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Nanny for the new family

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I did say I'm here for what ever you needed
“Oh just relax Chuck it’s going to be fine. Just ask Phil to bring some more steaks and we can serve it with the chicken. Don’t worry. There will be plenty of food for everyone.”
I watched my parents as they were trying to prep for their big barbeque party outside. I was really of no use anyway. I wasn’t much of a cook and getting in between my mom and dad would have been treacherous. They were like two whirling tornados bent on destruction. My father was busy burning things on his overly gigantic grill and my mother was like a fluttering butterfly, floating in and out of the kitchen.
“Ashton could you give me a hand with this casserole?”
“Sure mom, I’m on it.” My tone was nothing but sarcastic. You see my parents threw this huge barbeque every April to kind of ring in the ending of spring. It was usually really festive and fun but this year it just seemed like they were a bit caught off guard. It was sure to be a disaster now. They were trying to make up for lost time but were failing miserably.
“Ashton I said come and get this. Your father is busy and frankly I’m out of help.”
“I know mom, I was practically already in the kitchen.”
“Don’t be smart young lady. I’ve got a lot on my plate and it wouldn’t hurt you to help out. You’re not to old to get spanked you know.”
“Wow mom. I didn’t know you were so kinky.”
My mother just glared at me in disgust. I guess my comment caught her off guard. She retaliated by shoving her tuna tarragon casserole right into my chest.
“Where shall I take it your majesty?”
“Just take it Ashton!”
Wow my mom was stressing out. I needed to make like a banana and split. Stealthily I put the dish down on a table and snuck past the kitchen and up the back staircase.
That’s when my mom shouted, “Don’t forget to dress appropriately Ashton! We’re going to have a lot of our friends over and the neighbors don’t need to see your belly or your cute little butt. I want to them to at least imagine that I’ve raised my daughter somewhat decently.

I smirked and shook my ass up the stairs. I knew it was nice and I knew I'd draw more than one guys attention tonight. Who knew, maybe old man Conner would be coming over. He know he probably spanked his junk whenever he caught me washing my car in our driveway. He was such a pervert. I've caught him watching me on more than one occasion. I guess I asked for it though. I mean I did get a rise out of teasing him. The whole thought of it made me giggle. Girls get away with everything. Anyway, I looked down and noticed my shorts were really shabby. Even though they were torn and faded, I liked them that way. I thought they looked cute.
“Oh come on mom! My shorts aren’t that bad!”
“Anything that shows off your tushy is not going to fly! Try wearing one of those nice sundresses I got you in Santa Barbara dear!”
Gosh my mother was such a prude. I can only imagine what she wore when she was my age.
When the night finally arrived, the party was a big hit. There were people everywhere. Food was plentiful, drinks were being served, kids were running all over the place and the music was a delight. My parents had actually pulled it off yet again. I came out the back door and saw my parents talking with a couple of the new neighbors down the street. We actually had two new families move into the neighborhood. As soon as they pulled in with their moving vans, every neighbor on the block was at their doors trying to introduce themselves. I guess when you think about it that would be the ideal way of arriving in any new place. My parents already met the first set of neighbors. They were the Rutton Family. They were both retired and from New York. They were really sweet.
As I grabbed a glass of wine, I saw my mother look over at me and mouth, “Nice dress Ashton.” She gave me a hearty thumbs up.
Surprisingly I had taken her advice and put on one of the sundresses she brought home from Santa Barbara. It was cute and made of soft cotton. The color was a bright spring yellow and it had white lace along the bottom hem. It really made my tan glow so I had no issues in wearing it. I really loved the back too. I guess my mom hadn’t noticed but it was cut really far down my back, making it a gorgeous view for anyone.
“Ashton come here sweetheart! I want you to meet the Fleers!’
My dad was nursing a beer and seemed like the life of the party. He was really chipper when he drank and a whole lot of fun to be around. As he shouted for me again, I reluctantly walked over.
“Hi Dad.”
My father gave me a big one-armed hug as he pulled me in close to his chest. He was talking with the other set of neighbors who moved into the house on the corner. As he used one of his big paws to ruin my hair, he pushed me out in front of him.
“Dick and Sally I want you to meet my beautiful daughter Ashton.”
The Fleers seemed really sweet. They were older than I imagined. Having seen their cars and the toys Mr. Fleer had in his garage, I had imagined they were a bit younger. After meeting them, I’d guess they were about fifty years old or so. Sally Fleer seemed older than Rick too. Maybe even fifty-five if I made the guess. They both gave me a smile as Mr. Fleer reached out and shook my hand.

"Gosh she is so pretty! It's so nice to meet you sweetheart. I'm Sally."

As Mrs. Fleer said this she gawked at me with her mouth open and pricked my dad in the chest. I guess she was surprised my dad had such a beautiful daughter. She grabbed both of my hands and held them in hers as she said, "Your Dad has told us so much about you Ashton. I hear you’re majoring in Child Development at the University?”
“That’s right. It’s really interesting and I’ve always wanted to teach.”
“What age do you want to teach Ashton?”
“I was hoping for high school but that could change once I start that whole credential program thingy.”
The Fleers laughed. They understood better than most what teenagers could be like. They had teenage boys in college and I’m sure they had their share of stories regarding parenting them.

Mr. Fleer raked one of his hands back across his thick head of hair and said, “Your hair is going to turn as white as mine Ashton. High Schoolers are crazy. Get out while you can!”
Mr. Fleer was funny. I could tell he was joking but I could also tell he was speaking the truth.
“Oh trust me Mr. Fleer I know teenagers are ridiculous. They are so childish and self centered. Totally.”

Everyone laughed because it was evident I was trying to act much older than I actually am.

Mr. Fleer interrupted by asking me a question.

“Let me guess how old you are Ashton. I’d say 22 years old. You seem very mature.”
Mrs. Fleer was really sweet. She knew I was young but she was trying to be nice. She was wrong though.
“No you’re wrong dear. I’d guess she’s about nineteen. Am I right?”
“Wow that was pretty good Mr. Fleer. How’d you guess?”
He turned red and just said he was lucky. Mrs. Fleer smacked him across the stomach. They both chuckled over it.
My dad interrupted us by saying, “Anyway Sally. I know you also have a little one in Intermediate School and I’m sure Ashton wouldn’t mind being a nanny for you if you ever needed that.”
I frowned at my dad for putting me on the spot. He was always trying to get me to work. He hated that I was always shopping on his dime.
“Oh my gosh that would be great. I mean we just moved here but we could really benefit from that.” Replied Mr. Fleer.
“Um I’m not sure really. We haven’t really discussed that yet with the move and all. I think once we’re situated we’ll discuss it again and let you know. I’d love to keep you in mind though Ashton.”
“Sure Mrs. Fleer. I’d be more than happy to help out. I don’t really have a job right now so even if it was once and while that would be cool.”
Mrs. Fleer smiled and rubbed my arm as she said, “You sure are beautiful Ashton. Is your boyfriend here?”
She was just assuming I had one I guess.
“Actually I’m just kind of dating right now. I don't like to be tied down to just one guy.”
My dad pinched my arm which shocked the snot out of me.
“Hey! What was that for Dad?”
“What do you mean tied down young lady? I better get to meet these boys you're dating!”
“I was just meaning that I don’t want to be tied down. I just go on dates for the food. That’s it dad!” I punched his shoulder as I said that.
The rest of the night was a blur. After I ate, I went up to my room and caught up with my text messages. As I sat on my balcony overlooking the empty neighborhood, I heard the door close as my parents gave their wishes to whoever was leaving. It was dark and the air was kind of crisp. I could hear everything. The music from the party, the chatter from the attendees and even the conversation of the couple who just left our home.
As I leaned over the railing on my banister to see who it was, I noticed it was the Fleers.
I guess I shouldn’t have been spying on their conversation but I couldn’t help my self.
“We have a great bunch of neighbors don’t we dear?”
“Yes we do Dick. I really enjoyed myself. Everyone is really hospitable. I’m really going to enjoy living here.”
“I know. I think we really picked a great home. So what do you think about a nanny. That might really help us out.”
I watched as Mrs. Fleer closed her cardigan and warmed herself with her arms. She didn’t respond right away.
“Don’t you think we should get someone with more experience Dick?”
I furrowed my brow because her comment left a sting in my heart. I was nineteen. I think I was more mature than she gave me credit for.
“She’ll do fine. I mean Ashton is a smart young lady. She wants to be a teacher and she’s going to the university. Her family is great!”
“I know Dick. I just, well I don’t know about it.”
Mr. Fleer gave a scowl in response and looked away. She noticed this and responded by saying, “She’s just very pretty. I don’t know about having such a young girl around the house. Don’t you think it would distract Jonathan?”
Mr. Fleer laughed. “Well I guess it might but it won’t be an issue. She’s nineteen and he’s barely double-digits dear.”
Mrs. Fleer laughed and then smacked Dick across his arm.
“I was actually meaning it would be a distraction for you!”
Mr. Fleer laughed and reeled back in defense. He pointed at his chest and said, “Who me?”
“Yes you! I saw the way you were looking at her. Nineteen! How’d you guess that?”
He just laughed as they disappeared out of earshot. I stood there in the dark, on my porch as a smile crept across my face. I guess I was flattered that an older man like Mr. Fleer thought I was attractive.
Two days later, my mother got a telephone call and Mrs. Fleer asked if we could talk. They were in a bind. She had to fly to Nebraska to visit her father who was ill and Jonathan needed to be picked up the next two days from school. The Fleers needed me to watch Jonathan until Dick got home. I guess the two of them would be flying back to Nebraska to meet Sally that weekend. Mr. Fleer couldn’t leave until the weekend because of work.
I agreed and was surprised that they were going to give me $200 for the task. Jonathan was really sweet. It worked out too because I was taking cross fit at a gym just near his school. After my workout was done, it was only about a five-minute drive to his school after my class. After I picked him up from school, I drove him home and he immediately went to his room and finished his homework. He was really studious and driven for his age. Both of his brothers played division one sports in college and I think he was trying to mimic their paths. After he finished his work, I dropped him off for football practice. I grabbed his big duffle bag from the trunk and followed him out to where his team was practicing.
“Whoa who’s the babe?”

Jonathan's little friends were stretching for practice as I walked up behind him. They just stared in silence as I set down Jonathan's pads and offered everyone a smile.
Jonathan came to my defense and shouted, “Shut up spaz. This just happens to be my girlfriend Ashton.”

I smacked the back of his head as I replied, “Very funny Jonathan. In your dreams.”
I introduced myself to his teammates and spoke with a couple of the dads who were standing nearby. I told them about the Fleers and why I had come. They were happy to hear I had chosen to stay and watch Jonathan practice with the team. A couple of the dads invited me out after practice. They explained to me the team always went out for pizza after practice. It was a good bonding experience for everyone involved with the team.

I noticed a couple of the dads were kind of flirtatious towards me. They weren't used to having someone like me around the field so they got kind of excited about it. When they heard I was possibly going to nanny for Jonathan, I got a couple more proposals to nanny if my job fell through with the Fleers. That was pretty rad. Even though I was having fun being entertained by all the dads, I unfortunately had to leave so I could clean up the Fleers house before Mr. Fleer got home. I wanted to make a good impression so I didn’t want to leave it a pigsty.
They were all really understanding and said they'd drop Jonathan off after dinner. The coach still urged me to stop by the pizza shop after I finished if possible. They said they'd chrisen me their official team cheerleader. I laughed because I thought their offer was cute. I mean why wouldn't they think of me as a cheerleader? I was still kind of dressed for the part. My little workout shorts and sports bra did mimic a cheer outfit when I thought about it.

Being around all those dads was really a big ego boost. I caught more than one wandering eye from them. They were trying not to be obvious about it but it was easy catching them as they tried stealing looks when they thought I wasn't paying attention. Since most of the players mothers kept away from the field I got a lot more attention then I anticipated. It was really flattering.
As I was leaving the field, the coach shouted,
“Ashton remember the offer still stands. If you finish up at the house, just swing by the pizza shop for some food and drinks. The beers are on us.”

I smiled. His offer was sweet but he seemed kind of desperate after offering so many times.
One of the dads also yelled, “Feel free to invite any and all of your girlfriends Ashton!”

I smiled as I shook my head in disgust at them. As I raced back to the Fleers home, I rushed inside and cleaned the sink, the television room and Jonathan’s room. I was in such a rush I didn’t notice Mr. Fleer come home. I was just bending over, picking up some of Jonathan’s things when Mr. Fleer walked in to his room.
He had been staring at my ass the whole time I was cleaning. When I finally turned around we were both caught off guard.
“Yikes!” I screamed. He had nearly made my heart stop.
He jumped out of his socks as well. We both stood there, clutching our chests as we tried to regain our composure.
“Sorry Ashton. I didn’t mean to frighten you. I came in here looking for Jonathan. I hadn't expected to find you in his room.”
I laughed as we both found the humor in the moment.
“You scared me to death too Mr. Fleer. I had no idea you were standing there."
Mr. Fleer must have not heard me though. He just stood there kind of frozen. I noticed he was actually looking me up and down. He stared at my outfit and over to my legs. Then he looked up at my chest.

I chuckled under my breath because he was so horribly obvious.
As I tried to get his attention, I motioned with both of my hands, waving them across his line of sight. "Hello? Earth to Mr. Fleer."

He shook his head side to side quickly as if he was shaking himself from a dream.
“Sorry. What was that again Ashton?”
“Oh it was nothing.” I just smiled because his behavior was so utterly pathetic.

I finished picking up Jonathan's things and then followed Mr. Fleer into the kitchen where he had disappeared to.
“So where is Jonathan?”
“Uh he's at football practice Mr. Fleer.”
“Oh that’s right. I totally forgot. Sorry this week has been kind of hectic for me.”
Mr. Fleer seemed so stressed out. I guess the sudden news about his father in law and Mrs. Fleer having to leave so quickly was a bit much for him.
“So is Jonathan going to be at practice late? What did his coach say about it?”
“Yeah they hadn’t even started practice when we got there and then they said they were all going to the pizza shop for dinner. I’m guessing they’ll be gone pretty late.”
“I think you’re right. It’s about six right now. They probably won’t be back until nine or so.”
“You should relax then Mr. Fleer. Take a load off."

He rubbed his forehead and scanned the kitchen as he exhaled deeply. I didn't know what to do so I started to get nervous. When I get nervous, I tend to talk a lot. More than I need to.

"Well I guess I’ll be going home then unless you need me to stay.”
Mr. Fleer rubbed his chin as he stared at the ground. He didn’t say anything back. I watched him take his coat off and then walk into the mudroom where he put his tie on a hook.

He finally broke the silence.

“Did I even say thanks for all your help Ashton? You’ve been a really big help for us today. Sorry for seeming so preoccupied.”
I smiled in gratitude to his remarks.
He grabbed a glass of wine and also poured one for me. As he handed me my glass, he said,

“So how do you like being a nanny Ashton?”
“It’s great sir. Jonathan is a good kid and it’s fun. I really like it. It's funny that you asked that. A couple of the dads offered me jobs for the same thing. They just thought they'd offer if it turned out that you guys didn't need me after all.”

When he said that he seemed worried. It was like he thought he was going to lose out on something.
“Yeah for sure. Don't even worry about it.”
“That’s really great to hear Ashton. Actually me and Sally have already decided that having you as a nanny would be very beneficial for us. So you got the job!”
I pretended like I hadn’t known they had already had the conversation about me. I just clapped my hands in celebration.
"Well I’m glad you both think I’d do a good enough job. I'd be happy to be Jonathan's nanny. I'm here for anything you need.
“That's terrific Ashton. Actually you are going to be perfect for me...uh I mean us." He laughed before saying, "Sorry I'm just tired.”

I grinned over his slight of words. It was pretty funny hearing that come out of his mouth.

"Easy Mr. Fleer. If Mrs. Fleer was here she would have surely smacked you for that one."

He looked at me and smiled as his face turned bright red. He put his hands in his pockets and laughed as he looked down at his feet.
I wasn't sure if he was still laughing at my comment so I asked him what was so funny?”
He fought off his laughter and said it was nothing. I was still curious so I walked over to him and poked him in the chest, threatening him in a jovial manner.

"Was it what I said about Mrs. Fleer?"
“It’s just that the only issue Sally had was how... beautiful she thinks you are. She was just acting silly. I guess she was jealous of your looks.”
I had a feeling that’s what he was laughing about. He was probably just embarrassed about it. I blushed and looked down at my hands as I twiddled my fingers around. I guess I was still curious and flattered over him possibly thinking I was so pretty. I couldn’t let it slide so I asked a really stupid question next.
“Well is it true?”
His laughter quickly ceased as a serious and almost terrified look spread across his face.
“What? Sorry Ashton what was your question?”
He knew damn well what I said but he was too much of a sissy to admit it. I think he was trying to avoid the question.
I hadn't thought the circumstances through and probably shouldn't have asked the question.
As I said that, I got nervous and grabbed the waistband of my workout shorts and stretched them in my fingers. When I let go, they snapped back against my waist. This moved his attention to my outfit. I saw him look down at my tummy. I forgot I hadn't even changed after my workout. It wasn't really the kind of outfit to wear around a fifty-year old man who was home alone with an attractive woman while his wife was out of town.
His demeanor kind of changed as he corrected his posture and folded his arms together. I think he thought I was coming on to him now. Crap, I shouldn't have opened my big mouth. I looked at him wide eyed as I nibbled my lower lip with my teeth. I could see a bead of sweat race down his forehead and disappear down his neck. This was dangerous. I wouldn't know what to say if he tried to come on to me now.

"Ashton have I told you how stunning you look in your outfit?"

I just shook my head no. I couldn't even speak. How awkward was this?

He walked up to me as I stood frozen against a counter like a statue.
"I can't believe you don't have a boyfriend Ashton. I bet guys are climbing over each other just to get your attention. You probably have to fight them back with a stick."

Geesh his boldness was unnerving. It must have been the wine talking. He was so blantant. The wine was affecting me too.

As he said that, he reached out and caressed my arm with the back of his hand. I didn't even shudder. The sensation was warm and inviting.
I just laughed. All I could mumble was, “Well, I uh, well, uh, I guess I well…” I laughed again. My giggling made him smile.
I looked to my left and then to my right. He was confused and tried to see what I was looking at. I was just making sure we were really alone.

After being gawked at by all the men at the football field I was a little turned on now. Really though, what if he came on to me. Would I really let it happen? I didn't know what to do. I guess if he made a move I would let it happen. The whole situation was incredibly hot. It was like a movie. I bet he wanted me so bad. I've always wanted to be with an older man and I guess this was the perfect chance. The silence was deafening and the situation was so intense. My chest was beating faster than ever and yet I was frozen as he stared into my eyes.

I finally spoke,"You know Mr. Fleer it's not to late for us to meet the team at the pizza shop. They like invited me three or fours times to meet them. I think they like really wanted us to go."

I was speaking out of nervousness. I couldn't stop. I sounded so silly.

"We could go together. Like ride in the same car. That's cool with me Mr. Fleer. It know it would make their day."
“You know my son’s football coaches were probably just hoping to get you drunk Ashton."

I gave a fake smile and released a small puff of breath as I shrugged my shoulders. He closed in on me and was now practically resting against me as I leaned back against the counter.
I didn't know what to do or how to respond. My mouth crept open and I looked up at him as my chest pounded. My attention was drawn to a button on his shirt. He didn't say a word. He was just fixed on my eyes and then on my chest. I leaned into him and started playing with the button as I got nervous. I swirled around it with one of my fingers as I dipped my forehead against his chest and gazed down at his shirt. I could feel him breath and I could see his chest rise in a rapid pace. He was so intense. As I looked back up at him and met him with my eyes, he wrapped his hands around my back and slid them down to my ass. His hands dove deeper, then down past toward the back of my thighs. He was exploring my body and I just stood there and let him.

I kept repeating in my head, "This is happening. This is happening."

It was hotter than anything I'd been involved with.

As he groped ass again, I felt his fingers slide up to my waist and bring my shorts slightly down. His hands reached for my thong as he popped the bands of my underwear against my hip bones. The sting caused me to release a soft puff of air that was so sensual sounding. It pushed him further into his exploits.

Quickly, he picked me up and sat me on top of the kitchen island I had been backed up against. As he did, he grabbed my chest and started kissing my neck. All I could do was close my eyes. His face was buried deep into my chest as he labored to envelope one of my breasts in his mouth.

All I could say was, "Mr. Fleer."
Before he knew what was happening, I was on my knees on his kitchen floor unzipping his pants. I saw his hands jolt down to the counter as he braced himself for it. The sound of his groans filled the entire house. It was empty. The only light on was the one in the kitchen. Luckily the windows were covered by curtains that blocked anyone from seeing what we were doing. When I quickly unzipped the fly on his pants he started chanting, “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.”
The next time our eyes met, his dick was in my mouth, with my lips wrapped around it. I stroked it with my hands, up and down. Pushing my fingers from the head of his cock to the base of his penis. My head bobbed back and forth as the sounds of suction rapped against the cold walls of the kitchen. His waist was gyrating, almost pushing into my face as he did it. If I didn’t know better, he was trying to face fuck me.
Our eyes were caught in a blank stare for seconds when he told me, “You are so unbelievably gorgeous. Oh how I wanted to rip your little sundress off the first time I laid eyes on you.”
I smiled with his dick still in my mouth. This made him so hard.
He couldn’t believe what was happening and was afraid to do anything in fear it would stop me from sucking him off.
As I continued the blowjob, he was staring down at me, looking at my chest and then looking down at my legs. He was making comments about my body and how he had never been with anyone even half as gorgeous as me his entire life. That was such an ego boost for me. I sucked him harder for it. I felt him grow even bigger and harder as I did so.

"I haven't even seen a woman who comes close to your beauty Ashton. Please don't stop."
For the first time, I pulled my lips off his cock and sat back against my feet. As I sat there on my knees in his kitchen, he begged me to continue.
“We still have a ton of time Mr. Fleer so no rush.”
He was in a state of shock over my comment. His eyes were as big as planets as he stared at me. His dick was sticking straight out, almost begging for my mouth. He really couldn't believe this was happening.
“Do I turn you on?”
He shook his head yes. He seemed just like an inexperienced boy. His comment made me chuckle.
“Do you like my body Mr. Fleer?”
“Oh gosh I do. I do Ashton!”
“Am I hotter than your wife Mr. Fleer?”

“She’s a fucking cow compared to you Ashston.”

I felt bad for asking that but I wanted to know how bad he wanted me and how attracted he was to me. I kept up the conversation.
“Should I call you Dick, Mr. Fleer?”
“No call me Mr. Fleer. That turns me on like nothing else.”
I smiled as I gave him a cat like motion with my hands. “Wow Mr. Fleer, you are dirty aren’t you?”
He smiled and shook his head feverously as he moved over to me and began groping my body.

He couldn't take it anymore. He wanted me so badly.

I heard him shout, “Take off your shorts Ashton. I need to see what you have on under your sexy outfit.”
I stood up and pulled my shorts down. They exposed a yellow satin bikini style thong. His dick got so erect when he saw them on me.
“Your legs are phenomenal. Your skin is so tan and so smooth. It looks like honey. Ashton you’re hotter than any model I’ve ever seen in any magazine. I can't believe this is happening right now.”
He grabbed my waist suddenly and pushed me against the island as he grabbed his throbbing penis. He was frantically trying to move my underwear over as he desperately tried to guide his cock inside me.
His intensity was almost scaring me now. He was being ravenous. My eyes must have been bulging as he soaked in the site of my body with his eyes. This must have been so incredible for him. He would have never dreamed this could have ever happened with me. I was soo loving it!
“I’m going to fuck you silly tonight Ashton. So bad you won’t be able to walk that sexy little ass out of my house.”
“Oh you’re a bad man Mr. Fleer.”

Suddenly he pushed me back onto the counter top. Before I could react, a stream of cum shot from his dick across the expanse of the tiled floor. It hit my chest and then my neck. I turned my head in defense as he screamed out in elation. I swear every neighbor on the block must have heard him shouting.
As beads of his cum raced down my cleavage, I looked over at him in awe. I watched as he pumped his cock, showering me with cum. After a few minutes, he slumped his head down and slammed a hand against the counter. His right hand clutched his forehead and covered his eyes. I swear he seemed as if he was crying. All I could do was stand there in a sloppy mess as I looked back at him. Mr. Fleer had ruined my outfit. My top was stained with his semen. Yet he seemed defeated.
I finally broke the silence and spoke.
“I’m sorry Mr. Fleer. I shouldn’t have made you do this. Sorry. I let me emotions get the best of me.”
“Don’t even think about apologizing Ashton.”
I felt so ashamed and confused. I must have been too much for him. I mean I took advantage of this man. I put him in such a predictament.
“Ashton that’s not it.”
“I just can’t believe I couldn’t hold back. I tried not to cum but you were too much. You were too sexy. I freaking blew it.”

I laughed. I couldn't help it.

He spoke out loud to himself now. "Dick you moron. You had your chance to be with a beautiful woman and blew it. I can't believe you!"
A cute smile grew across my face. I was totally mistaken. I clutched my heart and furrowed my brow in approval. He melted my heart.
“Here I was Ashton, with you, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and I freaking blew it. I had my chance to sleep with you and I messed it up.”
I stood up and walked up to him, pressing my breasts against his chest. I grabbed his hand and wrapped it around my waist. His hands took hold of my ass as he looked down into my eyes.
To his surprise, I whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry Mr. Fleer. Like I said, I'm your Nanny now right? There's a lot more to come."
A smile grew across his face. I’ve never seen someone cheer up so fast...

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