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Making The Waiter Our Bitch

This is a new writing style for me. I wrote as if I am speaking directly to the reader…are you him?
I was visiting you and we had decided to stay in a nice hotel rather than at your place where your roommate was. It is a very nice room with a huge bedroom suite. We have been fucking for hours and you get a mischievous look in your eyes when I tell you that I am hungry. You order food to be brought up.

“We are going to play a little game, baby,” you whisper in my ear. I shiver at the raw desire I hear in your voice.

You take my arms and tie them to the bed then blind fold me. You tell me to bend my knees and spread my legs and to stay like that. I hear you walking around and every now and then you come over and spank my pussy and kiss me deeply. Then I hear the knock on the door and you answering it. I hear you tell the waiter to follow you. It is obvious that you are bringing the waiter into the bedroom where I am naked and bound with my pussy exposed. I hear his sharp intake of breath when he sees me and your husky chuckle. I quiver and get wet knowing that this stranger is looking at me.

He must have been worried because you tell him it’s ok, I am willing and ask me for conformation. I quickly agree. You sit down on the bed next to me and start twisting my nipples while talking to the waiter about his day as he lays out our food. Your hand spreads my pussy lips and you slide two fingers in.

“Doesn’t she have a beautiful pussy?” You ask him. He stammers a yes. “What do you think, slut? Should we let him have a taste?”

“If you so desire, baby,” I reply breathlessly.

“Boy, do you want to taste her beautiful pussy?” Again he stammers a yes. “Come over here and get on your knees. “ He does as instructed. “Now crawl up here and you can give her one good lick, understood?”

“Yes, sir,” he whispers. His excitement is palpable. I feel the bed dip with his weight as he crawls towards his reward, your fingers still sliding in and out of me. When he is close enough you slip your fingers from me and I whimper in disappointment but then I feel his hot breath on my damp skin. I hold my breath in anticipation. Slowly hesitantly, as if he needs to savor this one lick of heaven, he runs his tongue between my lips from bottom to top. I can’t help but arch and push my pussy against his mouth. I feel his reluctance to pull away. “Did you like that, boy?”

“Yes, sir, very much.”

“Would you like more?”

“Yes, sir!” He responds boldly.

“Would you like to make my slut cum?”

“Yes, sir!”

“What do you think, slut, should we let the boy eat your pussy and taste your cum?” All I can manage is to nod I am so excited. “Tell me, slut!”

“Yes, let the boy eat my pussy. I need to cum!”

You chuckle and tell the waiter to get busy. He does not hesitate and dives back between my legs, licking my pussy like a starving man, sucking my clit hard. “Do not cum, slut, without my permission,” you warn. Within minutes I am close and tell you so. As soon as I say it you pull the boy away from me. He and I both yelp in protest.

You remove my blindfold. The waiter is young, maybe twenty one, slim, short dark hair, attractive but not handsome. I can see his raging hard on straining his pants. He is breathing heavily and his lips and chin glisten with my juices. You stand next to him, a naked god with your massive cock hard and dripping pre cum. I bit my lip suspecting where you are going with this game and my eyes meet yours merrily.

“I think my slut was enjoying your tongue a little too much. If anyone is going to make her cum it will be me but don’t worry, you will still get to taste her cum. Watch and learn.” You kneel before me on the bed and without warning slam your raging hard cock into my pussy causing me to scream out. But I love it and soon I am grinding against you and cumming all over your cock. You thrust deeply as my body trembles and wave after wave of cum shoots over your cock and down between my ass cheeks. When the spasms subside you pull out, your cock now dripping with my cum.

“Do you still wish to taste her cum, boy?” He nods wordlessly, staring at my gaping wet pussy with hunger. “Slut, do you want him to taste your cum?”

“Yes, lover, but I think this has been awfully one-sided. You haven’t had any pleasure other than pounding my pussy just now.”

“So what do you suggest?”

“Oh, I think he should lick my cum from your cock if he wants to lick my pussy again.”

He looks from you to me and back again nervously. When he looks back to you he makes eye contact and you simply raise your eyebrow in question. Licking his lips the waiter again looks between your cock and my pussy and I see his eyes get even hungrier. He nods in agreement.

“Remove your clothes,” you command and he eagerly obeys. Our eyes meet because we know that he is now our bitch and the fun is just beginning. Once he is naked he instinctively drops back down to his knees before you. I lick my lips as I watch you hold your cock out to his mouth and he slowly begins to lick my cum from your shaft. You groan and grab his head as you thrust your cock into his mouth. I see him gag on your shear girth but you hold him in place until his throat relaxes and easily takes you. You slowly slide your cock in and out of his mouth, gradually picking up speed as you hold his head firmly in place. I watch as you face fuck our bitch and it makes me cum again. A smile spreads across your face as you watch my body writhe and my juices squirt.

“You like that don’t you, my little slut kitten?”

“God yes!”

You slide your cock from his mouth and turn his face towards me, “Go ahead, you have earned it.” He scrambles up onto the bed and dives into my pussy once more. He laps up my juices greedily as if fearing you would pull him away from his prize once more. I get bored of his mouth and use my legs to push him away. “Looks like she’s had enough tongue,” you chuckle at his disappointed expression. “What is it you want, slut?”

“I want cock!”

“Do you hear that, boy? My slut is hungry for cock. Would you like to fuck her?”

“Fuck yes!” You look at him sharply and he bows his head demurely. “I mean, yes, sir, I would.”

“Do want this boy to fuck you, slut?”

“Yes, please,” I grin wickedly, knowing he will have to pay a price for that pleasure. You let him get his cock, not nearly as impressive as yours, buried deep in my pussy before you drop the bomb.

“You like how her tight pussy feels?” He grunts yes as he begins to thrust. “Do you want to keep fucking her until you cum?” Again he grunts a yes and pumps harder. “Well, boy, just as you had to pay a price for licking her pussy, you will have to pay for the pleasure of fucking her cunt and for being allowed to cum in her.”

He slows his thrusts as the realization hits him. You press your body against his to keep him buried deep in me. I stroke his cock with my pussy, contracting my muscles to squeeze his cock, keeping him hard.

“You want my pussy don’t you?” I pout.

“Yes, I do, but…”

“I want you, baby, I want your cum so bad. Please?” I beg him softly. That does the trick. He nods and agrees to do it. He grabs my hands which are still bound and kisses me deeply as if we have some deeper connection than just fucking. You slyly slip the ties from my wrists onto his before he realizes it as I will need my hands free. It isn’t until my hands begin to caress his body that he realizes what happened. He begins to struggle but I grab his face and kiss him. “Shh, baby, it’s ok, it will be easier for you like this trust me.” I deepen our kiss.

He relaxes and begins fucking my pussy again. I watch as you reach for the lube and a condom on the bedside table. I run my hands down his back and spread his ass cheeks for you as you squirt the lube around and inside his ass. He tenses at the cold sensation but is soon lost in my kisses again. I break the kiss and whisper in his ear to breath and relax, that you will take it slow so as not to hurt him but if he tenses it up and fights it, it’s going to hurt.

I keep his cheeks spread for you and watch excitedly as you line up your throbbing cock with his virgin hole. I have always wanted to see you fuck a man’s ass and now you’re making my fantasy come true. I love you even more for that.

Slowly you push your purple mushroom head into his asshole. He groans and I whisper reminders to breathe and relax. It takes time put eventually you have the entirety of your shaft inside of the little bitch. Your balls are pressed against his and your grab his waist and begin to thrust. I feel his cock jump in reaction. I reach down beside me, grabbing my panties from earlier in the day and shove them into his mouth.

“You like this, slut? You like seeing me fuck this bitch’s ass?” You thrust harder, causing his cock to thrust into me. With his hands bound above me and you pinning him between our bodies he is helpless to actively participate.

“I fucking love it, baby! Fuck our bitch’s ass!” I feel my pussy spasm around his cock and he moans in pleasure. “Do you like it, bitch? Do you like that big cock in your ass?” He nods yes. “You see that, lover, he likes it! He’s a good bitch isn’t he?”

“Oh, yeah, a good bitch with a tight asshole!” You thrust harder and faster. I cum watching you fuck him hard. “Yeah, baby, cum for me, you little slut!” My clenching pussy sends him over the edge and he begins to unload his cum deep in my pussy, clenching his ass cheeks as he does so. I remove the panties from his mouth and kiss him deeply.

You stop thrusting to allow him to finish cumming; my pussy overflowing with his cum. When his body relaxes and he is spent you reach up and untie his wrists, then pull him around to face you. You rip off your condom thrust your cock into his mouth and face fuck him hard and fast. But you don’t cum yet. You motion for me to get on my hands and knees and I eagerly obey.

“You made quite a mess of my slut’s pussy, bitch! You need to clean her up!” The bitch knows what is expected of him and he turns and plants his face into my upturned pussy licking and sucking it clean of his cum. You instruct him to get my ass ready for your cock and he grabs the lube and prepares my ass much as you did his. He lies beneath me and spreads my cheeks. I take you with ease as you have already fucked my ass today and as you thrust in and out I take his cock in my mouth bringing it back to life.

“Oh, what a beautiful slut you are! Suck his cock, baby, make the bitch cum!” You know that calling me names and talking dirty turn me on like crazy so I really start sucking him good and hard. You grab my hips hard enough to leave bruises and thrust in and out of my ass with such great force. You grunt and pull me to you as your hot cum fills my ass. “Fuck, yes, slut, milk my cock with your ass!”

This causes the bitch to start to cum and I take all of his spooge without gagging or swallowing. My mouth milks him as my pussy had earlier, leaving him drained, I crawl up his body and open his mouth. I lean in to kiss him allowing his cum to ooze from my mouth into his. He takes it all and swallows like a good little bitch.

I look back at you and you are smiling. I feel your cum seeping from my ass. “I think there is one more hole the bitch needs to clean, don’t you?” You ask. Smiling I turn and squat over his face, reaching around to spread my cheeks, I lower myself onto his mouth. I feel his tongue slide around my ass licking up what has leaked out before slipping inside my ass and sucking out your cum. Knowing this man-bitch has swallowed your cum and his own sends me over the edge one more time and I squirt my cum all over his chest as he sucks my ass. I lean down and lick my juice up.

The boy dresses and leaves. You take a seat in a nearby chair and smoke a cigar; a big satisfied smile on your face. I grin at you like a naughty school girl. “Did you like that, baby?” You ask, knowing the answer.

I crawl off the bed and over to you, sitting at your feet. I lean my head into your knees and purr, “I love you, baby.”

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