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Movie Night

Chris and Mike View A Movie, But Not The One She Expected
Chris was on her way up the stairs to her apartment. It was a typical day. She had run three miles and stopped to pick up the morning paper. At twenty-one years old Chris was a knock out. Standing five feet seven inches tall and weighing one hundred twenty-five pounds. Her measurements were 36c-24-36 and she ran every day to keep her shape. Her hair was long, down to the middle of her back and jet black. It was a stunning contrast to her piercing blue eyes.
As she walked through the parking lot a voice called her attention,"Hey Chris.How's it going?"
"Great Mike, how have you been?", she replied.
Mike lived in the same apartment building and he and Chris had dated briefly. She walked over to him and gave him a hug. Mike owned his own construction company and was on his way to work. Chris looked petite standing next to his massive frame. Mike was six feet one inch tall, weighing and two hundred and fifteen pounds, all muscle. He had light brown hair and dark brown bedroom eyes. He held Chris tightly to him as they embraced.
Taking his arms from around her he asked,"So how's the engagement going?" Chris had become engaged three months ago and was planning to marry Joe, her long time boyfriend.
Chris answered,"We are getting married at the end of next month. Joe wants to start a family right away."
"That's great best of luck. Well I better be off to work," Mike finished.
"See ya later," said Chris.
As Chris turned and walked away, Mike watched her ass wiggle in her flimsy running shorts. He wished he and Chris still had relations between them. Remembering what a hot sexy lay she was, Mike's cock began to swell. He yelled to her across the parking lot,"Hey Chris, I'm having some friends over tonight at seven to watch a movie. Stop by if you want. You can bring Joe too if you like."
Chris yelled back," Joe's out of town till Wednesday but maybe I will stop by."
Mike started his truck and drove off. As Chris climbed the stairs to her apartment, she wondered what she would do today. She worked retail. Friday and Saturday were her days off. She entered her apartment and headed for the bedroom to get a shower and change clothes. Sitting on the bed she shared with Joe, she took off the last remnants of her clothes.
 She laid back on her bed naked. Joe had been out of town for three days and she was bored and lonely. Today was only Friday. She wouldn't see him till this coming Wednesday. She began to think of her fiance and her nipples got hard making her young pussy moisten. Taking her breasts in her hands, she began massaging them and pinching her nipples till they were as hard as little pebbles. Chris loved masturbating. With her left hand she continued playing with her young, firm tits while her right hand slipped down over her tight stomach. Her fingers, with their nails painted hot pink, found her hardening clit and began to rub gently. A soft moan escaped her lips. Her forefinger slid down between her swollen pussy lips. She began to tease the entrance to her pussy. Back up to her clit it slid, now rubbing harder and faster. She was very wet now. Her orgasm grew deep in her loins. The middle and ringer fingers of her right hand plunged into her wet, tight pussy; while the heel of her palm she ground against her throbbing clit. Her mind was ablaze with visions of Joe fucking her hot, young body. Her hips were now bucking against her hand. Moaning loudly Chris brought herself off. She came hard, grunting and moaning. Her body shivered in the throes of orgasm, while she coated her fingers with wetness. Taking her slick fingers from her hole she brought them to her lips and began licking and sucking them clean. Physically spent she arose and showered.
After a relaxing shower, Chris had breakfast, read the paper and headed out to do some shopping. She frittered away the rest of the day trying to occupy her time.
Mike's day at work was going well. It was a warm day and he was getting a lot accomplished. He took off his shirt letting the sun beat down on his muscular body. Try as he might, he couldn't get the thought of Chris and her sexy body out of his mind. He resigned himself to the fact that she was off the market and that they would never be more than friends. "Oh well," he thought. At least he had fucked her a few times. The rest of the day passed uneventfully. Mike finished around suppertime and headed for home.
He parked his pick up and got out; walking across the parking lot towards the apartment building. At the same time Chris drove in, returning from her excursion at the mall.
She rolled down the window and yelled to Mike,"Hey out of the road big boy."
Mike smiled and waved. His t-shirt still in hand, he stopped at the entrance of the brick building to pick up the mail.
As Chris walked across the parking lot, she admired Mike's massive, heavily muscled chest and arms. He was the total opposite of Joe, in all departments. Chris flashed back to the hot sex they used to have but quickly dismissed such thoughts. All that was over now and in the past. Her slutty days were gone. She belonged to Joe.
Mike turned toward her and asked,"Hey are you coming over tonight?"
Chris replied,"Ya know I think so. I would love to hang out and I don't have any other plans. You said seven right?"
"Seven it is," Mike replied.
"See you then," she said.
Chris and Mike had become good friends after they split up. The only reason she had broken up with him was because she was the jealous type and Mike was always getting hit on by other girls. It was only natural as Mike had a reputation for being a great lay with a big cock.
As Mike opened the door to his apartment and walked in, a devious plan hatched in his mind. He reached for his cell phone and quickly made calls to the people he had invited over that evening. He told them that he was ill and that the party would have to be postponed. They all understood. Next he took a fresh two hour disc from the drawer and slipped it into his camcorder. He found a roll of black electric tape and tore off a small piece. His fingers deftly placed the tape over the red record light on the front of the camcorder. Finally he focused the camera at the couch. He was going to make one last play for Chris.
The burly man quickly stripped naked, took a shower and shaved. He put on cologne and slipped into a tight pair of shorts and a white t-shirt. He put on sneakers and went out to get some vodka. Mike knew Chris loved to party and that she got very horny when she drank.
It was nearly seven when he arrived home. Reaching again for his cell phone, Mike brought up the alarm clock function and set two alarms. The alarms were within ten minutes of each other. The first alarm was set for 7:05pm. He was betting that Chris hadn't changed her ways. She was always punctual if nothing else.
Sure enough, promptly at seven there was a knock on his door. "Who is it?" he asked through the door.
"It's me Chris," came her reply.
Mike responded,"One second."
Mike reached to the thermostat turning the air conditioning on and setting the temperature to a cool sixty-nine degrees. Smiling at the irony he hoped that to be an omen. Lastly his fingers hit the record button on the camera.
The big man opened the door and was literally stopped dead in his tracks. Chris stood there before him. She looked magnificent. Her long, flowing, black hair, her piercing sky blue eyes. She was wearing a white camisole with spaghetti straps and a pair of pale tan shorts. Beneath the clothing was a beautiful golden tan. Mike stood there frozen and drank her in with his eyes.
Finally he managed to get out the word, "hi."
Chris giggled and asked him, "are you going to invite me in or do I have to watch the movie from out here in the hall?"
Mike opened the door wide and the stunning girl walked in.

"Where is everyone?" she queried.
"You are the first one here," came his reply.

Looking at the clock it was 7:01. Mike noticed her nipples erected as she entered the cool room.
Chris help her friend put out some chips and refreshments. The clock clicked 7:05 and the cell phone alarm began to ring. Mike shut off the alarm and feigned like it was a phone call.
"Oh...that's too I understand completely ...maybe we can do it next time...ok talk with you later," Mike said. Then he closed the phone and set it on the counter.
"Pete and Sara can't come their daughter is sick," he told Chris.
Chris said," oh that's a shame."
"How about a cocktail?" he asked.
Chris answered,"ok just one."
"Is vodka and cranberry ok?" Mike continued.
"That's a great drink on a warm day like today," said Chris.
Mike fixed her a strong drink and turned the thermostat down to sixty-five degrees. He handed her the drink as the second alarm went off on the cell phone.

Again he faked a phone call saying,"that sucks Pete but if you have to work late then I understand. ok call me tomorrow then. Bye." He closed the phone and placed it back on the counter.
Turning to Chris he said,"well Pete canceled as well. That leaves just you and me."
Chris sat on the couch and sipped her drink. Mike noticed that it was almost half gone; as well as noticing that the air conditioning was having his desired effect on her nipples.
He sat down on the couch and continued,"Chris I would understand if you didn't feel comfortable staying; considering our history and you being engaged. Besides some party huh?" He knew Chris had a strong nurturing instinct in her and a soft heart. He was hoping acting sad would make her feel sorry for him.
Chris took a long sip from her drink and told him,"Mike I will stay but only as a friend and to watch a movie ok? I want to make this thing really work with Joe. Besides I am kind of excited about starting a family."
Mike promised, "friends only." He gallantly stuck out his giant paw to shake hands with the beauty.
She shook his hand and responded,"friends."
Mike continued with bravado in his voice,"allow me to be the first to kiss the lovely bride." He leaned in and gave her a peck on the cheek.
Despite her resolve, Chris blushed and told him jokingly, "oh whatever just go fix me another drink you big ape." She downed the rest of her cocktail.
He mixed her second cocktail strong, like the first. While mixing, he rubbed his cock through his jean shorts making it grow and swell. The bulge in his shorts was even bigger now.
Returning to the living room he inserted the movie into the cd player. As he walked over to the couch, the film was starting but he noticed Chris wasn't looking at the screen. She was looking in his direction.
In fact she was staring at his crotch and her taunt nipples were saying that she liked what she saw. For the second time that day Chris's mind flashed back to the wild sex they used to have. This time though, the thought lingered in her mind.
Mike stood in front of her. His crotch was directly in front of her face. He held out the drink to her but now it was Chris's turn to be frozen in place.
 Her eyes were staring at him, at those shorts that held that wonderful tool beneath them. Chris unconsciously licked her lips.
She reached out and took the drink, taking a long swig from it. Settling back into the couch, she focused on the movie.
The movie played on. Mike had purposely chosen this particular movie because about twenty minutes into the flick there was a torrid love scene. The scene began and Mike excused himself to go to the bathroom.
Chris asked, "want me to stop the movie?"
Mike answered,"no I will just be a minute and you can fill me in on what happened." He knew Chris liked to watch porn and that the scene would make her hot. He stood in the bathroom rubbing his crotch again, making his big cock swell. He opened the door and returned to the living room.
The scene was over but not before it had an effect on Chris. Mike noticed her cheeks were flushed and her nipples were even harder than before. He also noticed that her drink was more than half gone. It was now or never. He stood next to her and picked up a potato chip.
 "What did I miss?" he asked.
"Just a boring love scene," Chris answered. Once again Chris turned her eyes to him and his crotch. He finished the chip while she stared at him, ignoring the movie.
Mike asked her, "do you miss it Chris?"
"Miss what?" she questioned, although she knew exactly what he meant.
Mike unsnapped the clasp on his shorts and took a step closer.
 As if under a spell, Chris reached out and ran her fingers over his large bulge.
 Mike put his hand under her chin and gently drew her face toward his massive bulge telling her, " I can tell you that I miss those great blow jobs of yours."
 Chris placed her lips against his shorts and started nibbling his cock. Suddenly she drew back saying,"we can't do this.I'm engaged."
He coaxed her saying,"Chris I will keep it a secret and take it to my grave. Come on Baby....Just once for old times sake....Please?"
Mike reached down and unzipped his fly. He took out his cock saying,"want to see it?" Even though his hands were large, the size of his cock dwarfed them. Mike began to stroke his meat in front of her face.
She remembered his cock as being big, but now after all these months of being with Joe, it seemed somehow even larger. He was indeed the exact opposite of Joe. For the second time that night, Chris licked her lips. She could see the precum leaking from the head and longed to taste it. The slut was returning within her.
 Again Mike drew her face toward his stiffening cock.
This time she opened her lips for him. Sticking our her tongue she licked the slimy precum from the head, then engulfed his cock with her warm mouth.
He moaned as she began to blow him.
Chris actually enjoyed giving head. She actually liked the feeling of power it gave her over a man. She was slurping loudly now as she sucked him.
Mike stopped her and laid her down on the couch telling her,"Put on a show for me while you blow me ...You know ...The way you used to."
Chris sat up and pulled off her camisole, leaving her naked 36c chest exposed to the cool air. Then she lifted her hips and pulled off her shorts. She laid back down, naked on the couch.
Mike brought his cock to her hungry mouth and again she sucked on it. This time however, she began the show for him.
Chris took Mike's hand and brought it to her firm breasts. His fingers pinched her nipples and then squeezed her tits making them hard. He remembered how sensitive her nipples were.
At the same time that Chris had her left hand wrapped around Mike's cock, she brought her right hand down to her pussy and began playing with herself.
He watched her diamond ring sparkle as her hand stroked his hard cock.
Mike pinched, twisted and pulled her nipples.
She began to rub her clit; all the while still sucking on his massive member.
The sight was a feast for Mike's eyes. Chris's manicured hot pink nails rubbing her pussy while she gave him the blow job of a lifetime.
She was getting herself hot and moaned as she sucked him. The vibration from her moans felt great on his cock.
Mike took his hand and replaced hers between her thighs. He began to rub on her swollen clit with his finger. When they were dating Chris had shown him exactly how she liked her clit worked and he remembered every detail. Soon he had her moaning louder.
She climaxed while sucking his cock. Her body shuddering with passion and ecstasy.
It was too much for him. His balls began to tighten. He took a handful of her long hair, holding her head in place so she could not turn away.
"Here you go Baby," he groaned and began to fill her mouth with his hot cum.
Chris swallowed glob after glob of his salty cream. She didn't stop and didn't miss a single drop. With her small hand she milked his big dick into her mouth. Her stomach felt warm from his large load in it.
"Did you swallow all that?" he asked her. Chris licked her lips and nodded yes.
Mike said,"now let me return the favor." He knelt down and spread her legs. Her pussy lips were swollen and wet. Mike slid his tongue between them and then ran it up to her clit. He sucked her clit into his mouth, pulling on it to make it swell and get sensitive. Then he flicked his tongue across it, both up and down and side to side.
Chris began to moan loudly and took her breasts in her hands. She played with her tits while Mike ate her out.
He slipped a finger into her pussy as his tongue continued to assault her swollen nub.
She was on the edge now, bucking her hips against his face as he drove her wild with his tongue and finger. The second climax hit her hard.
First Mike felt the walls of her pussy spasm, then her whole body began to shake.
Chris coated his tongue and finger with her slick juices.
"That was incredible," she groaned. Her chest was still heaving, while she tried to catch her breath.
Mike got up from between her legs, leaned toward her and kissed her on the mouth. Their tongues began to dance and he began to grind his hips against her.
"Mike no please don't fuck me," she pleaded.
Being a gentleman he said,"I won't unless you want me to."
Chris threw her arms around him and hugged him saying,"thank you."
Mike knelt between her spread legs again and took his cock in his hand. He began to spank the head of his cock against her still throbbing clit.
 The impact and weight from his cock felt like they were was sending bolts of electricity through Chris's entire body. She spread her legs wider and let him continue.
Then he rubbed on her clit with his cock head for awhile, using his cock head like it was a giant finger. She was getting close to cumming again and Mike teased her by stopping.
Chris began to beg," oh please don't stop... Make me cum again."
Mike took her left hand and guided it to his cock. He told her,"here you try doing it while I watch."
Chris wrapped her hand around his swollen, hard cock and began to spank her own clit with it.
Mike fixated on her diamond ring as she used his cock on her hard clit. The sight made him hot. Not just the sight but the implications as well; the betrayal, the forbidden lust, the broken promise. He relished having this effect on her. He wanted her for his slut.
Mike spoke softly to her saying, "go ahead Baby. Use my cock any way you want to. Put it where it feels good."
Chris was frantic now. She was moaning, telling Mike how hot she was for him and how badly she wanted him inside her. She alternated from rubbing his cock between her swollen lips, teasing her wet hole, and spanking her clit.
Mike reached up with both hands and began tweaking her sensitive nipples. He rolled them roughly between his thumb and forefinger.
The sensation sent Chris over the edge and she came again, shuddering and shaking. Her body was covered in goose bumps.
She pulled him to her and kissed him again. They kissed, longer this time and with more passion.
When they broke the kiss, Mike lifted his hips and began to get off of her. Looking down he saw her pussy. It looked so sexy. He placed the head of his cock at the opening to her pussy and began to press against her.
Chris pleaded," no... I can't... I promised."
She tried to close her legs but Mike leaned back down between them, preventing her. She pushed against his chest with her hands.
Mike took her wrists in his hands and stretched her arms out over her head, holding her down.
She continued to beg while looking up at him,"Please Mike... I can't... Don't make me... I'm engaged... I promised... Besides I stopped taking the pill so we could start a family... I'll get pregnant!"
Chris's confession about birth control opened the door to Mike's kinky side.
 He gazed down at her. Looking into her pretty blue eyes he said," I know you promised baby and I know you are engaged. But I don't care."
 Then he tightened his grip on her wrists and continued saying,"and as far getting you pregnant goes, I don't care about that either."
He leaned against her with more of his weight and Chris felt her pussy lips begin to part around the head of his cock. She thought of screaming but Mike's apartment was in the basement and she knew no else lived down there. No one could hear her.
Mike pressed forward and his bulbous cock head slipped into her.
Despite her reluctance, Chris let out an audible gasp.
Mike pushed more of his stiff meat into her with every thrust. Her pussy was tight and he told her so. He also told her that he would change that. He pulled out a little with each stroke, lubing his huge cock with her pussy juice. Then he slid back into her, giving her a little more of it with each stroke.
 Chris began to grunt each time he pushed into her. She felt her pussy beginning to stretch and open up for him.
Despite her resolve she groaned and said," It's so big... So fucking big...Please Mike Joe will feel how stretched out I am."
Her remark turned him on even more.

"Good," he replied.
Mike's cock slipped past her cervix and deep into her womb. He pulled out then sent it back in, deep and hard. The rim of his cock head rubbed across Chris's g-spot and she went off like a rocket.
She came violently. Telling him,"you're so deep in my pussy." Chris placed one of her legs over the back of the couch and the other around Mike's back. She opened herself wide for him and Mike accepted the invitation gladly.
Gone from her mind were the thoughts of her fiance. Her pussy was tingling and her nipples were rock hard. No longer did she struggle against him. All that mattered to her now was the passion and pleasure she was feeling. The slut was turned loose in her.
Mike was fucking her hard now. Long deep strokes that made her pussy make squelching noises as he plowed into her.
She urged him on telling him,"That's it Baby. Pound my pussy. Ruin it with your big dick."
Mike pushed forward till he was balls deep in her. He held himself there then leaned down to kiss her.
Chris let him kiss her. She parted her lips and sent her quick tongue into his mouth.
As they were kissing, Mike ground his hips against hers, rubbing and pressing on her clit, while he fucked her deeply. He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes telling her,"cum for me."
He kissed her again and Chris's body obeyed it's new master. She trembled and shook in his strong arms, while her stretched pussy flooded his long cock.
Mike released her arms and she wrapped them around him. She made out with him while he pressed himself deep into her pussy. She sucked on his tongue like it was a mini version of his giant cock. She was moaning loudly now, telling him how good he felt in her pussy. She had ceased just fucking him. She began to make love to him. Chris lifted her hips taking every inch of him inside her. She felt so wonderfully full.
So fulfilled. Another climax grew deep inside her and she welcomed it. She began grinding her hips against him as well, rubbing and pressing her clit against him as he gave her his throbbing meat.
She looked into his eyes and said,"I'm going to cum all over your big cock."

As Chris came again, she began planting butterfly kisses all over his massive chest, telling him how much she loved and missed his huge dick. She could feel her juices leaking out of her and running down over her asshole.
 When she came down from her orgasm Mike asked her, "bend over for me baby?"
Chris consented happily. She knelt on the cushions of the couch and put her arms over the back rest.
Mike got behind her and aimed his cock toward her gaping hole. He slipped it all into her with one long thrust.
Chris groaned saying,"Oh my God... It's so big...So deep inside me."
He held her slender hips and began to screw her. He took her as he wanted to, deep and hard.
"It feels like you're splitting me in two," she told him between grunts and groans.
Mike reached beneath her and began pinching her nipples telling her,"Cum on me slut." Next he slid his fingers to her clit and began to massage it. First using a tiny circular motion then gradually going faster and pressing harder. While he did this he kept stroking her juicy cunt with his cock.
"Oh Mike you're going to make me cum again," Chris whimpered.

As she came she cried out," Oh yes...Fuck me Baby...Stuff me full of your big dick...Fuck your little slut." She lost it, cumming again, all over his thick cock.
When she had finished getting off, she felt him begin to pull out from the depths of her pussy.
Then she felt him pull all the way out.
Her pussy felt empty without him in it.
 She looked back at him over her shoulder and asked,"What's wrong Baby?"
Mike replied,"Your pussy is so hot. You're bringing me close to getting off. I don't want to get you pregnant."
"I thought you didn't care," Chris giggled.
"That was just heat of the moment talk," was his answer.
Chris flipped over onto her back and spread her legs wide saying,"Now I'm the one who doesn't care."
She reached between her thighs and spread her pussy lips with those manicured hot pink nails for him.
While he gazed at the sexy lady before him, she told him,"Now come here and fuck your slut silly."
Mike got on the couch then got on top of her.
She wrapped her hand around his still hard cock and guided him into her warm, wet pussy. She winced in pain as he sank all the way into her.
Their hips touched again as they began their lovers dance. He was back inside her and she had that warm full feeling deep in her pussy.
Chris reached up with her left hand to draw him close so she could share a kiss with him.
Seeing the diamond ring on her finger he told her,"take that ring off!"
She took it off and set it on the coffee table. She reached up again to him. This time he leaned down and kissed her.
They continued kissing while he fucked her slow and sexy.
Chris was out of control now. She was climaxing on wave after wave of pleasure, as she lifted her hips to meet his thrusts. Mike's strokes were coming harder and faster now. She knew he was close and so was she.
Looking up at him she pleaded,"Fuck me Baby... Don't stop... It's so deep inside me... Cum Mike... Cum deep in my pussy... Fill me with your hot cream."
Mike buried himself inside her and began to pump his cum into the depths of her womb. The force and volume of his load sent Chris over the edge again.
"I feel it shooting inside me!" Chris whimpered and then came with him.

She spread her legs as wide as she could and grabbed his ass with both of her hands. She held him him deep inside her worn out pussy, and let him empty himself within her.
When he was done they kissed another long sexy kiss and Chris told him,"That was incredible." Both their bodies glistened with sweat.
He agreed and got up. He headed to the kitchen for a beer and began to fix another drink for Chris. They sat together on the couch recuperating and sipping their drinks. Chris downed hers quickly and Mike finished off the beer.
He eyed her sexy body and his cock came back to life. He began kissing her again.
"Round Two?" he asked.
She kissed him back.
He had her bend over the couch like before. Chris reached behind her, placing each hand on an ass cheek. She spread her swollen pussy lips for him.

Mike slipped all the way inside her wet pussy.
She came almost instantly, moaning and telling him how much she loved his cock.
He held her hips and pounded away at her tender cunt. Mike took this thumb and began to massage her anus. He gently slipped his finger in her ass as he fucked her. He could feel his cock with his finger while it probed her ass.
Chris was lost in pleasure as he slammed into her. She came all over his long, thick cock and begged for another load of his cum. She knew what he was doing just the same. He was loosening her up so she could take his cock in her ass.
Mike began to slip another finger into her ass and Chris groaned with pleasure. Now with Two fingers inside her, Mike continued fucking her deep and hard. Her juices were flowing so freely now that his balls were even wet. He pulled out of her pussy and slid his cock along the crack of her ass. After using her wetness to lube her crack, Mike pressed his cock head against her anus.
He told her,"just relax and let it happen."
Chris reached behind her again and spread her ass cheeks for him. She was a willing slut for him. She felt her asshole begin to open as he pressed harder against her. The head slipped in and she grimaced in pain. Still she continued to surrender to him.
Mike forced more and more of his cock into her tight ass. He reached down to the drawer in the coffee table and took out a small bottle of lube. He poured some on his cock and around her anus. His cock slipped easily now into her. In a few minutes he was all inside her. Mike held her by her slender waist and began to use her ass like he used her pussy. Long deep strokes, gentle at first; then he began to drive himself into her without mercy.
Chris was whimpering from the pain of his big dick in her ass. She begged him to cum quickly.
Mike reached beneath her again and his fingers went straight for her clit. He would make her enjoy this. He pressed on her clit and began to rub it. It swelled quickly and he rubbed hard and fast on it.
Chris's whimpering turned into moans of pleasure. Mike's fingers were bringing her off as he fucked deep into her ass.
She cried out,"Oh yes Baby...Make me cum... Make me cum while you fuck my ass!"

The climax was so intense that Chris felt like her head was spinning.She laid her head down on the back of the couch and continued to let him use her ass for his pleasure.
Mike slid balls deep into her and began to fill her ass with his cum.
This time it was Chris's fingers that found her clit and she rubbed herself to orgasm while he came in her. She slumped against the back of the couch exhausted.
Mike pulled out of her and glanced at the wall clock. They had been going at it for almost Two hours. Mike smiled to himself thinking,"a disc full of memories."
Chris headed for the bathroom. After she entered and closed the door. Mike got up and turned off the camcorder. He removed the disc and put it safely in a case, stashing it on the shelf with all the other cds.
When Chris returned, she announced she was going home and began to get dressed.

She finished putting her clothes on and reaching down for her ring she told Mike," Now this was just a one time thing for old times sake right?"
Mike was so hurt by her remark that he began to get angry. Sure it started out that way, but he thought it had blossomed into something more; especially when she took off the ring. He looked at her and saw the ring back on her finger. He was crushed.
"Is that all it was Chris? Nothing more?" he asked her.
"This cannot nor will ever happen again," she retorted.
Mike got so mad he almost snapped. He composed himself and began to speak,"To be honest Chris I had something a little different in mind, especially when you took of your ring."
Chris said,"Look stud just because I took put my ring on the table doesn't mean it will stay there. It was just a game. I can put it there again and it doesn't mean a thing."

With that should took off the ring and set it back on the table, mocking him.
"Just a game huh?" Mike asked.

He went on,"Let's see how you like this game."

He was still naked and walked slowly over to the book shelf.
Taking the disc from the shelf, Mike inserted it into the cd player. The television screen came alive with a close up shot of the couch. Mike took the remote and fast forwarded the disc. He pressed the stop button and the screen showed a beautiful shot of Chris sucking Mike's cock, with her diamond encrusted finger wrapped around his thick shaft. He stopped a little further on and the picture was of Chris cumming and professing her love for his cock.
"You bastard!" she shouted.
Mike replied,"You don't know the half of it. This was just a game? OK Chris, then here's how we will play the game; this will remain our little secret so long as you play by the rules. You go back to Joe, but you still keep doing me on the side, whenever I want you. Otherwise I show Joe the disc. You can be his wife but you are also going to be my slut."
Chris knew that if Joe saw the disc, he would never forgive her. He was jealous over her past relationship with Mike as it was. Chris panicked. She grabbed her purse and ran out of the apartment, leaving the door wide open.
Mike being still naked, closed the door quickly. He walked over to the coffee table to set down the remote; then he saw it there, glistening in the light. Chris had left so fast that she had forgotten to pick the ring back up. She had left without it.
Mike smiled to himself thinking,"Let the game begin".....

 next...Chapter Two... The return of the ring.........

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