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Loan Value

Pawn Shop owners negotiate with black female customer
After years of running a pawn shop with a buddy of mine we decided to become more innovative. Me and my buddy Paul are complete opposites. I am fat and tall and Paul is a short, skinny, clean cut sixty-one year old guy that looks a little like Barney Fife with grey hair. The story below details a recent encounter we had and shows how you can use your job and the knowledge you have as an advantage, especially in a bad economy. 


The community was made up of lots different ethnicities and races. I saw them all as they came to pawn shop to receive short term loans. Our advantage was that we are one of a very few pawn shops in a radius of about five to ten miles.

“Thank you,” the Hispanic man replied as he walked off toward the door wearing his job outfit that looked to be from a local meat processing factory.

At a pawn shop you also see a variety of different income levels as the economy is hurting. You also get a chance to see a variety of women come in and out.

“Damn, that blond had a big set on her. I could see all the way down her blouse when she bent over the counter. Her bra was see-through. I could see right through it,” my sales associate Paul stated smiling to me as the door closed behind the attractive blond lady who had just walked out of the pawn shop after redeeming her son’s musical instrument.

It was truly a good place to people watch.

A few minutes later, a cute well dressed brown skin black lady with shoulder length black hair and a cute face walked in. She appeared to be in her late twenties. As she walked toward the counter, I noticed her just above the knee fitted blue skirt, white blouse and a pink sweater jacket along with black heels and a black purse as I straightened the gun display up.

“Can I help you?” Paul asked as the lady made it to the counter.

“Yes, I need to see how much I can get for these items,” the woman stated handing the items over to Paul as I walked over.

“Okay, give me a couple of minutes,” Paul responded as he headed to the back.

I made sure to glance over to get a view of her nice thick brown legs without being suspicious as I walked into the back with Paul. We quickly discussed before I returned to the counter.

“Ma’am I got your items here. The best we can do is $65 total these items,” I finished as he looked up from the calculator.

“Are you kidding me? That can’t be right. The Xbox and the digital camera cost way more than that. Also, the DVD’s are from a lot of recent movies,” she insisted.

“Ma’am, I understand, but this is the price we can loan you. We don’t provide you with the amount the items sold for. The camera is a old model and I have several gaming systems already here on the shelves. Also, are these your items?” I responded.

“Yes, they are mine and my husband. We are in an emergency situation right now,” she responded.

“Well, I can go up to $80 and I will need a valid state issued photo identification card,” I responded looking at her as she pulled out her driver’s license and handed it over.

“And that is the best you can do for all those items. Look, I am begging you to please talk with the manager or whoever to see if you can do more,” she responded.

“Ma’am, I am the manager and while you have several items, I have to loan off of the value as collateral. Do you have anything else like your wedding ring or other jewelry that you could use,” I responded as I had this memorized from having to use hundreds of times before.

“Unfortunately, not. All my other jewelry is tied up somewhere else and this wedding ring is all I have. Look, I am going to be completely honest. My husband was arrested on some bogus drug charge and I really need at least $315. We were having previous money issues and had tied up my possessions to secure loans for that. We don’t have anything else of value that we can put up to get him out so I am begging you to see if you can do any better. I have to get him out for us to be able to get more money,” she spoke begging.

I remained calm and looked back over at the items already knowing my next move. In this business you hear all types of stories and you have to realize you are in business to make money.

“Let me see your ring,” I asked as she pulled it off and handed it to me.

“What you think?” she asked.

“Mrs. Jones I am sorry, but I can’t give more than $75 more for the ring. I can guarantee you will not get anywhere near $315 for those items. Let me go check with my co-owner Paul as he was looking through files to see if we can get you anything better,” I responded seeing from her driver’s license her first name was Pam.

“Okay,” she responded in a tone of possible hope.

I went to the back and spoke with Paul updating him on the situation. I then returned to the counter.

“Good news. I just spoke with Paul and we may be able to offer you more. We will need a few more minutes. Just go back there and take a seat. Paul will be with you shortly,” I stated leading her back to our office making sure to take in the views of her toned brown calves and nice sized ass under her skirt.

After taking her to the office I quickly returned to the front of the store and informed the one customer in there that we had an emergency and would need to close within five minutes. The customer decided they would come back later and I quickly locked the door and turned our sign over to closed.

I then headed to our restroom area beside our office. From this room I could listen and see directly in the office via the small screw holes behind the toilet in the bathroom. Paul and I had used the holes that previously served as paper towel dispenser to spy on tons of our female customers who needed to use our bathroom for many years.

“$100 is the best you can offer,” she stated as Paul sat back

“Yes, I called around to a couple of similar shops to us to see if we could get you a better offer somewhere else. Your gaming system is really outdated now and your digital camera has a low megapixel and zoom rate in addition to being several years old. The DVD’s have a little value. However, the best I got for the entire package was $70 over in Brandon. The ring is probably another $75 or so at best, but that is your wedding ring,” Paul spoke

“Damn, I guess this stuff is not really worth what I thought. We are messed up now. I have no idea what to do,” she responded.

“Ma’am this stuff depreciates fast. Look, don’t take this the wrong way, but you are a very attractive woman. If you are willing I think we can work something out,” Paul spoke.

“Are you serious? What are you saying?” she asked.

“Ma’am, I am trying to be respectful as possible. You need money and I can get you the full amount you need for a few minutes of enjoyment for myself. However, with the stuff you brought in here you are short a couple hundred dollars. I am being honest in saying you are very pleasing to the eye. We can conduct a short business transaction and you get your money or you can go out try to find it elsewhere,” Paul responded.

“This is so crazy. I never thought I would ever even be in a situation to contemplate something like this,” she responded.

“Look, bad stuff happens to good people. For just a few minutes of your time you can have your money and this will all be over. Where else are you going to find to get that much money? Nobody else will know about this and it will be over,” Paul responded.

“What about the other guy that works out there?” she asked.

“Don’t worry. He is my best friend and longtime business partner and whatever he hears or sees is strictly business and confidential,” Paul responded.

“How much did you say,” she asked.

“Look, I’ll give you $80 for the items and cover the remaining $235 you need. It will be the fasted money like that you have ever made and you can keep your wedding ring,” Paul responded.

“You are making this sound so simple when it is much more than that. What would I have to do?” she responded.

“I mean all I am trying to do is get a little relief. I think just a quick blow job and that would likely do it. As you can see, I am an old man so it does not take much,” Paul responded.

“And you promise to give me the money as soon as we are finished?” she asked.

“I promise,” Paul responded.

“Okay,” she responded.

“Great, I am an old fashioned guy and love a woman body so why don’t you let me see those nice looking breast of yours,” Paul spoke informing her to sit up on the desk.

The black lady went and sat on the desk immediately and started to unbutton her white blouse quickly exposing a white bra underneath.

“I need to see skin,” Paul reinforced.

She followed instructions and unsnapped the bra exposing two perky brown breasts with large round black areolas. Paul did not hesitate to quickly go over and get a feel. As soon as he did I could feel my own dick stiffening up as I watched him cup and run his hands over the breast of this attractive black wife in the back of our pawn shop.

“Let me get these pants off,” Paul stated as he unbuckled his belt and began to drop his pants.

As she sat on the edge of the desk with her ankles crossed, her blue skirt was inching higher and higher as I watched. Once Paul had his pants and boxer’s down she got her first look at his surprisingly long, but thin pink dick. He moved closer to her and directed her hand down to his waiting pink cock.

“Damn, I better sit down before you earn this money too quick,” Paul spoke as he took a seat in the office chair and advised her to come over.

The black lady slid off the desk and walked over to the chair in her black heels.

“Right here,” Paul stated directing her down on her knees between his legs.

She cooperated and within seconds had placed the tip of his pink cock inside of her nice sized lips and mouth. Paul’s cock was becoming harder and harder as she continued to suck the head while using her left hand to slightly wank up and down on his cock. The old man was loving it.

“Yea, that feel good. Yea….a little bit deeper,” Paul responded as she tried to accommodate.

She continued and began to use both of her hands to tug up and down his long cock while still sucking the head. Paul began to reach out and touch her breast and this got her even more engaged. It appeared now that she was trying to suck deeper and she started to tug more heavily even now licking his cock. From my perspective, it appeared she had dropped her original inhibitions and was now really trying to please Paul in a manner as she likely would her husband.

“Oh yeah…oh yea…. you are doing a good job, but I can’t seem to get off from just the sucking. To go ahead and get this over with I really need a quick minute or so of to stick it in and that will certainly get me off,” Paul suggested.

“What, we did not agree on that,” she responded quickly.

“Look, I got some condoms right in this drawer so you don’t have to worry about no germs or nothing like that. A quick minute or two is all that I am asking. I’ll even add a little money on top of it. I mean don’t make me beg,” Paul stated.

“Just a quick minute right. I cannot believe I am doing this,” she responded standing up shaking her head okay.

“Why don’t you just go lay on the table and I’ll put the condom on,” Paul spoke.

I watched as she walked over to the table and lay on her back pulling her blue skirt up as she lay back. Paul quickly followed then I saw a pair of black green lace panties being pushed to the side and black heeled shows straddling Paul as brown legs dangled on each side of him.

Paul pulled the black lady down to the end of the table and softly inserted his cock. Within seconds he had more cock inside of her brown and pink pussy. Within twenty seconds he was now in rythym.

“Oh….oh…”she sounded off as Paul fucked her for a minute or so just as he had promised.

He quickly pulled off as he came and turned to allow her to stand. As she was putting her clothes back together Paul went over to the cash box and handed the lady three one hundred dollar bills and a fifty dollar bill.

“Thanks,” she stated as she pulled her jacket on.

I quickly ran back out to the front of the store and unlocked the door and turned the sign back over to open.

A minute or so later they both came out of the back. I kept my head down as if I was working to clean up the glass case. She quickly exited the building.

“Great job partner,” I spoke to Paul.

“All the work goes to you. You always know which ones to pick,” he responded.

“All you have to do is get a quick profile from them of their problem and what other options they have,” I stated.

“Hell, that wedding ring was worth at least $300,” he responded.

“I know that, but she thought it was only worth $75,” I responded as we laughed knowing we had been successful again.

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