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Neighbor to Neighbor

After eighteen years of living in a small town Beth and Tom had decided that it was time to get out of that stultifying place and move to somewhere more exciting, more liberal. Small towns are notoriously small-minded and conservative. They had never really fit in, Tom especially. And Beth had made friends but she could never talk freely around them about her true feelings concerning politics and religions especially.

So they moved and found a great place in a larger college town where they could express themselves as freely as they pleased. They took along all the antiques and art they had accumulated before, but they started gathering new things, more colorful and stimulating. Their new home would really be fun now. Not just a farm house in a small town.

The first thing they did was get matching computers. Beth used hers for keeping the accounts and emailing friends. Tom was more engrossed in the seamier aspects of the computer online world. He began spending more and more time by himself in his own bedroom. They had not had sex in months now. When Beth approached him with little endearments trying to draw him into sex play he would smile at her and hug her and then get back to his computer.

It was becoming a real problem for Beth. She had always been such a sexual being. The loss was deeply felt. She had never imagined being with any other man than Tom, but now she began to dream of other men. And she dreamed of them doing things to her that only Tom had ever done. And some things he had never done. She was as horny as she had been in her whole life.

Six months after they moved in another man moved into the next-door town home. They had noticed all his furniture being hauled in and carried into his place. Beth got glimpses of the moving men and they were big and beefy and made her cream a little as she imagined what they could do to her. But she never seriously thought of approaching them. They were doing their job and had no time for her. In any case, she went into her own room and masturbated with her fingers on her greasy shaved pussy.

She stayed on her bed for at least an hour thinking of what they would do to her if they forced their way into the house. She would resist of course but they would be too strong and finally she would have to give in and let them do what they wanted. She imagined one of them forcing his cock into her mouth and fucking her face. As that was happening the other was entering her from behind doggy-style. She could not help pushing back and taking more dick up her cunt. They both shot their spunk at the same time and she felt a gusher of cum up her pussy while another over flowed in her mouth. She could not stop herself from creaming from the fucking and the sucking both. That was how she imagined it.

But the movers completed their job in one day and moved on. It was after they finished that she first noticed the new neighbor as he was giving them a tip. She was peeking out through the drapes and noticed how handsome he was. He was tall, with black hair combed straight back. His clothes were loose but she could tell from the way he moved that he was well muscled. Actually he and Beth made a very good match visually and physically.

Beth was tall herself, and had a dancer's legs. Her hair was raven colored and fell in waves to her shoulders. She had kept in shape the past few years by walking and doing some weights, while Tom had let himself go. He had been gaining weight and didn't seem to think it was a problem. Beth saw a problem but she loved him. If only he would become the old Tom and give her the fucking she so needed.

Now she became a little obsessed with the new neighbor. She happened to check his mailbox as she was out for her morning walk. It was Jack Johnson! What a name. She wondered what kind of johnson he had. She went home and diddled herself to a nice quiet cum. She was looking forward to meeting this Jack.

It didn't take long. There was a block party the next week. All the terrace street gathered in the very short block and most brought food. Some of the men even brought casseroles. It was a good time to meet your neighbors. Beth noticed that Jack had strolled in late and was gazing around taking in the view. Suddenly his eyes stopped dead on her. He was literally staring at her and a broad grin spread across his face.

He started walking directly towards her. Tom was back in the town home in his room doing god knows what on the computer. She was alone and a little fearful for some reason. She felt urges coming over her but she had never strayed in ten years of marriage. Jack came closer and closer and stood firmly in front her. "You are my neighbor Beth, right? I see you walk out each morning. Do you know what, we are going to get very friendly. Very. Don't make plans for tomorrow morning. I will be over."

Tom would be out on his part-time job tomorrow morning. This was bad. She was afraid. She didn't know what to do. She should tell Tom, but something held her back. She was a good woman. She knew that. This Jack was too over-powering in his confidence. She should have just said no at once but something held her back. She didn't want anything to happen. But she was lost.

The next day, after Tom left for work, the front doorbell rang. She had put on her sweats to be a little less attractive. She answered the door and Jack strode in without an invitation. "Take off the sweats right now. I hate them on women. Do it now!"

She wanted to scream out "No" but she was stunned. She did not move to take anything off. Jack grabbed her arms and kissed her. She tried not to respond but she was so hungry for love. Her mouth opened and he rammed his tongue into her mouth. Then she came to her senses and broke away.

"I can't do this. I am married. I am a good woman." Jack just grinned and looked into her eyes. Deep into her eyes. He approached again and began taking off her sweats. She struggled, but not with all the strength she could have mustered. She thought to herself, I want this so badly, but she still put up a token struggle. Finally all her sweats were off and she had no panties. She had not put any on this day for some reason lost in the depths of her mind.

Then Jack told her, "Get on your knees. You are about to suck some hard cock. Do it now you little slut." She did not want to do it, but she sank to her knees. Her mouth had started to drool as it always did before sucking cock.

Jack just reached into his slacks, pulled out his eight inches and rammed it into her open mouth. He held her raven hair and fucked in and out of her mouth. "Use your teeth on me bitch." She did. She raked her teeth on his prick and licked all around it making love to it.

She loved cock-sucking and this was a great cock. It tasted like he had dipped it in honey before coming over. It was sticky and hard and huge. She was in heaven. Her cunt was leaking all over her carpet. At last, when he knew she had cum several times he started shooting seed into her waiting mouth.

He held her head up and watched as his cock filled her mouth. "Swallow it all now you, sleazy little cunt." She did. She followed orders and started cumming as the spunk went down her throat. Then he pulled out, crammed his cock into his pants, turned away and left the house. No thank yous or anything.

Beth swore that nothing like this would happen again. She was so sure she did not even bother telling Tom. It would just cause problems, and it was not happening again, really, she knew that. So when she saw Jack walking past the house she remembered the great taste of his spunk, but she swore it would not happen again. Really.

The next day the doorbell rang. Tom was at work in the morning again. She went to the door and again Jack pushed his way in and stood with arms akimbo staring at her. Today she was wearing a sun dress. She blushed with the waves of lust that passed through her, but she was not going to do anything. She swore it to herself.

Jack said, "Lay your ass down on the couch. Pull up you dress. Do it, cunt!" She stood her ground. She was not following orders this time. He picked her up by the waist and tossed her on the couch. She could have got up and ran away but for some reason she stayed there.

"You are a horrid man. Horrid. Go away!" But she stayed on the couch and somehow her dress crept up her dancer's legs. They were long and graceful and lovely. Jack moved towards her. She didn't move. Her arms stayed at her side. She was trembling with fear and with want. She wanted this. But she hated him.

Jack moved between her legs. He grabbed her panties with two hands and with his powerful hands tore them off. Just ripped them apart and tossed them away. He could see her shaved pussy leaking juices already. He stood up, doffed all his clothes and moved back between her legs. He took each leg and put it up on a shoulder.

"Please no," said Beth, but her cunt said yes and she did not fight him. God, she needed a cock in her pussy!

Without even holding his cock he pushed it into her cooze, and it was so wet that he didn't have to force it in. It slid in like a hot knife into butter. He pushed his eight inches all the way in slowly and with an expression of pure lust on his face.

On her face was an unforeseen ecstasy. She wanted this so badly. But she thought she should put up some resistance. She pushed his shoulders but ended up pulling him down and kissed him as he started fucking and fucking that greasy quim. She was leaking around his cock down into her virgin ass. Tom had never wanted to fuck it. He thought that was dirty. With the cum tickling her ass hole she dreamed of doing that.

Humping back against his huge cock she could not stop cumming. He screwed her like she was a whore he had bought and paid for, and she enjoyed it. His dick was bumping up into her cervix over and over. She was wanting and begging for his spunk to fill her cunt.

She grabbed his ass and pulled him even deeper as he fucked her as hard as any man ever had. At last his cock began squirting streams of spunk up into her pussy, filling it full. He stopped and held his dick inside her and twitched it making her quiver from lust. Then he slowly withdrew and watched as all his cum started flowing out of her still wide open cunt. Then he abruptly stood up, put on all his clothes quickly and walked out. Not a word again.

No more, she thought to herself. No more. This has to stop. I don't want this for me or for Tom. She vowed that this was the last time. She did not need sex this much to be cheating on her husband. No more.

So the next week when Jack came to the door and started to come in she placed her hands on his chest, pushed him, and said, "No, you will not come in this time. No more Jack. This has to stop." He stopped, looked into her eyes and slowly began to turn away. Oh god, she thought, oh god, I need this, oh god. She grabbed his arm and then he picked her up in his arms.

He held her like a young bride. "Where's the bedroom, same as my place?"

She nodded. This should not be happening, this should not be happening. But it was and she was not fighting it.

He carried her into the master bedroom on the ground floor. He put her on her feet and began peeling her clothes from her tight lovely frame. Her nipples stood out from her apple shaped tits and her hairless quim was wet. He then tossed his own clothes in a corner. He stood in front of her and drew her close. His prick pushed against her tummy and her breasts crushed against his hairy chest. Her nipples were tickled in a good way. They began to make out with his arms wrapped around her tightly and hers around him. They made out until she started to cum and it ran down her legs. Her legs began to tremble and he held her up and then laid her gently down on the large bed.

He had lost some of his previous aggressive behavior with her complete submission. But he had used her mouth and he had used her cunt. Now it was time for him to use her bung hole. That was the one hole where she was a virgin. He did not know this. But he hadn't used it and it was time. He was a thorough man.

He again spread her legs wide and placed her legs up on his shoulders, but this time he reached down and stuck two fingers into her cunt. He got them greasy and wet and then crammed them into her ass hole. She jerked back with the surprise. No one had ever been in her ass.

He ran his finger around getting her wet and ready. Then he stuck his cock into her pussy, fucked her several times and then pulled out and stuck his dick into her bung. He rammed it in. She screamed. She cried. She whimpered. She pushed back against his cock wanting more and he gave her more. He reamed her ass for the first time and she was no longer a virgin anywhere on her body.

Pumping in and out he made her pussy leak so much it ran down and lubed her ass even more. He fucked her good and proper. And he enjoyed it because it was so damned tight and kept squeezing his large cock. It was almost as if it was sucking on his dick. So he kept fucking and fucking. And felt like he had never screwed a better ass than this. He reached under and pinched her clit. He rubbed it and pinched it. Then when she moaned from the clit diddling he stuck a middle finger up her cunt and rubbed her G-spot. She was writhing with passion and lust.

At last he could hold his sperm no more and his strings of spunk shot up into her ass. She felt it for the first time and it was good. He slowly pulled out and her ass kept sucking on his cock as if it was reluctant to let it go. His cock flopped out and then the cream pie formed. He took his hand and wiped it into the other. Then he reached around and said, "Eat this. It's good for you." And then he laughed as she lapped up his cum and her asshole fluids.

Beth was to be fucked many times by Jack. Tom never found out. He spent all his time in fantasyland on the computer. Beth and Jack would often fuck while he was upstairs in the library sitting in the dark with the glow of the computer lighting his cuckolded face.

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