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Making a Choice - Part Two

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Woman must sleep with stranger in order to get her dream home.
I still can’t believe I am in this situation. It’s 5:00 in the morning and I just left anote for my mother telling her that everything between Lucas and I went well and that I have left for Atlanta to start packing for our move.

In reality, I am driving 5 minutes away so that I can hide my car in a man’s garage that I just met yesterday so that he can use my body in exchange for a new home.

What lay ahead of me I do not know. I do not reason why. In my opinion I am doing a duty for myself, my husband and hopefully someday my kids. If this man will give us a future, I will take it at his price, however steep it may be. Luckily for me, I have been given this opportunity. Not many individuals have a body like mine. My endless sweat to keep my abs rippled, my ass curved, my legs slender and my arms toned has finally paid off. It will be these traits among others that can only come with experience that will secure the future of my family.

These are the thoughts that crossed my mind as I pulled my car into the garage of the man I met yesterday. Yesterday seems so far away now. Almost like a dream. I look up at the patio that hangs over the entrance of the door. I shouldn’t bear the knowledge that the patio connects to his bedroom. I shouldn’t know that his sheets are white and his pillows are crimson. I shouldn’t know that the patio overlooks the entire town. During any normal visit, one would not venture up two flights of stairs through a complete strangers bedroom and onto the patio just to be offered an ultimatum. Although that visit started innocent enough, it quickly cascaded into a situation that separated my morals and my devotion for my husband from my protective instincts as a wife and future mother.

These are the thoughts that crossed my mind as I stepped into the house.

Pacing through the front room I could hear the sounds of the morning come alive through the windows. The sunlight was trying to break the horizon and the birds had already started their tireless duties. The stairs creaked as I made my way to the third floor of the massive house. Opening the door to his room I could see his bed and his crimson pillows. I could see the doors to the patio were open allowing the breeze to creep through the interior. One thing was missing however, Lucas.

Suddenly, a hand touched my arm. From the fresh smell of body wash I immediately knew it was him. He was wrapped in only a towel. He approached me from behind and placed his hands on my hips and gently pulled my ass into him. With his lips resting on the back of my shoulder he sent a chill up my spine. He kissed and licked my neck before moving his hands slowly over my ribs and around my waist. “Are you ready?”

I could only nod in acceptance.

The disengaged from me and walked to the patio before turning to face me. I could see the lust in his eyes for my body. I sat down my bag and followed him out into the morning breeze. Just like yesterday, the view was breathtaking. The sun was halfway over the horizon, illuminating the fields. It was then I heard his voice. “Take off your dress.” As I turned to face him he took a step away from me so that he could admire the view.

As I slipped the straps of my dress off of my shoulders it slid effortlessly over my hardened nipples and past my shaved pussy before resting on the floor. I could see his eyes focus on my gifts before a grin escaped his mouth. This had to be complete ecstasy for him; another man’s wife stripping in front of him, waiting to be taken.

Lucas reached down and unclasped the tie of the towel wrapped around his waist, revealing his massive dick before approaching me. Although his movements were swift, his touch was soft. His left hand immediately grasped my ass, pulling me into him while his right cupped my breast. His kiss was passionate. I could feel his dick rising and poking me in the stomach. He began to nibble at my neck and my earlobes before continuing downward to take my nipple into his mouth. I could not deny the feelings of lust that were arising inside me. I quickly became wet and returned his kisses.

I could also sense an animal in this man. He was trying to be gentile. He was trying to show affection. However, the more excited he became, the more dominating he became. His hand ran down my breast and to my pussy, cupping it and rubbing along my slit. He slid a finger inside me and began to pump it in and out of me. My knees became weak as I felt my rush coming. When a second finger joined the first it was too much for me to take and I came all over his fingers.

Aroused at my orgasm, he roughly pushed down on my shoulders until I was kneeling in front of his huge dick. Seeing me in this position sent his animalistic side out. He grabbed my hair with his left hand and held my head up, forcing me to look him in the eyes while he repeatedly slapped my face with his huge rod. I could feel the wetness on my face as his pre-cum leaked onto me. Finally, he pressed his cockhead to my lips and pushed, entering my wet, hot mouth with his dick.

The sensations raced over me. I could feel his hands run through my hair as he forced me up and down on his cock. He didn’t go very deep, just deep enough to touch the back of my throat, before pulling it back out. Repeatedly he did this until he stopped and commanded me to finger myself. In a trance, my hands lowered and began to rub my clit. That’s when I realized that I was dripping wet. He was using me but I loved every second of it. The stimulation that my fingers were causing was pushing me closer and closer to my second orgasm. Suddenly I decided that I didn’t want to just take orders, I wanted to please this man any way possible.

With my fingers now buried in my cunt he stepped forward again and shoved his 8 inches back into my mouth and began fucking my face. I took my free hand and began massaging his balls while I kept my eyes glued on his. He knew he owned me. I could tell from the smirk on his face. Soon his breathing quickened and he pulled out of my mouth. We both knew why.

It was time for him to take me.

He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up, leading me into the bedroom. He threw me onto his huge bed and lay down in the middle. He told me to get on top of him and I threw one leg over him and scooted up until his cock was standing up on my belly. Feeling his huge dick on my stomach made me look down and I realized its true size. The girth completely hid the trail of the runway that I had trimmed this morning. The length nearly reached my navel. It made me somewhat scared that he was undoubtedly going to be using it like a jackhammer on my pussy in the very near future.

“Put it in.”

I had to thrust my hips forward as far as I could before I could feel his head at my soaking entrance. I looked at him while I rubbed his cock along my slit to see his grin before he spoke. “That’s it; work my dick into your married pussy.”

I began to sink on his dick while he kept taking. . .

“I’m going to fuck you senseless. Your tight pussy will never be the same.”

3 inches of his dick was inside of me.

“That’s not even half of it. Go ahead, sit on my fucking cock.”

I held my breath as I sank further down. I had made it so far I had to remove my hand from the base of his cock. I knew I only had 3 or 4 inches left to take but I was already completely filled. My husband had never gotten close to where this man was now and he still had more to give me. Desperately, I rose back up until the head of his cock rested on my lips then I plunged back down. I heard him again….

“Almost there.”

He was right. Instead of pain I was beginning to feel that tingling heat inside me. I bounced up and down only taking the same amount into my pussy. Lucas wanted to be completely buried inside of me. He grabbed my arms and pulled me down on top of his chest. His lips were touching my ear when he told me to hold my breath. . .

The flood of my orgasm was overwhelming. Lucas reached around my back and held the tops of my shoulders down before slamming his huge dick back into me. I let out a scream and came all over his cock. It wasn’t until I came back to reality did I realize that his balls were resting on my ass and his hairs were mixed with mine. He was completely inside of me.

By now Lucas was panting. He wanted to erupt inside if me so badly but he was taking it slow. He wanted to savor this moment. He was still holding me down on his chest when he whispered again. “Sit up. Let me see you.”

I rose up, feeling his dick rub my clit sent another chill through me. My tits had a red sheen to them where Lucas held me down so roughly. He then told me to hold my hair up and I tied it in a ponytail behind my head. The entire time he was just staring at me like a piece of meat. I couldn’t resist the urge so I kept rocking on his dick ever so slightly.

“You like my dick don’t you?”

I nodded.

“You like fucking it don’t you?”

I nodded again.

“It’s in your womb…isn’t it?”

I didn’t nod this time, my eyes joining with his answered for me.

“What do you want me to do?”

This was the first time that he has ever allowed me to take control. Problem is, I didn’t have control. I knew I had to have this man. I still can’t believe the answer that I gave him.

“I want you to fuck me Lucas. Fuck my married pussy. Your dick is so big its inside my fucking womb. Fuck me Lucas. Please.”

His response was immediate. “You know how big my load is. Where do you want me to shoot it?”

I seductively smiled and said, “As deep in my womb as you can.”

Lucas asked me about my fertile cycle and I told him that it wouldn’t matter considering how deep he already was. My response kicked the animal back on inside of him.

“Lucas, I want you to fuck me and unload your balls deep inside of me. My married pussy is yours for the next two days. I want to drive home to Atlanta on Sunday and still feel you’re cum leaking from my once tight pussy. I want you to fuck a baby into me Lucas. Take my pussy and make it yours.”

He immediately grabbed my hips and bounced me on his dick. My tits were flopping up and down and my abs flexed trying to stay upright while he fucked me. He was biting his lip from the exertion. That’s when my second orgasm hit me. My head shot back and I screamed while my juices flowed down over his balls. When I came back down Lucas pulled me off of his cock with a loud popping sound and sat me on my back with my legs hanging off of the bed. He stood and walked between my thighs and bent at the waist so he could lick my cunt from top to bottom.

“Fuck, you even taste good. I will do that later, but right now I need to cum.”

With that he rammed his monster back inside of me. From this position it was much easier to take him. He was fucking me like a madman. He told me to grab the sheet above my head and hold on. His dick was like a piston ramming in and out of me. His balls were slapping my asshole with every stroke. I was moaning continuously. My third orgasm hit me when he spit on my clit and starting massaging it with his thumb while pounding my pussy. I screamed and arched my tits up and he immediately took my nipple in his mouth. He had more endurance than I could imagine. He finally looked down at me and said.

“I’m getting close. Are you sure?”

“Uh-Huh” was all I could manage to say between moans.

“Say it.”

“Come in me. Make my cunt a sloppy mess. Unload those huge balls in my cunt. Come on baby. Make me yours.”

After that it took only 3 more strokes before he suddenly stopped. He was completely buried inside me when I felt the first jet of his lava hit my cervix. He was screaming as each jet fired from his cannon and painted my womb with his cum. I reached around under him and massaged his balls while they unloaded into my unprotected, married cunt. I was in euphoria as missile after missile bathed the walls of my once delicate cunt.

When he finally stopped he kept his dick inside me. He was looking me in the eye when he said, “I told you your pussy would never be the same.”

I surprised him when I told him how fantastic it was being his little cumslut because I felt a twitch in my cunt as soon as I said it. He propped his pillows under my ass and pulled his dick out of me. Not a drop rolled down my ass as he strattled my tits and jammed his cock into my mouth again. He was not as hard after filling my pussy so I could take him completely in my mouth. He started fucking my face again and it wasn’t long before he was rock solid again. He pulled out of my mouth and began to fuck my tits. They were covered in my spit and sweat and his huge dick glided between them. He made me hold them together for him while he fucked them. Occasionally he would fuck my face again to get his cock wetter. Once he even completely slid up and put his balls in my mouth. I felt so turned on being used like this. He was fucking my tits when he asked me, “Did you eat breakfast before coming over here?”


“Good. I am about to fill your stomach with my load.”

“Fuck yes. Give it to me.”

He tensed as he pulled his dick from between my tits. I opened my mouth and he put the head of his dick just inside my lips before he groaned and fired jet after jet of cum into my awaiting mouth. I was too much for me to take. I couldn’t swallow and keep up with the amount that he was shooting in. It wasn’t the fourth jet before it started to trickle down my chin and onto my tits. He pulled out and coated my cheeks and my chin before shoving it back in. I can’t believe he came so much. Exhausted, he rolled over and lay beside me.

As I lay in his bed with his cum in my womb, stomach and all over my face all I could say was…

“What’s for lunch?”

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