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Movie Night Ch. 2

The return of the rinf
Author's Note:

This story is Chapter 2 to my story, Movie Night . If you have not yet read Movie Night, please do so before reading this.Otherwise this story will be hard to undestand.




The following day was Saturday. Chris woke in her bed and lay there thinking of the previous nights events. She was embarrassed and angry with herself for turning into such a slut with Mike and cheating on her fiance Joe. She thought of how she had let Mike cum in her fertile unprotected pussy; let him, hell she had begged him to. Then there was the disc. A vivid account of her exploits. If Joe ever saw it all was lost.

Chris got out of bed and drew herself a warm bubble bath. She needed one to soothe her aching pussy and ass. While the tub filled , she stood in the full length mirror and began brushing her long black hair. It was then that she noticed her engagement ring was missing. At first she panicked thinking she might have lost it. Then she remembered setting it back down on the coffee table. She had rushed out and forgotten it.

The young, sexy girl climbed into the tub and settled into the warm water. The bubble bath was a soothing combination of lavender and aloe. Soothing was exactly what she needed; lavender for her senses and aloe for her skin. Her pussy and ass were both tender from the pounding they received from Mike's over sized cock. Her senses were nothing less than frazzled. As Chris laid in the tub enjoying the relaxing effects of the warm water and the scent of the bath oil, she began to think.

The first thing she needed to do was retrieve her ring, no matter what the cost. Today was Saturday and Joe wouldn't be home till this coming Wednesday. That gave her plenty of time to get it back. If Joe came home early she would simply tell him that she took the ring to a jeweler because the stone had become loose. She realized she would have to go back down to Mike's apartment to retrieve it. Chris knew what that meant. He would want her again and she had no choice but to allow it. She needed that ring back!

Chris had a submissive side to her. She enjoyed when a man dominated her, especially a man with a big dick like Mike. Her thoughts turned to the disc. An entire evening's sexual activity. A record that Mike would undoubtedly use to keep blackmailing her and keep her putting out for him. She thought of how Mike would use the disc to make her keep fucking him. The thought intrigued her. Maybe it wasn't as bad as she thought. She could have the best of both world's; a loving doting husband like Joe and a big stud like Mike on the side. Chris quickly dismissed the idea. There was no way she could be satisfied with Joe's average size after having Mike fuck her senseless. She would have to stop it. Somehow she needed to get the disc from him. She hoped she would be able to even get off on Joe's dick now that she had been fucked by Mike's monster again.

Although the bath water was warm, the thoughts of Mike and his cock, of what he had done to her last night, of how hard he made her cum; made Chris's nipples stiffen with excitement. She took her ample breasts in her hands and began to rub them. The large cups filled her hands and she squeezed her breasts to make them swell. Her fingers found her hard nipples and began pinching and playing with them. Before too long, she was moaning just from playing with her tits.

Chris's mind began to replay the tape of the previous night as she began to masturbate. She thought of how she had spread herself wide open for Mike. She remembered grabbing his ass and holding him deep in her pussy while he filled her with his cum.

Her left hand slipped into the warm bath water and began to rub her swelling clit.

"How appropriate," she thought.

Rubbing her pussy with her left hand. A hand that was supposed to be wearing her fiancé’s ring. A hand that was going to bring her off while she fantasized of another man.

Chris's finger found her clit and began to play with it. First rolling it around, next rubbing up and down and then side to side. Her mind showed her the visions of last night. While she worked her clit, she thought of Mike and his big cock. She thought of how much she enjoyed the taste of his cum. Within moments Chris was moaning. Her pussy felt as if it were on fire as she fantasized about Mike.

The slut in Chris had now taken control and she was being intentionally cruel to the young beauty. Her fingers pressed hard on her clit, pushing it against her pubic bone, while simultaneously rubbing it. She thought of Mike and her legs immediately spread wider. Her clit was throbbing now as her climax approached. It came to her fast. Chris bit her lower lip as the waves of pleasure washed over her hot body. Her finger never stopped moving as she kept herself cumming. She was lost in ecstasy.

"Oh Mike," she moaned.

After her senses finally stopped exploding, Chris stood and turned on the shower. She opened the drain and let the water begin to flow out. While rinsing the soap from her body, she began to face the reality of her situation. Her engagement ring was in the possession of another man. The same man had a cd of her fucking and sucking and would show it to her fiance if she didn't keep putting out for him.

Yet how could she keep laying Mike when Joe wanted to start a family with her ? Then there was Mike's big cock. Why settle for Joe when she could have a real stud? Then there was Mike, Chris knew there would be other girls besides her. He would never offer her the loyalty and devotion that Joe did.

She made up her mind. Untill she could get the cd from Mike she would have to go back on the pill and tell Joe she wanted to wait to have a family. Otherwise she would never be sure who the father was of any child she bore. She thought of just fucking Mike & Joe untill someone knocked her up, but she couldn't be that vicious to Joe.

Chris turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. She dried off and slipped into a white silk robe. Going back to the mirror, she began to brush out her long, wet, black hair. After fininshing with her hair, she applied a small amount of perfume and went into her bedroom to dress.

She stood in front of the mirrored closet doors and thought about what to wear. Thinking she would probably go down to see Mike and retrieve her ring, she thought it should be something sexy. Chris selected a pair of light blue terrycloth shorts. They were form fitting and showed offf her sexy, tight ass. For the top she picked a sheer white camisole with spaghetti straps, the kind without the bra sewn into it. The garments were placed on her bed and she began to consider bra and panties. Suddenly the door bell shattered the silence of the apartment.

Chris walked to the door and noticed the clock on the living room wall. It was 10:30.

"Probably Susan,"she said to herself.

Susan was a neighbor from down the hall who usually came over for coffee on Saturday mornings.

Chris opened the door and was shocked to see Mike's hulking frame filling her doorway. He had just come from the gym and was all pumped up. Standing there Chris ran her eyes over him. He looked magnificent in a tight white tank top that really showed off his muscular arms and chest and a pair of blue nylon gym shorts that highlighted his impressive package. A pair of white addidas sneakers finished his ensemble.

Despite his good looks Chris was pissed.

"What do you want?,” Chris sneered.

Mike answered,” Relax I come in peace and I come bearing gifts."

Without waiting to be invited in, the muscular stud barged by her and entered the apartment. He noticed Chris as he walked in. The wet, long, sexy, black hair. The intoxicating scent of her perfume. The white silk robe, and her with obviously nothing on underneath.

The way Chris had her robe fastened was such that it showed a great deal of her 36c cleavage. The thin silk material offered little resistance against her hard pointed nipples. She closed the door and walked over to the couch. Then the sexy young girl sat on the arm of the couch and crossed her legs. She knew exactly what she was doing. The way she crossed her legs caused the thin robe to part and show off her long, tanned, toned legs. Mike had Two things she desperately needed, the disc of the previous night and her ring, she was determined to get them both.

Meanwhile Mike had taken due notice of the sexy, young lady. He cock was swelling and he wanted her for his slut again. He had intended to just give the disc to her and hope to be friends, but now he wanted to play the game. Thoughts of the previous night came rushing back to his mind, so he quickly formed plan.

Chris asked him,” What gifts? My ring? "

Mike handed her the compact disc with the recording of the previous night's escapes on it.

The gesture of kindness touched the young girl's heart but she suddenly became suspicious.

Chris played right into his hands by asking,” That was nice of you. That is if the disc is even real. Is it?"

"See for yourself," Mike replied.

He took the disc and walked over to the walnut entertainment center. He inserted the disc. The big Fifty-Four inch flat screen came alive. Mike pressed the fast forward button and held it down for several moments. Next it was the play button. The flat screen came alive again with a shot of Chris and Mike fucking.

The timing was randomly perfect the disc began to play at the point where Chris was begging for Mike to not stretch her pussy because her fiance would know. He let the scene play out. Chris's gaze was transfixed on the screen. Her nipples hardened at the sight of her and Mike in carnal passion. She watched herself surrender to his humongous cock; and not just surrender but succumb to it. Within moments she was watching herself open her legs wide and beg for it. The movie of her fucking her old lover was having an effect on her pussy. She felt herself getting wet and horny.

Despite her growing desire, Chris realized that here was half of everything she needed to regain control of her life. The disc could ruin her impending marriage. She could always say she lost the ring, but this cd was undeniable truth of her infidelity. Perhaps the disc was the bigger and more important prize. If Joe ever saw it there would be no forgiveness. She was happy Mike brought it.

Mike reached into the pocket of his gym shorts and took out Chris's engagement ring.

"Here I also thought you might want this back," he said to her.

Chris reached for the ring and Mike closed his hand keeping it from her saying,” This has a price however."

He slipped the ring back into his pocket.

"Price?" Chris asked him. "What price?"

Mike walked around behind her and bent down to whisper in her ear saying,”You know exactly what I want."

With that he reached around her with both hands and cupped her firm young breasts. He squeezed them gently as he took her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Her nipples were already hard beneath the white silk of her robe and Mike pinched them roughly. Chris found herself leaning back against his massive chest as he caressed and fondled her. Mike slipped the silken fabric off her shoulders exposing her 36c tits to his hungry fingers. Leaning down he began kissing her neck as he played with her swelling boobs.

Chris's eyes were fixed on the screen watching Mike fucking the shit out of her young tight pussy and listening to her lamentations of how good it was. Suddenly her cell phone rang and startled her back to reality.

"Let it go to voicemail," Mike whispered hoarsely in her ear.

Except Chris knew from the ring tone that it was her fiance Joe. She pushed Mike's roaming hands away and got up to answer the phone.

"Hi Joe," she chirped cheerily.

If her fiance only knew that moments ago her sexy bosom was in the hands of another man.

Mike was frustrated at being interrupted by the young girl's fiance, so he picked up the television remote control and turned up the volume of his and Chris's fuck video.

Chris went into the bathroom and locked the door. A few minutes later she opened the door and walked out saying,” I am glad you are coming home early. I can't wait to see you on Monday." Chris flipped the cell phone shut.

Mike asked her,” so Joe is coming home early? That's nice." He pulled her engagement ring out of his pocket and continued by saying,” I guess you will be needing this then." He held the ring up dangling it between two fingers.

Chris knew she needed the ring back, but now she needed it back quickly. Joe was originally supposed to be home on Wednesday. Her fiance would now be home in less than Two days.

"What's the price?” she asked coyly.

Mike replied,” just one more time."

Chris pulled her white silk robe down off her shoulders, exposing her golden tanned skin. The stunning beauty was about to secure both things she desperately needed; the evidence of her infidelity and her engagement ring. She walked over to her former lover and kissed him; hard and deep slipping her tongue into his mouth. While she kissed him, she began to massage his massive meat with her tiny hand. A few moments later she broke the kiss.

"Sold,” she replied.

Mike's hands opened her robe again and began to massage her incredible breasts. Chris took his hands from her breasts and began to lead him over to the couch.

Mike said," oh! no! I want you in his bed."

"You kinky bastard!“Chris replied.

Mike scouped the petite girl up in his arms and carried her down the hallway to the bedroom she shared with her fiance. He tossed her on the bed like a toy doll and began to disrobe. He pulled the white tank top off his heavily muscled chest and then took off the gym shorts and underwear. His physique looked like a Greek god standing in front of the young vixen.

Chris's eyes drank in the stud that stood before her. He was truly an incredible specimen. The heavily muscled body. The dark tan lines from working daily in the warm sun. His long dangling cock. The dark brown bedroom eyes. Her tender young flower was beginning to moisten at just the sight of him naked. Her nipples were already standing at attention. She began to untie the sash that held her robe closed.

"No!" Mike told her.” I want to unwrap my present myself for one last time."

Chris seductively placed her arms above her head and struck a sexy pose for the big man saying,” yours for that taking."

Mike untied the sash of the silken white robe and exposed her sexy body to his eyes. She lay there in front of him, his for the taking. He laid down next to her and began to kiss her. For the second time within the last Twenty-Four hours has was going to make her betray her fiance.

As Mike kissed her, Chris's body began to respond to his touch. She truly loved Joe but Mike was an incredible lover and as long as she had to endure what was about to happen she may as well enjoy it. Chris knew that the slut within her was starting to speak softly to her; and she was beginning to listen.

She made out with him, kissing him softly at first. Then her mouth began to get hungry for his tongue. Their tongues touched and then began to dance, sliding sexily into each other's mouths.

While they kissed Mike slid his hand behind her neck, then down over her shoulder and over her soft breast. He caressed her firm globes and slowly used his thumb to draw circles around her hard nipples. He playing with just the tip of her nipple sending shock waves through her entire body. Then he began rolling them between his thumb and fore finger making them even harder then before. He knew Chris's tits and nipples to be very sensitive and spending a little extra time playing with them would get her incredibly horny. Mike also knew that once the beauty got hot she turned into one horny little slut.

Chris was kissing Mike hard and wildly now. Her lips smacking loudly against his. The flower between her legs was beginning to moisten from the teasing of her breasts and nipples.

Mike took his mouth from hers and placed it on her firm breasts. He began to suck on her tight nipples while his hand slid over her stomach and toward the treasure between her thighs. He nibbled on her hard nipples as his finger found her swelling clit. Gently he pressed on it pushing it against her public bone as he began to rub it.

"Oh God!," Chris moaned.

Mike pressed a little harder on her clit and began to rub it; first in little circles and then in an up and down motion. His fingers were talented and manipulated her clit with overwhelming expertise. Chris's groans of pleasure grew louder in his ears as he continued to play with her hot little button.

Chris lay back in ecstasy as Mike's tongue flicked over her nipples and his index finger massaged her clit. The climax grew quickly in her and caught her almost without warning. She came hard, her body shaking and quivering with passion.

She threw her arms around Mike smashing her tits against his face and cried out,"Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Make me cum."

Mike knew Chris was multi orgasmic and as he felt her body begin to shudder he doubled the efforts of his finger between her legs. He would not only get Chris off but would keep her cumming mercilessly until he was done with his little play toy.

Wave after wave kept crashing over Chris's body. She could not control herself any longer. The pleasure kept assaulting her. She could feel the lips of her pussy swelling and beginning to part as her young tender flower began to open up for another man.

Mike slid his finger between her wet pussy lips gathering her juices on it. He brought the slippery wetness up to her clit and used it to get her clit wet and slick. Once again he began his attack on her sensitive swollen clit.

"Oh God Mike. No! Not again!" She pleaded.

He worked her clit again. This time even harder and faster than before. The action sent Chris rocketing through another series of orgasms.

She kissed him deeply but she was so wild and lost in orgasm that she could barely use her tongue to kiss.

Instead she moaned deeply and said,” baby you are making me so wet."

Mike let her cum down from the last bolts of pleasure. Again he made his finger wet with her cum.This time he brought it to her mouth and made her lick his finger. He smeared her juices over her lips and tongue and then kissed her. They shared the sweetness of her pussy in that kiss.

After a few moments of kissing, Mike looked down into her beautiful blue eyes and said,” now I want to taste some more of

your sweet pussy."

He crawled to the edge of the bed and Chris spread her sexy legs wide for him. Mike kissed all around her tender mound being careful not to touch her lips or clit. He knew the teasing kisses would drive Chris wild, while he savored the musky scent of her. Finally he planted a gentle kiss on her still swollen clit. Chris's hips bucked instantly. He circled her clit with the tip of his tongue. Then sucked her clit and swollen lips into his mouth. Mike held them there and flicked his tongue roughly over her stretched clit. He simultaneously slipped a finger into her juicy pussy and gently rubbed her g spot while he sucked and licked her clit

"Oh yes! Eat my pussy Mike! Your tongue is so hot!" Chris moaned like the slut she was turning into.

Her hands grabbed her breasts and began playing with them while her new lover tasted her sweet nectar. The orgasm ripped through her body.

Mike held her hips in place and continued the savage onslaught of her most precious treasure. His tongue and finger working together to keep her at her highest point, giving her no rest nor relief from the crushing climax she endured.

Mike slowed his attack and let her come back down to Earth again. He crawled up on top of her and kissed her deeply, sending his cum coated tongue deep into her mouth. Chris kissed him back and enjoyed the taste of her own pussy.

She looked into his dark,brown,bedroom eyes and told him,” I feel like you have taken me to heaven and back."

First Mike gave her a slow sexy kiss. Then he said,"Now comes the best part."

He began to grind his hips against her still swollen and throbbing clit. Chris could feel his massive cock sliding against her slick cunt lips. She desperately wanted to feel him inside her.

Then reality stepped in and slapped her in the face. She knew she wasn't using any birth control because her and Joe were wanting to start a family.

She pleaded breathlessly,"Mike wait. You know I'm off the pill so you better use a condom. There are some in the drawer of the night stand."

The ten inch stud opened the drawer and removed one of the foil packets.

"Ok," Mike replied. Then continued,"but then you have to do something for me."

Chris's curiosity was peaked as she replied,"what?"

Mike reached down and picked up the white, silken sash from her robe.

"Let's play. Put your hands up over your head." He told her.

Chris knew Mike had a kinky side that was a great match to her submissive one. She willingly placed her hands up near the thick, brass rails of the headboard. Her lover quickly secured her wrists to the rails headboard. She lay there now helpless and vulnerable. She loved it.

Mike leaned down and kissed her, and began to once again grind himself against her. He lubricated his giant meat with her wetness.

Chris's pussy was even hotter now. The bondage had taken her to a new level of arousal, as her juices coated Mike's pole.

Mike placed his cock head at the opening of her treasure cave and began to press against her with his weight.

Chris pleaded,"Mike wait the condom remember?"

"I want to make you cum on my cock first so that I can watch you lick your juices from me while you give me a bj OK?" he asked.

Chris enjoyed tasting her pussy juice off a hard cock and replied,"You know I love that. OK."

The tanned stud began to work his hard prick into his former girlfriend's pussy. Chris could feel her lips spread for him as he began to enter her.

"God you are so big! So fucking big!" she told him.

Mike relished the compliment and buried more of himself inside her. She was helpless to resist his powerful thrusts. After about Five strokes, he was fully inside her. He leaned down and gave her a lover's kiss while holding himself deep within her tender loins.

The combination of his tongue kiss, combined with his huge cock inside her, sent Chris over the edge. She began to cum violently on his throbbing meat. To spur her further on, Mike ground his hips against hers, pressing against her clit.

She came again for her lover and told him,” You are so good to me. So deep inside me." She hooked her ankles behind Mike's knees and raised her hips allowing him better access to her wide open womb.

Mike knew she was lost in the throes of ecstasy. He freed her wrists and Chris wrapped her arms around him. They kissed loudly and wildly while they shared each other's souls.

Chris regained her composure and said,"I want to suck your cock for you."

Mike again kissed her deeply, then paused and looking into her eyes said,” there will be no bj and there will be no condom."

"Mike don't you'll get me pregnant," she begged.

"If it's a baby you want then I will be the one to give you one and not some little punk!" He growled.

With that, he once again began to drive himself deeply into the young woman's fertile pussy. This time however there was no tenderness; only raw unbridled passion.

Chris struggled against him but to no avail. He was too strong. His cock was too good! She felt herself losing control again as the orgasm grew deep in her loins. Mike put her ankles over his broad shoulders and began to punish the tender folds of her pussy. Before she realized it her body was awash in waves of passion again. Reason had left her mind. Mike was pulling almost all they way out and then slamming all the way back in, using his entire ten inch length. Chris could feel him rub over her g-spot, then slip past her cervix and into the untouched depths of her fertile womb.

"Cum for me," he told her.

The slut hand taken over in Chris and she whimpered,"Fuck me Baby! You are so deep in my pussy! It feel s so good! Make me your slut!"

Mike gave her what she asked for and pummeled her cunt mercilessly. Her pussy was making squishing and burping noises as he plowed into her again and again.

Chris groaned like a bitch in heat saying,"Oh God! I can't stop cumming. You're making me fall in love with your cock!"

She dug her nails into his back and hung on for the ride of her life. She could feel her pussy lips stretching around the bottom of his humongous cock. It felt incredible to her and she wanted more.

Mike drove his entire length into her and held himself there. He looked into her sky blue eyes again and told her,” here’s your baby Chris."

Chris could feel his cock begin to swell deep within her; and then he began to squirt his hot cum into the forbidden depths of her fertile cunt.

She could feel squirt after squirt of his potent seed, shooting deep inside her. Not only did she not resist but the sensation was so incredible that she came with him.

When he finished, Mike kept Chris's ankles held over his shoulders. She knew what he was doing and she didn't care. He was holding her hips up in the air, letting his sperm run even deeper into her.

After awhile he released her legs and laid down beside her. Chris rolled over to face him and kissed him deeply with her quick tongue.

"Mike you are incredible," she told him

He answered,"Yeah but come Monday, you will be back with Joe."

"Joe who?" Chris giggled.

She took her engagement ring off her finger and set it on the night stand. Then she spoke ever so softly to Mike saying,” I think I need to return that ring."

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