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My Wife's Halloween Party Revenge

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My wife seeks revenge on me after an argument at my co workers Halloween party.

My wife and I had been invited to a Halloween bash. It had been hosted by one of my co-workers. They do this party every year and it is an adult party only. What I mean about adult party is that you are allowed to dress as provocatively as you would like.

That night right before we left for the party we got into a heated argument over nothing. One thing led to another and before we knew it things had gotten out of control. She said some things to me that pissed me off so I went off on her telling her that she was old and that she was over the hill. This didn’t go over well with her at all as she had a very stern look on her face. All I know is that she was very upset with me as we headed off to the party.

My wife wore a sexy red flapper dress that showed off her boobs real well. It hung down about halfway down her thighs and if she bent over you could easily see her underwear. I went as a simple doctor so I knew I wasn’t going to win any contest that night.

We arrived at the party as my wife didn’t say one word to me in the car. She was still very pissed off at me. We each mingled with different people as we stayed apart from each other most of the night. I watched as several of the men I worked with checked my wife out every time they passed by her.

One of the men I worked with was Dave. He was 32 years old and had been recently divorced. Dave was a good looking guy who loved to flirt with the women in the office. He had always talked about much he loved seeing my wife at these parties. Dave had always loved older women and he really loved women with big breasts. I had met Dave’s ex wife a few times in the past and she looked pretty sexy to me. I did noticed that her boobs were on the small side. Dave had talked about it in the past how he had wished his wife had bigger boobs. He constantly would talk about the women in the office who had big breasts.

Dave came to the party by himself and took every opportunity to check my wife out. The cleavage my wife’s outfit showed drove him absolutely crazy. He was dressed like a policeman and loved showing my wife his real handcuffs. He and my wife made small talked most of the night.

Dave got a lot bolder as the night went on as he had a few drinks. My wife, who doesn’t really drink, had one drink. I noticed my wife had opened up a lot more after she had that drink. She and Dave laughed as they stood very close to each other.

It was about 11 o clock when Dave and my wife made their way to the corner of the room. It looked like they were discussing something between them as the laughs had stopped. I had noticed that my wife was accepting Dave’s advances more and more. Dave had his hand on her upper thigh and was massaging it.

A few minutes later my wife walked over to me and said, “Remember what you said! You said if I found another man to fuck me tonight I should go for it!”

I had figured it was just the alcohol talking for her as I said, “Come on you can’t be serious? You want to fuck Dave?”

“Yessss! I remember you told me that you wanted an open relationship earlier tonight. You told me that I would never be able to find another man to fuck me. Remember?” she replied.

“Well, I did say that, but I was really mad at you!” I softly said back to her.

“I was mad too! I should be a lot madder at you than the other way around. I am going to fuck Dave tonight back at the house,” she said in a very serious tone.

“Please reconsider this? I can’t believe you are going to do this just to get back at me!” I said back to her.

“I am not doing this to get back at you! I am doing this for myself. Dave has shown me attention over the last few years while I am just an object to you!” she cried out. “We are leaving right now. I really want you to watch your beautiful 46 year old wife be taken right in front of your eyes.”

Dave and my wife headed out the door together. We only live about 5 minutes from the party so I knew I would need to follow closely behind them. Believe it or not my cock was extremely hard all the way home as the thought of Dave banging my wife. I knew he loved big tits and I am sure he couldn’t wait to bang her.

I walked into the house a few minutes behind them. They were in the living room as Dave had his arms wrapped around her. They kissed each other very seductively.

Dave said to me, “Please don’t take this personally! Your wife wants this to happen.”

My wife back away from Dave and began to tear her sexy flapper dress off. As the dress hit the floor Dave had already stripped down to his underwear. My wife then unhooked her bra and pulled it away from her lovely tits. Dave’s cock was protruding right through his underwear as my wife slid her panties down to the ground and tossed them at me. Dave quickly removed his underwear, and I could see his cock was very hard. It was a thing of beauty as it was big and thick. The skin on it was very smooth and the head on his cock was very big.

Dave couldn’t wait as he groped at my wife’s tits right there in the living room. I stood in the doorway between the kitchen and living room as I watched his mouth consume her tits. My wife sigh out every time Dave sucked on her hard nipples.

Dave had wanted my wife for the last two years and now he was about ready to fuck her. They lay down on the living room floor with Dave on top of my wife. Dave’s head now found her beautiful pussy as his tongue ran back and forth across it.

My wife cried out as Dave aggressively sucked on it. His tongue darted in and out of her when my wife screamed out with her first orgasm of the night. It took her several minutes to recover from the powerful orgasm she had.

She then said to Dave, “Please fuck me Dave! I need your sweet cock inside me now!”

Dave was no fool as he quickly pushed his big cock into her right their on the living room floor. Dave began to hammer his cock into my wife as she moaned and screamed out. He fucked her hard as my wife's tits swayed back and forth across her lovely body. My wife screamed out with another strong orgasm a short time later.

He fucked her for several more minutes as he continued to groped at her tits. My wife screamed out a little time later as she had another powerful orgasm. Dave then pulled his cock out of her and moved his body on top of my wife.

He had my wife push her beautiful tits together as he pushed his big cock in between them. He began to tit fuck her as she moaned out. My wife's tongue licked the head of Dave’s cock every time his big cock pushed through her tits.

A few minutes later Dave’s body started to tremble. He was ready to cum as he pushed his cock even harder and faster in between my wife’s tits. My wife bent her head forward so she could directly look at Dave’s hard cock as it slid in between her big tits. My wife had her mouth wide open as Dave began to cum. He shot several squirts of cum right into my wife’s mouth as the rest of his cum splashed all over her neck.

My wife then got up and led Dave into our bedroom as she walked right past me. They headed into the shower so my wife could get cleaned up. I listen right up against the bathroom door as they both were in the shower together. I heard my wife say, “Dave I want to suck that beautiful cock!”

I heard my wife slurping on his cock as Dave moaned out, “Oh man, is that good!”

They were in the shower for a while and I waited for them to emerge. They came out of the bathroom still naked as Dave’s cock was extremely hard and ready for action again. My wife begged him to fuck her again on our bed as she crashed down on it. “Please fuck me Dave! Please I need your cock inside me!”

Dave grabbed her body and had her on her knees. He wanted her from behind as he pushed his big cock back into her. He began to fuck her very hard doggie style as my wife cried out. He reached under her body and grabbed her tits roughly with his hands.

Dave was relentless as he fucked my wife hard until she screamed out very loudly into a powerful orgasm. He continued to fuck her hard from behind as my wife came again a several minutes later.

Dave was ready to cum again himself as he pounded his cock into my wife. He moaned out loudly as he began to fill up my wife’s pussy with his warm cum. My wife’s body shook as Dave empty every ounce of cum into her.

Dave then pulled his wet cock out of my wife’s pussy. My wife sat their with her ass still up in the air as Dave’s cum flowed out of it. His cum then dribbled down onto the sheets. My wife then turned to me and said, “Are you satisfied!”

Dave left shortly after that as I crashed onto the couch. Did I learn my lesson that night, or did I? It was very exciting but also very draining. Well, at this point it doesn’t matter anymore. What is done is done!

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