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My Girlfriend Tricks Me Into Being Filmed in an Awkward Position

My girl agrees to film us, but first she tricks me into making an embarrassing video.
I had wanted to film my girlfriend and I having sex for months now, and she had been very resistant to the idea because she was worried that I would put the video out on the internet if we broke up. She was worried about protecting herself and her career and didn't want to get screwed over, so we came up with the idea of a ransom video. It was basically a video that would be humiliating for me if it was released, and that wouldn't contain any shots of her at all.

Her first suggestion was me have gay sex with a man, which I rejected. Her second was me blowing a guy, which I also rejected. We couldn't come to an agreement and a month went by before I brought it up again. She thought about it and came up with a new suggestion.

Her suggestion was to have me jerk off on to my own face, with my legs in the air, but I didn't want to do that; cumming on my own face was really gross. However, we came up with a compromise which was to have her tie me up and film it so that it looked like I was cumming on my own face, but as I was about to orgasm she would take the camera away from looking at me and I would make sounds as though I was cumming.

That was the plan, at least.

I finally consented, because the thought of me filming sex between us, fucking doggystyle, was just too great to pass up. She made the plans from there.

I allowed her to tie my hands to the posts at the foot of the bed, which was wide and pinned me there. Next my legs were curled up and spread and tied to the same posts my hands were tied to. Right foot to right hand, left foot to left hand. With a little effort we were able to get the pose so that it was obvious to the camera that if I came- especially forcefully, there would be splooge all over my face. Which would be humiliating. My ass was straight up in the air and I had recently shaved all my hair.

My girlfriend, Kelsey, was wearing a mask that covered her eyes and cheeks but her beautiful smile was still visible behind it. For the film she was actually wearing a silver nightie that covered her C-cup breasts and body, leaving her tanned shoulders exposed. It was actually quite sexy but modest at the same time. I, of course, was stark naked.

Kelsey dimmed the lights while my erection hardened from pure excitement, and we prepared to film the fake 'ransom' video. I couldn't wait to film us having real sex within a day or two.

Suddenly Kelsey opened the door, flicked on the lights, and walked in holding the video camera pointed at me and talking.

"Okay, baby, you ready to film this?" she said.

"Yes," I murmured back. I didn't want to talk much and make it sound like I agreed to this. She held the camera with her left, and with her right she grabbed my cock and started slowly stroking it, giving the head a few pinches. It felt great. I was so horny. So very horny.

"First there is a little something we need to do to make this video just that little extra bit humiliating," she said. My mind raced as I tried to figure it out. She got out the bottle of lube and started poring it over my dick, my balls, and a bit over my asshole. I loved the feeling of getting my prostate rubbed but it was a secret only she knew about.

The feeling of the lube on my hole made it widen a little in anticipation. "Did you think you could hide that from the camera, babe," she said, laughing. "The camera sees everything."

It was true, she was pointing the lens right at my asshole and it turned me on, and my ass widened and pulsed just a little. The feeling of the lube worming its way inside me was a turn on, and the cycle repeated. I pulsed a few more times before calming down.

"Oh, baby, I want to see this thing sag open without me even touching it. I'm gonna squirt some more lube on it. Do it for the camera, sweetie," she said. She was talking down to me and the humiliation made the erection harder. She squirted more lube on my ass and it did pulse again. I felt the cool lube, and I was embarrassed but the embarrassment turned me on. It pulsed again and was getting close to gaping. God, I was horny.

"Good work, baby. I'm gonna blow on it. Blowing doesn't count as touching." She pursed her lips and blew on my ass, and it pulsed again. "Sag open for mommy," she said with a giggle. It was uncontrollable. Suddenly I felt the lube get inside and my butthole sagged open a little. It was pathetic, but I was really horny. .

"There you go! Good work, sweetie. Now that that's done I have a little present for you."

She got up and walked out of the room, still holding the camera. She came back in with a dildo in hand, and attached to it was a red balloon with about five feet of string. I was shocked.

Kelsey slide the plug into my asshole easily and it tightened around it; the balloon was just sitting there, attached to the plug and coming out of my ass. It definitely made for an embarrassing image, I can tell you that.

She walked around and started stroking my dick. It was rock hard and the light pressure on my prostate made it even harder. Even after being with her for two years she turned me on easily, and she knew exactly how to make me orgasm with just one hand. After two minutes of stroking I got close to cumming.

"Okay, babe," I said, letting her know what was going to happen. I was about to cum and the code word for her to stop and break the camera away was 'white'. "Oh, god, I'm getting close," I said. She kept stroking with one hand, the camera capturing every detail.

"That's good, babe, just stay there. Don't move. Oops, it looks like you can't move. Ha ha," she said with a smirk.

It felt great. My cock was inches from my face and I was about to cum. "White! White!" I blurted out. But Kelsey just kept stroking my dick, laughing and filming, and suddenly cum started shooting out and all over my face. I looked up and couldn't see her, just the eye of the camera pointing down on me. It was rope after rope, and it got in both my eyes. They squinted shut and the smell rushed up my nostrils. My orgasm started to subside but Kelsey kept stroking.

My cock became super sensitive after orgasming and she knew it, but kept squeezing the head and soon I started quivering and twitching.

"Oh, baby, you're doing great. You're right, this is a really humiliating video. You'll never cheat on me now. Ha ha ha," she said, and she continued to make me thrash and quiver, straining at the restraints while the cum seeped into my eyes, nose and mouth.

She held on to the head of my dick and squeezed hard, sending a shiver through me. I was super sensitive and I opened my mouth to shout, "Babe!" and Kelsey just laughed.

Finally she stopped and walked out. I was exhausted and embarrassed. She hid the video camera away, and I knew I could never break up with her.

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