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She will pay
My dear Roger has asked for my help this month. You see, his marriage is definitely not what it was when I was first with he and his wife 10 years ago. They were so happy and seemed to have it all. It was like a fairy tale and they wanted me to be a part of their lives. We all got along so well, and in a way, I was jealous of her. She had it all and she was totally hot. She is about 5'7", 115 pounds, brunette, nice ass and tits. I am 5'11", 145 pounds, 38D, brunette. He totally adored her, anything she wanted, he gave her. That is how they met me. She wanted another woman to complete their relationship, so they set out online to meet someone.

Since then, she has decided that she no longer likes him. She totally rejects him and finds pleasure with other men. She does not even try to hide this fact from him. He still loves her and wants his Cinderella back, but she wants no part of him. It is so sad. No matter how hard he tries or what he does, all he gets is the same rejection. He thinks that maybe I can help to rebuild their marriage.

I know this sounds like a strange request, but given the previous circumstances, it might just work. So, I tell him, "I will do it, but only on one condition."

"What's that?" he asks.

"It is my show, you must do exactly what I say." The many possibilities turn me on just dreaming them up.

We meet at "our place", she will be with him this time. How he gets her there is up to him. I will plan on getting there after they do and he has everything in place. When I knock on the door he opens with a huge shit eating grin on his face. I can tell that he is very excited for me to begin. I give him a long, I missed you kiss, and then walk into the room. This time, I am the one with a bag of surprises.

As requested, she is naked, blindfolded, gagged and securely strapped down to the bed. I then tell him how much I have missed him and how incredibly hot he looks today.

"So, this is your little slut?" I ask.

"Yes, she has been treating me so badly. I want her to hurt the way she has been hurting me," he tells me.

I kiss him again, this time longer, and much louder. I want her to hear me enjoying the taste of her husbands mouth. She lays motionless, unable to speak. I then unzip his pants, we are standing right next to the bed. I know she knows what is coming, but what can she do about it?

Nothing, that's right, absolutely nothing. "Damn Roger, your cock is so wonderful! I can't believe that this little whore does not want you. Well, lucky for you, I do."

I then pull a whipping crop out of my bag. "First things first," I say. Then, I turn my attention to her. So vulnerable - I laugh. I proceed to smack her right breast. She starts to squirm. "Oh, don't start acting so sweet now you bitch." 

"You don't want your husbands cock, but you are willing to suck everyone else's?" Then, I give her left breast a good smack. Then her pussy. I continue to do this until her breasts and pussy are turning pinkish.

"Well then, how would you feel if your husband treated you like that? Don't answer yet, because you are about to find out," I tell her.

I pull Roger to the bed, I tell him to get on his knees so that his huge, erect cock is right over her face. I climb onto the bed from her other side and start sucking his cock right above her.

Deliberately, I am making slurping sounds and gagging. He is really getting into this now. Faster and harder he is thrusting into my mouth. The slobber is dripping onto her face. "Mmmmm Roger, your dick tastes so good. I can't believe that she doesn't want this" I say. She starts groaning now, I can tell she wants to say something, so sad, too bad for her. I tell him to smack her face good with his juicy cock. My saliva is all over her cheeks. "Harder Roger, smack her harder, she has been a bad girl" I order him.

"You want this cock you whore?" I ask her.

"Mmmhmm," she manages to mumble. "Haha, well too bad!" I tell her. I reach down and twist her nipples - they are so hard. I can tell that she is getting very horny. I keep twisting and pulling them until they turn red and she is breathing heavy.

"Oh look my dear Roger, I think she is getting all wet." Smack - again, I hit her pussy with the crop.

I turn in a 69 position so that my pussy is rubbing against the ball gag in her mouth. I am so wet, I am trying to act like I am in control when all I want is for him to fuck me. I can't wait to feel his long, hot cock fill my waiting hole. I then start really humping her face, while she can feel my breath on her pussy.

Then Roger crawls over so that he is able to spank her clit with his erection. "Oh, hell no you don't. She doesn't deserve to feel your cock." I remind him.

Then I take it in my mouth again. "Mmmmm Roger, your dick is so nice and it tastes so yummy," I tell him, as I slurp and suck on his cock. This time my slobber is dripping onto her aching pussy. She is now trying to thrust her hips up to meet our action. I start to laugh at her. This only fuels her fire more. I reach down and slap her pussy hard, "NO you slut! You don't want this remember?"

I can't take anymore of this myself. I turn around so that my pussy lips are rubbing hers. I am not sure who is the wettest, her or me.

"Please, fuck me now Roger." He slaps my ass as he rubs his cock on my wetness. Then, he slowly inserts his dick into me. "Oh yes, damn Roger, you feel so good" I say right to her face."

He is really fucking me good. My pussy is rubbing against her with each of his forceful thrusts. I know she can feel his balls bouncing against her. She then starts making all kinds of muffled noises through the gag in her mouth.

"Oh whats wrong? Does wifey want to say something? Haha - okay then, I will allow you to talk, but say one wrong thing and this ball goes back in," I tell her.

As soon as she is able to talk, she starts begging him to fuck her too. "Please Roger, fuck me with that huge cock. It has been so long and I am sorry that I have been so neglectful of you" she admits. I know he wants to, as he has waited so long for this moment, but I absolutely forbid it. "I promise I will be a good wife from now on, please" she continues to beg.

"One more word and I will take away your right to talk. I don't think you are sorry enough yet," I tell her. So she humbly shuts up.

He continues to fuck me hard. "Oh shit Roger, I am going to cum," I tell him. He gently slides a finger in my ass, as he knows this will get me off.

"YES Roger, that's it, fuck me good. I love it when you tease my ass like that." A few nice slaps on my ass cheeks and I am there. I cum all over his already juicy cock.

"Good boy, now Roger, make this slut lick it up!" I order him.

I then crawl up to her face and grab ahold of his cock and cram it in her mouth. "That's a good little whore. Lick my cum off of your husband," I command her.

"Fuck her face good Roger." I tell him. He gave her all he had, forcefully fucking her waiting mouth.

"Oh yes, how long I have waited for you to eat my cum once more?" he says to her, and with that he dumped his huge, hot load in her mouth. It was too much, some of it dripped out onto her lips. I bent down and licked it all off - giving her a long sloppy kiss.
"Good girl. Now promise me you will take care of your man, or I will." I remind her.

With that, I got dressed, grabbed my things and got ready to leave. Roger walked me to the door - his dick throbbing and starting to get hard again. He gave me a long, passionate kiss and said "I can't begin to thank you enough. Shall we meet again next month?"

"Of course, as long as you still want ME, but leave her at home. I am not ready to share you with her yet."

He then went back to her, removed the blindfold (she still has no idea who her husband was fucking), untied her and they made long passionate love all night.

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