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Mr Archer - Chapter 3

Michael makes a late night visit and gets a surprise
In the morning Michael woke early as he always did. He was instantly aware of Juliette, still sleeping deeply beside him. He was tempted to wake her but then thought better of it. As a student she probably didn’t have to get up this early and might not appreciate his early morning enthusiasm.

Instead he rose, showered and shaved and went through to the kitchen to put on coffee, leaving Juliette to sleep. A few minutes later she appeared, dressed in one of his T-shirts to give him a sleepy hello. She kissed him good morning and, with a teasing glance to check he was admiring her, retreated for the shower. Her long legs looked particularly fine as he watched her go.

After breakfast Michael showed Juliette where she could leave the key for the flat hidden above the door. Then he had to say goodbye and leave her to it, explaining he had meetings in college first thing. It all seemed so natural between them that Michael never asked when he could see her next. He presumed simply that they would catch up later.

The day was busy and Michael barely had time to assimilate what had happened the previous night or that morning, or what it meant. This was clearly no longer a one-off encounter with a student, unplanned and regretted later. Now he was a repeat offender, embarking on a relationship with someone he definitely shouldn’t be seeing. He buried himself in work and tried to forget the potential implications for a while. At least until he could think calmly and clearly away from college.

That evening he got home and the flat felt suddenly empty. Juliette had cleared away the breakfast things and left him a note “Thank you for a great night Mr Archer, see you soon, Love J.” The use of his surname made him chuckle, it was already becoming a recurring joke between them. But now it finally dawned on him that he still had no real way of getting in direct contact with her. She had not given him her mobile number and he had forgotten to ask. She felt like a ghost in his life, appearing out of the blue and then disappearing again. He felt completely confused when they would see each other and how she was going to act the next time they met.

Michael was due to meet some of the other staff for a drink that evening. He made himself something to eat and then quickly scanned his college email for any updates for tomorrow. There was one. It was from Juliette. “Come over later. I am in R309 Block H. 10:30PM, Juliette”

This was not planned. Instead this was inside college and potentially public. And the little they had discussed about meeting again had all centred around keeping things private. But then nothing had been predictable over the last few days. So Michael simply replied that he would ring the buzzer to her block at 10:30 and then left. He knew he could always leave the bar a bit early and no one would really comment. There was always the angle that the new-boy had homework to catch up on.

Later that night Michael found himself with his finger on the buzzer, feeling not for the first time recently that everything was a little surreal. Visiting Juliette at her hall of residence felt like he was crossing a forbidden boundary. This feeling increased as he saw Juliette appear through the window. She was dressed in a very short pleated skirt and an old hooded top and flip-flops. She looked effortlessly sexy but also every inch the university student. She was totally out of bounds to him.

As she answered the door she put her finger to her lips. She motioned him silently to follow her and lead him quickly up the stairs. As quietly as he could, he followed her up three flights of stairs and then down a short corridor, pausing at the second door on the right. Juliette unlocked it and they slid through quickly into her room. They had made it without being seen. Juliette shut the door behind them and locked it again.

“Phew, that’s better,” breathed Michael, buzzing a little from the clandestine entrance they had just made. “Is this your room?” The question was ridiculous but it was such a monumental moment he just blurted it out. It felt amazing to be inside a personal space belonging to this beautiful young woman. He wanted to have a look around and take the opportunity to find out a little more about her. On first impression the room was reasonably spacious, with a desk and work area, a sink and armchair and a bed under the window. Juliette had obviously made small attempts to make the space personal but the college institution décor was pretty hard to overcome.

He realized Juliette was watching him. She was standing a few feet away, perched against the sink and looked nervous. He took his jacket off and she took it from him. “Can I have a kiss?” He asked. It seemed to be something he needed to ask. The easy intimacy they had shared just that morning suddenly felt a million miles away.

“Err No. I mean that’s not why I asked you here.” She paused, and sucked her bottom lip thoughtfully. Michael wondered if they were about to have “that” conversation; the one about teacher-student relationships not being a good idea. His face, never good for poker, must have shown his disappointment. Why had she asked him over so late in the evening to just tell him this?

Juliette smiled as if she had just come to a decision. “Actually yes you can”, she said. “In fact, I’d like to play a little game. Are you up for that?” She threw her hair back and looked at him coyly.

“Sure, what sort of game?”

“Well you ask me what you want, one thing at a time, like asking for a kiss. I mean, yes you can have one but you can’t do anything else unless you ask. We take it one step at a time that way. Do you see what I mean?”

“OK.” Michael laughed. “Of course, why not?” 

Juliette still seemed a bit anxious to him. But if taking control meant she could relax then he was more than happy to go along. He wondered if it was because they were in her territory for the first time. If it all felt more bit more real for her now, seeing him in her room late at night.

“Can I have that kiss then?” he asked gently. She nodded and looked almost shy.

Their kiss began a little awkwardly. Juliette kept herself apart from him at first, leaning in as if she was only just daring the agreed contact. Michael caressed her mouth with his, carefully exploring her lips. She reacted like she was experiencing the shape of his kiss for the first time; tasting him to be sure she liked the sensation. But as she began to relax, her body moved forward. She allowed her lips to press harder against his and he could feel her soft mouth opening to him a little at a time. As her responses grew he slid the tip of his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues met for the first time, fluttering against each other, and now her mouth was open and pressing fiercely against his as she began to respond with more abandon.

Pulling away, Michael spoke softly into her ear “I’d like to touch your face with my hand and hold you closer, will that be ok?” Juliette nodded her assent, leaning into him. He caressed her forehead and then her cheekbone with his fingers. He stroked her hair away from her ear before leaning in to kiss her again, first on her cheek and then on her soft mouth once more. This time Juliette responded with no hesitation, opening her mouth to his and allowing their tongues to dance together.

Michael put his hands on Juliette’s hips and drew her closer. She pressed herself against him, her body losing the last of its stiffness as her need for him grew. But after a few moments she paused, and taking hold of his hands she moved them away from her, taking a small step back.

“I want you to sit down on the edge of the bed,” she breathed. “And each time you ask me something you have to remove a piece of your clothing, ok?”

Michael moved towards the bed, pulling her with him, their hands still holding each other.

“Do you want to start? He watched her as he sat, enjoying her growing confidence.

“Oh no, you lead…” she grinned back at him. “You have to ask me. What’s next Mr. Archer…?”

“In which case I think I’ll take off both my shoes. And I want you to take off both your top and your bra.” It was a gamble and Juliette arched her eyebrows at his sudden raising of the stakes. But without further protest she let go of his hands, pulled her sweatshirt over her head and threw it over the nearby chair, defiantly meeting his challenge. Then, throwing her hair back, she turned round so that she could unclip her bra with her back to him. She paused before cupping her hands over her breasts, and turned back to face him.

“Do you like what you see?”

Michael sat looking at her for a moment, struck by her glorious, almost-naked body. The way she was still hiding her beautiful breasts, the tiny skirt that only just covered her knickers, the angle of her neck and shoulders, her almost flat tummy with that slight, soft roundness and her gorgeous hips and legs. She looked amazing.

“Come here.” Michael growled. He had to clear his throat suddenly as his voice caught. “I’m going to take off both my socks and in exchange I want you to lean over me so I can kiss your tits, ok?”

He quickly removed both socks, flinging them onto the same chair Juliette had just used. She laughed at his deliberate flourish but he just smiled at her, daring her to come to him.

Juliette stepped forward, to stand just in front of his parted knees. Then, as if revealing her breasts for the first time, she unclasped her hands. She placed her hands on his shoulders and leaned forward, so that her pert breasts were just inches from his face.

Even in the little time since he had last seen them, Michael had forgotten quite how fabulous they were. He leaned forward to kiss each of them in turn. Then he looked up.

“Have I told you how beautiful you are?” he whispered.

“No, I don’t think you have,” she smiled and shook her head.

He dropped his gaze back to her body and kissed both of her tits, keeping his mouth open and his lips soft against her warm skin. Then he closed his mouth around the first of her hardening nipples, drawing it inside his mouth, encircling it with his tongue. He began to suck, at first gently and then with greater pressure, creating a vacuum with his mouth. Releasing it, he turned his head to do the same with her other nipple. Juliette leaned in with one hand on his shoulder, the other entwined in his hair, cradling the back of his head. She looked surprised at her own growing arousal, as if she hadn’t quite expected the confidence of his touch.

“If we take off your shirt next, what would you like to do with me for that?” She asked.

“I’d like to slide my hands up under your skirt…” Michael replied, leaning back as she began to unbutton him.

“Ok, but you have to stop when I say…”

Michael helped her take his shirt off. “That’s the deal. But you need to stand very close to me, right here between my legs”.

Juliette stepped closer as Michael opened his thighs wide for her to stand between them. They were very close to each other now, their legs almost touching. Juliette’s hands still on his shoulders. She looked down with close attention as he placed his hand gently onto one of her knees, cupping the shape of her kneecap. For a moment Michael didn’t move, enjoying the contact between them, not wanting to rush the moment. Then, looking up to see she was comfortable with his movements, he moved his palm to the inside of her knee.

Very slowly he ran his hand up the inside of her thigh and under her skirt. He stopped only when he felt the topmost edge of his fingers brush against the underside of her crotch. Keeping this slightest of contact with her knickers, he ran edge of his hand between her legs just once. And then, without hurry, slid it back down to her knee.

Then he placed a hand on her other knee, and again slid his palm up this thigh to her crotch. He allowed the contact between his straightened fingers and her crotch to be just a little firmer. Pressing the top edge of his hand against her warm knickers’-clad pussy, he pressed it horizontally between her legs, and then slowly down her thigh again.

As the pressure began to build, each time Michael’s alternating hands rose up under her skirt, Juliette’s breathing began to change. Eventually she adjusted her position just a little, moving her feet further apart so he could access her pussy more easily. Her hands cradled his head, her fingers gripping his hair.

Michael ran his hand up under her skirt again. But this time when the edge came into contact with the apex of her thighs, he held it there, pressing against her crotch. He could feel her heat through the damp fabric of her knickers. Her body seemed to quiver slightly, aching for him to do more. He drew his fingers to the front of her sex and then, creating a fist, gently but firmly pushed it against her mound and between her legs, his knuckles rubbing hard against her hidden bud through her knickers. Juliette gasped at the change of his touch and her hand reached down to hold his fist against her. She bit her lip and pushed her crotch against his fist, thrusting against it in small movements.

“Now If I take the rest of my clothes off, are you going to suck my cock?” Michael asked, his voice thick with his growing desire for her. Without waiting for her answer, he leaned back to unbuckle his belt and pushed his trousers over his knees. Juliette stepped back to give him room and then leaned down to kiss him passionately on the mouth. As she did this, she slid one hand down his chest, her fingers reaching out to touch his already stiff cock through his pants. She traced the tips of her fingers along its shape as they kissed, their tongues deep in each other’s mouths. Then Juliette reached her hand into the waistband of his underwear and wrapped her fingers around his shaft. She expertly rolled his foreskin back, masturbating him slowly. After a few moments she drew back from his mouth and looked down at his cock, still in her hand.

“She was right, you do have a wonderful cock. But before I let you fuck me there is something you should know.” Juliette said, slowly letting go of him and stepping back.

“Oh, what’s that?” Michael asked, suddenly confused.

“I need to show you something.” Juliette turned and went to the desk where she picked up a small photo frame that had been placed face-down. She returned with it and handed it to Michael. “That’s my sister” she said. The photo was of two identical girls, Juliette and her twin sister, taken recently. They were both grinning at the camera with a grin that Michael knew well now. It meant they were up to some mischief, playful and happy when the shot was taken.

“I don’t understand, you have a twin?” Asked Michael “That’s great but how come you never mentioned her before - and why now?”

“Her name is Juliana. She studies sociology here in the university”

“Ok, well she is gorgeous, just like you but I have never met her as far as I know?”

“Actually you have. She attended your lectures in the first few weeks of term, at least some of the time. You see we like to know everything about each other; what we are doing, what our classes and friends are like. So sometimes we swap. No one ever knows. We've even occasionally swapped boyfriends but not very often.” The comment hung in the air for a heartbeat. “You know, so we can give each other advice, share even our intimate experiences”

Michael paused. “What do you mean?”

“Well, Juliana took a bit of a shine to you in the classes she sat in. In fact she had the full-blown hots for you from the start. So she made it her mission to get to know you, even though she wasn’t going to your lectures any more. She came to see you the other afternoon in your office. But she didn’t mean for you both get so carried away right there and then.” Juliette paused. “It seems to be an effect you have on both of us.” She went on, “so you see it was actually Juliana pretending to be me who visited you in your office. And instead of only seeing you once, she told me that you had such a glorious cock that she wanted to meet up with you again. You saw her last night”

The truth was suddenly out, and the full reality dawned on Michael. “So that means this is the first time you have been with me? Juliette nodded, only slightly embarrassed. “Are you guys sharing me?”

Juliette grinned. “Is that so bad?” She asked.

“No, well, I’m not sure. It explains a lot tonight…I mean you are sexy as hell but you are…” Michael didn’t know how to go on. “I mean its different somehow.” He paused. “Does Juliana know that I am here?” Michael was trying to think rapidly about the potential options. If he was honest with himself then he knew that above all else he wanted to fuck this sexy young woman here and now. Juliette or Juliana, here had been too much build up. Both sisters were clearly in on him being here… and at least a moment ago Juliette was clearly aroused and holding his cock.

“Yes she knows. And now you know, would you still like me to get naked with you Mr. Archer?” 

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