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Meeting my husband

True story of meeting my husband
I was in Phoenix on another out-of-town job and I was staying at the Embassy Suites. It's my favorite hotel chain because it's consistently clean, the breakfast is time-saving and usually good and then there's the happy hour after work. Anyhow, I'd been there a few days when this one night I'm sitting down reading the paper and a man comes along and just sits down with me. Rather bold.

I looked up across the paper and looked at him.

"Hey, do you mind if I sit here? The Lakers are on and this table has a great view."

"Sure." I said, and then went back to my paper.

In the process of watching his basketball game he was good enough to refresh my gin & tonic when he got up to get another beer.

After I was done with the paper I said good night to him and made off to my room.

The next morning he showed up and had breakfast with me and this time we talked some more. He was somewhat older than me being forty-two to my twenty-six but was put together nicely, in good shape, and handsome in a manly kind of way. I also appreciated that he was articulate and well-informed in a way that is uncommon of most American men. No offense to anyone, it's just that it is the rare American man who can tell you who the current Prime Minister of the UK or Canada is and where I'd once worked for the UK Parliament and the Corporation of London it was rather refreshing to be able to have a chat with an American man about such things. Himself, the man was in construction and his name was Steve.

After finishing breakfast and sharing some niceties we departed for our work days. I found myself looking forward to seeing him that night as the hotel thing can be rather lonely at times.

That evening my wish was granted as Steve was waiting for me at the dining area. Knowing him some more I allowed myself to relax and I lowered my guard somewhat. With it being a Friday and my flight not going out until 4pm the next day I didn't mind that the drinks kept coming. I was having a good time and so was he. I remember it quite vividly when he first touched me and it was a hand on my shoulder as he set down my sixth or seventh gin and tonic of the evening.

To say I was a bit sozzled was more or less the case at that point and, of course, Steve was the gentleman and he saw me to my room. After letting me in the door he was still the gentleman and did not enter. I said thank you to him for the courtesies of the evening and he gently reached out and took my chin in his hand and then leaned down and kissed me. It was a soft, gentle, romantic kiss and I practically melted. With my response to his kiss, Steve stepped into my room and closed the door behind him.
Frankly, I really had an idea of what could happen and I probably resembled a deer in the proverbial high beams right at that moment. A spontaneous tryst was not at all something I was open to yet here I was with this man in my room and it was clear that he had some expectations. At the same time I was dithering about the man in my room I was also fairly swooning about the thought that I had a man in my room and that it had been well over a year since I'd been with anyone. There were few words between us as Steve flicked off the lights and then took me in his arms to kiss me again.

"I don't think we should be doing this." I said as he was unbuttoning my blouse.

"You're right. We shouldn't be doing this." was his reply as he stopped and pulled off his polo shirt.

I felt his bare chest as he pulled me close to kiss me and then his hands sought out the remainder of the buttons on my blouse and undid them. It seemed one motion as he opened my blouse and brought his lips to my breasts where they came out of my bra. I felt him kick off his shoes and then he knelt down, took off his socks, and then grasped my ankles one in turn and gently, almost reverently, removed my shoes. The he rose and swooped my blouse off of my shoulders and I let it fall.
I remember him walking me backward, bit by bit, until we had left the 'suite' part of my room and were then standing in the bedroom. His lips were a blur as they rove over my breasts, my lips, my shoulders, my arms, and then back again.

Something went off in my head that I was supposed to remember. I couldn't think and was dealing with the anxiety of what was happening and then I was also dealing with the fact that I was...hungering...for what was happening.

His hands felt good.

When he went to undo my bra it was a little too soon for that and I fidgeted away from that and he stopped. He kissed me again and then worked his way down my body and held his head against my belly and hugged me. It was a very intimate thing and I could not help myself as I held his head to me. He undid my skirt and in one swift motion took it down. I stepped out of it and he stood up. I heard him undo his zipper and the rustle of cloth told me that his pants had joined my skirt on the floor.

He pushed me to the bed and tried to lay me down and I held my ground for the moment as the anxiety of worry over something came back. In my momentary distraction he reached behind me and undid my bra. My hands went to my breasts as he pulled at the bra and he took that opportunity to push me onto the bed.

"I'm not sure I want to do this." I whispered.

"We'll just slow down then."

He lay next to me kissing me gently and his hands exploring me. When he drifted his hand over my pussy I realized that he had taken my panties off with my skirt. I touched him and a brief exploration told me he was naked. I went to get up and he pushed me down and kissed me. Now his hand went to my pussy and I went to stop him and then it was my bra that he pulled down. That was a little exasperating.

"Please!" I pleaded.

"It'll be fine. Just relax. I just want you to feel good."

When his fingers hit that certain place, in that certain rhythm, it was my need that spoke louder than my anxiety and I relaxed to him do the wonderful thing he was doing to me. I had no complaint as his finger deftly pried me open and sought my inside. I opened my legs to give him more access to my body and he instantly took advantage of this. I was losing control and I could not help but love it. The anxiety receded as my pleasure increased. He kissed me and this time I fully responded as I found myself caught up in the wave of passion.

He was immensely skilled at this. He brought me close again and again, only to back off enough to draw me back from what I needed. Between his fingers and the alcohol any possibility at all of my having a single clear thought was gone. He brought me close again and then backed off.

"Oh, please...please..."

With that he took to me with a certainty and my toes curled as the waves of pleasure crested over me. I finally had to ask him to stop so I could gather my wits and take a breath.

"That was amazing!" I said.

"I'm glad you liked it. That was some of my best work." I could see him smile as he said this.

He really knew what to do and he just held me and gently kissed me as his hands lazily explored the body that was now at his mercy.

I have no idea how much time passed but a moment came where his finger sought me out again and I responded. He started his game of bringing me to the brink and then backing off. I really just needed a quick cum but he was playing me. He moved my leg and I didn't care as he moved himself on top of it so long as the pleasure kept coming. One hand moved to the small of my back and lifted me up to embrace him. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him passionately as he brought me ever so close to my peak. I was breathless as he laid me back down and then crushed me into the mattress. His chest pressed to mine. His lips on mine. HIs body close to mine.

A part of me knew what was happening and I tried to stop.

"Please...we can't...I really can't..."

He silenced me with his kiss and I felt him move into my very aroused body. It felt so wonderful to feel a man in my body again and then it felt so wonderful to have him fully in me and giving me that wonderful pleasure I needed.

I came.


He took slow, deliberate strokes into me to prolong my joy.

After some time the joy faded to the background and I became intensely aware of our lovemaking. That was when it hit me.

"Steve, are you wearing a condom?"

"Uh-uh" he mumbled.

"You've got to stop."

"I will."

He started going just a little deeper and a little slower.

"I really need you to stop, okay?"

Instead, he buried his face in my neck and his pace suddenly became something all too familiar.

"Please don't...please..."

He reached a hand to the small of my back as his other hand held me tight by the shoulders and I felt him swell up inside me.

He moaned as I felt him pulsing into my unprotected body. He kept thrusting into me and each time he was deep into me I could feel another pulse of his body inside me.

When he rolled off of me I didn't care as the semen spilled from me onto the sheets. It didn't matter. What was done was done. I was exhausted and drunk and soon went to sleep.

I awoke during the night to him cuddled behind me and that familiar fullness already in my body. I let him have his way and then drifted off to sleep again.

In the morning I awoke to Steve smiling at me and chatting about getting a shower and then breakfast and he didn't seem to care that we were still naked. I forget what I said as I got up and headed to the bathroom but he laughed and it was his laugh I will always remember.

The shower felt good, especially with my head feeling a little toasty from all of the alcohol and I had my head under the stream of water when I felt Steve take me in his arms. He kissed me and told me how beautiful I was and I told him I wasn't in the mood. I turned to get the shampoo and he took me by the hips and pushed me over a bit so I had to hold the wall. Before I could utter a word he was fully engulfed in me and this time I didn't say a word as I let him empty himself into me.

We dressed afterwards and went to breakfast and in our chat we found that we lived only twenty miles from each other.

Three months later we were married and now, four years later, we have three children.

Thus endeth my story.
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