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My Wife's 36 Hour Sex Adventure

My wife's co-worker invites my wife and me to his family's cabin so he could fuck my wife.
My wife and I needed some relaxation time. A co worker of my wife’s named Rob had mentioned about a place his family owns. They had 50 acres and their was a log cabin house built on it. Rob was around the age of 30 and had worked under my wife for the last year. Rob had tried to hit on my wife more than one occasion but without any success. When he had heard about how my wife was looking for a place to relax for a few days he immediately told her that his girlfriend and him were going out to his family’s cabin this weekend. He offered my wife and I the chance to go along with them.

My wife wasn’t to sure about this idea. My wife was 46 years old and was his immediate boss. She decided to ask me what I thought about the idea.

My wife and I had been struggling in the bedroom because of the hours we had been working along with taking the kids everywhere. We hadn’t been intimate in almost two months. I said, “I am ok with it. We need some time away and this sounds like a beautiful place to go.”

After a small discussion my wife reluctantly agreed with me and decided to go. We were to head out after work tomorrow and stay the weekend.

The next day we were all set to go when Rob informed us that his girlfriend was sick and couldn’t come along. Rob then said, “It is alright! We all now can go in my car.” My wife didn’t think this was a good idea but I didn’t care anymore. I needed the break as well as she did.

We headed out in Rob’s car. I told my wife why don’t you sit up front and I will chill out in the backseat. It was a little more than hour trip to his cabin. My wife and Rob talked exclusively about work as I checked out the beautiful scenery along the way. It was about a half and hour into the trip when the discussion then turned to sex.

My cock got extremely hard as Rob talked about how much he had liked to be with an older woman. My wife sat in the front seat a little embarrassed as Rob began to chat with me about it. I added a few suggestions, but it was crystal clear that Rob wanted to fuck a woman like my wife.

My cock stayed hard the rest of the way to the cabin as I couldn’t get the thought of my head seeing Rob pounding his cock into my wife. This was what my wife was really scared of happening.

We drove up a really long dirt road until we got to the cabin. It was more than what my wife and I had expected. It was really made out of logs and it was surrounded by woods. This place was great as their was a fishing hole about a quarter mile from the cabin.

Inside the cabin it was fantastic. It had a beautiful country kitchen on one side of it and on the other side was a grand fireplace. There was a loft that overlooked down below and that was basically the sleeping quarters.

It was about an hour later after we checked out everything inside and out when we all sat down in front of the huge fireplace. Rob had started a fire as I sat on one couch and my wife sat on another couch across the way. Rob had sat down on the couch with my wife as we chatted about the cabin.

It wasn’t too much later that the discussion of sex came up again. Rob again had talked about wanting to be with an older woman. I had told him I could see why he would want to fuck a older woman. My cock again had sprouted up as I now wanted to see Rob take my wife right now in front of me. My wife sat their stunned as Rob continued on with his sex talk.

A few minutes later my cock was still extremely hard as was Rob’s. Rob’s cock had to be very big as the bulge in his pants was huge. He had to keep moving around so he could adjust his big cock in his pants.

I was so horny as I gave Rob the basic ok to fuck my wife. I can’t even remember some of the things I had said to him. I later found out from my wife that Rob had brought up the idea of wanting my wife and I basically had told him yes.

Rob quickly stood up off the couch and positioned himself right in front of my wife as she sat there. He grabbed his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. My wife’s eyes lit up as his semi erect cock popped out of his pants.

Rob said to my wife, “Do you want my big cock? Your husband is ok with it.”

My wife said nothing to Rob as he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face towards his big cock. A few seconds later I heard my wife’s mouth sucking on his enormous size cock.

Rob cried out, “That’s it baby! Suck it good!”

My wife’s hands had clutch on to Rob’s ass as she squeezed it tightly. He had pushed as much of his cock into my wife’s mouth as he could. She gagged on his cock several times.

He now grabbed my wife and stood her up. He yanked both her pants and panties down to the ground. His hand quickly explored her wet pussy as my wife pleaded with him that this wasn’t right. He moved her onto a big rug that laid on the floor in front of the huge fireplace. My wife pleaded with him again that she couldn’t go through with this. She said, "Please no Rob! I am your boss at work I could be fired for this!”

Rob continued on as my wife laid on this big cushy rug in front of the fireplace. Rob had removed my wife’s shirt and bra and his hands were now exploring her big tits. Rob’s cock was extremely big and very hard as he then grabbed my wife’s legs and pulled them wide apart.

“Please Rob lets not do this!” my wife cried out.

Just after her last plead my wife cried out, “Omg Rob!” Rob’s huge cock had now penetrated my wife’s pussy. As he held her legs wide apart I watch on as Rob slowly pushed about half or so of his big cock into her pussy. This is the first time in almost two months my wife had a cock inside her pussy.

He fucked her for several minutes as my wife’s body slid back and forth on the rug. Her tits shook back and forth from the pounding she was taking. My wife then began to cry out, “Oh’ God Rob! You are going to make me cum!”

Rob had waited months for this exact opportunity. I am sure he remembered all the times my wife had yelled at him at work and now he had the upper hand on her. My wife’s moans increased with every thrust of Rob’s cock into her. A few seconds later it happened. My wife cried out into a very powerful orgasm on Rob’s cock.

Rob turned my wife around onto all fours. He place a cushion from the couch on the fireplace hearth that stood about two feet on the ground. My wife’s beautiful round ass was facing the both of us as Rob knelt down behind it.

Rob pushed his huge cock into her from behind as my wife buried her face into the cushion. Rob began to slam his cock very hard into my wife’s pussy as her moans had quickly turned to screams.

Rob grunted out loudly as he pushed his cock very deep into my wife. My wife came very hard again on his cock. A few minutes later Rob grunted out, “Oh fuck!” Rob pulled his cock out my wife very quickly and shot his cum all over her back side.

It took several minutes for my wife to recover. She is the kind of woman that once she has been fucked wants it all night long.

It was about an hour later as we all chatted about what had just happened. My wife who had just a robe on her sat on the couch and discussed about how this shouldn’t have happened. Their chat was basically between them two. I tried to stay out of it the best I could. They started then to argue with each other.

Rob said to my wife, “You loved my cock inside you! I know you did!”

“Rob, we can’t do this anymore. I shouldn’t had let this happen the first time,” my wife said to him.

Rob then walked over to my wife and pulled open her robe. His cock was very hard again as he climb on top of her as she laid on the couch.

“Rob, we can’t do this!” my wife cried out.

“Yes we can!” Rob replied as he pushed his huge cock into my wife's pussy again.

My wife immediately let out a huge moan as Rob’s cock slid deep into her. It only took a few minutes and they were fucking like animals on the couch. My wife was clawing at his back as Rob gave her every inch of his huge cock.

My wife’s moans got louder as Rob said, “You want to cum! Don’t you!”

“Yessss!” my wife moan out.

A few moments later my wife cried out into a powerful orgasm as Rob slammed his cock hard into her pussy. He fucked her hard on the couch for a good ten minutes. He then pulled his cock out of her pussy and slid up her body.

“Hold your tits together!” Rob grunted out.

As my wife grabbed her beautiful tits and pulled them together Rob showered them with his cum as he let out a loud grunt.

It was a few hours later and I had fallen asleep on the couch. My wife had been on the other couch sleeping when Rob came down from the loft area. He now wanted to take my wife again and quickly led her upstairs to the loft area.

I heard everything going as they fucked each other very hard. I heard their flesh colliding together as my wife screamed out into at least two huge orgasms. I then heard Rob say, “I am going to fill your beautiful pussy with my cum!”

A few seconds later as my wife screamed out Rob grunted out loudly as he shot his cum into my wife’s waiting pussy. A little time later my wife made her way back down onto the couch as I pretended to be asleep.

The next morning my wife was a little sore as we sat down to eat breakfast. We all decided to go hiking as Rob wanted to show us a particular spot where you could see for miles and miles.

We must had walked about 5 miles when we came up to this awesome sight. We were on top of a 50 foot cliff. Rob was right we could see for miles and miles. We all took turns with the binoculars as you could see nothing but nature for many miles.

We decided to take a lunch break as we felt like we were on top of the world. As we finished lunch Rob and my wife went over to another part of the cliff. I made my way through some brush as I came upon them. Rob was extremely horny again as he had his pants on the ground and my wife had knelt in front of him. She gave Rob one of the most sensual blow jobs you ever wanted to see. I stood off in the brush with the binoculars as my wife slowly teased his big cock with her mouth. She sucked on his cock for a good ten minutes as he grabbed the back of your head with his hands. He moan out, “Oh’ fuck! I am going to cum!”

He held my wife’s mouth tightly on his cock as he grunted out loudly. His cock suddenly began to erupt inside her mouth. She gagged and choked on his cum as he didn’t let go of her head until every last drop of cum had dribbled out of his cock. She quickly clean him up and they headed back over to where I was at.

That night after dinner we all sat and chatted on the couch. The sexual tension was very high as my wife was way more hornier than the night before. Rob discarded his clothes and quickly removed all my wife’s clothes. My wife was very hot and made no bones about wanting his big cock tonight. They caressed and felt each other up as they sat there on the couch.

Rob quickly laid my wife down onto the big rug that embraced the front of the fireplace. He had my wife’s legs spread apart as he tease her by putting his cock only slightly into her pussy. My wife was going nuts as he teased her for several minutes. She finally cried out, “Please fuck me!”

Rob said, “I want you to play with your clit while I fucked you!”

My wife moved a finger onto her very swollen clit. Her moans increased as she began to play with her clit as he fucked her nice and slowly. My wife moaned out even louder now as she wanted to cum very badly.

My wife moan out, “Oh’ God! Oh’ God! I am going to cum!”

Rob said, “Play with the clit while I fucked you! I want you to keep playing with yourself even after you cum!”

My wife’s breathing increased significantly as her orgasm began to build. Rob started to push his cock even deeper into my wife’s body tremble. It wasn’t to much longer that my wife began to make herself cum with her finger. She let out a very loud scream as her body shook uncontrollable. Rob continued to slam his cock into her as he said, “Keep playing with yourself!”

My wife continued to play with her clit as her body went nuts. It was only a couple minutes later she moan out, “Omg I am going to cum again!”

My wife ran her finger very fast over her swollen clit as she had a very powerful orgasm as Rob fucked her. My wife then cried out, “I can’t take anymore!”

Rob had her right where he wanted her as he began to fuck her very hard. My wife cried out loudly as Rob was showing her no mercy. A few minutes later Rob pulled his cock out of her pussy and began to shoot his cum all over her still swollen clit as she laid on the rug totally out of it.

It was about a hour and a half later when Rob’s cock needed attention again. My wife was more than eager as her pussy was still extremely wet. Rob had her get on all fours again on the rug right in front of the fireplace. I was extremely horny watching my lovely wife on all fours as her tits hung down from her body. She was very hot and wanted his hard cock inside her badly.

Rob squatted down behind her and inserted his big cock into her. He grabbed both of her arms as he held onto her tightly as he rammed his big cock into her. He fucked her hard for several minutes. My wife screamed out as she came very hard again on his cock. Rob now had another idea as he pulled his cock out of her wet pussy and stuck it up against her tight asshole. My wife cried, “Oh’ No! I can’t take it in the ass!”

Rob ignored her plea and pushed his enormous cock into her ass. My wife screamed out loudly, “Oh’ Crap! Your cock is way too big for my ass!”

As I saw his cock fuck my wife’s ass I couldn’t take it any longer myself. I was on fire as I stroked on my cock very hard as I watched on. A few minutes later Rob grunted out, “Oh fuck!” as he filled my wife’s ass up with his cum. He then pulled his cum covered cock out of her ass. I couldn’t take it any longer as I shot my cum all over the couch.

We all headed to bed as we wanted to get an early start in the morning. My wife and I slept on the couch as Rob slept upstairs in the loft. The next morning it was time to head back to civilization but not before Rob fucked my wife again up in the loft. They were very vocal as I heard everything going on upstairs. My wife cried out, ”Fuck me! Fuck me!” on several occasions. Rob eventually filled her pussy again with his cum.

My wife and I sure could use another weekend with Rob.

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