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Lust And A Married Woman

A married woman trained into the joys of lust
Kara was brought up in a church going environment where she was taught that her body should be saved for the man she was to wed. When most girls her age were off exploring their sexuality by giving up their virginity, she was saving herself for the man of her dreams. She did give in to a few exploring hands and roaming fingers on occasion but kept her maidenhood intact.

Most of those same girls who were considered sluts in school ended up settling down to be good little wives and mothers. More than a few grew in size and shrank in attractiveness.

Kara on the other hand was a very young looking girl who got more beautiful as she aged. She became more alluring but managed to maintain her look of youthful innocence. As her beauty grew so did her sexual hunger. We married and she began her life as a young faithful housewife wanting nothing to do with any other man. Little did she know that her inner slut was screaming to be let out.

At only 22 years of age my naive, innocent looking wife of three years did something so completely distant from her moral values. Through fantasy and roleplaying I convinced her to give up the one thing that is most cherished and guarded. The one thing that I, her husband had been the sole benefactor. She allowed another man the pleasure of sliding between her legs and into her married pussy for a night of unbridled lust. The look of my wife’s face as her eyes rolled into her head as another man penetrated her for the first time is a sight that cannot soon be forgotten.

Since then, I have shared her with several others, allowing them the pleasure in satisfying their own sexual hunger by using my wife’s body as their sex toy. I had friends who were more than willing to take advantage of her growing sexual needs. I sold her sex to a stranger as if she were a whore, telling him to use her body however he desired. In the end though, her body was the one being pleasured through multiple orgasms gushing from her tight little pussy.

It never took very long for a guy to get into her panties. In fact, no man ever took more than thirty minutes to slide their hard throbbing cocks through her dripping wet folds of her outer lips and deep into her pulsating pussy. She was always reluctant to start, but her lust would not be denied.

One time I convinced Kara to go on a blind date with a man from the internet. Several orgasms had been rubbed out between the two before she finally agreed to meet. Kara has a submissive side and gets extremely turned on when a man dominates her sexually. She never figured she would ever actually meet any of her cyber lovers, until one day.

Jordan was her first prospective lover without me present. Kara was against the meeting but I wished my wife to be with a man who would treat her like a common whore, or a princess. The point being, they would have a choice, without her husband hovering around them. I wanted the lust they felt to be real. Not a smart move I realize, but at the time, our hormones were doing the talking.

After a few hours Kara came home and said he never showed. She said she went shopping for a few hours instead. I later found out the truth. Jordan did show and she was so ashamed of herself and humiliated about how she acted with him that she did not want me to know.

Here is what happened.

Kara had planned to leave early but while she was walking away her date approached. After talking for a little while her nerves calmed down and she decided to go through with the movie as planned. She would just thank him after the movie and go on her way. Even though it was a public location with lots of people, her plan did not go as expected.

Kara did not want to give easy access to her body so she dressed in tight jeans to stop any roaming hands or probing fingers along with a button up blouse to hide as much skin as possible. Her clothing only highlighted how perfect her ass was and made Jordan more motivated to get a piece of it.

Kara could not help being turned on and nervous when walking into the theater. After all, she was there to meet another possible lover at her husbands request. A man who she knew had every intention on having his way with her body.

Kara was determined not to let him take control. He was not going to use her body as she had been used many times before. I knew that when thrown into sexual situations, she always seemed to loose her clothing rather quickly, finding herself naked, on her back, legs splayed, being thrust into roughly and continuously giving into multiple orgasms by an overly excited lover. Jordan was a good looking man about the same age as her and had the same urge as the other men. They all wanted a piece of Kara and to take advantage of her sensuality and naive sexual nature.

If I had made the choice for us three to meet together, even at a hotel, there would have been no problem. Kara would have gradually agreed to her own debauchery after only a few words of encouragement by me and her potential sex partner. I would have simply been able to tell her to "go satisfy your new lover." She would have been unsure, but would have slowly dropped to her knees and began her lustful journey. Her stud would have had his cock being pulled into her hungry mouth and down her throat within only minutes of their rendezvous.

On the internet, Kara had told most of her dirty little secrets. How she loved to be taken and forced into sexual situations, knowledge Jordan planned on using to his advantage.

Jordan took Kara to sit in the back of the theater. They were watching the movie when he put his arm around her shoulder, just hovering above her chest. She felt very uneasy when he finally dropped his hand lower to the underside of her breast and started running his fingers just below her curved orb sending shivers down her spine. She tried to relax but her emotions were all over the spectrum. Fear, excitement, inhibitions, and finally lust. She was fighting her urges when Jordan cupped her full on her breast. Kara closed her eyes and allowed him to slowly massage her tit making her nipple jump to erection. Her breathing quickened until his other hand reached over to fondle her other breast. Kara, feeling overwhelmed after only a few minutes of his fondling and with as much courage as she could muster pushed both his hands away telling him. "I can’t."

After being a gentleman for as long as he could, and figuring her morality was being brought to the surface, he pushed his assertiveness. After all, he was there for one reason only. To take advantage of this married slut, and no moral complication was going to stand in his way of another notch on his bed post.

He pulled her close whispering into her ear and asked, "Why are you here?"

"My husband wanted me to meet you." But he persisted.

"Tell me why you are here."

"My husband."

"What about him?"

"He wants me here."

"Why?" Kara didn’t say anything so he grabbed her around the throat getting a surge between her legs. "Why?"

"To fuck," she told him finally.

"You are my slut, Kara, you told me yourself, remember? tell me more. Why are we here together?"

"My husband wants me to get fucked... by you." Her head was down and she was shaking when he turned her face to him and kissed my wife full on the mouth, forcing his tongue between her closed lips. His hands moved quickly to her beautiful breasts and squeezed them roughly. He could feel her nipples harden and she could feel the heat from his hand. Kara couldn’t help but to kiss him back but felt used and dirty.

Jordan told her to unbutton her shirt. Kara just looked at him and shook her head no until he again held her by the throat. She told me she teared up because she could not help herself. She reached for her buttons and opened the top three so he could have access to the smooth flesh of her breasts.

"I am going to suck on your tits slut, if you make any sounds, you will embarrass yourself by drawing attention to you." Kara closed her eyes and let him pull her creamy white breast out of her bra. Only two rows in front of her sat a couple on a date so she tried her best to keep quiet. He quickly put his mouth over the sensitive orb and sucked her nipple hard making her body surge with desire that she resented. She swallowed her moan of lust as her clit was throbbing against the seam of her tight jeans. She was getting angry with herself for letting this get out of hand. Mostly she was mad at me, for not being there to protect her from this stranger that seemed determined to have his way with her.

Jordan let his hands roam over her body and forced her legs apart, placing his full palm over her wet pussy. He pressed into her hard, pushing the middle seam of her jeans into her clitoris harder than it already was, making her even more aroused against her wishes.

He took her hand and forced it to his cock making her feel his hardness. "Feel it slut, you've been fucked by it, but only over the internet. Time to get the real thing." Kara could not help herself, she squeezed it through his pants feeling him surge from the feel of her small hands on his hardening cock. He knew his shaft would be sliding through Kara’s pussy lips into her wet opening soon enough. He planned on flooding her cervix with his seed.

He reached back and unzipped himself while licking her nipple. Jordan took his cock out and made her fist it for him, stroking it up and down so she could feel his shaft filling with blood, getting harder for the inevitable penetration of this new conquest.

He grabbed Kara by the hair and forced her head into his lap. She felt his cock stab her in the cheek, searching for an opening to penetrate. It was wet from his pre-cum and Kara felt disgust with herself as she turned and licked the smooth fluid off his hard cock head. He then pushed her head down harder, forcing his shaft into her mouth and down her throat, making her gag just a little.

"Suck on it, or I will force you to gag more, slut." Kara felt intoxicated with his words as she allowed her mouth to open and take the stranger’s hard cock to the back of her throat, almost bringing him to orgasm several times before he would make her stop.

After several minutes, he could not hold himself back any longer and pulled her mouth off him one last time to tell her, "You had better take it all, slut,” he then shoved her mouth over his throbbing member, pushing his hips upwards thrusting his cock between Kara’s lips and over her tongue.

After she sucked him for only a few more seconds, cum erupted from Jordan’s swollen shaft. For several seconds she could feel the surges of ejaculate with her hand as it rushed through his solid member, passing her sucking lips, shooting it’s way onto her wet tongue giving Kara the inevitable taste of another man’s cum mingling with her saliva. He held her there, making her take every drop into her now soiled mouth. Kara would not swallow, so Jordan pulled her up by her hair making her look straight up and whispered, "Gulp it down, slut, swallow my sperm."

Kara could not help but to swallow the entire load of Jordan’s cum. It slid over her tongue down her throat and into her stomach. Kara started tearing up again, feeling ashamed at taking yet another man’s cum into her mouth and swallowing the sexual fluids. He again forced her head down and made her clean up any mess she left, licking the rest of the white creamy fluid. All this was being done in a public but dark setting with people around them. People too engrossed on the movie screen to care about this woman being humiliated in the back row.

His dick was in her mouth for several more minutes until he started getting hard again with the anticipation Kara’s lower set of lips being the next victim to defile. Jordan, I am sure was shocked and elated to find how such a naive and innocent looking woman could be taken advantage of so easily. Kara was so concerned in embarrassing herself that she let her body be used by another man with sex being the only intention.

He finally let her up and told her to get presentable again. Kara pulled herself together and wondered what was next. “How do you like drinking another man’s cum? You are a cock sucking slut. I can’t wait to see how far I can take you.”

The movie was only half way through when he told her they were leaving. Kara hoped the date was over, she wanted nothing more than to end this ordeal so she could get home and wash her mouth out. He had other ideas. After she told him she had to go, he leaned into her again and told her to tell him again why she was here. She didn't answer, so he just smiled and said he was not done with her yet. He apparently was in no hurry either. He took her to get something to eat outside of the theater and seemed to turn back into the nice guy she had hoped for. Kara was just happy she could finally get the taste of semen from her mouth.

They were walking around the mall just looking in store windows for no reason, so Kara finally had to ask why. "I want people to see you. I want someone you know, to someday ask. "Who was that guy you were with at the mall? I want you to consider telling them that I was the man who you just gave head to in the theater. The man who your husband wanted you to fuck." This had not occurred to her and now she was totally embarrassed. What would they think of her? She felt as if the words cum eating slut was written on her forehead.

"This has gone far enough," she said.

Jordan took Kara’s hand and lead her through some double doors into a vacant hallway. He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her close and forcefully whispered, "I will tell you when it's enough. You are my slut for now and I want what your husband wants, he wants my cock in your cunt so that’s where it’s going. You love to be a little cock slut, now you are going to put out for me like the little whore you pretended to be on the internet. I'm going to fuck you, use you, then we will see if I’m done with you.”

"I’m sorry, but that’s not what I want anymore,” Kara said as she struggled to pull away. "I performed oral sex on you. I don’t even swallow my husband. Can’t that be enough?"

He looked at Kara with a small grin on his face and after several seconds released her from his grip. He then told her that she was right, "I’ll walk you to your car." Little did she know he was just playing her to get his prey to his vehicle. He walked behind her a few steps to check the way her skin tight jeans seductively hugged her amazing ass and decided he had to have it. Nothing would please him more than shoving his cock balls deep into this slut wife’s perfectly curved ass. He wanted to send her home freshly fucked with cum flowing from both holes as she had already taken it down her gullet.

Kara was relieved and in a big hurry to get away from the situation she allowed herself to get into and was very ashamed of herself. She allowed Jordan to walk with her to the parking lot, noticing that he walked behind her a few steps. She had hoped he was losing interest in her sexually.

When they arrived at her vehicle, he asked if he could give her a kiss. She agreed only because it would be the end and she could be on her way. Jordan kissed her intimately and softly at first, just slipping his tongue past her wet lips barely touching her tongue. She told me that he had treated her like a slut the last hour and now he was a gentleman. It caught her off guard for a minute and her panties started getting wet again.

She emotionally forgot where she was for several minutes while she stood there in the open, letting another man kiss her lips as if they were lovers. My wife to this day hates public acts of affection but for some reason she was letting him make out with her for a couple of solid minutes not even noticing that his hands were also roaming up and down her aroused body. He was gently touching her ass and roaming to her breasts, bringing out the slut that he knew was inside. When Kara finally came to her senses, his hand was just barely cupping her mound between her open legs. Kara tried to break the embrace just before he shoved his tongue deeper into her mouth and pressed his body harder into her, pushing her against the car.

Before she knew it, he had his hand in her open pants and was sliding a finger inside her wet pussy. Kara’s defenses were shot by now and succumbed to whatever he wanted until a couple walked passed them and saw what was happening. Kara was on the verge of orgasm when she heard the woman gasp as they turned, saying "what a slut". It would have been obvious that the other couple knew that she was about to get fucked. If it wasn't for them coming along, she may have been violated right there in public. Jordan didn't care where they were, he just wanted his cock thrusting into her cunt.

Jordan pulled his hand out of her pants and she was slightly disappointed at the empty feeling he left. He brought his hand up and licked her juices from his fingers enjoying the bounty he was about to receive. He then took her by the arm walking her only two cars down to his vehicle, sliding her into the passenger seat. Kara was deep into a lust induced daze and was in no condition to fight at this point.

He wasted no time in starting the engine and speeding out of the lot while her pussy still throbbed for attention. He reached into her shirt and started pinching her nipples which were seemingly attached to her clit while he drove, keeping her in a sexual fog all the way to his apartment just around the corner. When they parked, she tried to snap out of it, only to be told to follow him. He took her by the hand and lead her to his apartment where, in her words, the final "sexual assault" took place.

When she stepped through the door, he held her against the wall, pushing himself against her ripe body, kissing her and touching her all over. He then ripped her blouse open to bare Kara’s soft tits, forcing her bra down and sucking her nipples into his mouth, bringing a loud gasp from her lips. She knew she was going to be taken now and had no power to stop this man from having his way with her. Kara’s body always responds quickly to touch and is why she has always been an easy seduction if she ever wanted it or not.

Kara noticed his wedding picture of him and his wife on the wall and there were kids toys on the floor. She was about to help a man be unfaithful to his wife. She was going to be the other woman and could not do anything about it. Kara hated the idea of being fucked in another woman’s home even though she was willing to give up her married body to a young stud who bedded her. She gave in to his advances and let him strip her of all her clothing. He picked up her now naked body and carried her to his bedroom where she saw the wife’s clothes hanging in an open closet. He laid her down on his side of the bed, no doubt transferring the odor of Kara’s pheromones to his sheets and pillow. A remembrance of the wife he defiled just a few hours ago without his wife’s knowledge.

Then Jordan did something unexpected. He forced Kara to the center of the bed and while lying on top of her and shoving his tongue into her mouth, forced her arms over her head. Before she knew what was happening, he had wrapped two Velcro straps around Kara’s wrists which held her arms into place so that she could not move. He then quickly slid down her naked body pulling her legs apart attaching bindings to both her ankles. Kara was bound spread eagle before she could react. Kara had the look of fear in her eyes as she realized her pussy was on display and her body was his for the taking.

“What are you doing!? Please untie me and let me go, please.”

“Not until I have what I brought you here for. I want all of you and I will have every inch of your soft, sweet little body. I won’t hurt you, but you will submit to everything I want, my slut.”

Jordan made sure he left nothing out with Kara, knowing this would be a one time fling. He kissed her entire body leaving hickies and bite marks on her thighs and tits that I never noticed.

Kara now was telling me I didn’t see them because she turned the lights down for the next week when we made love. Every time she saw herself in the mirror she was reminded of the deviant sex she had and was both embarrassed and turned on enough to masturbate herself to orgasm.

He devoured her splayed pussy from her ass to clit and licked her juices from his fingers telling her that she tasted like the whore that he knew she was. Kara was delirious with sexual energy when he finally mounted her body missionary style. Her heart started racing from nervousness when Jordan rammed his iron hard cock between her thighs, invading her swollen, wet pussy lips, entering her cunt balls deep in one thrust bringing her to an instant orgasm that made her entire body convulse from the intensity.

While fucking his whore, he released her legs and guided them to his shoulders. He leaned over her naked body shoving her knees to her chest while he wrapped both hands around my wife’s throat and started choking just enough to scare her but not enough to inflict any damage to his new fuck toy.

He had no care for Kara during the entire ravishment of her body. He was using her like a cunt, a hole, his whore to use for his pleasure to spite his wife. Kara just happened to be an easy lay, even if she didn't want to be. She was being ravished against her will. Or was she? She doesn't remember ever saying no. How could she say he fucked her against her will when she could not stop the violent orgasms against his cock soaking the bed? She did love to be taken, to be forced, she could not deny the intense pleasure she felt, so, she gave in as she always did, letting him abuse her lustful body.

Jordan finally started grunting and pounding into her with even more ferocity pulling Kara’s juices from her pulsating body every time he pulled his cock out of her clenching pussy only to shove it back in again. Then, Jordan was cumming, soiling my wife's pussy with his welled up cum. He squirted deep into her pussy. Kara said she could feel his cock pulsating as he came, shooting his spoils deep into her body. Her pussy came at the same time, milking his cock of every last drop.

They lay there together for several minutes feeling the after effects of the animal like fuck while he covered her splayed nakedness with his own. She looked to the side and saw herself with yet another man between her legs, she felt like a whore.

His cock was apparently not done with the abuse just yet. He adjusted the bindings so she was now on her stomach. He re-attached her leg bindings to hold her for what was about to be done to his prey. Jordan put his own pillow under her hips and adjusted the restraints so she could move a little but only enough to lift her ass to her captor. With her legs now closed and he straddling her upper thighs, he dipped his hardening cock back into Kara’s leaking pussy and scooped out a large amount of fluid. He then proceeded to force his cock into her ass using their erotic mixture as the lube making her scream in pain and moan with pleasure like a whore in heat.

While Jordan was violating Kara’s perfectly fuck-able ass, he untied all the restraints, freeing her of her bindings, but she was far to gone to do anything except moan and cum while pushing her own hips back to his thrusting loins.

She wanted so much to hate the man who was now drilling her tender anal cavern but soon realized her fingers were busy on her clit helping to bring herself off yet again. Kara could feel his balls slapping against her masturbating hand while her other hand held onto the pillow of Jordan's wife, smearing her perfume and saliva onto it, transferring her scent, while this woman's husband violently thrust into my wife's ass sodomizing her with no remorse what-so-ever. What scared her most at this point was the fact that she did not know if she wanted the humiliation to end.

After moving Kara into various positions, he finally unloaded another amount of sperm deep into her bowels making her feel even more used. Yet, extremely horny.

She does not know how he did it, but Jordan’s cock became hard one last time. He fucked her pussy in every position, calling her a whore, slut, cock teaser and a cum bucket.

Jordan not only fucked her on the bed, but took her to the living room where he pushed her body over the couch, shoving into her from behind He then laid her on her back and pounded into her on the kitchen table with her legs over his shoulders. She knew he was building memories of the affair and screwed Kara’s pussy while on the kitchen counter, telling her that this was where his wife was most of the time.

"Every time I walk through the apartment now, I will remember fucking your juicy little cunt and ass remembering what it was like to fuck a real woman, if only a slut." At no time during the assault on her body was he gentle. On the contrary. The more he fucked her the more violent he became until his final orgasm.

Kara realized that it wasn’t her that he was punishing, it was his wife. When they agreed to meet, her body was offered as a sacrifice to satisfy his yearnings.

He had Kara on her back, shoving into her while on the living room floor when he finally pulled out of her red defiled pussy and shot all he had left over her face and tits. For some unknown reason Kara stuck her tongue out tasting his sperm and scooped up the remainder from her face and tits licking it from her fingers.

Jordan then told her to get dressed so he could take her to her car. Her blouse had to be held closed adding to her embarrassment since he tore the shirt off of her body breaking some buttons. As he drove, they were quiet. She could feel her panties getting soaked with the remainder of his cum running out of her ass and pussy.

When arriving at her vehicle, he molested her body one more time with his roaming hands and gave Kara a passionate kiss saying "thank you" and telling her that when ever she needed some more cock to contact him. He then thanked her for being such an easy fuck and letting him use her. "Let me know if your husband decides to whore you out sometime. I know some guys that would pay big money to tap that ass of yours. You are an extremely fuck-able slut. In fact I don’t know any prostitutes with a hotter pussy than yours.”

She said she really wanted to call the cops but didn’t think anyone would believe she wasn’t anything but a slut on the prowl getting some cock with remorse after the deed. Telling them she had multiple orgasms while being forced into sex would not be very convincing.

Kara came home and showered immediately. She washed both inside her body and out, making sure all Jordan’s bodily fluids were removed from her abused body. She tried to convince herself that Jordan was just a unsatisfying sex partner. If that was the case, then why did she orgasm so many times when with him? And why did she masturbate to one more cum while in the shower.

Remember, the woman you are sitting next to in church on Sunday morning may be dressing pretty and ladylike. She may be well respected and always look put together. Chances are, she has a secret and is thinking how much of a kinky, dirty little slut she is going to be later on. Or can't believe how dirty she was last night. She may have just come from being a naughty girl and is sitting there in a pool of another man’s cum, or several men’s ejaculate, hoping the wet spot does not soak through leaving evidence of her infidelity.

The woman in a conservative skirt, quickly walking past, may be in a hurry because she has cum running down her inner thigh from her “lunch date.” The woman on the mall bench with the wedding ring that can’t sit still, might just have a butt plug in her ass and a vibrator in her cunt waiting for her lover to arrive to take her to a private location where she is going to replace the plug with his cock while her husband shoves into her pussy, double penetrating her body.

Email sent to Jordan months later: Thank you for sending me video of the fucking you gave Kara while helping with her slut training.. You humiliated her during your “date.” She has felt ashamed of herself for her actions when you took advantage of her that day. She has been a wildcat in bed lately and I can only link her actions to the guilt of her giving her body to another man so readily.. Kara has been swallowing my cum weekly now and is enjoying the newness of a man’s sperm in her mouth. Her hunger seems to grow the more I treat her like the slut we turned her into.

I have helped other men use her body and break down her defenses but I believe you finally broke her. I am confident that I won’t be needing any more services from other men, but will always keep an open mind if she starts to gain her sexual independence. As of right now, she wants sex so much, I am trying to keep up with her and may need to loan her out so I can get some rest.

Kara is now a complete slut for my taking. Although, I now work with a young guy that would love to have his way with her. Maybe she can show him her oral skills. Maybe more.

As bonus. I am going out of town for a few days. I will be leaving at night and will be spiking a drink of hers with a powerful sleeping agent. The key is under the mat. Enjoy the weekend.

P.S. The ropes are under the bed. Pics required. 

I’m thinking blackmail? Use your imagination.

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