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My Wife On A Competitive Night

She loves to play rough
I’m perpetually horny, and I've learned how to get her pussy twitching at the drop of a hat. Flashing some ass with a dramatic flourish on my way to the bathroom, taking a little bit longer to pull up my underwear so that she can see my 8-1/2 inch semi-hard on sticking out, or even just walking by her and brushing my lips across the back of her neck will have her arms covered with goose bumps and her nipples standing at attention. Usually I wear my robe while sitting in my chair, and she gets frequent glimpses of my cock in various stages of hardness. I can drive her crazy just by talking with her about normal subjects while flashing her unmercifully.

She also knows my weak spots. When she’s feeling especially frisky, she’ll put on her referee shirt with the zip up front and very short skirt. It’s comfortable and she likes wearing it, usually with panties or shorts if others are around. When she’s looking for some rougher play, she’ll go commando as if daring me to take advantage. She’ll bend over time and again, as if searching for some elusive piece of paper, showing me the round cheeks of her ass and the swollen lips of her freshly shaved love tunnel.

She tries to stay just out of my reach, but sometimes misjudges and I’m able to reach over and run my hand up the inside of her thigh. If she’s slow in dodging away, I can move all the way up and slide my fingers across the sensitive spot around her clit and cup a big handful of warm pussy. All I have to do is wiggle my finger and she’ll be grabbing for the nearest steady object to keep her balance.

When she pulls away quickly, then I know what she really wants, like the other night…

It started just like I described, and when she pulled away from my hand, she told me, “You’re going to have to work for it.”

“Work for it? What kind of work?”

“You can get what you can take,” she said breathily.

I smiled really big then, because that meant she wanted to wrestle. The best kind of wrestling in my opinion, fuck wrestling. Fuck wrestling gives me carte blanche to be able to feel, kiss, lick, finger, and fuck her in any position I could get her into with her struggling back against me. Same went for her.

My wife is average sized and not very strong, but she has solid legs. If she gets them wrapped around me in the wrong position I could be a sitting duck for her exploring tongue and fingers.

“You’re on!” I said as I quickly wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close for a kiss. I forcefully frenched her, shoving my tongue down her throat. She sucked on my tongue for a few seconds before realizing she was conceding too easily and pulled her head back, struggling to free her arms. I easily countered this by grabbing two handfuls of her ass, forcing her arms downward again.

We were right next to the bed and she knew it. She brought her legs into play, wrapping one of them behind me and knocking me off balance. Together we fell onto the bed. She fell easily onto her back. I had to release one of her ass cheeks to brace against the fall, but ended up with my left hand trapped underneath her. Her left hand was now free to scratch lightly down my back and drift into the crevice of my ass.

Regaining my balance, I quickly grabbed her arm and pulled it away from where she was now tickling my asshole. Struggling to hold it above her head, I used my teeth to pull down the zipper on the front of her referee shirt. I was able to get it down about 5 inches or so, enough to be able to see lots of cleavage and a good portion of her left nipple. All of her twisting and struggling got her arm free, but I now had my mouth locked hard on her stiff nipple, sucking intensely.

Her nipples get super sensitive when we play like this. She let out a huge groan and grabbed the hair on the back of my head to try and pull my lips free. I let her pull me back, stretching her titty out and not letting go until I had worked my left hand further under her ass to tickle her warm pussy from behind. I had two fingers getting wet and my thumb up against the rosebud of her asshole when she pulled her right hand out from being pinned. She now had both her hands free. She grabbed my shoulders and twisted to her right, squirming away from my probing fingers. She combined this with a huge sucking kiss, planted on the side of my neck.

In her struggle, she lifted her left leg, giving me the perfect opportunity. I quickly took my free right hand and swooped it under her leg, forcing it up towards her chest. This allowed me to quickly slide down her body and plant my lips directly on her swollen, and now hot, pussy lips. My tongue came out in a rapid flicker, torturing her engorged clit. She tried putting her leg out straight and down, but all that did was force my face deeper into her dripping pussy.

My left hand was still underneath her and was now able to prod even deeper into her ass, which was almost lubricated with the juices flowing from her steaming love tunnel.

Crab crawling was her only resort at this time. She began squirming backwards on the bed, struggling to free my fluttering tongue from her quivering love button.

Once she had cleared her knees, she tried pulling her legs all the way up, but this was the final break I needed. Throwing myself forward, I was able to put all of my weight on her, forcing her knees up to her chest with her feet locked under my arms. At the same time, I buried my steel hard cock all the way to the hilt inside of her. The loud moan she made told me that this was exactly what she was waiting for.

She tried kicking her feet, but all that did was force me out enough to be able to thrust back deep inside of her. I began slamming it in, over and over. Long deep hard thrusts that had her moaning so loud I was afraid the neighbors would hear. All signs of struggle disappeared as she submitted to the ferocious fucking. It took only a minute for her to wrap her arms around me, bite into my shoulder and scream out a tremendous orgasm as I unloaded a huge load into her clenching pussy. The spasms continued over and over as we both panted from the exertion.

When I let her legs go a minute later, she suddenly rolled us both over so that she ended up on top and spent the next few minutes grinding on me and clenching her pussy muscles to drive me crazy. She finally laid her head on my chest and sighed a contented sigh. As her breathing settled she murmured in a soft voice, “I like it when we both win.” As you can guess, she likes to play rough.

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