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My Two Professors

Her professor takes her, causing her to take another.
You can always tell when a man really loves his wife. Professor Edwards loved his wife. When he looked around at the class, he never held eye contact for more than a couple of seconds with the same student unless he was answering a direct question. Professor Walker on the other hand always held his gaze with his female students, even if he wasn't directly talking to them. Professor Walker did love his wife. Just not enough to look away.

I always dressed nicely for class, even if it was just class. I liked dressing up nice. And I like getting noticed. Professor Walker always noticed me. Even if he tried to be subtle about it. I always made sure he would notice me. But Professor Edwards was harder to sway. Whenever I tried to get him to notice me, he was polite in his mannerisms and never looked at me in a way that a teacher shouldn't. It nerved me how I could always get men that I wanted to look at me but I couldn't get Professor Edwards to budge. And the more it continued to be this way, the more I wanted to make it change.

It started off as a thought and gradually turned into an obsession. I would wear shorter skirts, low cut shirts, or items with frill that brought focus to certain areas. I would pull my hair back so that you could see my neck line. I wore items and maneuvered my body in certain ways when I walked and sat that would attract a great deal of attention. But still, I received nothing from Professor Edwards. Walker on the other hand gave me a little more attention, still trying to be subtle about it. While it was entertaining with Walker, the frustration with Edwards started to build in me. I couldn't figure out what to do.

I decided on my last try before totally giving up that I would go for something older and sexy. I had been trying girly and skimpy and neither was working. Mature was all I had left. And all just to be noticed by him. To know I could still get my way.

That morning, I pulled out my gray pencil skirt that was practically skin tight. I wore a black lace thong underneath with a matching bra. Wearing lacy undergarments always gave me an extra boost. To stay young with my age, I put on a plain white v-neck tee and a black button up vest over it. Both low enough for minor cleavage and low enough that when I bent over, my breasts became more noticeable. To top everything off, I placed my hair in a ponytail and wore black pointed toe heels.

I was obviously over dressed for class, but I didn't care. I only cared about getting Professor Edwards attention. Just some attention. Unfortunately, I would have to wait until my last class in the afternoon to find out if this would work. I had two other classes before Professor Edwards, one being Walkers.

I entered Professor Walkers class and immediately heads turned. Professor Walker came in right behind me, greeting the class. Before I sat down, I turned to look at him and although he was putting his things down, his eyes were on me. I kept my eyes locked with his as I sat and continued to keep my eyes on him for the remainder of class. While my decision in my outfit for the day wasn't for him (anything I wore got his attention), it was still fun to watch his reaction and ponder ideas of things we could do if he wasn't married and my teacher.

I shifted in my chair often, making sure that he always had a good view of my cleavage from where he was standing. Images began to cross my mind of him asking me to the front of the class and fucking me on the table as everyone watched, amazed and jealous. Images of him spanking me over the desk started stir my insides and make me wet. I squeezed my legs together, hoping that the wetness coming from my pussy wouldn't navigate on to my skirt. I always thought of things like this. But that was it. I never expected anything to happen which was why the attention was always enough.

Before I knew it, everyone was getting up and heading out the door. I shifted once more, realizing that my skirt was a little tighter than I thought. I grabbed my bag and stood to head out to my next class. Before I could even hit the door, Professor Walker called me out.


"Yes, Professor?"

"There's a class heading in here in a bit and I need to discuss something with you. Will you come to my office, please?"

"Umm, sure."

I followed him, wondering what he could possibly want to talk to me about. There was frustration and annoyance in his voice. And while what I did in class was fun, I was sure that it was nothing that I could get reprimanded for. When we reached his office, I stood behind him while he unlocked and opened the door. He walked in and motioned for me to follow.

"Shut the door behind you."

I followed, turned around to shut the door and the next thing I knew I was up against the door, his body pressing up against my back. He immediately locked the door, took my bag off my shoulder and threw it to the side. He pulled my legs apart with his foot as far as my skirt would allow.

"You think you're so sly, being a tease in class everyday. You're always staring at me with those eyes in your tight fitted outfits. If you want to be a tease, then I'll show you what a tease deserves."

He grabbed the bottom of my skirt and yanked it up around my waist. He shoved his hand around the fabric on the back of my thong and pulled hard, ripping it from the sides and yanking it off of me.

"Hold your hands on the door frame." It wasn't an option. It was an order.

I listened, even though his voice and movements were harsh and forceful. And turning me on. As soon as I got a grip on the door frame, I heard his zipper come undone and his pants come down. He then pulled me back so I was slightly bending over and placed the head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy. It was all happening so fast that I couldn't believe it. Something that I had always fantasized about. Sex with a professor.

As this thought passed through my head, he shoved forward, his body throwing my body against the door, his cock ramming through the walls of my pussy. He pulled back again, leaving his head inside of me and shoved forward, throwing me against the door once more. I lost some stability that time in my legs. But he threw his right arm around my body, cupping his hand over the top of my pussy. He immediately went looking for my clit and started to rub it vigorously. He was also using his hand to hold me there. It was turning me on more.

He continued to slam his dick into me, each time pulling me back with him and then throwing me up against the door. While I was in heels, he was still taller than me. So I knew he had to be bending slightly to get to me at this angle. That turned me on as well. With the pounding in my pussy from behind, Professor Walkers hand on my clit, and even the added pain and pleasure of being thrown against the door, I could feel an orgasm coming on. My legs started to tremble and shake and then my muscles tightened as I came over his dick still fucking me. As my orgasm came on in full strength, I started to lose my balance.

"Oh no, you don't," he told me, shoving me permanently against the door. He grabbed my right thigh, pulling my leg up, opening me more, and continued to pound into me. As he picked up speed and his grunts got faster, he began to come inside me, officially pining his body up against mine. My head reeled as I felt him pulsate inside me, his body shuddering against me. We both stood there, his body still pinned to mine against the door, breathing hard. It finally occurred to me that we were up against the door and we didn't watch ourselves. Anyone could have heard us.

He pulled out of me and shoved his fingers in my pussy hard, fingering me for a couple of seconds, and then pulled out. He brought his fingers to my mouth and commanded that I open. I did and lowered my mouth and sucked hungrily on his fingers covered in both his cum and mine. He then pulled his fingered out and pulled my skirt down, even adjusting it correctly around my waist. He pulled his pants up and adjusted his clothes. I turned around and stared at him with both shock and disbelief at what just happened. My married professor just fucked me against his office door.

He bent down, grabbed my bag and unlocked the door.

"Be in my office next week on Tuesday at 3. Don't be late."

I took my bag from him and he turned to his desk. I left his office, still in shock. I couldn't believe what happened. The way he shoved me against the door. The way he used his hands to hold me there. Being fucked a way I didn't even know was possible. The way he ripped off my thong.

"Oh no."

My thong. Although it would provide no use to me now, my thong was still in Professor Walkers office, on the floor. I stopped and considered going back for it. I decided not to, figuring since I couldn't use it again, he would find it and do what he wanted with it.

I looked at my phone to see what time it was and realized that I had already missed half of my second class. I decided it would be better to just skip it for the day. I wouldn't be able to focus anyways. I headed back to my room to clean myself up and change. My outfit was obviously ruined and wrinkled. When I entered my room I just stood there, still trying to process what had just happened. And then the smell hit me. I reeked of sex. Beautifully reeked of sex from Professor Walker. And in the throws of the smell, it dawned on me. If Professor Walker could have his way with me, why couldn't I have my way with Professor Edwards? All this time, I just wanted him to notice me when really, if I did it right, I could have him if I wanted too.

I didn't really think about it after that. I just kept my clothes on and walked out my door, heading towards Professor Edwards office. I still had an hour left before his class would start. But I didn't care and I couldn't wait. If he was in his office, I was going to get mine. And I was hoping that when I got there, he would notice the smell. That it would engulf him as it was engulfing me. I realized that I didn't even put a pair of new panties on. I didn't care though. I didn't even stop to say hello to people, too determined to get to his office.

When I reached his door, I adjusted myself and pulled my shirt down lower for more cleavage. I had to use my body for all it was worth. Once I knew I was ready, I knocked on his door. I realized I wasn't even nervous.

"Come in."

I entered, closing the door behind me and stood directly in front of it to lock it without him noticing. I wasn't going to let him leave.

"Hello, Angela. What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering if you could help me with something?"

I moved closer to his desk and dropped my bag in the chair. His eyes scanned my body. Obviously something he would only take the liberty of doing in private. He must of thought I wouldn't notice. Instead of sitting in the seat, I moved to the side of his desk, which startled him. He tried to hide it. My plan was already working.

"You see, I have this problem."


"Yeah. It's a little hard to explain though. And somewhat embarrassing. But I figured you would be the best one to help me."

"Well, okay. I'll do my best." I moved a little closer to him and propped myself on the edge of his desk.

"Angela, maybe you would like to take a seat in the chair there."

"Nope, I'm good here."

I could see the nervousness in his eyes. It was really working.

"So this problem of mine - well it sort of involves you."

"What do you mean, Angela?"

"You see Professor Edwards, I find you attractive. Very attractive." I noticed him shift in his chair.

"I'm flattered Angela, but there is a student/teacher policy here." Funny how that's the first thing he mentioned.

"I know, but that doesn't bother me."

"I'm also happily married as well."

"See, I know that too. But that doesn't bother me either."

He gulped and looked around the room as though he would have a way to escape.

"You're not leaving." I was forceful in my voice. I was commanding. It wasn't an option. It was an order. He continued to sit there, unsure of what to do.

"I've seen your wife Professor Edwards. She's pretty. I'm prettier."

"I really think you should leave Angela."

"I'm not going anywhere. And neither are you. Besides, if you had any desire to leave, you would have by now."

He still didn't move. Nor did he answer. He knew I was right. He wasn't going anywhere.

I quickly removed my vest and shirt, throwing them on to the chair. I walked around behind his desk and stood in front of him. He was sitting in his chair, obviously unsure of what to do. I just stood there, glaring at him, in my black lace bra, gray skirt, and black heels. I grabbed the arms of his chair and pushed him back against the wall. I got down and knelt in front of him. He was dressed more relaxed today in jeans and a sweater, fitted enough to show he worked out. I moved my hands up to his belt and began to undo it.

"Please... " he started in protest. But not once did move his hands to stop me. He just sat there and watched me in both awe and horror. I opened his pants and pulled down his boxers enough to release his cocked. It was a little surprised that he was rock hard, but happy that I was obviously turning him on. I moved my head down and covered the head of his cock and sucked on just his head. While he kept his mouth tightly shut, I could still hear his muffled moans. He was enjoying it and probably hated that he was enjoying it. And it just made me more wet knowing there was hatred in his enjoyment.

I then dropped my entire head down, engulfing him completely. His lips betrayed him in this action, opening up and releasing a long moan. He was really enjoying it. I started to bob my head up and down, keeping a rhythm and stopping every once and awhile to suck on his head.

"Please, you really need to stop." His words were sincere and pleading but his body was disloyal. While he pleaded with me, he slowly moved his hand into my hair and began to rub my head, helping me up and down on his dick. He had caved and I had him now. He was mine.

I immediately moved off his dick and away. There was a look of shock and disappointment on his face. I moved my skirt completely around my waist and the disappointment on his face turned to complete shock as he realized I wasn't wearing any panties. I propped myself on the edge of his desk and opened my legs. I was going to test how much he now belonged to me.

"I'm going to play with myself. And I'm going to give you the opportunity to either leave and stop this right here, never speaking of it again. Or to come up here and pound me with your cock." I was taking a chance with this but I was willing to see if I really did have the control and how much.

I stuck my fingers in my soaking pussy and started to pushed them in and out of me. I kept my eyes on his the entire time. He looked confused and lost, unsure of what he should so. What he should so was head towards the door. But what he wanted was sitting on his desk.

I stuck my thumb on my clit and began to rub it in conjunction with my fingering. I could feel an orgasm coming on and could no longer hold contact with his eyes. My head swung back and before I knew it, my hand was being removed and my pussy began to stretch wider than my two fingers. My head popped up and there was Professor Edwards, standing between my legs, replacing my hand with his cock. A large moan escaped my mouth. My eyes looked at him while his eyes continued to stare at my pussy, watching himself enter me slowly. I clasped my hands to the edge of the desk to hold myself there as his hands held on to my waist. When he had buried himself in me, he looked up into my eyes. All I could see now was lust and want and nothing else. He wasn't turning back.

He started to move back and forth into me, his eyes never leaving mine. It started to dawn on me that he was trying to make me his. I was okay with this so I let him take control. I let him want me. It was what I wanted all along.

As he ravaged my pussy with his dick, he reached around and pulled on the back of my bra until it ripped open. He then reached in front of me and started remove the bra from my body, forcing my arms up so he can pull it completely off. He then dropped it on the floor. He lowered his head to one of my breast and sucked and bit on it. He wrapped his arms around my back to hold me in place with his mouth. I placed my arms on the table to hold myself there as he continued to suck and fuck me. We controlled our moans to ensure no one would hear us and just stayed in the moment. Then he removed himself from my breast and pulled me up closer, placing his head next to mine.

His moans in my ears got faster with his movements, indicating that he was on the brink of cumming. My legs started to shake and became limp against the desk, showing that I was ready to cum with him. He started to pound into me harder, pumping his legs against the desk and gripping onto my body even more. I couldn't take it anymore and let myself go, cumming onto his dick as he continued to fuck me relentlessly. Then, in one final grunt, he shoved the rest of his manhood inside of me. His body shivered against mine as his cock pumped cum into me. I could smell his sex on me now and all over the room.

When his dick went soft, he pulled out of me and plopped back into the chair. I looked at him and smiled. His face contained exhaustion and shame. Once I caught my breath, I got up and adjusted my skirt back into its place. I stood up and made sure that my legs were strong enough to hold me and then walked around to the chair to put on my shirt and vest.

"Angela, I don't know what happened, but that can never happened again. It shouldn't of happened in the first place. I can't believe I let that happen."

He was more talking to himself. I laughed. "Don't worry, Professor. You obviously couldn't control yourself." I was really sweet about it. I placed my shirt and vest back on and threw my bag over my shoulder. "Now I'll be back next week on Monday at 2pm. You better be here."

"Angela, now wait a minute-"

"No, Professor. I will be by. And you better be here." I went back to my forceful voice. The voice I didn't even knew I had. I was commanding. I turned to leave but he called for me once more.


"Yes, Professor?"

"Umm, your bra?" He held it up with his hand. He hadn't even bother to fix himself yet. And since he had torn the bra, it was no use to me.

"Keep it. Think of it as a souvenir. Besides, Professor Walker as the torn panties that go with it. Maybe you can see him and compare notes."

I smiled at the shock on his face and turned to leave the room once more, closing the door behind me.
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