Love Is Forever Part Four

By PhatAndFabulous

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I walked into the house and shut the door, then I was instantly grabbed from behind.
The wedding may be about a half a year away, but there’s still a boatload of stuff to get done before then. Today, Tanya and John went with Luke to pick out a tux. I’m going with Luke’s cousin Anthony and his best friend Jake to pick put a dress. We agreed to go with each others’ best friends because they would know what we want, since we can’t see the garments until the day of. There was a bit of a fight with getting Ant to go, but that was all settled when Jake mentioned that I’d have to walk around in my underwear. Throw a half naked chick in front of a man and you can get him to do just about anything.

“How long is this going to take Na?” Jake never did take to calling me Rei. I guess he’s just unique. We walked into the store, and I saw rack upon rack of dresses of all variety. I swear I’d died and gone to Heaven.

“Oh this could take a while.” I answered.

“So how will we know which dress is the best one?” Ant asked me. I thought it over.

“When you get an instant boner, it’s the right dress. And don’t try to fake it, I will check.”

In about two hours, I must have tried on something near one hundred dresses. I came out in a dress that was sparkly with a slime bodice and a flowing bottom. Jake scrunched his nose.

“No, Luke will hate that with all his heart. He HATES sparkles!”

“Right, right.” I went back into the dressing room and the sales woman there helped me out of the dress. I came back out in my underwear, just for Ant. “Okay, we’ve gone through all the stuff I like, yous go find something.” Jake got up, but Ant was staring at me. Horn dog.

“Ant!” Jake hit him, he snapped out of it. “Let’s go.” They walked away and I sat on the couch in the viewing area and waited. Luke texted me.

Got a tux, going home. How’s it going there? I texted him back,

Not done yet, hopefully soon though.

OK. Love u.

Love you too

The guys shuffled back, Jake was holding a white dress that looked rather plain to me. Still, I went into the dressing room and put it on, I was pleasantly surprised. It fit perfectly, clung to my every curve, fell right around me like it had been custom tailored. I had to give my guys credit. It was a princess cut, a-line dress with a portrait neckline, made of Duchess Satin. At my waist, it drew up to a small flower. Oh yeah, and the top was made of lace. The dress was utterly beautiful. I came out, and posed, arching my back.

“How do I look?” They both tensed a bit. I relaxed my stance. “Yous are shitting me right?” They shook their heads rapidly.

‘I’m hard as a rock.” Ant admitted.

“Same here, uh you pay for that and we’ll meet you in the car.” Jake said.

Geez…. guys.

Everything is set now. The location, the guest list, the food, invitations, the cake, everything. Now we can all rest easy until the wedding. And now I can finally go home to my love.

I walked into the house and shut the door, then I was instantly grabbed from behind. I screamed and my mouth was covered.

“Shut up.” A husky voice growled, I whimpered in fear. “If you act right, this’ll go real smoothly.” He let go of my mouth and turned me around to face him. He was tall, about the same height and build as Luke, but his face was covered. I began to wonder. The lock wasn't broken either, there was no sign that he'd forced his way in. This man, he was acting like Luke, but I decided to test it further.

“What do you want?” I asked, on the verge of tears, trying to sound real. I wasn't scared, but I had to make him think I was. He wore a ski mask and a black hoodie and black pants. “I’ll give you whatever!”

“How about your body, you’re pretty hot.” I died inside. “C’mon, hop on my dick. And enjoy it, don’t act like you’re getting taken advantage of.” Well that’s odd, but I’ll do whatever to see another day. Wait a second, a burglar in my house, not wanting money, or personal belongings. And my dogs weren't flipping out. The attack that I'd been enduring turned into role-play as I realized that the man trying to have sex with me, was in fact my love. 

“Okay.” I few tears rolled down my face. I decided to go along with it, just to see how far I could push it.

“Now uh, I’m going to blindfold you, so that you don’t see my face.” He used a bandana to blind me, then he began to take my clothes off. He led me down into the basement and closed the door, then he had me lay on the lounge chair.

“Okay, just don’t cum in me, please, I’m engaged.” I pleaded mockingly, Luke definitely believed it.

“Oh, well that’s nice. Now uh, let’s skip the talk.” He jammed into me and I cried out, he was huge! He began to pump into me kind of fast and he sucked at my neck and played with my boobs. He was actually doing everything right and he had me moaning and asking for more. He held me like a lover and kissed me tenderly. While my mystery lover was in ecstasy I lifted the blind fold a bit, the tattoos he had were very familiar and that confirmed what I'd been thinking.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and clung to him. We moved together; he thrust inside me while I moved my hips in small circles in time with each thrust. My mind was on fire and I couldn’t get enough! He started screwing me harder and I started crying out louder and higher. He increased the pace and depth of his every thrust, my breathing was heavy and my heart was pounding. My orgasm hit hard, causing me to buck underneath his weight. My legs tightened around his waist and I tilted my head back, moaning long and low. Luke groaned and went rigid. I quickly devised a plan. 

He tried to pull out but I locked him in place with my legs so that he was forced to cum in me. Several long jets of his seed went into me and I cried out. "Oh fuck! Yeah, I'm yours, forget my fiancée! I want you!" Finally I let go, he ripped off my blind fold.

"Reina Nicole Miller!" He took off the mask. Sure enough, there stood my fiancée.

"Ha! I knew it! Why'd you do that? I just about pissed myself with worry!"

“Rei, I'm sorry, I was just having a little fun.” I slapped him then turned away and walked upstairs laughing. “I shoulda seen that coming.” I heard behind me. I walked into the bathroom, closed and locked the door and sat on the toilet hoping to push all the cum out. “Babe are you mad at me?”

“For the time being, hell yeah! Do you know how scared I was?! I’m going to kill you!” The door clicked and opened, I screamed as Luke came in.

“Chill out, damn.”

“Ugh, turn around, please.” He did and I finished then washed my hands. “Maybe we should get dressed before anyone else gets home.” We went down into our room and got dressed. To get back at Luke a bit, I put on a shirt that read, “SINGLE.” He hates it with a passion.

“Are you serious? Take that off.” I shook my head.

“Nope, suffer.” He sighed. “Sorry baby, you fake attack me, I lose my memory. Post traumatic symptoms.”

“I’m never going to live this down am I?” He asked as he pulled on a pair of jean shorts.

“We’ll see, but it’ll take a whole lotta kissing up.” He pulled me in his arms.

“You’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” He kissed my neck.

“I can’t live without you.” He kissed my jaw.

“Your eyes hypnotize me every time I look into them.” He kissed my cheek.

“You’re no doubt the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” He kissed my lips, I got on my tiptoes to reach better then he lifted me onto the dresser, never breaking the kiss. His scent was all around me, and it was beyond intoxicating, my head spun. My hands roamed Luke’s body hungrily and his strong, sure, hands cradled my face lovingly. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer. Our bodies formed to each other as Luke let his tongue begin to probe my lips. I parted them and felt his tongue touch my own. Luke put an arm around my waist and picked me up, taking me over to the bed.

He laid me down, then mauled me. His lips wildly ravaged mine while his fingers gently caressed my body. The front door upstairs opened and shut, and we heard footsteps, but we didn’t stop. Luke hitched my leg up and traced down to rest his right hand on my thigh, just a few inches from my butt. There was a knock on the door.

“Luke!” Danielle yelled. We kept going, and Luke got a bit aggressive, but I liked it. “Lucas!” He angrily pulled his mouth from mine.

“What?!” He growled, “We’re fucking busy!”

“I don’t give a shit!” Luke returned to kissing me while his mom ramble on outside. “Get the fuck out here ya little shit!” He ignored her, but the door swung open and she stepped in. Luke fell to the side of me, pissed off.

“What the hell Ma?” He screamed, his face turning deep scarlet. I moved to the far corner of the bed as they argued. I considered trying to find Luke’s old motorcycle helmet and taking cover, but I decided that not drawing attention to myself would be key in this situation. I laid on my belly on the floor and waited while they slung profanity, and yelled at the top of their lungs. I thought I was loud, but being in a room with two Jersey Italians yelling at each other made me feel like a mouse.

“Rei!” I yelped and jumped as they both yelled my name. I relaxed, and rose from the floor, slowly, not wanting to make any sudden movements.

“Yeah?” I asked sheepishly, they both stared at me, amused.

“What the hell are you doing?” Danielle laughed.

“I’m hiding from the battle going on over on that side of the bed. I’m too young to die!” Luke started laughing with Danielle, they both couldn’t stop.

“You’re crazy as hell.” Danielle said. I got up off the floor, brushed off and walked around to sit on Luke’s lap. “I love you hon.”

“I love you too. Now uh, am I gonna need a safety shield, or are you two done?”