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Neighbour in need

My leggy neighbour's car broke down and I helped her out
The other morning on my way back from dropping the kids at school, yes I do sometimes have to spend my valuable time on activities such as these; I noticed my neighbour’s car standing at the side of the road with an obvious breakdown.

I take good care of my cars and have them in mint operating condition, so I do not have much sympathy for idiots who find themselves in situations such as these. But this neighbour was worth my attention as she was in her late 30ties, approximately 1.8m with long athletic legs and a fairly firm butt ( I had noticed her at the pool every so often during the summer ).

As the car was blocking the early morning school traffic, I offered to tow it to her house just a couple blocks down the road. Which I promptly did – my 4x4 making light work of the little Volkswagen.

At the house I maneuvered her car into garage and started paying attention to her. She seemed somewhat unsettled by the breakdown experience. I offered to take a quick look at the car to see if there was something obviously wrong that could be corrected quickly. So with her behind the wheel turning the engine I disconnected the fuel hose to ascertain that the fuel pump was working, which it was … squirting fuel over all contained within the engine compartment.

At my signal she stopped churning and joined me at the engine. Smelling the fuel and seeing fuel dripping from the disconnected line alarmed her. Spotting an opportunity to get a better view of her arse, I instructed her to hold the fuel line upright whilst plugging the hole at the end of the line with a finger. She obeyed the instruction, but in the process had to lean far forward as the fuel line is on the cab side of the transversely mounted engine.

This gave me an excellent view of her but as the white skirt strained over the firm mounts – to the extent that the panty line of a thong was clearly visible. My penis was hardening at a rapid pace in the face of such beauty. The fact that her long athletic legs were visible up to 20cm from her buttocks and that her hamstrings were taught with the strain of leaning forward accelerated the pace of my erection.

I moved in next to her and started loosening the distributor cap and in the process discovered that the cord feeding from the high-tension coil was loose (information that I chose not share at this point). Thus standing next to her I started tracing the high-tension electrical system with my finger. This required me to move my hand (and arm) between her body (still bent forward over the engine holding onto the fuel line ) so I accidentally rubbed my arm (my hand on the electrical cord) down the side of her right flank, over her stomach just under the rib cage, and up the rib cage, just touching her B breasts. This did not seem to upset her too much – as a matter of fact I moved my arm very slowly and I was certain that her breathing became deeper.

In an effort to examine the air conditioner wiring (I was out of sensible wiring to explore as I pushed on with my opportunistic plan) I moved in behind her, squatted with my face just under her right buttock, and next to her hip, my left shoulder pressing against her buttocks and my left hand holding on to the car on her left. This gave me the opportunity to not only inspect her legs from slightly below (I could see all the way up those smooth legs up to the start of those firm, tanned buttocks ), but it also gave me the chance to rub my chest and upper arm against her buttocks, which I did with increasing intensity – she was still holding onto the fuel line, but a rush of blood was starting to colour her neck and cheek slightly pink.

Feeling ready to burst, I straightened up behind her, dropping my left hand onto her left buttock. She straightened up somewhat and was about to protest – as all decent women should do. I did not give her the opportunity. With my body pressing against her, my left hand circling her left buttock I gruffly interrupted her uncompleted protest by repeating the instruction to hold onto fuel line – she stopped her protest and held onto that line for dear life.

Whilst my left continued the exploration of her buttock through the skirt, and upper thigh below the skirt, my right started exploring her upper arm, right flank and rib cage, just missing the breast at every pass. My face was in her neck, just over the right shoulder and I was whispering in her ear how important it was to hold onto the fuel line. Reaffirming her earlier fear that the spilled fuel could ignite and destroy her car. Thus well motivated she stuck to her task of holding up the fuel line, but her breathing was as rapid as mine and I could feel her rapid heartbeats through her rib cage as my chest pressed into her ribs.

I slipped my left hand, which was caressing the rear and inner of the left thigh, high enough for my finger to trace the juncture of thigh, panty rim and pussy lips. This started an objection from her – I sensed from her body language. To quell the objection starting, I slid my right hand onto her right breast and gave a firm squeeze, whilst firmly repeating the instruction to hold onto the fuel line.

The objection was never raised and she started relaxing and her body became more responsive to my touch.

My right hand was now caressing her right breast, my palm was cupping the underside whilst my fingers was drawing patterns around the top and sides, being careful not to touch the nipple … until I could sense the tension that had build there. When I eventually touched the nipple, every touch and twist of the little erect nipple brought a soft moan from her lips.

My left hand in the meanwhile was exploring the length of her outer pussy lips through the cup formed by the front of the thong. I was running two fingers up and down her outer lips, very, very slowly, one on each side of the moist centre. This pussy was getting real hot, up to the point of pulsating.

I was still whispering words of encouragement in her ear, urging her to hold onto the line, reaffirming that she was doing a good job, and that we would have car up and running in no time at all.

With the pussy pulsating under my left hand I decided it was time to move on. My right hand found its way under her blouse, exploring the bare skin up from the hip, over the rib cage and up the valley between her breasts, whilst every so often it would caress a breast through the lace of her bra.

The two strong fingers on my left found their way under her thong, on the left side and from the rear going forward. The middle finger was running up and down her still closed (but oh so lubricated) slit, up and down from the rear to the start of the clit, just touching the inside of the outer lips and rubbing the protruding portion of the inner lips (my neighbour was one of those pointy nosed, full upper lip women with long inner pussy lips that protrude past the outer lips) spreading the moisture up and down, lubricating this throbbing heat engine for what was to come.

My erection was so hard it was starting hurt in the confinement of my pants. I contemplated moving the throng to one side so I could enter her with my pole – she was as ready as I was. But the throng was too tight. So risking another protest as I was going to interrupt my caressing in order to remove the little bit of material that was obstructing my path of penetration, I used my right hand to lift her skirt and to assist my left in pulling down the throng. As I lifted the skirt her body became more rigid and I sensed a protest forming.

Having had enough of this good girl nonsense I gave her a slap on the right buttock whilst instructing her to hold on to the fuel line. It was a clinging slap; my hand remained on the beautiful buttock where it inflicted the pain. Her body stiffened as the pain hit home, but started to relax as my right hand started caressing the red, pain inflicted area.

I sensed her submission and proceeded to remove her throng in a slow, deliberate way. Pulling it all the way down to her ankles whilst running my lips down the rear of her left leg. This gave me my first view of that delicious pussy, unshaved with strawberry blond hairs, the dark inner lips protruding just past the swollen (somewhat pinkish) outer lips, and the whole slit area being covered in that oh so slippery translucent juice.

Upon reaching her ankle I lifted her right leg to remove the throng, and decided to ease my entry into her pussy by placing her high-heeled right foot onto the bumper, thus opening her up wide.

As I got up I slid by hands up her inner legs, up to the outer lips of my target area. I undid my belt and dropped my pants to the floor. Taking my shaft in my left hand, I rubbed the point of the penis up and down her slit, from behind, making sure to touch the clit every time I reached the top. By the fifth stroke her leg muscles and buttocks tightened and quivered – she had an orgasm (a smallish one).

I stopped my stroking, and getting as close to her as I could with my monster erection resting on her buttocks, I caressed her neck with my lips, complimented her on the beauty of her body, the pleasure of experiencing her orgasm and promising her much, much more.

I stepped back and slid my cock into her in one swift motion, it slipped in smoothly as she was fully exposed to me in her stance, stretched over the engine with one foot on the bumper. I slowly started sliding up and down that moist channel of hers, meticulous long strokes, our bodies touching, my balls swing against her thighs.

My left hand was caressing her left breast, whilst my right was caressing her stomach and down to her groin, My middle finger explored over her bush and found the little button at the junction of the outer lips. Using the lube from the pole sliding into her, I started rubbing her clit with a short up-and-down motion. She had two more quick orgasms in succession. I could feel a monster of an orgasm building inside her, whilst my own excitement grew.

As her excitement grew I shortened the strokes and increased the pace, with my finger matching the pace running over her clit – gathering lubrication from my shaft and spreading upwards touching the junction of inner lips, rolling the hood back, and over the clit. Up and down again.

The monster was here. Her bum muscles contracted and twitched uncontrollably and her legs became wobbly as she climaxed. I slammed my shaft deep in her and stopped it there creating small pulses with the penis by pumping blood to the already engorged head. As the orgasm shook her, I jammed my finger onto her clit and applied firm pressure, making sure not to stimulate this over sensitive bud right now. And so we stood for 15-20 seconds – she in the grip of an intense orgasm with leg and buttock muscles jerking and knees buckling, me with my penis deep inside her applying pressure to the clit and thoroughly enjoying her pleasure.

I noticed that she had let go of the fuel line and was resting both her hands on the engine.

After what felt like an hour her quivering subsided and her breathing became less jerky. I pulled back so the head of my penis was just inside her and shocked her back to earth with a hard slap on the right buttock. She yelped and turned slightly to look at me over her shoulder. I said nothing but merely motioned in the direction of the fuel line. She apologized and resumed her fuel line duty – she did not see the affectionate smile of satisfaction on my face – this woman was magic.

I resumed the stroking of my penis inside her love tunnel, but with more urgency, and with the clear intention of satisfying myself this time. Long strokes, from the lips all the way in, applying some upward pressure to get maximum friction on the head. 20 – 30 strokes further I erupted deep within her, holding her tight. To my amazement she came again as I was having my last spasm, our combined fluid wetting me right down the penis to the bottom of the sack.

Holding my penis inside her, I caressed her back and neck, feeling my penis, which did not subside much, starting to grow real hard again. But I had a business appointment and was going to run late if I gave in to my animal urges, so I withdrew and stepped back. She was still bent over the engine and her right, beautiful buttock was red where I had enforced discipline. Such a good partner needed sympathy so I carefully caressed the inflamed areas and kissed it to make it better. As I stepped away I could see a trickle of fluid running down her inner left thigh – my seed and her love juice mixed.

I was running late and she needed to get washed up, so I pulled her to me. We embraced and kissed, she was such a lovely giving person. This relationship was going to give me (and her) much pleasure.

I fixed the car whilst she showered. I helped her dry her back after I had washed my hands in the bathroom I noticed a couple of other repair jobs in her house – a leaking tap, a broken hinge on a closet door, I could picture the possibilities and could feel another erection starting.

But more about those later.

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