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My hot teacher

My hot teacher

A student, that has the hots for his teacher, pushes his luck
I'm Brad, and I'm an twenty-three-year-old college student. I have brown hair and eyes, and I have a drop dead gorgeous English teacher. I personally think that everything you are required to learn in English class is just useless information. Although, lucky for me it was taught by Miss Good.

She was twenty-eight, and looked like a supermodel. She had C-cup tits, and always gave me a hard on when I saw her. I would have thought she would have had a giant rock on her finger, but she was single. I didn't want to just sleep with her, and have that be it, she might fail me then. I was interested in her, and there was only a small age gap between us.

As we got further into the semester, I frequently asked her if she would go out, and have some fun. Not as a date, just as a student and teacher having some fun together. She maintained that was technically not breaking the rules, but it was too risky. So she always turned me down, but said thanks for the invitation. Anyway, as the end of the semester was coming soon, I took a shot in the dark, and asked her to tutor me for the midterm. I didn't have a desire to learn all the stuff she was required to teach, so that made it hard to learn.

She accepted, but made it clear that it was gonna be strictly professional, and there wasn't gonna be any funny business. I of course accepted her terms, and she came over on a Saturday night. I had my books, and some notebooks ready. I wanted her to know, I was gonna let her do what she needed to do, and have that be it. She came in with a bag, and sat down on my couch. She pulled out some notes, and some of her books too. I wasn't sure what she was prepared for, but I was just gonna let her run with it. It took her about ten minutes to prepare, before she even said a single word. I was getting pretty curious.

"OK, Brad. What do you think you need help with exactly?" she wondered.

"I guess, since we're gonna have write that essay, we should make sure I'm prepared for that," I let her know.

We had to write a big essay about a person of our choice. It could be anyone, and we had to write a ten page paper on them. I picked out Jimmi Hendrix, so she went through some of our stuff. She seemed impressed by what I found, and she made sure I knew the bullet points of writing a paper. It was nice to spend time with her, even if it was strictly professional, as she said. We started around 4:00, and we went until about 7:30, nonstop.

"OK, we've gone over topic sentences, formatting ideas, and quite a few other things. I think we should call it a night now," she said.

"OK, but let me say thank you," I let out, before I ran to my kitchen.

I got out a couple beers, and quickly came back.

"Have one beer with me, before you go," I said.

She had that look, and I already knew what she was gonna say.

"No, I'm your teacher, and you are my student. That's not crossing the line, but it's right on it," she let me know.

"Just one beer, that's all," I pleaded.

She saw me, and gave in. She sat down, and took the beer. She opened it, and we began drinking.

"You see, the world didn't end. No one busted the door down, busting you on drinking with a student either," I told her.

"I guess not," She said, as she was a little annoyed.

She let her guards down, and actually leaned back. Maybe she really did just need a little bit of alcohol in her. Anyway, we made a little pleasant conversation.

"So, what are you going to college for? To be the one that does some such shit, that no one will care about in five years?" she wondered.

"I guess so," I replied, as I began getting a little close to her.

It seemed like the pieces were falling into place. We both reminisced about different things, like past boyfriends and girlfriends. Before long, I found myself really close to her, physically I mean. At one point, she looked over at me, and didn't say a word. She maintained it was strictly professional, but it looked like she wanted me to kiss her. So, I did. It only lasted a second though.

"Whoa, what was that?" she inquired.

"I thought you just wanted me to kiss you. You just had that look," I told her.

Then she got up, and began walking. She got her stuff, but I tried pleading with her.

"Wait, I'm sorry, you are just one hell of a fox. I guess, I can't help it," I said quickly.

That got her to sit back down, but she put some space between us. We stayed silent for a couple minutes, but then she threw something out.

"Just don't do that again," she said sternly.

I just stayed silent, so she got her answer.

"I'm sorry, but you are so damn hot, Miss Good," I told her.

I couldn't help it, she made me crazy. I just started moving towards her again, and I kissed her again.

"I said stop," she said angrily.

I heard the words, but I couldn't stop. I put my arms onto her back, and got really close to her.

"Enough, I'm your teacher, we can't do this," she said really sternly.

"Who cares, it's a stupid rule, now let's get undressed," I told her.

I put my hands at the bottom of her shirt, and she was about to slap my hand.

"Oh screw it, you better make sure no one finds out about this," she said a little meanly.

She took off her shirt, and exposed her pink bra, that was covering her perfect boobs. She leaned back, and just looked at me. She put her hands onto her boobs, and shook them slightly. My dick was as hard as a rock, and I knew I'd be writing Penthouse the next day.

"Come on, you really wanted to fuck me a minute ago," she told me.

I came over to her, and kissed her once on the lips. It was different than I thought, different in a good way. I looked at her for a second, and then my head went down slightly. I put my face right in between her tits, and licked the crack between them. It tickled her a bit, and then she put her hands at the bottom of my shirt. She pulled it out and put her hands onto my back. I couldn't resist taking off her bra. More times than I could count, I had imagined what her boobs what look like, without a bra, or shirt covering them. Right then, I could to see her wonderful rack, completely nude.

It was like I saw every Penthouse model up close all at once. She was dynamite, and looked ready to fuck. She was unwilling to start, but then she got really into it. She undid her skirt, and threw it on the ground. As she was just in her panties, she got onto her knees, on the floor. She put her hands onto my crotch, and felt my hard cock. She liked what she felt, I could tell by her giant smile. She looked as if she just hit the jackpot. Then she couldn't resist but to see it for herself. She very slowly undid my shorts, and my cock immediately sprang out.

"Holy shit, Brad. You are packing some heat down under," she said, as she admired my cock.

I had no idea what kind of sex life she had, but I would have imagined she had at least a decent one. She was quite a sexy lady after all. She very gently grabbed onto my cock, and stroked it. She was eyeballing it, and then she looked over at me. This probably wasn't my wildest fantasy, but definitely in the top three, and it was actually happening. Then she very slowly leaned down, and put her face right next to my dick. It felt the right side of her face, and I came just a little bit right then. I leaned my head back slightly, to prepare for the pleasure that was coming my way. Although, she was teasing me. She got off on that, I heard her giggling.

She wanted it though, she eventually leaned her head back up a bit. She opened her mouth, and took my dick in her mouth. I opened my mouth wider, than I ever did in my life. I never had a hotter or sexier lady blow me before. She was really special, and I knew right then, I'd never have better sex in my life. She was sexually experienced, and wanted me to make her purr. I guess I had to make her want it first. She went all the way down on my eight inch cock, and made me feel all the pleasure. After she blew for a couple more wonderful minutes, she took it out. She leaned her head up, and leaned her entire body towards me.

I could see her big boobs dangling around, and I wanted to have my way with them. I loved big tits, not that I just looked for tits. She grabbed onto my cock again, and put it right between her big boobs. She was looking at me with lusty eyes, and I returned the favor immediately. She had me drooling a bit. She knew all the right buttons to push, and when to push them too. She brought my cock over to her left nipple and let my cock hit it. It flung slightly, and that just made her cheese. Once she just couldn't smile for another minute, she leaned forward towards my ear.

"Sometimes, you push someone, and then they shove back. You are lucky I like you, Brad," she whispered to me.

She brought her lips to mine, and we made out for five minutes straight. The whole time, she stroked my cock slowly. I put my right hand onto her left boob, and it felt like my own piece of heaven. As we made out, she took very brief pauses to talk.

"Do, you, like, my tits?" she wondered.

"Yes," I simply replied.

She took my other hand, and put it on her other tit. I flirted with the idea of never ever washing my hands again, because her boobs felt so heavenly. A minute later, I graced her stomach with a shit load of cum. I inhaled slowly, but exhaled really quickly. A few seconds later, I lay down on my back. She just leaned over, and took my cock back into her mouth. My cock never had a chance of going limp. She went down all the way immediately, had me screaming like there was no tomorrow.

"Shit, you sexy woman!" I screamed.

She didn't say anything, but she looked over towards me. She had the mysterious factor working for her. I had to wonder what won her over exactly, even though I was experiencing some great pleasure. She reached over, and grabbed my hands. She put them onto her back, as I leaned up a little bit. I felt her bare back, and I guess that sealed the deal. We both had a thing for each other. I moaned, and tried my best not shoot again. It would go right down her throat, and I thought that would be too much for a first date. I felt her getting a little jittery, so I knew she was loving this. Despite her fighting it quite well, she gave into temptation. A minute later, she took my cock out again.

She stood straight up, and slowly took off her panties. I finally got to see her shaved pussy, and it was indeed a spectacle, to my eyes anyway. She pushed me down onto my back, and got the couch with me. Although, she lay on top of me, in the sixty-nine position. She was giving me a treat on a silver platter it seemed.

She took my cock back into her mouth, but I could not just start eating her pussy, I had to admire it for a minute. If this was gonna be a one time thing, I needed a very good mental image tattooed in my brain. Then I took in a very deep breath, then stuck out my tongue. I went in just a little bit at first, and everything actually got a tiny bit better.

"Oh, there is that tongue, stick it in a bit deeper for me," she said sweetly.

She made a wish, and I granted it. I wasn't sure how long my tongue was, but I stuck in about three quarters of it. Once I had it in there that deep, she let out a big moan.

"Oh, I love a good guy, with a nice tongue," she let out.

That was music to my ears, I was getting her off, and she seemed to be loving it.

"Yes, yes, yes! Fuck, Brad!" she screamed.

By then, she couldn't concentrate on giving me a blow job. She just held onto my cock, rather tightly, and tried to take the pleasure. I put my hands onto her butt, and it was definitely the smoothest butt I ever felt. I searched around her pussy, and tried to get her to cum like a waterfall. I'd definitely be writing Penthouse, if I got her to cum all over my face.

"Make me cum, Brad. Make me cum, and maybe I'll give an 'A' on your final," she let out.

That would be a double win, but making her cum, would have been a much bigger prize. I felt my chest getting wet, and her moans seemed to be getting louder too. My fantasy met reality, and I was really hoping that it wouldn't just be a one time thing. Then I put my two pointer fingers into her pussy.

She leaned her head up, and screamed in the process too. Then she unloaded a shit load of cum right onto my face. In the process, she stroked my cock really quickly. Then I splattered her face with my cum too, right on her face. After that, we both tried to catch our breaths. She got off me, and laid down with me, so we were face to face. She kissed me a few times, and we stayed close.

"So, that whole thing about giving me an 'A', you were serious right?" I wondered sarcastically.

"Well, we'll see. You made me want it, and I'm not complaining. When we're in class, try to not make it obvious when you stare at my tits and ass," she told me.

"No promises," I let her know.

A few weeks later, I took the midterm, and got a 'B+'. I guess she didn't want to make it really obvious. We continued to see each other every now and then, and actually did have sex once in the classroom. When the semester ended, we decided to see each other exclusively. Then there were no rules to break.
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