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New Life

Unknowingly, I had become a slave - my new life.
I walked up the stone steps quickly, cold in only a short skirt and a lacy camisole top. I looked around for a doorbell button, finding one to the right of the beautiful stained glass door. I pushed the button, hearing the ding resound throughout the house. The chilly air rushed past me in a short breeze. Goosebumps rose up on my freshly shaved legs. The door opened wide in front of me. I could have never anticipated what happened next.

Three days earlier.

I got home from work as usual, tossed my purse onto the couch, and turned on the computer. While it booted up, I shrugged off my denim cropped jacket and high heels. I was currently bartending at a lounge down the street from my apartment. I pulled the hair tie from my silky platinum blonde hair, letting it ripple down to my mid back. I shook it lightly, tousling it as the Internet opened up. Crossing my long, lean legs, I logged into a chat site I had began to frequent. I signed on with the username Emmalee, and logged in. The adult chat room was fairly busy tonight. I began browsing who was on, when a private message popped up.

MrSir: Hey Emmalee, care to chat?

Emmalee: Sure. :) How are you?

MrSir: Great. But more importantly, how are you this evening?

I paused. This guy wasn't like the others. He was polite.

Emmalee: Good, but tired. Just got off work.

MrSir: That's good. Just curious, where do you work?

Emmalee: Benny's. It's a lounge down the street.

MrSir: I've been there. What's your name?

Emmalee: Emma. It's short for Emmalee.. You can call me Em if you'd like to... What's yours?

MrSir: Beautiful name. And you will call me Sir.

Odd. This one was demanding. Our conversation lasted over two hours, when I finally decided I needed to get to bed. He asked if we could meet sometime, and I told him I'd think about it, before logging off. I got up from the chair, heading to the bathroom. I needed a shower after being in that smoky lounge. I turned on the water, and slipped off my sequined tank top and denim short skirt. My nipples poked up as warm air rushed over them. I stepped out of my lacy black thong and under the stream of warm water. I let the water fall over me, rubbing in the cherry blossom scented body wash. I got out after shampooing my hair, and dried off. I slipped into a light pink silk lingire night dress and crawled into bed, falling asleep.

Sir and I started exchanging emails after I agreed to meet him. We chatted for hours until I left for work that night, and I started chatting immediatley when I got home. I felt as though I knew everything about him already. He was a divorcee, and lived alone in a house in a gated community across town. I sent him some pictures of myself, at his request, so he knew what I looked like, and what to expect when we met. He gave me his address, and told me to dress how I would if I was going to work soon. He wanted me to look sexy, but classy. I chose a lacy black camisole, and a white skirt, with black stilettos. 

I pulled up my car to the gate, and punched in the code Sir had provided me with. I stopped the car in front of his house, and stepped out into the chilly night. It was already dark out, and I could clearly see the stars shining in the sky. The door opened up wide in front of me. Sir hadn't sent me any pictures, but he perfectly matched his description. He was tall and toned, with lightly tanned skin and dark brown hair that shined in the light. He was wearing a suit jacket with black dress pants, and a light blue dress shirt. He had a handsome square cut chin, straight white teeth, and piercing blue eyes. He smiled, and welcomed me in. 

I walked in, taking in all the elegance of the home. It was richly furnished. As I was taking this all in, Sir came to me with a glass of wine. We sat on the sofa and sipped wine while watching the crackling fire. We talked and watched the fire for over two hours by this point. I was already feeling quite drunk. I stood up, ready to leave. I stumbled a little, laughing at my drunkeness. I sat back down slowly, leaning my head back into the comforting couch.

I woke up in a dark room sometime later. There was a single candle in the room, illuminating the small area around it. I went to stretch my arms, but they were restrained by leather straps. I tugged at the straps and screamed loudly. A door opened to my right. A tall figure was standing in the lit doorway. Sir. He walked towards me, closing the door behind him. He hit a switch on the wall, and a red neon light lit up the room. I could see that I was fully nude, and restrained in a sitting position to a chair. He stroked my cheek with one hand lightly, then began to run his hand over my body. He slowly caressed my breasts, letting the nipples harden slowly. Then, he brought his hand to my wet pussy, and grasped it hard. I moaned at the pain, and he held his hand there for what felt like forever. When he finally released his hand, I started crying. Then, he got down to my eye level, and spoke.

"You are my personal slave now, understood?"

I was confused, then nodded my head slowly. He smiled, and rubbed my pussy slowly, sliding in two fingers with his other hand. I moaned with pleasure when he did this, and he went harder and faster when I did this. He unzipped his pants, revealing his hard, large cock. He got down on his knees, and pushed my legs wide. Then, he slid his large, rock hard cock into my very tight, shaven pussy. It stretched my pussy, and I cried, as the pain was great. He pumped in and out fast, then stopped as I was about to climax.

"You will only cum when I say you can," he said, serious.

He pulled out, jacking off above me. Then, he shoved his cock into my mouth, going in all the way. Luckily, I had no gag reflex, but I couldn't breathe. I choked on his cock, making an attempt to suck on it. Then, his load filled my mouth, dripping out at the corners. He groaned as he did this, then pulled out. I was on the verge of cumming. He zipped his pants back up, and patted my pussy.

"You may cum now."

I moaned loudly as I released a wave of pleasure. Juices flowed freely from between my hips, dripping onto the floor. He smiled at this, and kissed the top of my head. Sir walked out, closing the door behind him. 

This was the start of my new life.
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