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My Best Friend's Wife

On a camping trip, David learns how bad Shane's wife has wanted him.
As I rounded the corner to turn on Maple street, on route to Shane's house, I couldn't help but chuckle at the irony of Brad Paisley's "Alcohol". Here I am on my way to a party and this song comes on the radio. Of course it alters the minds of us poor college kids. How else are we supposed to suffer through four years of college? If it weren't for a weekend full of nothing but alcohol, sluts and escaping reality, we would all lose our minds. It's a nice balance before we jump head first into the real world.

"Glad your ass could make it!", Shane greeted me as I walked into his house.

"Always, bro", I replied, giving him a bro hug as he handed me a freshly opened beer.

"David, bro, there's this hot chick out back who keeps asking for you. She heard about the size of your small cock and wanted to find out for herself." Shane said while laughing.

I always catch grief over the size of my cock. It's a good 8 inches long and 2 inches in girth. Shane likes to joke around about it being small. Apparently he got a good look at it one night while I was fucking this really hot slut that happened to walk in on me while pissing. Ever since then, he likes to joke about the size.

"Well I'll just have to let that bitch see for herself." I said while making my way through the crowd of some really drunk idiots.

My slut detector started going off as I saw her making her way towards me. Shane was right. This bitch is fucking sexy. Her dark hair bounced upon her shoulders while she walked. Her eyes were glazed over, probably from the amount of alcohol she may or may not have consumed. Her cheek bones sat rather high, her jaw line ran down to her pointed chin, giving off the Kim Kardashian look. Her full breast protruding, appearing to break free any minute from the flimsy blouse that hung loosely from her slender figure. Her body flared out at the hips, giving off the hour glass image. Her short skirt hugged firmly against her shapely thighs. She was fucking hot. My dick reacted normally to the presence now standing within inches from me.

"Hello, David. I've been waiting for you all night." Said this mystery girl.

"Er, how do I know you?" I asked, slightly confused.

"You were in my economics class last semester. You may not recognize me, I've lost some weight."

I was desperately racking my brain to remember this chick from that class. I thought back to that hell hole of a class. One day in particular stuck out. I walked in kinda late to class that day. As I was taking my seat, I looked across the room to see a pretty, little on the chunky side, girl staring at me. I could see the lust in her eyes. I stared for a second, taking in the reality of actually being stared at. I sat down and pulled out my book and tried to get in tune with our bitch of a professor, but my thoughts and attentions kept reverting back to this chick across the room. Occasionally I would look over in her direction and catch her looking at me. She gave me a wink and then seductively licked her lips. My dick jumped in my pants. 'Holy shit!', I thought to myself, this chick wants me.

That definitely was different from my high school days. Girls were shy, always having to probed into sucking my dick. College was much different. In fact, it was the other way around. Going to my first college party was one hell of an experience. I was begged by this slut to let her suck my dick. I obviously didn't refuse the service of that fine piece of ass that was presented in front of me.

I was distracted the rest of the class by this chick. My dick grew harder with every look at her. Even though she was a little on the chunky side, it was still a fucking turn on seeing her trying to seduce me in the middle of class. My dick ached to be released from it's confines and to be placed between her luscious lips.

Class finally let out. I quickly gathered my things and bolted out the door, or so it seemed. As soon as I crossed the threshold, I quickly hid next to the door.

"Hey", I said as she emerged from the classroom.

"Whoa hey there. You scared the shit out of me."

"My bad", I laughed, "what's your name?"

"Cindy. What's your?"

"David, nice to meet you beautiful." I said and gave her a wink.

She turned a quick shade of red and gave a cheesy smile. "Why thank you, handsome."

"I'm done for classes today. You wanna hang out for a bit?" I asked sheepishly.

"Oh, um well, I have a class in 20 minutes. After that I'm free for the day. Meet me out front of this building at 4:00 and I'm yours for the rest of the day." Cindy replied.

"Sounds like a plan" I said, giving her a wink then walked off.

We met up at 4 and went back to my place. I got my wish and planted my dick between her lips. Her tongue worked like magic as she glided her tongue over my hard shaft. To my surprise she was able to take my entire dick in her mouth. Feeling my the head stuffed in her throat was nothing I've felt before. I erupted stream after stream of cum down her throat.


"Oh, Cindy. I'm sorry. Wow I should have recognized you. Damn you look fucking sexy! What happened to you after our encounter that day? You just kinda disappeared."

"Well, I had to go home because of a family emergency. I, unfortunately, had to drop out last semester. I took the opportunity to better myself just in case I ran into that big cock of yours again." She said while looking at the bulge that had developed in my pants.

"You definitely did a great job. Even though you were still pretty before."

"I didn't want to be pretty, I wanted to be sexy!"

"Well you definitely pulled it off." I said as I wrapped my arms around her waist, drawing her in for a passionate kiss.


Lacy's point of view

Lacy, Shane's wife, was watching intently through the back door. She heard about the size of David's cock and had to know for herself. 'Oh how I'd love to see that cock of his', Lacy thought to herself as Cindy began caressing the obvious bulge in David's pants. She was rather horny, with the aid of alcohol of course, and longed to be in Cindy's position at that very moment. She envied every touch that Cindy was making. From what she could tell of the bulge in his pants, he was rather large.

Finally Cindy released David's monster. The rumors were true. David was huge! Lacy about lost it when she saw the size of David's cock. She wanted it, she had to have it. She was amazed by Cindy's ability to take all of David's cock in her mouth.

Overcome with the tingling wetness between her legs, Lacy ran to her and Shane's bedroom to relieve herself. She was masturbating so feverishly, she didn't notice Shane had walked in. He just stood by the bed watching his sexy wife finger fuck her cunt to a bed shaking orgasm. When her orgasm subsided, Shane made his presence known. Lacy freaked the fuck out!

"Fuck the ever loving shit out of me please!" Lacy demanded, feeling hornier than ever.

Without a word, Shane stripped down and slid into the bed next to her. Lacy grabbed his dick and started stroking it relentlessly. She wanted to feel him deep inside her. She had to have him. Most of all, she wanted David. After all he's the one who made her feel so damn horny.

Shane positioned himself between her legs and with one fluid thrust, plunged as far as he possibly could into Lacy's wanton pussy. She screamed when he reached her cervix. Lacy wrapped her legs around Shane's ass, squeezing him with everything she had. Shane began forcefully pounding her cunt.

By now the whole party was gathered outside Shane and Lacy's bedroom door. Everyone was intent on what was going on in the room. It was obvious that Shane was fucking her brains out. She wanted it so he gave it to her. The whole party listened to Lacy erupted into a violent orgasm. Soon after, everyone began leaving. Everyone except for David and Cindy, who remained in the backyard.


Cindy and I, where I left off

I wrapped my arms around her waist, drawing her in for a passionate kiss. Our tongues wrestled in our mouths like they had in our previous encounter. My hands roamed down her back side before coming to a stop on her ass. Her ass was more firm than before. 'Wow she really firmed up' I thought to myself. I worked my hands up to her back. I could feel the muscles in her back contract. Feeling her newly toned body was such a turn on. I had to have her. I worked my way around to her pert breasts. Cindy's breasts were smaller than before, but definitely more firm and perky. Her breasts were definitely much nicer. I unbuttoned her blouse, freeing her boobs from their confines. I began kissing her neck; working my way down to her collar bone, then to each breasts. I made sure to pay special attention to her nipples. Each nipple hardened with every flick of my tongue. Hearing her subtle moans turned me on that much more.

Cindy couldn't keep her hands off my throbbing dick. Feeling my full 8 inches through my jeans, made her wet enough to begin running down her leg. She couldn't take it anymore. She dropped to her knees; unbuttoned my pants and with one quick motion, pulled my pants and briefs down. My dick sprang up and hit her in the face. I couldn't help but to laugh. I quickly stepped out of my pants.

Cindy gave me an angry glare and took my cock deep into her mouth. The head of my cock was nestled safely in her throat. Seeing my whole dick disappear into her mouth about sent me over the edge. She's the only girl that has been able to engulf my entire dick. I loved the feeling of her mouth moving over my shaft. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. The feeling was surreal. She removed my dick from her mouth a few minutes later and stood up.

"I've been saving myself for you, David" Cindy said in a seductive manor.

"Really now?" I asked, feeling more turned on.

"Oh yes. You're the only one I want."

After retrieving my pants, I picked her up, wrapping her legs around my waist, and walked to the secluded area of the backyard. Shane had set up a nice Gazebo with a futon in the middle. In the privacy of the Gazebo, I laid her down on the padding. I went around checking all the curtains, making sure they were closed and we were completely hidden from the world. Cindy took the time to undress while I secured our place for the night. I sent a quick text to Shane stating where and what we were obviously gonna be doing for the night.

I finished undressing and climbed on top of Cindy. She was very anxious to finally have my big cock stuffed inside her. She grabbed my dick and lined it up. I slowly pushed my way inside her tight pussy. Cindy gasped as the head of my dick split her very moist lips. I slowly inched my way inside. I could feel the walls of her pussy clamp down on my dick as it passed by. Finally I reached her cervix. I held still for a few minutes to let her get used to the massive intrusion she had been lacking lately. Cindy finally relaxed and I began to thrust in and out of her pussy. I took it slow at first. I wanted to make our first sexually encounter, since she lost weight, a special one. I just wanted to make love to her.

I stared into her eyes as we fucked. I could see the love and passion building in her eyes. I reached down and kissed her. It was a slow and sensual kiss. Cindy was on the verge of an orgasm before I kissed her. As soon as our lips met, she tensed up and let out a very sexy moan and I felt her cum hit my balls and run down her ass. I began to pick up the pace. My own orgasm was quickly approaching. A few more quick thrusts and I was exploding my wad deep inside her belly. I kissed her once again and then just laid there as my dick softened inside her extremely wet cunt.

Cindy and I fucked every which way that night. She rode my big fat cock, I had her legs propped up on my shoulders, she took it from behind and she even took it in the ass a couple times.

Cindy had a hard time walking the next day. She claims to be sore from her workout before the party, but I know better. Anyways, Cindy and I began dating shortly afterwards. She quickly became good friends with Lacy and Shane. Lacy sometimes gives her dirty looks for no reason. I'm not quite sure why. Cindy is a very sweet girl. Who knows?


The camping trip

"This looks like a good spot." Shane said as he pointed to a camp site near the beach of the lake.

I pulled in and we began to set up for the weekend. Our camp site was enclosed by trees and just to the other side of the tree line was the beach. 'Good spot' I thought to myself as I looked around the area. The picnic table and fire pit was on the right side of the camp site. The terrain was flat with very little rocks in the way. There was a small trail that led to the beach from the camp site. We were secluded from everything else. It was like we were in our own world.

Cindy had to work so she wasn't going to be meeting up with us until the next day. Which was okay I guess. We weren't going to have sex anyways since the four of us were sharing the tent.

"Let's go look for some fire wood", I began before turning towards Lacy, "while you find an area to set up the tent."

"Sounds good" Lacy said while giving me a wink.

What the fuck was the wink for? I was rather confused by that. My dick, of course, betrayed me. I felt it gain some mass as I turned around and followed Shane into the tree line. Suddenly a new sense of lust came over me. I had never really looked at Lacy in a sexual way because of Shane. I always found her attractive, just not sexually attractive. Now that I was thinking about it, she was pretty fucking sexy.

Shane and I began looking for twigs and small logs that would be sufficient to build a healthy fire. We looked all around the tree line and even down along the beach. I came across some twigs, but wasn't having much luck finding logs.

My thoughts kept going back to Lacy and why she winked at me. Is there something I'm not aware of or what? Did she have something planned? No, can't be. She's married to Shane. Why would she risk fucking that up with his best friend? No, that wink meant nothing. I just shook my head and walked on.

"How much wood did you find?" Shane asked as we met up by the trail that led back to the camp site.

"I found a few twigs and a couple logs." I said while looking at the small amount of wood I accumulated.

"Yeah same here. This should be good enough for at least tonight. I just wanna chill, drink a few and cook up some burgers."

"Sounds like a fucking plan, bro." I said as we began to walk up the path back to the camp site.

We made it back to camp and noticed that Lacy pretty much had everything set up. All that was left was to pitch the tent and build the fire. Shane and I began setting up the tent in an unorganized fashion. After 10 minutes of fighting the poles, we finally got the bastard set up. Lacy seemed quite amused watching us struggle with the tent.

The fire was much easier to build. Within minutes she was roaring. Lacy, Shane and I sat around the fire, each with a beer in hand. It was nice and relaxing. I was beginning to miss Cindy because I was basically the third wheel until she arrived.

The more we drank the more I noticed Lacy acting more, I guess you could say, provacative. She was being extra flirty with me. Each time Shane would leave she would try to sneak a peak at the crotch in my pants or sit with her legs slightly spread open. I caught a glimpse of her pussy as the beers kept coming. She wasn't wearing any underwear. Lacy let her shorts slide up just enough to see her perfectly shaven mound. I noticed she was pretty wet. I'm pretty sure this is alcohol induced. She would never do such a thing if sober. My dick betrayed me every time I looked her way. It was aching inside my shorts. Oh how I wish Cindy were here right now to take care of my hard on. Finally Shane returned.

"I think I'm gonna go to bed." I slurred as I got up to head to the tent. "You two don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"Well then that leaves the door wide open huh?" Shane joked.

"Pretty much." I responded as I entered the tent to climb into my sleeping bag.


I felt a soft hand stroking my rigid cock. It felt amazing. Cindy must have just arrived. I bet she wants to wake me by stroking my cock. I'm going to let her think I'm still asleep. She increased her stroking as I lay there with my eyes closed. I shifted slightly to give her better access to my dick. I about shot my load when I unexpectedly felt her mouth swallow up the head of my dick. Her mouth felt different, but I didn't want to ruin her surprise. She began playing with my balls as her head bobbed up and down my hard shaft. I felt her mouth pull away as she started stroking my dick relentlessly. Soon I felt the familiar feeling as my balls tightened up. My cock began throbbing in her hand as she picked up her pace. The cum began racing down my cock. I felt her mouth catch my cum as she milked my cock.

I opened my eyes to look at my loving girlfriend. Only problem was that it wasn't my girlfriend. It was Shane's wife, Lacy. A sudden feeling of guilt and shock came over me all at once. How could I have been so naive? Oh whatever, it happened. Nothing I can do about it now.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked her in a whisper.

"I've always wanted to suck your cock. I heard it was huge so I wanted to know for myself." Lacy replied. "How did you enjoy that?"

"It was nice, but I seriously thought it was Cindy, not you."

"Well I can still be Cindy if you'd like." She began, still holding my cock in her hand. "Besides, I want to feel this cock of yours deep inside me."

"Oh boy. What about Shane?" I asked with an edge to my whisper.

"What about him? He doesn't have to know. Besides, he's a really hard sleeper after he's drank. We can go to the bathrooms that are about half a mile down the path from here."

"This is wrong you know that right?" I said, beginning to feel somewhat pissed off. Of course my dick betrayed me again. I could feel it gaining mass in Lacy's hand.

"I know and so dirty. What do you say?"

"Okay fine. No one knows about this! Got it?"

"I promise!"

With that, Lacy exited the tent as quietly as she could, not to take the risk of Shane actually waking up. I laid there for a minute to make sure he hadn't woken up. Slowly I climbed out of the tent and Lacy and I began our journey to the bathroom so she could finally experience my cock.

I was still pretty buzzed as we walked to bathroom. I guess that's why my inhibitions were out the window. Fuck it; she wants my cock, she's gonna get my cock.

We made it to the bathroom and no sooner had the door closed, I was on Lacy. I forced her up against the bathroom wall and forcefully kissed her. She gasped at first before kissing my back. I started groping her tits through the outside of her shirt. Lacy frantically removed it, allowing my access to her ample tits. I took a nipple into my mouth and roughly began sucking on it. She began moaning as I clamped down hard on it while twisting the other nipple in my hand. I worked my way down her toned stomach until I reached the waist band of her skimpy shorts. With one quick motion, I pulled them down past her knees. Lacy stepped out of them, allowing me full access to her wonderful looking pussy lips. Her lips were protruding and her pussy was already open. I forced two fingers into her wanton pussy and clamped down on her clit with my mouth. Lacy began moaning and bucking her hips on my face. I finger fucked her pussy with everything I had.

"Oh god! I'm cumming, David! Don't stop. This is amazing!" She moaned loudly as I felt her tense up and a rush of liquid came pouring down my hand.

I stood up and kissed her again. I wanted her to taste herself. I took off my shirt and dropped my shorts before turning her around so she faced the wall. I began rubbing the head of my dick against her pussy lips to build up lube. Lacy was letting out subtle moans before screaming when my massive pole split her lips. Her pussy was really tight. I forced my dick as deep as it would go. Lacy's moans increased in tempo and volume as I began pounding her from behind.

"You want my fucking cock bitch?" I blurted out.

"Oh fuck yes! Give it to me hard!" She moaned.

"I'm gonna give it to you like the little slut that you are!"

By now I was forcefully pounding her pussy. Her moans were echoing off the walls. I'm sure some of the other campers could hear her, but I didn't give a fuck.

An idea crossed my mind. If she wants my dick so bad, then she better be willing to do anything for it. I stuck my finger in her mouth and she instinctively began sucking on it. I made sure it was nicely coated with her saliva before removing my finger from her mouth. I placed my finger at the entrance of her hole and began massaging.

"What do you think you're doing?" She asked as she tensed up.

"You want my cock so I'm gonna make sure you will never forget this experience. Therefore, I'm sticking it up your ass."

"Oh god." Was all she could get out as her anal muscle gave way to my finger.

I inched my finger in her ass, lubing it with her saliva as it went in. I slowed my thrusts so I could concentrate on her ass. I could feel her muscles contract around my invading finger. I could tell she didn't want my dick in her ass, but I didn't care. I'm giving my dick to her like I would any other whore that would want it.

I worked my finger until I was knuckle deep. I began twisting my finger around her ass to make sure it was nice and lubed. I removed my finger from her ass as I removed my dick from her pussy. Using her pussy juices as extra lube, I aimed the head of my dick at the entrance of her tiny pink rosebud. Lacy let out a moan as the head of my dick made it's way past her clenching muscle.

"You want me dick like a whore. Well I'm gonna give it to you like a whore." I said as my dick inched further and further into her reluctant hole.

"Oh fuck yesss! Give it all to me! Treat me like a fucking whore!"

Her ass was really tight around my dick. Finally I was fully embedded in her ass. I sat there for a minute to make sure I didn't blow my load to soon. I slowly began my pace, thrusting in and out, in and out. Lacy's moans were my approval to really pick up the pace.

"Fuck my ass hard you bastard! Use me like the little whore that I am!" She screamed as I began to forcefully pound her ass.

I reached around and began playing with her clit. Her moans increased. I reached a little further and stuck two fingers in her sopping wet pussy. I was now finger fucking her while fucking her ass. Soon I felt her tense up as her orgasm quickly approached. I felt a rush of liquid pour out onto my hand and drip to the floor. I began laying into her ass, not letting up on fingering her pussy. She had no time to settle down from her orgasm before her second one hit right away.

"Oh David, this is too much! Oh god! I'm cumming again! Arrrggghhhh!" Lacy screamed as her third orgasm hit. She about collapsed from the sensation.

"Taste what my cock has done to your pussy, slut." I said as I removed my finger from her pussy and forced them into her mouth.

"Mmmmm, I love tasting myself after I've orgasmed."

I pulled out of her ass and quickly stuck my dick deep into her pussy. The warm, wet sensation was almost too much. I slowed down before I lost my load into her wanton pussy. I gradually picked up speed. I wasn't quite done with this bitch.

"Fuck me harder! I want to feel your cum inside me!" She said.

"Beg for my cum you whore." I ordered, feeling really turned on.

"Give your cum! I want your cum deep inside me!" Lacy begged.

My hips were like a blur just hearing her talking to me like that. I wanted to deposit my seed deep inside her. I wanted her to go back to camp completely satisfied. Most of all, I wanted her to get the full experience of my dick so she wouldn't want it again. I'm not doing this to my best friend ever again.

Lacy was screaming with every punishing blow of my dick inside her pussy. Her screams finally sent me over the edge. I unleashed a massive load of cum deep insider her pussy. I slowed my pace as I kept cumming. By now all I could hear was the squishing of my cum mixed with her cum as some of it dripped out onto the floor.

My cock quickly deflated as the reality of what just happened hit me. I really just fucked my best friend's wife. Not only did I just fuck her, but I also came inside her. A mixture of guilt and anger came over me. I quickly got dressed and left Lacy in the bathroom.

I slipped inside the tent and climbed back into my sleeping bag. I want to go to sleep and hopefully wake up and realize this was all a dream. I had just zipped myself up when Shane rolled over and looked at me.

"How was Lacy's pussy?" He asked.

"Umm. What are you talking about?"

"Look bro, I know you two were fucking in the bathroom. To be honest with you, I told her to. I wanted her to experience your dick. She said if she could do it once then she would be satisfied." He told me as I was taking in what had just happened. "This was all set up. Why do you think I kept getting up so often while we were drinking? I was wanting her to try and seduce you. I could tell it was starting to work because you got up and went to bed."

"Wow really? You know, you could've just brought it up casually. I would've done it willingly." I replied.

"Yeah, but I wasn't sure how you would've reacted. I know you're really into Cindy and all. Ha, speaking of Cindy, she gave us the go ahead to do this. That's the reason she said she had to work." He said with a smile on his face.

"Oh wow," I laughed. "She's gonna get it when she gets here." I said with a smile on my face.

Lacy stepped back into the tent and laid down next to Shane.

"How was it baby?" Shane asked Lacy.

"It was fantastic! He made me cum so hard!" She said and gave me a kiss.

"Good, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Now let's get some rest. Cindy will be here later." Shane said and winked at me.

I rolled over and closed my eyes. I just fucked my best friend's wife and everyone was in on it except me. This was definitely a surprise. Hmmm, I thought to myself as I began to drift off to sleep, this is going to be a wild camping trip...

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