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virgin men are orally raped

The two young, naked men huddled together in the bushes. "If they get their mouth on it, there's no way you can escape." said one. The other young man listened in shock, appearing terrified. "They do some kind of magic that paralyzes you as they move their mouth, and you actually want them to take your life."

These two young men, no older than 18, had been brought up in a pseudo-religious community that placed the highest value on a man's sperm (and a woman's egg). Indeed, the living sperm within a male of the community was considered his "life", his reason for living. He was taught that he was simply a vessel for this living, creative substance, and his sole duty was to protect it until he was paired in holy conjugation with a female from the community.

Genital stimulation was forbidden, and all males and females wore chastity devices. Masturbation and oral sex were seen as the most heinous of crimes, and mention of these practices in the priest's sermon would elicit loud crying from the community members present. At the end of the service there would always be a mass-meditation on the image of a sperm and an egg, side-by-side.

Now, though, these two sheltered, tender young men from the "religious" community were being chased by two powerful, sperm-hungry women in black fetish gear. The men had been abducted and released on a private preserve. Their chastity devices had been cut off and they were released into the wild.

They were kneeling beside eachother, praying for their semen, when leather-clad hands reached out and grabbed them both by the hair, flinging them to the ground. The powerful women pounced upon the frail, sperm-filled young men, pinning them to the ground as the males whined and screamed, flailing their hands. They looked in horror at the hands, mouths, vaginas and anuses which now dominated them, knowing fully-well that any of these could seduce, lure and then massacre their blessed substance.

"Please don't hurt our sperm!" they both pleaded. "Please!"

The young men, so full of the living, multiplying food the females craved, prayed their hardest as the tattooed and pierced women laughed at them. The women didn't even have to punch them to weaken them, the thin virgins were so easy to subdue. Both these women set about kissing and licking the necks and shoulders of the men as they held them down. The men felt a stirring in their genitals, but fought it with every ounce of religion and prayer they could muster.

Then, the inevitble happened. When the women felt the men's heartrate increase and sweat appear, they reached behind themselves, still mounting the men on the ground. Both of the religious men screamed as they felt the leather, fingerless gloves touch and then encircle their formerly-protected penises, issuing a death-threat to the life within. Up and down went the gloves on the shafts. It only took a few moments for the men to realize that prayer was useless. Their chins started to tremble and the powerful, life-consuming women mocked them with terms like "sissy-boy" and as the penises grew steadily hard and big, the men began to cry. The inexperienced, thin men did not know why, but the women gently-but-persistently stroking them brought back memories of their mothers' love, somehow, when they were babies and it was this memory and connection, they both knew, that would eventually deliver up their "life" into the clutches of evil. They knew that once that happened, their spirits would be forever joined with the evil spirits of those who had raped them for their sacred offering, fusing it with their dark souls.

This male crying elicited strong responses from the women. One punched her victim and soon-to-be sperm contributor right in the mouth. Then, they both leaned forward as they continued to masturbate the men to harvest their living fluid, covering the men's mouths and noses with their breasts for short periods. This temporary suffocation seemed to arouse the men even more, as the women knew it would.

Both women were getting good results, and they looked back, frequently, to view their engorged member. The men felt they were in shock by then, transported to another universe where a somehow-welcome helplessness ruled. They knew their spiritual deaths were imminent.

One by one, the women in black leather gear turned their bodies around quickly on the men to face their cocks, not giving them a chance to slide out from under them, and as one man sobbed, the other man said weakly, "Please don't." The strong woman riding him could feel him trembling beneath her and knew it was not all from fear, though, so she knew she had him. "Place your hands on my hips." She methodically commanded. She was about to say it a second time, more forcefully...when he complied.

The other woman was by now going down on her prize voraciously, so her partner did the same, first looking at and admiring the swollen urethra, burtsing with the beings who would soon give their life for her lunch. Both men continued their crying in earnest again, but maybe suprisingly, both were carressing their victors and superiors, one squeezing the woman's hips, the other with his tender hands placed gently on her tattooed back.

The men felt there was a fight between good and evil going on in their penises. Were they strong enough to protect the life within themselves, as commanded by God and their community? Or would they instead indulge in the animalistic frenzy of orgasm, abandoning all responsibility to the helpless creatures that depended on them for life (and love)?

All the men could see was the bobbing buttocks and anal openings that looked like a tiny pink flower to them. A strange thought popped into one of the men's mind: That what he was then seeing was the altar of the death of his children (his sperm). He cried as he produced a drop of pre-cum which was immediately consumed by the female rapist, and he realized that his 18-some-odd years of religious and spiritual training had failed him in protecting the life he had been charged to nurture and protect.

He felt an audible humming coming from the throat of the woman connected to him like a demon and instinctively knew that she was hypnotizing his sperm, calling them out. The hums changed pitch in a tone language that the sperms instinctively interpreted as being very feminine and beguiling. They were dead meat against this cute, pink, little sound which they knew they had to go out and meet and be together with for one short, beautiful celebration of both life and death.

The helpless-but-fertile, tender males felt they had been descended upon by flesh-and-blood demons who craved and were now ready to feast upon their spiritual essences, to summon and eat alive millions of innocent creatures that were safely nestled inside the men's bodies. The women sucked for their dinner gently and slowly.., then fast and furiously, knowing and sensing that the activity of the sperms was increasing. They knew they had physically and spiritually conquered these males, as had been the case with all 46 of the males they had temporarily abducted over the years from the "religious community". The women knew that once the male stops trying to resist or escape, he is finished; the creators of his future children would become her snack.

First, one male's hips lurched up into the air as a leather-clad hand gripped behind his cock and balls tightly, restraining his orgasm until she could plant the tip of his cock firmly as far down her throat as she could get it. She did so.., and released. He cried un-consolably as stream-after-stream of live, warm, salty, gooey cum made a bee-line down her esophagus and into her stomach. Each of her tender swallows wracked his body. After maybe 17 spasms, the woman sqqueezed his balls while sucking as hard as she could to empty his urethra. She ran her tongue up the belly of his cock several times to force the children (sperm) out. The whimpering man rocked his head from side to side, unable to comprehend the loss of his greatest gift. His most precious posession.

The other man came now, too, lurching up and almost poetically, gymnastically, delivered his inner beauty to the dark, acidic mouth waiting to recieve it. "You bastard", he cried, weakly pounding on her stong, wide buttocks. Through his tears he could barely make out her tattoo of Satan's face on her lower back with underscript: "The Party's Downstairs" which had a red arrow underneath, pointing down to the woman's anus. As she swallowed the life-giving fluid, she thought in glee of all the children she was consuming. All the children that would never have a chance to run through the rain with their lunchboxes. Millions were burning to death in her stomach, she knew, as she backed off the 8" eighteen-year-old penis and nibbled on the man's balls with her lips. She sensed that her eggs knew this was happening so very close to them. Her victim was shivering, almost in shock. Eighteen years of abstinence had come to a screaming halt as his coveted sperm had flown eagerly, wantonly out of him and into his suitor.

The women did not release their victims immediately. They layed on top of their prey, licking their lips like human lionesses, successful in their hunt, becoming one with their meal.

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