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New Life - Chapter Two

After last night, I was now his slave.
Please read part one. Thanks!!

I had fallen asleep in the dark room after Sir had left me alone in there after our encounter. I woke up to the sun shining through a big window. I was now in a king size bed, complete with a soft mattress and a down comforter. I looked around at my surroundings. Where was I? I must have been moved from that room. The door opened up, and the smell of breakfast wafted in behind it. A maid walked in, carrying a tray filled with eggs, toast, and fresh fruit. There was a small, white card placed by the glass of orange juice. 

"Eat up, darling. Meet me across the hall in my room when you are finished. -Sir"

I ate the food slowly, savoring it. I noticed I was no longer nude, but instead in a silky lingiere set, which included a red corset, a thong, and stockings. I felt sexy with all this on right now. I finished up eating, and got up to leave the room. I opened the door, and saw the door across the hall was slightly open. I walked to it, knocking before I opened it, peeking inside.

"You wanted to see me?" I asked, quiet.

Sir's face lit up with a smile. 

"Of course. Did you enjoy your breakfast, slave?" he replied.

Slave. That was a new word to me. I never had thought it could be used as a name.

"Yes, I did. Thank you. It was quite delicious."

"Excellent. Now, I called the lounge. I told them you work for me now. Your apartment has been cleaned out, and all your things are in a storage unit. Your clothes are all in the closet of your room, plus some new outfits I have provided for you. You won't be paid, but you will be given an allowance of sorts - but only if you behave well and follow my orders. Understood?" He said, standing.

I nodded my head slowly. I was still trying to take in last night's events.

"Good. Now, come over here and suck my dick," he said, sitting back down on the bed.

I walked over, and before I sat, he slapped my ass hard. It turned red as I kneeled before him.

"You will stop when I say so," he told me, relaxing his shoulders.

I nodded, then proceeded to pull down his flannel pajama pants. His large cock was already a little bit hard. I rubbed it in my hands for a moment, then began to suck on the tip. He groaned a little, and grabbed the back of my head. I started sucking down his shaft, and he pushed on my head, lightly, then shoving my mouth up and down his cock. I sucked harder as he did this, and he groaned even louder. Sir was fully hardened by this point, and released his grip on my head. I squeezed his balls, and licked them a little. I felt his balls twitch like he was about to cum, then started sucking on the enlarged head of his cock again. He grasped my head, and deep throated me as he groaned and cummed all over in my mouth. I swallowed up every last drop of the cum. He released his grip again, and pushed me back.

"You may go now. Go bathe and get dressed. Wear something sexy, but slutty. We're gonna go out," he said, pulling his pants back up.

I got up, and went back into my room. I opened a door that was opposite the bed, and found one of the most luxurious bathrooms I had ever seen. I undressed slowly, filling the tub up with warm water. I slipped into the water, sighing at how good it felt. Dipping my head under the water, I closes my eyes. I layed there in the water, soaking up the ginger scented body oils that were in the water. I heard a pound on the door, and someone telling me I had 45 minutes to be ready. I got out, draining the tub a d drying off.

The closet was a large walk in with clothes on each side, and accessories on the farthest wall. I looked around at all the beautiful clothes. Sexy, but slutty. Hmm. I picked out a black, strapless mini dress, which had a corset top. I grabbed a white cropped sequined jacket, and a pair of stilettos. I slipped all this on, and a thong underneath. I applied some makeup, and put my hair up into a high ponytail. I opened the door, and Sir was waiting for me. He smiled at my selection. We walked downstairs to a waiting car. A driver opened the backseat door, and we climbed in. We drove for about an hour, finally stopping at what looked like a small shop in a nice part of town.  We got out and walked inside. Sir talked to one of the employees for a moment, and we were led to a back room. I was told to wait in the small room until Sir got back.

Sir came back in with a short, balding man with small wire glasses. The man looked over me once and smiled.

"Nice pick, Shane," he said, talking to Sir. Sir nodded, and smiled at me.

"Slave, take your clothes off," he said sternly. I obeyed, peeling off the dress, jacket, and thong. The man came closer, inspecting me. He suddenly grabbed my shaven pussy and rubbed it for a moment. He ran his hand up to my breasts, and gave them a firm squeeze.

"Very, very nice."

The man walked over to a cabinet, and opened it. There were several small boxes inside, with various labels on them. Clamps, gags, plugs, beads, and other things. He grabbed the boxes labeled clamps and gags, and set them on the counter. The boxes were opened, and several things were pulled out.

Sir inspected the items, nodding at something the man said. Sir grabbed a large, red gag, and came over to me. He motioned for me to open my mouth, and he slid the gag in, fastening it behind my head. He grabbed my arms, locking them into cuffs which were chained to the wall. The man spread my legs, cuffing them to restraints on the wall. I was spread quite wide, and the man felt up my legs when he did this. Sir came over with a set of clamps.

"This won't hurt," he promised, clipping the clamps into my hardening nipples. The little bells on the clamps rang whenever I moved. There were also little black and red tassles on them. Sir and the man looked at me, talking quietly, then left the room.

It must have been awhile before they returned, because my wrists and ankles. were quite sore. They came back in laughing, and the man was now nude, and very hard. They discussed something quietly, and glanced at me once. Sir nodded, and the man came over to me. He grabbed onto my breasts, and pushed his dick into my pussy, slowly. He groaned loudly as he did this. Sir stood off to the side, smiling. I moaned through the gag as the man went faster inside of me. Sir undid the ankle cuffs, and my legs were now wrapped around the man's waist. He held onto my ass and thrusted deeply into me. I moaned, nearing my climax. I could tell he was almost about to aswell. My gag was removed, and his lips presses into mine with force. He explored my mouth with his tongue as he exploded inside of me. I looked to Sir, and he nodded, confirming I could cum too. I moaned loudly, my body shuddering against his. He leaned against me for a moment, then pulled out, juices covering his fading erection. He kissed me once more, then left the room.

"Get your clothes back on bitch," Sir said loudly. He removed the clamps and unlocked my wrists. I slid back on the dress, jacket, and thong. We walked out with several items in a bag. Our driver was waiting outside. Sir opened the door for me, and we walked out into the early afternoon sun.
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