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Miracle of Facebook

The more things change. The more things stay the same.
For my freaky friend

She had always wondered about what he was like.

Now by coincidence they meet at a mixer. Reunion of school mates that Facebook makes happen every week seemingly. She wasn't going to go out with hin because those days were behind her now. They were mixed memories anyway. Especially of Roger, the star athlete. She had traveled and changed so much since than and honestly, Alicia didn't care to reminisce about the fucking everyone else had been involved in back then. Especially with her Roger. The thought ruled her mind all week before saying yes but only to prove a point. That she had her own sex life now.

When she walked into the bar area she recognized him immediately. Tall and still in the same form after all of these years! She felt her pussy throb involuntarily when she saw him. Larger frame than she remembered with more muscle. His gazed fixed on her as she moved forward towards his hand and as her body pressed into his her hard nipples poked through the thin fabrics of both of their tops and instantly a small trickle moved from her hole. She knew she was in trouble!

She had been a cheerleader and was had the body of the oldItalianmovie star her mother would say..Gina Lollabrigida. Only men could handle such curves so that was what she was attracted too. Her intention was to tease and entice Roger and punish him for not making his move when it counted! To let him know that despite his expressed delayed interest in being inside her now, he had missed his chance. She had placed her round ass into a mid-thigh length skirt. Pressed her 36D's into a bra that was silky to the touch so that she wouldn't just look sexy. She would feel that way too! That Roger had never paid much attention to them didn't matter now. He would have no choice since she had him alone.

She had since learned her effect on men so Alicia's plan was simple. She would taunt him, maybe even brush him to make his flesh hard. Look at him seductively and give him an opening to move closer. Than she would go home alone and call her plan B! A large-cocked Construction worker who lacked grace and stamina but when filled with a fantasy of what she had just done to Roger, would do just fine! But sleeping with Roger was out of the question. This was about revenge!

But her body had betrayed her at first glance and Roger was more attractive than she recalled! His lips were round and full but not big. His attire was casual and to the touch soft. He was exactly the man she had imagined and driven her frequent masturbation sessions in school. Who when she would shower after gym class she had imagined would join her and press his large black dick inside her like he had been rumored to have done to so many others. White girls like her too she heard. But none in their district so it was never confirmed but he never even looked at her. In the shower she would slip a finger inside her when no one was looking. Only to have to go home after school and finger fuck herself to orgasm. Three fingers inside. One had squeezing her nipples and rolling them through her fingers! But he never even noticed her she kept thinking as she would furiously masturbate.

During dinner she had listened to him speak but hardly heard him. The wine was easy on the pallet as she found herself loosening up to this man! Reminiscing even. She could not seem to get comfortable as the moistness rolled down her thigh and the thoughts of herself riding Roger's long as rumored cock invade her womb! His slacks were sporting a knob she could visibly see nicely formed due to her flirtatious nature. Eyes more focused into hers as if probing her mind and than her body. She was weakening to her salacious thoughts and wanted him to control her again as he had so many times in her fantasies!

She could even remember now how it happened! Her tongue first being invaded by his inside his apartment. Clothes strewn across the floor except her high heels and lingerie. His magnificently maintained body bare! She was on her knees tasting the sweetest goo she had ever encountered in it's sweet salty clear form! She remembered him tying her to the bed. His tongue lashing up and down her pussy. Encircling but not touching her clitoris until it attacked her sensibilities,elicitingher orgasmic flow. His cock pressing inside of her slowly and steadily at first. Crashing into her with force somehow,causing her to buckle and cry out in pleasure!

Roger had remembered how she would look at him as he came off the court. How she would blush when looking in his direction and how he had fantasized about fucking her tits and ass and he wasn't about to let this night go unrewarded! He chose the restaurant and the wine and knew what he wanted. Hew was not to be denied any of her this time. She never had a chance since the time she had said "yes" to the meeting. He had always been a teaser of women and he knew his effect on her.

These were his thoughts as he pinned his 8' cock between her breasts. Remembrancesof the many times he had fantasized about just this moment, cock in hand rubbing furiously! She had been a favorite fantasy of his and now she was his! His brown head rubbing sweet juice on Alicia's dark nipples. Her tongue reaching out for his cock and her breasts heaving with each thrust! As he came closer to his own orgasm he thought about how much fun he was having with his new/old fuck toy! How many times he had drained his cock thinking about just this moment! His balls now resting on her bosom. His dick pressed down Alicia's throat spewing his nectar into her mouth and out the sides in a steady stream! Looking back her clit being rubbed by her own hand as she bucked beneath his force of movement on top of her breasts.

Looking into her eyes he sees what she wants and unties her legs flipping her over.

"Fuck me in the ass please."


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