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young guy seduces older woman and has rough sex with her.

It was 10 years ago on a long weekend holiday that the whole family was gathered at my older uncle’s house in Seattle .   My uncle John was a 68 year old retired Colonel.   Some 50 or 60 people were invited to celebrate New Year the evening after.   Among them was Felicia, my 2 nd cousin’s aunt.   She was a very attractive 38 year old woman with a lusty look.   She stood at 5’9”, long straight black hair & brown eyes.   Giving birth to her then 7 year old son had given her a slightly wider hip and a belly; however, she still looked desirable.   She was married to my cousin’s uncle, Rupert Mc Caine, a rich business man of 20 years older.   It was always assumed that she was a money grabbing bitch and got herself pregnant to marry him.   Not many wanted to socialize with her and she being proud & quite pleased with her beauty played the normal stuck up bitch in gatherings.   Nevertheless, the men in the family would always sneak a glance at her, whenever the chance arouse, feasting on her body with their eyes.   Maybe that is why although not accepted she always attended these family get-togethers to parade herself in front of the men of the family and irritate their women.   That evening was no different.   With Rupert being on a business trip that week, Felicia was stealing the peeps again. She was wearing a fitted knee high black skirt with a matching jacket similar to a business suit.   Underneath, she wore a tight white blouse and her perfectly sculptured legs, covered by black sheer stockings, were exhibited on a pair of black high heel shoes.   Her 36C size breasts and curvy ass were completely outlined by her outfit.  

Being an 18 year old bad boy and a high school drop out, I was always in trouble.   The norm had not satisfied me anymore since I was 16.   My life revolved around two things, engines and sex.   I had a knack for both of them and still I must say.  

I was always modifying the engine on my motor cycles or cars.    Experiment on different mixtures of fuel and blowing up my engine more than I can account for.   Sex started at the age of 12.   I am blessed or cursed by a good size dick.   Girls in high school would just want to see it and naturally I would end up with a hand job, blow job, cunt job or anal job.   Had done all the routine by 16 and needed to look for new challenges.    Snobby girls, older women, married women, women with authority, lesbians, etc. were the new grounds to cover and conquer.    By 18, many conquests were recorded in my little black book.   Among them, fucking my History teacher, classmate’s mom, girl friend’s sister, and fucking several married women.   I also managed to talk my way out of a speeding ticket and do the police officer, one of the highlights of my conquests.   I had the gift.   And that night I had marked a new target, Felicia, a woman that had been deprived of tempestuous sex since she married the old geezer, Rupert Mc Caine.   She fitted my profile quite well.   Stuck up, married & beautiful; needless to say, if I managed to fuck her, it would be a nice family secret!


I was staring at Felicia through out that evening undressing her with my eyes.   At one time, our eyes locked from across the long terrace and we both kept staring at each other expecting the other to chicken out.   I was looking at a piece of grade A prime meat while she was looking at a no body.   I was fucking her with my forceful eyes and she was diminishing me with her mighty eyes.   The duel seemed to last forever and it wasn’t in my nature to back down.   Finally she gave in and looked away in a manner that meant “whatever”.   She looked back a minute later and I gave her a sneer, indicating my triumph.   She walked away and disappeared into the crowd.   I had her under surveillance the rest of the night.   After dinner, she caught me again looking at her intently.   She scuttled towards me not taking her eyes off of me.   I could see the rage building up in her face as she reached me, and in a low but firm tone said:


- You’ve been eyeballing me all evening Sean.   Is there a “Fuck Me” sign on my     



I was a bit surprised at her vulgarity but then again, she was talking to a lout.   I gave her a grin and said:


- Only in flashing red neon lights Mrs. Mc Caine.


- You fucking prick.


I leaned forward and whispered:


- Yeah that’s me.


She was about to explode but controlled herself and walked away.   I continued eyeballing her as she put it until around midnight when everyone started to leave.   Felicia was also getting ready.   Her son had fallen asleep on the sofa some hours back.   As she went to carry him, my uncle called me and said to carry Jack to Felicia’s car.   Felicia waved her hand and said that there is no need for it, but uncle John said that I should carry him.   I picked up Jack and took him to the car.   Felicia thanked me reluctantly and started the car to leave.   As she was pulling out of the driveway my uncle told me that the family is treating her unfairly.   I told him that just like me.   My uncle slapped the back of my head and said that I deserved it.   We started walking back towards the house when I noticed that Felicia’s car stopped.   We waited a few seconds and watched her come out of the car and look around it.   We started walking back towards her when she yelped:


- Great!   I got a flat tire.


My uncle said:


- Lucky you Sean still here!


She let out a forced smile agreeing with my uncle.   I took out the spare tire, jack & lug wrench.   Changed the tired and lowered the jack.   The spare tire slowly started deflating until the rim reached the ground.

Uncle John looked at Felicia and said:


- Well it seems you have to spend the night here.


Felicia replied that she could not and needed to go home for sure.   My uncle always contemplated solutions quickly.   He thought for a second and said:


- Sean, take my car and the flat tire.   Drop off Felicia at her house and go home.   Take

  care of the tire tomorrow and pick up Felicia and come back here.   Change the tire and     

  then take your motor cycle.


Felicia started making excuses that it would be too much trouble for me and that she would take a taxi tonight and call for a tow truck tomorrow.   Uncle John just said:


- Nonsense.   Sean bring my car.


We switched cars and drove off towards Felicia’s house.   On the way Felicia said:


- Just keep your eyes on the road and off my legs.   You’ve already had your share of

   ogling for the night.


I just smiled and drove on.   We reached her house.   I carried little Jack inside and upstairs into his room at the end of the hall.   Felicia thanked me and started to change Jack’s clothes.   I went downstairs and started looking around in the dim light.   I tried to find the light switch, but failed and relied on the stair’s light luminosity.   Ten minutes later Felicia came down the stairs.   She had taken off her jacket and I could get a better look at the outline of her breasts.


Walking towards the kitchen, she said:


- Do you want some tea or coffee?


I walked in front of her blocking her path.   She took couple of steps back.   Trying to make the outline of her face in the dim light, I replied:


- Why not just skip to dessert.


- “You’ve been having your dessert all night long” she said in a confident manner.


I smiled and trapping her between my body and the dinning table I said:


- Well actually I’ve been only eye balling my dessert all night long.


She turned around trying to walk away but noticed that she was blocked by the chair at the dinning table.   I closed in further, running my arms around her body and placing my hands on the head of the chair.   Trying to remove one of my hands she said:


- You are quite sure of yourself aren’t you?


- As sure as I am about you Mrs. Mc Caine.


As I leaned in and pressed my bulge against her ass gently, I said:


- How long has it been since you got a good one?  


- Shorter than you think, she said quietly.


I placed my hands on her hips and leaned towards the side of her neck.   My warm breath brushing against her soft smooth skin, I whispered:


- Is that a fact?


I slowly pressed my lips on her neck giving her a soft kiss.

She took a short gasp and said:


- Rupert is going to be home soon.   You better leave.


I pushed into her harder and ran my hands in front of her body.   Feeling my way, I started to run my hands up her body.   As my hands slowly reached her sexy breasts and cupped them, I said:


- How long has it been since you’ve felt like a woman Mrs. Mc Caine?   Had a man fuck

  your brains out?  


My hands were now massaging her breasts slow but firmly.   Her belly was pressed against the head of the chair as I pushed my bulge into her more.


She let out a soft gasp as my hands felt her breasts and whispered a long time.   Her head tilted back exposing more of her throat to my lips.   Again she said:


- Rupert will be home soon.   It’s better that you leave.


While nibbling on her throat & earlobe, I said:


- Do you want me to leave?


Felicia’s body was trembling now and as she pushed back against my bulge, said:


- Yes.   I want you to leave.


I slid both my hands down her quivering body past her hips and on to her thighs reaching the hem of her tight skirt.   In one swift move I pulled the skirt up around her waist causing a tear in it as she let out a soft cry.   I pulled out the chair to the side and pushed Felicia with my body against the dinning table and bent her over it.   The sight of her lower body embellished by a garter belt, stalking suspensors and a pair of lacy see through black panties in the murky light got me even more excited.   As I held her down with my left hand I yanked on her panties with my right hand ripping them off.   I undid my belt and jean button freeing my engorged shaft.   I grabbed the base of my 9 ½” erect hard cock and guided the head towards Felicia’s hole.   Her high heels had raised her hips a bit exposing her pussy for penetration as he upper body was laying flat on the dinning table.   I got my head probing on her crotch in search of the entrance.   Very quickly I got the head in between her folds and held onto her shoulder as I thrust in hard into her drenched cunt slamming her thighs into the side of the table.   Felicia let out a scream in pain followed by strident gasps of air in shock as my long thick manhood caught her by surprise.   I pulled back and thrust again hard into her soaking wet box, her thighs slamming against the table again.   She grabbed the other side of the table and pulled herself, pinning her thighs against the side of the dinning table to avoid getting rammed into it with every thrust.   As the fourth and fifth thrusts pounded her cunt, the pain and shock turned into pleasure and ecstasy.    I could feel my shaft spreading her inner walls with every shove and retract when I pulled back.   My cock head was hitting her sensitive “Spot” repeatedly as she moaned out:


- Give it to me …… give it to me harder ……. aaaaaaaaaah ……….


As I was getting ready to ram my hot rod into that heavenly cunt even harder, her mobile started to ring.   It took her a few tries in the shadowy light before she was able to find her purse, and then frantically went through it in search of her cell with one hand as I kept on pounding her.   While still holding onto the side of the dinning table with one hand, she managed to find her mobile and check the caller.   In between gasps of air she said:


- Oh God ….. stop ….. it’s Rupert.


As I continued ramming her at the same pace as before breathlessly I said:


- Go on ……. answer it ……..


She pleaded:


- Please stop ……. I can’t .. like .. this


I slowed down my pace, and retorted:


- Answer the fucking phone


She couldn’t hold the call any longer and answered it as calmly as she could:


- Hi honey.


As soon as she finished her last word, I shoved my hard rock shaft back into her cunt with all my strength, flexing my butt muscles as my pelvis hit into her meaty ass raising body her a few inches off the floor.   Felicia had been caught off guard again.   She grinded her teeth together and while I was fucking her hard, she muffled the words: mhmm a few times & “see you” to Rupert before disconnecting the cell and coming to a violent climax, her body shuddered and vagina muscle contracted, moaning out loud:


-   Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd …... aaaah….aaaaah…aaaaah…


Her body reaction; especially, the hard and strong contractions in her pussy brought me to an orgasm only few seconds afterwards as I growled:


- I’m cuuuuuuuuuuming


While I was thinking where to empty off my load, Felicia towards the end of her ever lasting orgasm blurted out:


- Come in me…come in me…


As I had my cock rammed into her cunt to the hilt, intense shots of my warm milky juice were spurted into her already saturated pussy, filling her up even more.   The convulsions in my testicles gradually reduced with every spurt of my spunk.   A minute later, I eased back half way and we both started to catch our breaths.

While still panting and bent over the table, resting on her elbows now, she said:


- You fucking almost cost me my marriage…but…..but I’ve never come  

   like this before.   The way you took me first …. and then how you made me answer the

   call while you …. didn’t stop.   The fear of getting caught and the …


With my hard cock still in Felicia’s cunt, I interrupted her and said:


- Do you want me to fuck you again Mrs. Mc Caine?


She was quiet for several seconds and then said:


- My husband was in the taxi when he called me.   He might be here soon.


I ran my hand through Felicia’s hair from behind and pulled her back up towards me.   My cock slipped in her a bit leaving some inches out of her pussy.   I whispered in her ear:


- Even better.   I know you’ve been longing for a fuck like that.   Why put off something    

  you yearn for when you can have it right now?


As she was leaning back into me, she said:


- You mean what you can have right now!


I ran my hand down the side of her body, grabbing her hips I replied:


- I’ve been coveting all night about how it would feel to fuck you.   Ram my cock into               

  your cunt.   Fucking you like a horny beast.


As I ran my hands in front of her climbing her body, she said:


- And how were you fucking me?


My hands reached her breasts once again and I began rubbing them.   I started to get excited and answered her:


- Exactly like this, both standing and I was fucking you from behind.


She arched her lower back, bent her knees a little and caressing my cock, her vagina devoured my manhood completely once again, as she let out a soft moan in ecstasy and said:


- Fuck me again before my husband gets home.


What she said aroused me fully.   I started moving my hips in an upwardly fashion, thrusting hard, deep and fast, but in slow intervals, into her pussy, fucking her, as she started to moan again.   As our dirty dancing picked up speed, I could feel her weight increase on my erect pole and shoulders.   Her head tilted back letting out pleasurable loud moans as her hips move about while my cock was working on her cunt.   We were both breathing heavily.   My hands ran over her buttons and found each side of her blouse.   With one swift motion, I ripped the blouse open, buttons falling on the floor.   Felicia gave out a startling short cry as her breasts fell free from the constraints of the blouse.   I quickly slid my hands under her breasts and pushed her bra up liberating her white fleshy jugs.   I started feeling her warm breasts, squeezing them from base to tip finding her hard erect nipples.   I pinched them softly as she moaned in delight, raised her hands and held my head from behind and turned her face towards me, displaying her wanting lips.   I covered her parted lips with mine, giving them the attention that they deserved.   Our tongues intertwined lustfully; while, my hands engrossed her breasts and my now throbbing cock continued invading her inflamed cunt.   She bent forward still keeping her hips arched and leaned against the dinning table with legs apart.   She supplicated:


- Oh God..I can’t take this…anymore…fuck me like whore….fuck me…..        


I forced her down on the dinning table again.   Leaning on her elbows and forearms, I attended to her love box with several fierce thrusts as she let out spats of breath in harmony to my drives, exclaiming:


- Yes..yes..ah..ah….fuck my cunt…ah..ah..faster you fucking bastard…ah..ah..ah..   

  fuck me..ah..fuck me…like a whore….you….fucking….prick….ah…ah…don’t

  you..ever..stop fucking me…you cunt fucker…ahh….fuck a whore…come me….ah…


Felicia knew how to get a guy going with words.   Every word that came out of her mouth got me a step closer to climax.   My hard pole was battering her raw vagina fiercely, causing her sexy breasts to swing back and forth uncontrollably.   As I my erect shaft continued ramming her soaked pussy, I ran my hand up her back and grabbed a handful of her hair.   I then shoved my cock hard into her hole as I yanked on her hair, pulling her head back.   Her upper body almost curved into a C as Felicia screamed out loud, but her stretched neck constraint her vocal cords, gagging her scream and limiting her breathing somewhat.   I held her in that position for several long seconds before starting to pump her hard and fast again as she struggled to catch her breath in short spurts.   The climax was building up in both of us, when a taxi stopped in front of her drive way.   Rupert got out of the taxi and I started to pump Felicia faster.   I loosened the hold on her hair allowing her to breathe freely.    As her head fell forward, she noticed the cab and Rupert.   Panting heavily she said:


- He’s here..he’s here.


Not slowing down a bit, I asked her if she wanted me to stop.   She replied in haste:


- Don’t you fucking dare…come on...finish me up fucker


While keeping an eye on Rupert, I increased my pace slamming into Felicia’s pleasure box.   The heat had become intensified inside her cunt, and I could feel my cock burning.   Felicia bit into her fist trying to suppress her moans as I grinded my teeth containing my growls.   Rupert had paid the driver and was now walking up the driveway looking at Uncle John’s car as he passed by it.   I felt Felicia’s vagina muscles spasm as she let out a continuous muffled climax cry and her body went into an epileptic like shock, jolting sadistically and uncontrollably.   My hips were bucking her hard & fast, her breasts bouncing hard as I tried to control her violent body.   I slammed into her ass really hard keeping my full length hot rod all the way inside her, pumping shots of sperm into her pussy filling it up once more.   Waves of sheer unbelievable pleasure passed through my body.   As I felt the last drops of cum clear my pipeline, I pushed Felicia’s hips forward and pulled out my cock.   Felicia’s thighs hit the side of the table yet again as she landed on the dinning table flat on her chest breathless and drained.   I pulled up my pants quickly and got Felicia up to her feet, guiding her wobbly body towards the stairs leading to the bedroom.   She came to herself and climbed the stairs as she pulled down on her skirt and tried to button up her blouse when she noticed there were none to button up.

I went towards the kitchen picking up Felicia’s ripped panties and gave it a deep sniff before stuffing them into my pocket.    I turned on the kitchen light and pulled a juice out of the fridge.   I heard the door open and close followed by faint footsteps.   While finishing buckling my belt I called out:


- Hello?


Rupert walked into the kitchen with a dubious look.   As soon as he saw me he said questionably:


- Sean?


I replied:


- Hi Mr. Mc Caine.   Welcome back.


He quickly asked:


- What are you doing here?


I then started explaining to him what had happened in a lengthy way, giving Felicia enough time to prepare herself.   As I went into the detail of the night’s event and the gathering his faced opened up and sat at the kitchen table asking in about the gathering.   Fifteen minutes later, Felicia walked in wearing her robe, greeted her husband and thanked me for helping her out tonight.   I excused myself and as Rupert went upstairs to shower and change, Felicia walked me to the door.   I held her hand and placed it on my newly hard shaft and said with a grin:


- How about a quicky right here?


She smiled and said that I already had two quickies with her!   I pulled her hand away from my cock and placed a $20.00 bill in her hand.   She frowned in curiousity and asked:


- What is this for?  


I smiled and said:


- For fucking you like a whore!!


Her face turned red and said:


- You fucking prick.   Get lost.


I reach out my hand to collect the $20.00 back.   She smiled and said:


- Fuck you.


I walked away thinking to myself, “That money grabbing bitch” and knowing that this was the start of a fucking friend ship!!   The last part brought a smile to my face.