

Can this day get any worse?


Everything that could have gone wrong this morning did go wrong.  We were rushing to the airport to catch our flight.  Gabriel whined the whole way there saying that we were late because of me.   I was so worn out by Gabriel’s bad attitude for like the past week now that I didn’t want to argue with him.   I don’t know what was bothering him, but I could tell you this, I was not about to let him ruin my trip to Arizona.

We boarded the plane and looked for our seats and out of the blue I got this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and then I realized that Gabriel’s friend Tommy would be flying with us.   I saw him sitting in the far side by the window seat next to our seats and my heart began to pound. Thoughts of that night that has haunted me since last year flooded my mind.  

Tommy pursuing me and me denying him for weeks, Gabriel out of town, drinking too much at that party, letting him take me home that night against my better judgment,  me waking up lying next to him then begging him not to tell Gabriel, Oh God! This was not good I wanted to run off the plane as fast as possible.  

I was furious at Gabriel for not telling me, but I was more fearful that the guilt would show all over my face.  I did not want Gabriel to find out what I did.

“Why didn't you tell me Tommy was flying with us?”  I said under my breath in an angry tone trying to keep calm.

“I didn't think I had to check with you seeing that he's my best friend.  Why can’t you guys ever get along?  He nodded his head from side to side as he was putting our carry-ons away.

“Fine!”  I surrendered as this day was already turning out to be the day from hell and not just some normal hell more like the 9th level of hell.

I realized that my seat number was right in the middle of both Tommy and Gabriel and I thought to myself.

There is no way I am sitting in between them and next to Tommy for almost three hours.

“Hey babe, switch seats with me.”  I nudged him on his back before we got into the seats.

“You already know how I feel about the middle seat baby, I need to be in the aisle.”  He pointed his hand to my seat with pleading eyes so I could go in first.   I just rolled my eyes in resignation to my fate.  

“Hey there it's nice to see you again.”  Tommy said with a rather sarcastically.  

Random thoughts flooded my mind again.

God! I had to admit that he did he look good and he smelled even better.  I feel like sucking on his lips and his those hands and Oh! and just remembering his co...!  

I had to fight with myself and push the memories of how good his cock felt inside me out of my mind.   Just the thought of his “cock” started to get me wet so I just nudged my head at him and did not say a word.   I sat down and tried not to make eye contact with him.  I looked for my Ipod and put it on while I buckled my seat belt.  I closed my eyes hoping I could sleep away this horrific nightmare.  I felt my stomach sink farther into me as the plane finally took off to Arizona.

Everything seemed fine for a while.  He wasn’t talking to me.  I wasn’t talking to him.  I thought to myself cool.  Suddenly, I opened my eyes as Tommy pushed the button for the flight attendant. I saw her come down the aisle and looked over Tommy's way.

"Yes can I please have a blanket and a pillow it seems to be rather cold back here."  He rubbed his hands together and she came back and gave him what he asked for and promptly left.  

He then gave me this wicked look that sent shivers down my back.  I rolled my eyes ignoring him and went back to my music.   He then tapped me on my arm and I took my earphones off and he said.

“Don’t you want a blanket?  Aren’t you cold?”  He said this in a hurried tone as if he was telling me and not asking me.  He saw that I was ignoring him and he continued to talk.

“Hey Gabe your girl looks pretty cold ask for another blanket for her yeah.”  Tommy looked at me and laughed.

I didn't know what he was up to but I did not want to talk to him at all.  Tommy then whispered into my ear in a rather demanding tone.

“Take the blanket and cover yourself with it and don’t ask why!”  I looked at him and cocked my eyebrow and said.

“I don’t want a blanket!”  Gabriel didn't hear me and he turned to me and said.

“I have to go to the bathroom anyways babe so I will ask over there if they could bring you a blanket ok.”  He kissed my cheek and got up.

I turned and was ready to give Tommy a piece of my mind when he grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him and he said.

“You will do what I tell you to do unless you want Gabriel to find out what happened last year when he was out of town!”  My eyes widened in shock and my heart sank into my chest.  I  swallowed hard and cringed my eyebrows at the thought of Gabriel finding out.  Then I was filled with this overwhelming need to slap him as I clenched my fists in my lap.  I tried to calm myself and I said in a monotone voice.  

“What night are you talking about?"  I said cautiously.

"Don't give me that, you know very well what night I am referring to!" He said in an angry tone.

"That night meant nothing to me and I don't even remember what happened that is how much I don't care about it or you.  Now leave me alone!”

He put his index finger on my neck and started to trace my collarbone and slide his finger down my low cut blouse until he was lightly fondling my cleavage.   His touch felt like an electrical current throughout my entire body.  I pushed his hand away from me and he forcefully grabbed my wrist.

“Since that night last year I can’t stop thinking about you!” I tried avoiding you! I tried to get you out of my mind! I was doing so well because you know what they say out of sight out of mind, but I can’t deny what I feel for you when you’re sitting right next to me.   With your short shorts on and your low cut blouse, its taking everything I have inside of me not to rip your clothes off right now and fuck you in your chair!”    

He was now inches away from my face and I should have just slapped him right then and there but with everything he had just said he had shocked the living hell out of me and he left me speechless.   All of a sudden, Gabriel put a blanket over me and said.

“Here you go babe.”  I looked at him dazed and confused, as he asked me.

“Are you ok?”  I stared at him dumbfounded and just nodded my head up and down.  He put the cover over my legs and sat down and put his Ipod on and said.

“I’m gonna take a nap because I’m beat, you don't mind right babe?”  He then turns his body away from me and he closes his eyes and didn't even wait for me to answer.  

I pulled the blanket off of me and Tommy held my arm and said.

“Don’t!”  I gave him this perplexing stare as I cock my eyebrow at him and said.

“What do you want Tommy?”  I said in a tone that was filled with anger.

“You!” He said.

He lifted the arm rest that divided both of our seats and slid his hand underneath my blanket and started to caress my thigh.   I jumped at his touch as my eyes turned to see Gabriel and then focused back on Tommy nervously.   He came close to my ear and whispered.

“Since I can’t fuck you right now this will have to do.”  He slid his hand from my right thigh all the way up into my shorts.

“No! What are you doing?”  I whispered as low as I could while fumbling with my Ipod in my hands and trying to stop him.

“Shhh! I’m sure you don’t want Gabriel to wake up do you?”  He had this iniquitous smirk on his face as I reluctantly removed my hand from his.  I felt him go up my shorts further and touch my panties and move them to the side.  He then slipped his fingers slowly into me.  Suddenly, the lights dimmed and the flight attendant's voice came over the intercom.

"Today’s in-flight movie will be 'Unfaithful' with Richard Gere and Diane Lane.  Please enjoy the movie and thank you for flying the friendly skies.”  

I rolled my eyes and thought to myself.

I have now entered the lowest level of hell maybe lightning will strike me down right now as well.

I tried to move away from Tommy but he just held me in place as his fingers were now slowly rubbing my clit.

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