Mother and Daughter

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Mother and daugher taken together
Mother and Daughter abducted

My daughter Jennie and I had been having a fun evening shopping.   It was a girl’s night out.   I had met her at the mall after I got off of work.   We had a bite to eat and had spent the rest of the evening wandering through various shops.   I had bought a purse but mostly we had just looked.   Toward the end of our evening, we had stopped in a store that specialized in teen clothing.  

Jennie found this cute, pink mini-skirt and white t-shirt.   Although she was 18, like most mothers, I told her that the skirt looked awfully short.   She just said, “Oh, Mom” and went to try them on.   When she came out of the dressing room, I was right.   It was very short.   But, I didn’t say anything more.   She was my little girl but I realized that she was quickly becoming her own woman.   I had always been proud of her.   She was a cheerleader in high school and people always had told her father and me that she was so cute.   But, she had never gotten in to trouble, either with drugs or sex.   I thought the outfit was very sexy looking on her but trusted that she would know how to handle any situation should some boy get the wrong idea about her.   She spun around several times, looking at herself in the mirror.   “I just love it, Mom”, she said.   I just said, “Okay”.  


She then laughed and said, “You would look cute in something like this, Mom”.   “Oh, right”, I said.   I am certainly not a teen anymore but I have been lucky and stayed pretty slim and trim over the years.   Some of it is genetics and some is hard work at the gym.   “Come on, Mom.   We are the same size, so just try it on for fun”.    I don’t now why but I agreed.   After she had changed back into her own clothes, I went into the dressing room and got into the skirt and shirt.   We weren’t exactly the same size, but the outfit did fit, but just a little tighter around the hips which tended to make the skirt even a little shorter on me than it was on her.   “Come on out, Mom”.   


I opened the door to the dressing room and walked out, a little embarrassed.   Jennie grabbed me by the hand as I was about to turn around and go back into the room.   She dragged me over to the mirror.    “See, it does look cute on you, too”.   I looked and was a little surprised.   I did look pretty cute on me.   I had not worn anything like this in years and, I admit, that I thought I looked pretty sexy.   “Okay, time to get back to reality, Dear”.   I turned to go back to the dressing room.   “Hey, Mom, I have an idea”.   Dad is out of town and there is this club that I sometimes go to nearby.   Let’s go there dressed the same.   It would be fun.   You know, Mom and daughter out together as look-a likes”.    I won’t go into the details but, for some reason, I agreed.   It was sort of a way to bond with my daughter, who was getting older and soon we might not have many chances to do things together.


We entered the club and I was glad to see that it was pretty dark and crowded.    I didn’t want to stand out but thought that I would just sit down and nobody would notice this “old lady” dressed like a young girl.    Jennie and I took a booth in a corner.   We chatted some and then this guy came over and asked her to dance.    I sat and watched and hoped that nobody would ask me to dance.   Then, Jennie came back over with the guy she had been dancing with and introduced me as her mother.    The guy was cute and seemed nice.   Then, Jennie, said”, Hey, Tim, why don’t you dance with Mom”.   I stammered, “Oh, no thanks”.   “Come on, Mom, just one dance.   Right, Tim”.   “Sure, I’d love to”, Tim said.    Thank God it was short song.   I didn’t even really know how to dance to this type of music, so I just moved around a little, smiled and acted like I was having fun.   Except for Tim, I don’t think anybody really notice that I was 20 years older than them.   At least, I hoped not.   Later, I was to find out that somebody had noticed.  


Finally, and none too soon, we decided it was time to head home.   We left the club and began walking back to the mall where we had left our car.   It was dark and what happened next is just a blur.   Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement and then saw someone grab Jennie and then felt somebody grab me around the waist and clamp his hand over my mouth.   I was pulled down and lost sight of Jennie although I could here her muffled yells.   I really don’t know what happened next as I must has lost consciousness.


I don’t know how much time passed until I woke up.    I remember lifting head and everything was blurry for a minute.   My mouth was dry and ached.   I tried to move and couldn’t figure out why I was unable to.   I tried to call for Jennie but it was then that I realized that was in my mouth and only a muffled sound came out.    Fear gripped me and I tried to move but my hands were tied behind me.   I looked down and saw that I was in a wooden chair with my legs tied together also with white rope.   I tried to pull my hands apart but just felt the rope around my wrists cut in to my skin deeper.  


Suddenly, I heard a voice say” Hi, Mom.   You and your daughter sure looked sexy together at the club”.   My head jerked around toward the sound of the voice and I saw two men standing there with ski masks on.   “We couldn’t decide which of you looked the sexiest, so we decided to take you both”.   I tried to scream but couldn’t.    “Where is my daughter”, I mumbled.   I doubt that they could even understand the words but they sensed what I was asking and said, “Oh, you are probably wondering about your daughter. She sure looks cute in that short little skirt.   You too.   Nice legs”.   We think your boobs are a little bigger than hers, though.   Guess that comes from being a mother”.  


“Okay, here is the deal, Mom.   We are going to have a little fun with the two of you.    If you are both good girls, you won’t get hurt and we will let you go later.   If you cause trouble, your little girl will pay for it.   Understand?”.   Not knowing what to say, I simply nodded my head “yes”.  


The one man then walked behind me and I heard a door open.   Soon, he came back with Jennie.   She also had a ball gag in her mouth and was blindfolded.   Her hands were tied in front of her.   I was relieved to see that she still had her clothes on.   I tried to pull on the ropes again but they were tied to tight.   I tried to call her name but only that muffled sound came out again.   She must have recognized that the sound came from me and she tried to reply but the gag prevented any recognizable words.


It was then that I first notice the table in front of me.   It had heavy wooden legs and a padded top.    I watched as the bent Jennie over the table and onto her chest.   They quickly untied her wrists and then, just as quickly tied them apart to the legs of the table.   Then they forced her legs apart and tied them to the table legs.   Bent over like that, the skirt was not long enough and her panties showed.   “Wow, she has a cute little bottom” the one man said.   They then began cutting off her shirt, new skirt, bra and panties.   I watched her writhe as she felt her clothes being removed.   There was nothing that I could do.   They then removed her blindfold and our eyes met.   I could see her pleading for help.   I felt so helpless.   It had been a long time since I had seen her totally naked.   I admit that I   was surprised at how beautiful she had become.  


“Mom, we are going to have a lot of fun, tonight.   First, you get to watch us do your little girl, and then she is going to watch us having fun with you.   A great mother and daughter night out, don’t you think”, he smirked.  


The one man then began running his hands over Jennie.   I saw her jerk and writhe some more as she was touched.   His hands slowly ran down her back and between her legs.   He started fingering her.   “Wow, this one is tight and a little wet. She must be enjoying this”.    I closed my eyes as I saw the one man drop his pants and begin to rub his penis against Jennie’s clit.   I couldn’t watch but heard her muffled screams, moans.    I didn’t have to look to know that my little girl was being fucked by this evil man.   It seemed to last forever.   Then there was a pause and it was quiet until the other man began working on her.   Tears welled up in my eyes.  


Finally, it got quiet again except for Jennie’s sobs.  


“Okay, Mom, it is your turn now.”   I opened my eyes to see them untying Jennie from the table.   She was so exhausted that they had to support her so that she could walk.   They took her over to a metal pole and tied her hands behind her around the pole.   She was so weak that she just slumped to her knees with one leg on each side of the pole.


The two men now walked over to me and started rubbing my breasts.   It was then that I remembered that I had not even worn a bra. I wondered if that is what had caught there attention at the club.    An older woman, dressed as a teenager without   a bra.  


The one man then ran his hand up under my skirt.    “Hey, she’s really wet”, he said.   “I think she got turned on by seeing her daughter fucked.   We will have to make sure that she enjoys us as much as her daughter did”.   I was placed on the table but on my back.   My wrists and legs were tied, like Jennie’s, to each of the table legs.   “She is an older gal.   I think we need to do more to her to make sure she has a good time.   Those are some really nice nipples there.   I have some clamps that would look good on her”.   I watch as a clamp was placed on each of my nipples.   For a second, the pain distracted me from what was being done between my legs.   I looked down to see this large dildo being oiled and then worked into me.   I tried to clamp my legs closed but the ropes held them wide open.   I felt the dildo slip into me and felt it being driven deep inside me.   My muscles clamped down at the pressure but to no avail.   I clinched my fists and let out a groan as the dildo was worked in and out of me.   At the same time, I saw the other man climb onto the table and straddle my neck.   He reached behind my head and undid the buckle that held the gag in my mouth.   “Open up, Bitch”, he said as he pushed his cock against my lips.   I opened my mouth and he forced his cock down deep into my throat causing me to gag.   He slapped my face and ordered me to begin sucking him.    I closed my lips around his shaft and began to suck as I move up and down on his member.    While he was raping my mouth, the other man removed the dildo and forced himself into me.   I tried to scream in pain but the man on top of me ordered me to keep sucking as he twisted the clamps on my nipples.   I glanced over at Jennie who was now looking over at me.   Watching the two men rape me.  


I finally felt the man’s hot cum run down my throat.   The other kept pounding himself into me.   Harder and harder.   Faster and faster.   Until he came and slowly withdrew himself from inside me.     I lie exhausted on the table.  


The two men then went back over to Jennie, untied her hands and threw her now tattered clothes at her.   “Here, put these on.    We are leaving you now.   Untie your Mom but don’t leave this building for at least an hour.   They then left us alone.    Jennie untied me and I got dressed.   We held each other for a long time, sobbing.   When we thought it was safe, we walked out of the building and recognized that we were only a couple of blocks away from the club where this all began.   There was a sign outside saying “For Rent”.   We walked back to the car and drove home, vowing not to tell anyone, including her father, about this.  


Two weeks had passed and Jennie and I had not spoken about that night any more.   It was a Friday night and her father was out of town.    We had an early dinner and I was going to watch some TV and go to bed early.   Jennie came out of the kitchen and said, “Mom, want to go shopping tonight.   I know this little shop, where I go sometimes, down by that club that has some really cute things.   It was fun dressing up like each other and going dancing”.   I looked up at the smile on face, took her hand, and we left for another girls night out.