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My father-in-law. A total prick

For a jerk, he sure knew how to turn me on.
"Great what are we going to do now Ashton? I can't understand how to fix this!"

"Don't worry baby, you'll fix it somehow. You're brilliant. I know you'll figure it out. I believe in you."

"I don't know if I can do it this time Ashton. I have to though. I have to try. I can't let everyone down. All those people. Everyone at the company. I have to figure out something."

"You will baby. You will."

Poor Jason. All I could do was offer him some comfort. I rubbed his back as he sat at his desk and wrung his fingers through his hair. My husband was incredible. He had the kindest heart of anyone I knew. Everything he has become has come through hard work and dedication. He has never sacrificed his morals for goals either. He does what is right and does it with intense passion. You see, Jason grew up in a very entitled family. They were richer than rich. They were elite. His father came from lots of money. He'd inherited an oil fortune and he was one of wealthiest men this side of the United States. He'd turn his good fortune into an even bigger empire. His company was one of the biggest conglomerates in the whole world. He had his hands in the auto industry, sports franchises, soda beverages, alcohol, real estate development, weapons systems and even electronics. If Jason ever had the chance to think he was entitled his father gave it to him. Jason never let it affect him though. He was the most unintitled person I knew. Fortunately, for me and everyone important in his life, he treated people with the utmost respect. He is a humble minded man and extremely generous. On his own, without any help from his father, Jason started a water company that was a huge success. This allowed him to be hugely generous, to the poor and needy throughout the rest of the globe. He donated almost more than he sold. He was that kind of man. Always giving back and always thinking of others. His business, Pure Fresh Flow, was a trendy beverage company that he created and built from the ground up. He employed about 200 people and Jason knew everyone of them.

I guess his father, Charles, didn't agree with his ethics. He loathed his son. He never gave him anything. Not a dime and Jason never asked for anything either. Not once. He wanted to make it himself and he wanted to make it on his own ethics and merit. Charles didn't understand why Jason was so charitable. Charles would never do that. He never gave back and his employees were just robots in his eyes. They were there to work for him, break their backs for him if they had to. The only thing Charles ever did for Jason was to purchase our home. It was very elegant, large and expensive. I had thought he did it as a wedding present. Like, maybe he took the opportunity to finally do something kind for his son and I but Jason corrected me. The only reason he did that was to serve his own ego. To maintain his lifestyle and to make it seem to everyone else that he was a success in everything, even family life, he made sure his son had a home that would be admired by most everyone. How sad and disgusting was Charles. He hated me too. I came from a normal, middle class, blue collar family; we didn't have every toy but we had everything we needed.

Charles treated me like Jason's trophy wife. Sometimes he didn't even acknowledge me by name. He'd said on a couple of occasions, "Move out the way, sugar tits", or "Nice to see you Apple ass." I'd get livid anytime he called me legs though. It was so objectionable. Jason would always remind me that his father was a bastard to everyone and not to take it personally. I did my best but most of the time I'd make sure I didn't have to be in the same room as him. I was extremely happy with Jason, and the life we'd built together, and I wasn't going to let Charles ruin it for anything.

As my thoughts drifted, Jason shouted,

"Ashton, what if I take a loan out again? I can save the company if I can get another loan or another investor. What do you think? Do you think it's a possibility?"

I had no idea. We were already in debt but our company was on the upswing. We just couldn't keep up with the demand, we needed money to expand, before we lost all our new clients. There is so much momentum in this market that we didn't, and couldn't, take a chance of tarnishing our legitimacy. We needed to keep our company growing and expanding.

"I have no idea Jason. You would know best. I mean, isn't there like a consultant friend or something. Someone you know you can chat with?"

"I have." He just shook his head in frustration. "Everyone else has told me the same thing. They keep telling me to sell or to downsize if we can't handle the demand."

I rubbed his shoulders, hoping it would make him feel better. My poor husband. What was a girl to do.

Later that week things got worse. I heard from one of Jason's friends that we lost a large investor and some of his clients had gone with a competitor. We were about to lose most of our client base. Jason was so stressed out that I had no idea what to do. He wasn't able to secure a loan and there weren't any investors who were serious enough at the moment. Jason needed action now. Someone who could invest so he could expand the business immediately and meet all of our potential customer's demands.

That night, we were in the bedroom, getting ready for bed when I had an epiphany. It was ludicrous but I thought it would work. 

"Jason, I have an idea, but you have to promise not to blow your top okay."

He just laughed and turned towards me as he crossed his arms and waited for my pitch.

"Go ahead Ashton. Let me have it. What's this idea?."

As he stood there smiling, I winced and sputtered out, "What if I got your father to loan us the money?"

Jason got bright red. I didn't know if he was mad or if he was about to laugh his head off. He turned away and walked into the closet without saying anything.

"Jason what are you thinking? Should I? I'm sure I can do it."

Jason just laughed, so much so that he almost fell over. He walked over to me and gave me a massive bear hug. I felt him kiss my cheek, as he walked off and climbed into bed.

"Jason come on. It's not a bad idea. He has more money than he knows what to do with. It would be nothing. We've never asked him for anything before."

"That's because he's an old, nasty miser. There's no chance Ashton."

I crossed my arms and stood there as he flicked the light off. I thought it would work but Jason seemed to think it would be impossible. As I climbed in bed and snuggled up next to him, he rubbed my head and told me not to worry. That he would think of something. That he wouldn't let his company tank. I knew he was worried though. I knew the holiday season was coming up and if we lost any more investors or customers, we'd have to down size a bit. Jason would die if that happened. The was last thing he wanted to have happen, to lose any of his valuable and loyal employees before the new year. I knew he was stressed. I knew I had to figure something out for him.

The next day, Jason had gone to work and I just finished my workout with my trainer. I don't work so I mostly keep the house, work on my body and try and be as fit and attractive for my husband as I can. I handle all our finances at home but for the most part I am a homemaker. I'm not your typical housewife though. We don't have kids so most of my activities are fitness based. I've done every marathon known to man. I train at our local crossfit and I run a fitness group in our neighborhood. Normally, I'd be consumed in all of that but I had another set of things on my mind this week. I was determined to talk with Charles about Jason's company. If anyone had the means to help, it was Charles.

Right after lunchtime, at about 1 o'clock, I found myself in the lobby of Dechtronics. It was one of the company's Charles owned and one he always had his hand in. I knew he would be there, so I came right over without making an appointment. I took the elevator up to the thirtieth floor and walked into his personal office suite, which just so happened to be an entire floor at the top of the building.

"Hi Sandra. I'm Jason's wife. I'm here to see his father, Mr. Charles Cunningham. I don't have an appointment but I was hoping to meet with him. It's kind of an emergency."

His secretary was really sweet and buzzed me through his door into his personal office. Charles was on a telephone call and facing out towards his massive office windows. The suite was huge. His office alone was more than 3 quarters of the entire floor. You could almost see 360 degrees around the building. It overlooked the whole city of Los Angeles and Charles seemed like a villainous kingpin or something. Since I knew better than to bother him on a call, I just took a seat in front of his desk and waited patiently. I was so nervous. I had no idea how he would react. Since he is such a chauvinistic pig, I did my best to dress conservatively. I wore my most capable blouse and a gray houndstooth pencil skirt, with black stiletto heels and three quarter stockings. I had my eyeglasses on for added prestige, even though I only needed them really for reading in the dark. He didn't know that though. As Charles finished his call, he slammed his phone on his desk. It knocked a pen off the side, which rolled down toward where I was sitting. Charles hadn't even notice me as he bent down and let out a curse word.

"Shit! This darn back is going to be the death of me!"

He suddenly noticed someone was sitting there, which startled him. It looked like he was going to slug me for a second. Then he hesitated when as he was eye level with my thighs. I jumped out of my seat when he shouted, "Damn, those are some sexy stems if I ever saw them. Who is this vixen in my office?" Charles didn't realize it was me at first. As he stood up with a smile across his wicked face, he said, "Oh damn, if it isn't my twit of a daughter in law! Who the hell let you in here?"

His words frustrated me. Everything he said was harsh and every time he spoke he used such an arrogant, abrasive tone. It was like he was eternally pissed off. I'd liken him to a bear with a splinter in its paw.

It my sweetest and meekest tone, I said,

"Hello Charles. I spoke with Sandra and she let me in."

"What in the world did she do that for?"

I was frightened now. He scared me to death and he was looking at me like he wanted to kill me. His hands curled into fists and he punched them into his waist as he stood there waiting for a response.

"Charles, I needed to speak with you urgently. It's about Jason, your son."

"Oh great. What happened now? Did my whining, sniveling, poor, little, coward of a son hurt himself?"

"No it's nothing like that Charles. It's about his company, our company really."

"By company, do you mean, that hole in the wall water bottling plant? Who the hell needs bottled water anyway. Hasn't anyone ever heard of a glass of water?"

I offered him a small giggle, hoping it would soften his dense mind. It didn't though. Charles walked back over to his chair and sat down as he flipped his phone on. He always had it with him. He never took his eyes off of it. It was like his lifeline.

"You have two minutes sister. You can tell me what you want now, or you can leave in two minutes, shaking that little ass of yours out my door. Either way, get to it!"

"Well Charles we, or I, was hoping you would be interesting in investing in our company. We could offer you a quarter of the shares."

He just laughed at my remark. "What the hell would I want that for. I have all the money I need. Why would I want to steal your lunch money, kid? I should just open my own water bottling company and drive yours out of business. Then I'll take over Jason's property and piss in all of his hippy bottles."

I shook my head in frustration and pushed my eyeglasses back up my nose.

"I understand Charles. I thought you'd say something like that. The other option is you could maybe just give your son a loan, out the kindness of your heart?"

This angered him. He stood up, slammed his fists down and said, "I don't give money away. Especially to that pint sized, sniveling little brat. He's gotten plenty from me. If he wants to be a hippy and run his company like one, then he can suffer like one. He isn't getting a dime from me!"

I sat in his chair defeated. I had no idea he was going to be this terrible to me. I swear he hated his son. As I sat with my head down, Charles just checked his phone, most likely looking at his clock. Waiting for the moment he could usher me out of his office, and get on with his miserable life. I was desperate. I had no idea what to do but I had to do something. I couldn't go back home a failure. I couldn't let Jason down and all of his employees down. We all needed Charles to help. He was practically our last chance at success. As Charles counted down from ten I quickly blurted out,

"Please Charles. I'll do anything. Anything you want. Just name it!"

One of his eyebrows lifted. He loved my desperation. He loved power. He lived for it and it consumed him. He wanted to own everything and everyone. He wanted control and he knew I was just begging like a pauper in front of him now. He sat up slowly and walked over to my chair and gripped the handles on it.

"I've never liked you Ashton. If anything, you made Jason even worse off. Look at you. A poor common girl trying to move into our elite family. You and your ways of thinking and your involvement in his stupid granola ways. He's such a liberal piece of shit now. I'm sure that's your doing."

I lifted my head. Tears welled up in my eyes but I stood my ground. No one was going to make me feel less than perfect. He smiled when he saw my resilience. A smirk sprung up on his face as he looked down at my neck, then down to my blouse and over to one of my thighs, and the slip that was poking out from under my skirt.
"What do you do all day Ashton, work out?"

"What do you mean Charles?" I waited for his response, as I wiped a tear from my eye.

"The one thing that you have going for you, is that sexy little body, isn't it. I bet you oil it like a machine. Don't think I haven't noticed."

I growled at him. My stare was like daggers. Of course I knew he was always staring at me. Checking me out. Stealing glimpses of my chest. Watching my ass whenever I walked past him.

"At least Jason understood one thing. A good fuck is worth every penny. It looks like he invested a whole lot of change into that body of yours too. I guess he's getting his penny's worth isn't he?"

"Fuck you Charles. You're such a pig. You can't talk to me like that!"

He just laughed as he stared at my chest.

"I like your outfit Ashton. What is it? Sexy book worm? I like it very much."

He grabbed my chin and raised it so we could see eye to eye now.

"If you want me to invest in your precious little company there is one thing. One little thing, you can do to sway me Ashton."

I waited for his response. I thought I might have know what he was thinking but I didn't want to take a guess.

"I pride myself in making deals, in winning battles. I savor the hunt and I love the kill. I win. I win. No one else does. I win. I want the prize. I want to be the biggest winner. I get what I want and that's what matters. You may think your winning but I'm the one who really is."

I furrowed my brows. I was so confused. What was Charles saying?

He laughed sadistically. "You don't understand me, do you sugar lips?"

"I'm afraid I don't Charles."

He licked his lips as I peered down at his mouth. I saw the words roll slowly out of his lips.

"I want to fuck. You give me this and I'll give you what ever you want."

My eyes must have grew to the size of baseballs. What in the world was he thinking.

"Charles you disgusting, filthy, dirty, old man. What kind of woman do you think I am."

Charles just laughed, as he unbuttoned the buttons on his wrists and rolled them up like he was getting ready to work.

"There is nothing you can give me that I don't already have, Ashton. I have boats, houses, cars, companies, money, even woman. The only thing I can think of wanting right now, is that sweet, little body of yours. I want you. I want to taste you. I want to feel you. I want to hold your body against mine. Now are you going to take the deal, or am I going to watch you shake that little ass out of my building. It's your call gorgeous. You're the real winner here. It's up to you."

I sat there in shock. I was completely off guard. I know he's made passes at me before, and he's even groped me on occasion, but I thought that was him just being an entitled asshole. I'd rather die than let him touch me though. I started to sweat. My chest was heaving and my breath was almost gone. What kind of predicament was I in now? I was about to faint.

Charles walked over to his telephone and told Sandra to send his next appointment in. He looked at me and muttered under his breath, "Stupid little twit."

As he buttoned the buttons back up on his shirt, I shot out of my chair.

"Fine! I'll do it!"

I have never seen anyone grow as white as he had in that instant. His eyes gazed over at me, as his mouth hung open. He smiled a sinister smile and walked over to his phone without hesitating. In a low, almost preoccupied tone, he said,

"On second thoughts Sandra. Cancel all my appointments and clear out for the rest of the day."

She buzzed back on the phone, "Sorry sir, did you say to take off for the rest of the afternoon?"

"You heard what I said, you moron. Get the hell out!"

"Yes, right away, Mr. Cunningham!"

Charles walked back to his window and took his shirt off. He turned around slowly and walked over to me, after locking his door. As he stood behind me, I felt his breath on the back of my neck. I contemplated what I said, but I knew I wasn't going to back out. If this worked, our company was saved and I'd be the hero.

"You know Ashton, the only thing I've ever admired about my son, was the wife he got to lay with every night. I wondered what you looked like underneath all those fancy clothes. Now I'll know exactly what you feel like. I'd be more than delighted if my son knew that too. That I had carnal knowledge of you. It would make my day."

"No Charles. He can't know. The deals off if you even think of telling him!"

He laughed as he bent down and licked up across my neck and nibbled my ear.

Charles put his phone on the desk a moment later. I watched as it sat there, failing to fall down onto its back like before. I could see a glimmer of light glow red and knew he must have been missing a number of phone calls. I just hoped it wasn't recording us.

Charles smelled my hair and reached down to my skirt and put his hands through the slot on my skirt. He lifted it up and saw the straps on my garter. I felt him pull the strap that connected my stockings to my waist. It stung as it whipped me. His fingers reached down to my underwear and skidded down towards my vagina. I had no hair and he seemed to prefer it. I felt one finger inside me, then two, then three. Then I felt him finger my ass, which made me scoot backward, knocking his hand away from me. I thought, I agreed to this and I wasn't going to back down. I knew if I contemplated it any longer than I had, I would have never agreed. Lucky for Charles, I didn't have that privilege now. I only had enough time to act.

Suddenly, I felt him tear my shirt open. Buttons flew across the expanse of his office as he stared at my heaving chest. My bra was a satin, aqua colored motif that I got from my favorite lingerie boutique. It made my tan look ten times deeper.

"Look at your skin sparkle in this light. I love C cups. I love the work they've done on your chest. Your nipples look amazing. Shame on Jason for not sharing these with me sooner."

"You asshole. How am I going to get home with my shirt like this?"

"Like I give a shit, Ashton!" He reached immediately for my tits as he squashed them in his hands. I was not at all the least turned on by it. He just kneaded them over and over, before picking up out of the chair and sitting me down across his desk.

"Spread those legs Ashton! Spread them!"

I did as he said, moving them almost to the corners of his desk.

"I know you're more flexible that that baby. Spread those legs wide. Don't think I don't know you do yoga bitch. I want you as wide as possible."

Before I could contest, he was pulling my thong underwear over and shoving his short but wide cock into me. I let out a puff of air as he rammed his dick inside. I was not physically turned on but he didn't care. He just spat on his hand and rubbed it against the lips of my slit, making it more lubricated for him. I felt him massaging my legs as he buried his face deep into my chest. I swear, if he could eat my breasts he would have. He was like a rabid animal, tasting as much of me as possible. I just rested there, feeling him rock my body back and forth as he fucked me. His desk creaked over and over as I watched papers, pens and pictures splash onto the floor around us. I looked over his shoulder and saw the world outside. Big sky scrapers, clouds, people and airplanes. He was fucking me like I had never been fucked before, by anyone. It was violent and rough. He had no care for my feelings. His power started to turn me on though. I hadn't planned on that happening. He was an incredibly callus prick, but his power and arrogance was stimulating. I fought it though. I didn't want him to know, because then he would know he conquered me. I couldn't let him win so I quietly and secretly enjoyed it.

Suddenly, he grabbed the back of my hair and yanked my head down to the side and towards my back. He brought his face up to mine and kissed me. I couldn't help it. I kissed him back. Tasting his musty spit and wrestling with his tongue in the back of my mouth. He nibbled my lip and I kissed him again. Then he looked me in the eye and walked me over to his wet bar. A huge mirror was set behind it and it stretched across the side of his office.

He turned me to face it as he shoved me violently against it. My ass was perched out into the air as he pushed me tightly against the bar. I watched him navigate behind me in the mirror. He wrapped his arm around my chest, taking a handful of my breasts. I felt his cock push into my pussy from behind, as he shouted, "I want you to watch me fuck you!"

My eyes were wide open, as he pummeled me from behind. He was ferocious. I was getting wet but I kept fighting it back. I don't even think he noticed it though. He was too busy shouting and too busy fucking me. He kept saying, "Look at this body. My son's wife is the best piece of ass I have ever had!"

Even as I tried to talk, he would shout, "I got you bitch. You're mine. Your body is all mine now!"

I felt him getting harder and his movements were getting slower now and I worried he was going to cum.

"Don't cum in me Charles. Don't do it okay!"

"He pulled me back against his chest as he shouted in my ear, "Don't worry your beautiful little self. I had my boys cut off decades ago. I wasn't going to take a chance at having any more little chumps like Jason. You would be so lucky if you got my seed!"

Just then I felt his cum crash inside me. I couldn't take it anymore and let myself go. I was fully wet now and orgasmed as well. Charles didn't notice though, as his body bolted forward and into strange and awkward positions. Stream after stream of cum rushed inside my slit as he urged ever last bit of cum into me.

Finally he was done and so was I. I returned home a hero. A disheveled and sore one, but a hero at least. The weeks had passed and Jason was elated. He never knew how I got him the money. He only knew his father agreed, which surprised him. He never asked about it though.

It wasn't until the holiday weekend that we found ourselves face to face again. They were serving dinner at their home and all the family was there. Tons of his clients and lots of other people we didn't know. I had tried to keep my distance but Charles didn't. Like the pig he was, he found little ways to rub against me. One time he even got chastised by his wife for rudely crushing me against the counter as he reached for a set of tumblers. His wife shouted at him, saying he was rude and should have seen me standing against the sink, washing out a glass. Charles apologised, but I knew he did it on purpose. I knew it because I felt his cock against the back of my ass. It smashed into me and I knew his sick twisted mind planned that.

Towards the end of the night, Jason's mother asked for everyone to go to the garden and wait for the lighting ceremony. They always did it. They brought everyone outside for a light show. Once the new lights are on, which decorated their enormous mansion, they'd serve wine and dessert. As I walked outside to find Jason, his mother brought Charles over and stood him next to us. Just before the lighting began though she shouted in disbelief.

"Ashton could you run inside and turn the light off upstairs. Please it will just ruin the show."

I nodded yes and jogged inside as Charles shouted something behind me. I didn't bother to make out what he said though. I just rushed towards the door. I hadn't known but he told Jason and his mother that I was twit and wouldn't be able to find the switch in time. Without knowing it, Charles followed behind me so he could turn the lights off. As I got inside their mansion and on the second level, I found the switch and flipped it off. As I turned around to head back down the staircase, Charles frightened me. I hadn't known he was standing there. I felt him shove me into the laundry room. Once inside, I saw a small window, which lit the room up as the moonlight raced in from outside.

Charles took off his sport coat and closed in on me.

"Just what do you think you're doing Charles?"

He smiled as he backed me past a washer and toward the window. I thought everyone would see us but the window was treated and barely transparent. I tried to see Jason outside but I couldn't see them from my angle.

"You didn't think our little arrangement was done did you Ashton?"

"I thought it was Charles."

He shook his head and unzipped his crotch.

"Sweet little Ashton. I should have known you'd be confused over our arrangement. After all, you're just a set of legs."

Again, his power and his arrogance turned me on. My body betrayed me. I abhor him but I wanted him too. It was too much to compete with.

"What do you plan on doing Charles?"

"I've been planning on having your tight, toned, tan legs wrapped around me all night."

"Is that so Mr. Cunningham?"

"Oh baby you'll be sorry for calling me that. I'm going to explore every part of your body tonight. My dick has been throbbing for you. I'm going to make you sore in the morning. Jason has nothing compared to me." As he said that, he stroked his member in his hand.

"Is that so Mr. Cunningham?" As I said that I smirked,as I used my index finger to draw him in towards me.

"Then I'm going to have you drop to your knees Ashton, and suck this with those luscious lips of yours."

"Is that so Mr. Cunningham?" I giggled again.

"We'll talk about your ass later. I have big plans for that too." He was almost on me now. I could see how red and bothered he was.

"Fine asshole. I'm all yours."

I smiled and he caught it in the moonlight. In a fit of strength, Charles pushed my chest against the window as I heard his pants hit the floor. He lifted my dress up and proceeded to pound me against the window. I just closed my eyes and let the sensation take me away. At that time, I could see Jason as the light from the house twinkled across his face. If only he saw me. He would have watched me getting the best screw of my life.
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