Love Hurts

By AbigailThornton

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Sometimes you can love someone too much
I love Elizabeth and never meant to hurt her; but hurt her I did. We had been close when she was growing up even before she lost her mother to a car accident. It was agonizing to have the one person who provided for Elizabeth ripped away in an instant of stupidity. A ‘hit and run’ they called it… I often found my dreams clouded by what I’d do if I found who had left Lizzy’s mother to die alone on the roadside.

Elizabeth was only 16 when it happened and it destroyed her. She had been predicted to do well in her exams but she didn’t even take them. She didn’t see the point. Didn’t see the point of anything. She hit the booze - more than once ending-up in hospital having her stomach pumped. It was too much to hope that I could make her happy. I was realistic: I just wanted her to live long enough to get through it, hoping that time or something could patch-up the wounds to leave a functional human being.

Lizzy was now 21. And she was a nightmare, a total nightmare. I remembered my sisters going through a bitchy stage when they hit puberty but they had come out of the other end eventually and we started to get along as a serviceable family unit. Lizzy, if anything, was getting worse. Even her grandparents had disowned her when she repeatedly stole from them. It was down to me. I was the only one who hadn’t given up. The only one who seemed able to put up with the abuse. She was testing me, trying to break me, trying to complete the circle of destruction that she had wrapped herself in. But I was strong, or at least I thought I was.

That night was just more than I could handle. She broke me… and I broke her in return.

I had been on-call for what seemed like an eternity at A&E. I was mentally exhausted and physically drained. A girl had died: a car crash. Painful memories had bubbled to the surface. Memories of Elizabeth’s mother. My first thought had been, was it that bastard again?

I needed a beer to settle my frayed nerves. I came home, grabbed a beer from the fridge and just tried to unwind. I can’t watch the crap that they put on television, so I slipped on a CD and let the sultry vocals of Norah Jones wash over me and through me. It was working until there was an explosion of heavy metal from upstairs. From her: Lizzy. It was 2 AM and the music was loud enough to unsettle the dust from the lamp shades. I wasn’t angry as I flew up the stairs three-at--time. I was beyond anger. Something dark has gripped me, something inside me had broken. Not just now. Not just tonight: the something which had been building in the background for over five years had just snapped. I could stand her bullshit no longer.

I am at her door; it’s locked. I bang on it but there is no chance of her hearing me. The next thing I know, I’m pulling my foot out of the splintered wreckage hanging from the frame. There are two faces peering from beneath the covers. One is terrified; the other is seething with venomous anger. The music is so loud that it’s painful but it doesn’t slow me down. The pain feeds me.

The woofers are a blur of movement; the air is vibrating so much that it’s difficult to breathe. I march over to the amplifier – a Pioneer – its dial rotated fully round to the right. I’ve never seen it above a quarter before, and press its power button. Silence. I turn. “Get out of my fucking house.” I say it quietly, although there is shooting pain in my vocal cords which seems to suggest that I yelled. Either way, there is absolutely no doubt in the stranger’s mind that I will throw him out, possibly through an upstairs window. He nods, gathers his clothes and backs away, with an arm outstretched to protect himself.

My eyes follow him across the room. My ears are evidently not working at all as the first I know about Elizabeth’s attack is when her weight slams into me from behind and her talons tear at my face. My training kicks in – A&E can be a dangerous place for the people who staff it. I don’t hear anything but there is the unmistakable strain of tendons as I hyper-extend Elizabeth’s wrist.

I end-up standing over her as she lies on her back. I’m physically in control of the situation now and I feel her relax; feel her stop fighting. I let her go, thinking it’s over. It’s not over, as soon as she is free, she grabs something and swings it into my face. She’s on the floor, and can’t generate much force, which is lucky for me as the bottle of wine clunks solidly against my skull. If it had caught my temple, I know that I could have been in serious trouble. As it is, she’s in serious trouble now.

I grasp both wrists, yank her off the floor and throw her onto the bed. Before she has chance to recover, I’m on top of her - using my weight and my strength to subdue her. Only now do I see that she’s naked, as I watch her squirm and fight. Her tits jiggle as she struggles against my hold. I’m not making the same mistake twice. My hands are like vices, pinning her to the bed. But they’re too close, I recoil as her mouth finds my wrist and she bites. The pain sharpens my focus and I pull her wrists wider… but that lowers my face to hers. She comes up at me like a crocodile, snapping her teeth just shy of my chin. I take a deep breath; it’s still not over. Elizabeth rolls her eyes. Then she comes at me again. Stronger this time, connecting. Pain: searing hot.

This is the point where something snapped; where the brokenness took over. She saw it; I saw it in her face. She’d won. She’d broken the last person who gave a shit about her. She was completely alone; utterly abandoned. Elizabeth smiled the nastiest, cruelest smile I’d ever seen. There was evil there and it started coursing between us. Pure hatred.

Instead of releasing my grip, my hand moved into her hair and held her in place. I rolled her, pinning her hands behind her back. She may have screamed but her face was in the pillow and my ears were deaf. She may have tried to move away but I had her held down too tightly. She didn’t fight as I pushed my hips into her ass. I realized that I was hard. Sexual power; sexual potency. I knew at that point she could feel it because she stopped moving.

I decided to take her, to fuck her. I pushed her hands under the pillow and released them; she didn’t move.

My dick was out, in my hand and she lay there as I started rubbing it over and between the cheeks of her ass. Her legs came apart… was that willingness or supplication? I jammed my cock up into her. I felt no resistance as I pushed inside, if anything, Elizabeth’s body pushed back against me.

I could not believe how tight she was. I started slowly, moving my cock inch by inch inside her little honey-pot, pulling about half way out before moving back into her. Elizabeth lifted her body off the bed, and her bum scuttled back to meet my strokes; she succeeded in pushing my cock deeper at the bottom of every stroke. Did she want this? Did she want me to fuck her?

Excited, I started to fuck her faster. She brought her knees together under her body, lifting her perfect bum off the bed, her head still on the pillow, her hands tightly gripping the exact spot I had left them. Was she imagining that she was restrained?

The new position allowed me to get deeper inside her. I picked-up my pace, fucked her faster and harder. There was no doubt that she was working with me. She was bucking so hard that I had to keep hold of her hips to maintain contact.

Her pussy flexed; an orgasmic twitch? I humped into her as hard and as fast as I could, my balls tightening. I was close and started moaning as I thought about blowing my load into her tight little pussy; the tight little pussy which was contracting rhythmically around my cock. I couldn’t take any more and my cock jumped as I stuffed it all the way inside and came harder than I’ve ever come before.

As I let her go and she slumped forward onto the bed, my world went crazy. Uniforms everywhere. Blue. Police. I was yanked off the bed and pinned to the floor, just as I had done to Elizabeth. I saw her small bare feet padding away from me, black boots marching to either side. My ears were buzzing. I saw angry faces, their lips moving but I couldn’t tell what they were saying. I was dragged from my house, naked save for a rough blanket and a pair of handcuffs. The neighbors were all there to see me off. Did they already know what I’d done? The part of me which had taken over and done those terrible things to Elizabeth had already leaked away. I was me again and I wanted to die.


I didn’t know what to say. The Police didn’t believe that I couldn’t hear them or their questions. I wasn’t registered deaf, so why didn’t I respond? They still didn’t believe me when their doctor stuck an otoscope in my ear and did tests, the results of which made the others shake their heads. They even got someone to try sign language. I just shrugged and gave her the only sign I knew; what else could I do?

I couldn’t help them anyway. I didn’t know what had happened. Memory of the awfulness came later. Amnesia, they said – from the blow to the head. I told them that I hadn’t had a blow to the head and they showed me the lump in the mirror.

After an unknown amount of time, I was released. It was a beautiful, bright sunny day. Crisp and cold. It was wonderful.

Elizabeth was there, lurking in the shadows. She got up very slowly, adjusting her skirt with the difficulty of a girl with one of her wrists in a plaster cast. She approached me. We stood in a face-off for a long moment. Her good hand shot up to my face… and her thumb delicately traced the semi-circular scabs which matched perfectly the white razors on display in front of me. Was that a smile? Elizabeth’s hand trailed along my jaw, her fingers curled around my neck and pulled. Hard.

She kissed me for a very long time. Her green eyes stayed open; they were knowing; willing… loving; full of tears. She slipped her hand into mine and pulled me forward. My feet stumbled. She turned on me… and smiled again. “I love you.”


“I said, ‘I love you’.” More quietly, she added, “I’ve always loved you.”

“No you don’t. You hate me, you hate everyone, remember? Or have you got amnesia too?”

“I do love you. I only hated you because I couldn’t have you – the only man I’ve ever wanted… needed… the only one who understands. You can’t imagine how that felt. But then… well…”

“But then, well… what?”

“We had sex. It was amazing.”

“We had sex? You and me?” Liz smiled a wonderful smile which used every part of her body. I couldn’t remember anyone ever having looked as happy as Liz did right at that moment.

“We - you and me. I like the sound of that. Come-on,” she said, pulling on my hand again, harder this time. “I’ll shout you a coffee and then you can fuck me for the first time… again.” Liz giggled and treated me to another radiant smile; it seemed possible that I was in a unique position to make her use that smile.

Something inside me changed.

I just hoped her mother would approve.

Police Report

NATURE OF CASE: Burglary, Assault,

VICTIM(S): Bennett, Elizabeth. Harrison, Edward (Dr)


INJURIES SUSTAINED: Sprained Wrist (EB), Head Injury (EH) various bruising (see attached report)


Police attended a suspected burglary at 121 Fairway Drive at 02:47 21-12-12. Neighbors reported seeing a man fleeing the property after Dr Bennett was heard confronting an intruder. Both victims were found to be in an extremely traumatized state and were taken to North Road General Hospital for treatment.

Elizabeth Bennett was released following treatment of minor injuries, including a sprain to her left wrist.

Dr Harrison was found to be in a highly agitated and delusional state. He was kept under observation in relation to a possible Traumatic Brain Injury. Blood analysis reported high levels of a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor and low levels of antipsychotic medications.

It is believed Dr Harrison had self-administered a PDE5 inhibitor (clinically indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction) and was watching pornographic material on the TV in the lounge on the lower floor of the property . Shortly after 02:30, he was disturbed by an intruder breaking into the bedroom of Elizabeth Bennett. Together, they fought off the intruder, sustaining various injuries (as detailed in attached medical report) who escaped via the front of the property.

Dr Harrison was released into the care of Elizabeth Bennett 28-12-12.

Dr Harrison has been previously implicated in numerous thefts (Case: BE00042008) The case was closed after Marjorie and Geoffrey Bennett refused to press charges.

Neighbors report that Dr Harrison and Ms Bennett have struggled to come to terms with the death of Alison Bennett, Elizabeth’s mother and Dr Harrison’s fiancé. (Hit and Run – Case: RT01122006).