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My Birthday with Nadia

Will I ever make it out of my room....

It had been some time since my last encounter with Nadia.   I could not help but to fantasize about her most of the time.  God! She just drove me crazy that night, I thought to myself.  For weeks I kept recalling everything she did to me that night and how many times she had made me cum.  I had not seen her in a while, but we had talked on the phone from time to time.  She never let the chance go by to tell me all the nasty, dirty things she was going to do to me the next time she saw me.  Just hearing her voice would make me so wet and when I was done talking to her I really needed to have sex with my boyfriend to get my mind off of her.  The problem was that when he would go down on me I would always imagine it being her mouth and tongue.  I would try to fight these feelings because I didn't want to hurt my boyfriend but lately it was getting pretty hard to not cum when I thought of her.  

I distracted myself and started to plan and organize my birthday bash at my home.  Seeing that I have a huge deck and pool I thought it would be a good way to ring in the summer.   My boyfriend helped with the details and I called most of my guests to let them know.  I debated on calling Nadia but I eventually did tell her.  When I called her she said that she would be there with bells on and I warned her ahead of time to be on her best behavior because my boyfriend would also be attending.  She said she would try but was not promising anything and laughed it off.  

In the upcoming weeks to the party I was getting more apprehensive in letting her come to the party, but I had to admit that part of me did want to see her.  That was a part of me that I was desperately trying to suppress as thoughts of my boyfriend came to my mind.  He was a very traditional guy and would just flip if she knew that Nadia and I had fucked.    God! Just saying that in my mind 'Nadia had fucked me', I got so wet just thinking about it. 

The day of my party had finally arrived and I was really excited.   I felt sexy in my red halter-top and my very mini black skirt with my heels.   I looked in the mirror and saw my long black hair fall along my back.  I smiled to myself and wondered what would Nadia think of how I looked?  

I began to think about her tongue and I closed my eyes to imagine it further.  I suddenly felt someone put both hands on my breasts.  I opened my eyes to find my boyfriend groping me all over.  He had startled me and I told him to wait because guests would be arriving soon and tried to push him off me.  He said he had been staring at me getting dressed and was so hard and needed to be inside me.  He whispered in my ear that he wanted a quickie before the party.  He did not even let me respond when he dropped his pants and boxer briefs to his ankles and pushed me against the wall and pushed my skirt all the way up to my waist and shoved his cock right into my pussy.  He let out a couple of grunts and moans when he realized I had no underwear on.  I don’t know what got into him but his aggressiveness was turning me on.   He pushed his cock more into me as I wrapped my leg around his waist.  My head went back on the wall and I closed my eyes and just enjoyed him being inside of me.

After a while I put my head back down and opened my eyes and I suddenly noticed a shadow by my door out of the corner of my eye.  Then I saw someone standing there about a couple of feet behind my boyfriend.  I was about to say something when I realized it was Nadia.  She just stood there lustfully staring at my boyfriend fucking me.   Panic set in and my heart was pounding faster in my chest as I mentally damned my boyfriend for leaving the front door open.  

My boyfriend didn’t even notice as he kept inserting his cock into me again and again.   God! His cock felt so good as he sucked on my nipples back and forth.  I tried to focus on what was happening and I motioned her subtly with my head to go to the living room.   She smiled wickedly and moved her head from side to side while quietly mouthing the word no.  She leaned against the wall right outside my room and didn’t make a sound.  She was sure getting an eye full of my boyfriend's increasing thrusting motion as he pounded me into the wall.  She began to rub her breasts and pulled them out of her low cut blouse and exposed her nipples to me.  I started to moan at the sight of her luscious breasts and my mouth started to water.  She licked her lips at me and quietly said I can fuck you better and smiled.   I moaned so loud that my boyfriend took that as a sign that I was almost coming and he pushed his cock all the way to the hilt and started to fuck me hard.  With Nadia playing with her nipples right in front of me and the immense pleasure I was receiving from my boyfriend's cock was all it took for me to scream right into one of the best orgasms I had ever had.  I held my boyfriend tight as he let out several moans himself and finally came inside me as well.   He held me to the wall and kissed me hard.   I hugged him and motioned Nadia with my hands behind his head to get out.  She winked at me and suddenly disappeared. 

We both suddenly heard a door slam and Nadia’s voice saying is anyone home.   I tried to act surprised and told him to go and greet her.   He got dressed rather quickly and said I will take care of it just fix yourself up.   He gave me a huge kiss that left me breathless and walked out.   I heard him greet Nadia and I heard Nadia do the same.   I pulled my skirt down and tried to fix my hair as I sat on my bed for a moment to catch my breath.   As soon as I felt calm I got up and walked towards my door and as I opened it I was startled to see Nadia standing in front of me. I was about to say something when she put her finger on my mouth and I suddenly heard my boyfriend yell that he was going to get some last minute things at the store and that he would be right back.   As I heard the door slam, I felt my heart sink when I realized I was alone with Nadia.  

She pushed me back in my room and locked my door.   I started to say something but she pushed me onto the bed and I struggled with her and yelled for her to stop. She whispered in my ear that she was so hot from seeing my boyfriend fuck me that she had to have me.   She confessed to me that she told my boyfriend to go to the store and pick up some last minute things for me.   I suddenly became furious with her and started to push her off the bed.   This seemed to turn her on more and she tried to kiss me but I kept moving my head from side to side.   She whispered how she loved when I was angry and held my head in place and as soon as she forced her tongue inside my mouth I instantly got wet and I let out a soft moan.   Her hands were all over me and she pushed my skirt up and shoved her finger into my pussy so hard that she backed me up to the headboard.   I was fighting with myself to not lose myself in lust for her because I knew my boyfriend would be back soon.  

I felt her finger on my clit then go deep inside me and I held on to the headboard for dear life as my breathing became ragged.   I begged her to stop and I told her my boyfriend would be back soon, but the more I protested the harder she fingered me.   She pulled my hair back with her other hand and kissed and sucked on my neck hard and said.

"You’re a lucky girl to get fucked twice in one day by two different people." As she continued to kiss me.

I angrily whispered back, "Fuck you!" trying to catch my breath. 

"That’s exactly what I’m going to do to you!" She said laughing

She then pushed her finger deeper inside my pussy.   I screamed as she pushed my back against the headboard and kissed me again.  Suddenly I heard my cell phone ring and by the sound of the ringer I knew it was my boyfriend.   I tried to push her off and pleaded with her to stop because I had to answer it.   She stopped and let me get off the bed and said I had 3 seconds.   I grabbed my phone and answered it and it was my boyfriend asking me if we needed anything else for the party.   I was told him no that we pretty much had everything already and then I suddenly heard Nadia say one, two, and three and with that I felt her come behind me and insert her finger through my ass right into my pussy.   I let out a gasp and I almost dropped the phone and my boyfriend asked me if I was ok.  

Nadia held me tight as she started to fondle and pinch my nipple with her other hand.   I tried to push her with my other hand but it was no use I was breathing so heavily that I had to force myself to not moan.  Nadia began to whisper in my ear for me to tell him that she had her finger inside my pussy and that she was fucking me and was going to make you scream and cum.  My breathing became ragged and I tried to focus on what he was saying and struggling not to let my knees give way to the pleasure that Nadia was giving me.  I covered the phone and whispered for her to be quiet.  She chuckled and continued her invasion of my body.  

He then that he should be home in about five minutes.  I managed to say ok and I flipped the phone down as Nadia laughed out loud and whispered in my ear that she was not going to let me go until I came in her mouth.   God! She knew exactly what to say to me and how to touch me that I was so turned on by her forcefulness and the thought that my boyfriend would be back at any second was driving me crazy.  

I surrendered to the lust I felt for her at that moment.   She pushed me onto the bed and onto my stomach and pushed my skirt higher all the way to my waist and started to lick and bite my ass.   I moaned as I held on tightly to my bed sheets squeezing them with hands.   I started to let my shoes slip off and she said no leave the hooker heels on and she adjusted them back onto my feet.  She had me on my knees with my ass in the air.  She inserted her tongue into my ass as she rubbed my pussy with her hand and played with my clit at the same time.   I was in pure heaven as she continued to say how much she missed my ass and the taste of my pussy.   She forcefully flipped me over and spread my legs wide open and kissed and licked me from my heels to my knees all the way to my inner thighs I was moaning so loud I couldn’t help myself.   She started to invade my pussy and suck on my clit over and over as I arched my back in pure bliss.   I grabbed her by her hair and forced her tongue deeper into my pussy.   I felt her hands pull my halter up and she started to squeeze my nipples hard.  

"Make me cum!" I yelled. "Please make me cum Nadia.  GOD!"    

Then I suddenly heard my doorknob moving as my boyfriend knocked and said he was back. My heart dropped and  I started to frantically push Nadia to stop but she was not stopping this time and she said she was not going to until I came.   I tried to catch my breath as she sucked the very life out of my clit.   I yelled that I would be out in a minute.   He yelled back is Nadia helping you get ready?   She laughed softly and yelled back that she was.   I started to crawl backwards on my bed and she held me tight by my waist and said your not going anywhere yet.  So I grabbed my pillow as I felt her tongue go over my clit again and again and I screamed right into it as I came into Nadia's mouth again and again.   My whole body started to shake as she sucked on my pussy some more and she licked me clean.   Nadia let me calm down and pulled me up until I was standing.   She pulled my skirt back down and fixed my halter top but not before sucking my nipples one last time.   She held me tight and kissed me so intensely that she left me breathless.  She whispered in my ear that she was going to fuck me again before the night was over all I could do was sigh as she composed herself and before she walked out of my room she turned and said.

"Oh yeah by the way Happy Birthday baby."  She winked at me and walked out smiling.

I heard the voices of other guests that had arrived as she closed the door behind her and I thought to myself what the hell am I going to do now?

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