My Spanish Neighbor

By SarahBeara18

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After almost a year, she'd given him a chance


My hips rolled on the bed in pleasure and a cool breeze soflt entered the room, bringing in the smell of rain and making the sheer white curtains flutter. I grabbed the pillow next to my head and moaned wildly. The sound echoing around the big room. He'd been teasing me for almost two hours now...sucking my painfully erect nipples into his mouth and biting gently. He was taking his time with me, and it was pure torture, pure ecstacy.

His mouth wandered down my stomach and his teeth caught at the lace of my thong and he tugged them slowly, all the way off me. He massaged my left leg gently and put it over his shoulder. He turned his head and placed hot, steamy open mouthed kisses on my inner thigh. His fingers ran up my moist seam gently, barely touching me. I let out a little sob as i felt my juices flow down my ass and onto the bed.

"Remon," I whispered, tears pooling in my eyes. "This is wrong."

He ignored me and ever so slowly pushed three fingers into my dripping cunt while he nibbled at the tender skin of my inner thigh. I arched my back, whimpering as i felt my pussy being stretched almost painfully by his fingers. I was so tight. It'd been over thee years since I'd been with a man. After my first, and last, sexual encounter I'd just knew that sex wasn't for me. He was so bad, and i mean horrific. But then I'd met Remon. The sexy spaniard who lived just two doors down from me, owned his own restaurant and had wanted me for over a year. Always there for me. Fixing my car, doing little repair jobs around the house for me when i'd needed it. In the winter he would get up early in the morning before i went to work and he would scrape my car. Then shoveling my driveway. Of course he was always gone when i came out, thinking i was gonna get my car all cleaned up. So i didnt know it was him doing all this untill one day i asked him. And he'd confessed, being unable to lie to me.


Un hombre verdadero nunca miente a su mujer. He would say.

A real man never lies to his woman....


Tonight he had taken me out to dinner, then to a play. He knew I absolutely adored plays.

Remon always respected me, so i could never understand why i never gave him a fair chance. But, tonight, I let my guard down. And here I was, laying sprawled out in his massive bed. This hunk of a man doing wicked things to my body. It was just too much to take in.

"Tan atractivo, perfecto de cada manera."


Oh, did i neglect to mention that he'd been speaking in spanish almost the whole time he was undressing me? Not that i was complaining. His accent was doing wild things to me. Each syllable that escaped his mouth heightened my pleasure. There was something about not knowing what he was saying, putting mystery into the things he did that turned me on.


He pinched my clit between his fingers at the same time he bit sharply at the sensitive skin of my leg. My nails dug into his sheets as a soft scream escaped my throat. My pussy twitched earnestly. His fingers spread my lips apart and he licked me, one hot, smooth stroke of his tongue.


¡COGIDA! He breathed, his hands clamping down on my legs, holding me wide apart as his tongue thrust into my pussy unrelentlessly.

I sucked in a quick breath, almost forgetting to breathe. His tongue raped me mercilessly, leaving not one scare inch of me untouched. After i was quivering hard enough to shake the bed he crawled his way up my bodu. The hard length of his penis rubbing up against my leg. He placed his lips on my ear.


"Eres gatito eres el más dulce que he probado." He breathed into my ear, sucking my earlobe into his mouth. "Voy a gozar el coger de ti repetidamente. Eres el mío. Ningún otro hombre puede tenerte.

He placed his dick at the entrance to my pussy and pushed, groaning as he slid the tip into me.


I whimpered and arched, digging my nails into his back. If it hurt, he didnt let on. He pulled the tip out and pushed it back in. Over and over he did this, just fucking me with the tip of his dick untill I became frantic. I raked my hands down his back and to his butt, digging in, trying to force him into me. He growled dangerously into my ear.

Mierda… vas a pagar eso.

I swear i didnt know what he said but it sounded bad. At the moment though i really didnt care. His merciless teasing with the tip of his penis had my pussy burning. I NEEDED to be fucked and quick.

"Oh god Remon, PLEASE! Dont tease me like this!" I said, arching, rubbing my nipples against his chest.

He smiled and leaned down to kiss me gently. Capturing my lower lip between his teeth and tugging gently he SLAMMED into me. The bed banged into the wall and something hit the floor off the nightstand with the impact. Me? Well, not much i could do with him holding my mouth captive. He was so big. I doubt he could have gotten into me without thrusting so forcefully though. My pussy was throbbing painfully, needing lots of attention as it became used to the massive intruder.


He pulled out and thrust back in, over and over, each thrust rocking our bodies back and forth. I placed my palm behind me on the headboard, preventing possible braindamage should my head manage to hit it in the throes of our passion.

"Dios, eres tan bueno, tan dulce." He growled, spreading my legs even further, causing me too clentch around him harder. Tears formed behind my eyes as he placed his lips against my cheek. I could feel his hot breathe fan out against my neck. He was chanting something as he pounded into me harder and harder.

"" ¡Mina, mina, mina, mina! "

My body felt hotter as I slowly fell out of control. My legs gripped his hips tightly and i came, screaming into his shoulder. After several minutes i could feel his body tighten above me, his muscles straining, his skin shiny with sweat. He swelled inside me and i could feel his hot cum inside of me as he thrust a few times. Emptying his seed. My eyes overflowed with tears as he layed his forehead against my breast, still inside of me.


" Te amo, Sarah."


I love you too....