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Next Door

I got what i wanted and could not ask for

Our next door neighbor, Ted, is a gentleman in his mid-sixties. He is not a bad looking man for his age. He loves flirting with me and I love egging him on. I’m forty-five and keep myself in shape. I will intentionally wear short shorts to get the mail or a thin shirt to take the garbage out. Without fail, Ted will engage me in conversation, and I’m happy to say his eyes are never on mine while we are talking.

Last spring Jason, his grandson, came to live with him. His grandson was twenty-one, and had a bit of a troubled youth and was trying to get a fresh start in a new home. Jason was shorter and very muscular, he had a very handsome face with a bit of edge to his appearance.

Jason and his grandfather were outside in their front yard, so I took the opportunity to go get the mail. I put on a bikini top and a pair of cougar shorts made by Victoria’s Secret. I had already gotten the mail but checking it again was on my list of to-dos. As I was approaching our mail box, Ted came out right on cue. I was as flirtatious as I’ve ever been. Jason worked his way over and I noticed he had his granddaddy’s wandering eyes. A young handsome, little bad boy checking me out was giving me a naughty girl rush I had not had in a long time. Ted introduced us and I shook Jason’s hand, maybe too vigorously.

As I turned to walk away, my shorts were starting to ride up my butt cheeks, and I did nothing to correct the situation. As I got to the top of the drive, I turned to see if they were taking notice. To my heart’s thrill, they were staring very attentively.

I went inside my house as giddy as a school girl. I paraded around naked and did not shut a single blind. Now, granted the bathroom and bedroom are at the back of the house, and there was no one to see my exhibitionism, but I felt like a thousand people were watching.

Sitting in the bath, my body was tingling and I spread my legs and began to daydream of my young stud fucking me like I had never been fucked before. I don’t know how many times I came or how long I was in the tub, but my next realization was my husband coming home from work. I quickly dried off and greeted him as I always do upon his arrival. I made dinner, but my mind was on the events of the day.

When I woke the next morning, my husband was looking at me in a peculiar way. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me I had a huge orgasm in my sleep.

I broke out in a sweat wondering if I had talked in my sleep. My husband seamed to think it was erotic and funny, so I assumed I did not spurt out any names.

It had been about two weeks and my husband was going to be out of town for the better part of a month on business. My fantasies were running away with themselves, and about two days after my husband had left, Ted was out walking his dog in the early morning. I put on a skimpy little nighty that was white and too short. I timed it so, as I went down for the newspaper, Ted would be at the bottom of my drive. Like Old Faithful, he started a conversation, while we were talking, Jason came out on his way to work. Instead of climbing in his truck, he joined the morning chit chat. Ted asked where my hubby was, as he had not seen him or his car for several days. I explained that he was gone on business for the month.

Jason then wondered if I needed help with the grass. The yard did need tending; my husband was not able to get to it before he had left.

I looked at Jason and, in my best little girl flirtatious voice, said, "Oh could you? That would be wonderful."

When we agreed upon a price, he said he would get it taken care of in a day or two.

Jason must of have gotten off early from work the next day. I heard the lawn mower and went to the window to check. He was wearing only a pair of shorts walking his way around my front yard. I kept watching him work, all the while getting myself worked up.

When he got to the back yard, I could take it no longer. The shades were already up, so you could easily see into our bedroom and bathroom. As I undressed, I could feel my heart thumping. I walked in front of the window slowly and made my way to the bathroom mirror where I pretended to ready for a bath, spending a huge amount of time combing my hair and washing my face. Peaking outside, my efforts were not going unnoticed. I wanted to see him staring at me, but I did not want to make it obvious either.

As he was finishing the grass, I could feel my legs shaking from all the sexual excitement that was coursing through my body. I ran a bath with every intention of masturbating to multiple orgasms. I got in the tub, I heard someone behind me. I turned around to see Jason staring at my naked body. He did not say a word but grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the tub. He grabbed the towel and started to dry me off. I protested, but he said to shut up because he was going to get payment for the lawn care. He was handling me very roughly as he dried me off, pulling on my breasts and ass with the towel.

He then hauled me into the bedroom. He sat on our bed and in one swift motion bent me over his knees. He swatted my ass firmly twice and said, "You were being a little slut, weren’t you?"

All I could do was shake my head yes.

He swatted me hard three more times and said, "You’re a slut, aren’t you?"

I whimpered and shook my head again.

He shoved me to my knees and removed his clothing. He looked into my eyes and said very softly, "What if your husband found out what you have been up to?"

I whimpered more.

He grabbed the back of my hair and placed my face in front of his erect penis. "You want this," he said, "don’t you? You want my big dick to suck on, then to fuck you like the slut you are, don’t you?"

I didn’t say anything, but started slowly to suck on his cock. I could smell the sweat from his cutting the grass and his body odors were intense, especially in his groin area. The smells and his abruptness were making this experience so slutty, nasty and dirty.

I licked all around the head of his cock and then took him into my mouth. Now he had both hands on the back of my head and I took him deeper. His arousal was amplified as he fucked my mouth. Within a short period of time, he was pulling my head deep onto his cock, hitting the back of my throat. I had never sucked a cock so deep before, or had a guy thrust at me as I sucked on them.

His released my head and pushed me to the floor, looking down on me with disgust.

"You are a dirty little cunt," he said, then pulled me up to a standing position.

He then kissed my mouth roughly and stuck his tongue deep in my mouth. I returned his kiss more eagerly than I had ever kissed anyone before.

Jason smiled, then threw me onto the bed, grabbing my ankles and spreading my legs. He just stood there staring at my crotch. My pussy was so wet and I wanted to get fucked.

I looked up and said, "Fuck me, fuck me now."

He came out of his daze, looked at me, and said, "You cunt."

He climbed on top of me and just started pumping on me like an animal. I was not really ready for his voraciousness and the first few thrusts hurt. I think he almost took pride in my discomfort, fucking me as hard as he could. The sounds of our bodies smacking together was audible. He then came in a torrent, collapsing on me. He lay there on me in a heap as if he had died in orgasm. The whole fucking session could not have lasted two minutes. He got up, looking exhausted.

I was still unsatisfied, so as Jason watched, I fingered my cum-soaked pussy. My fingers made a smacking sound as I brought myself to orgasm. As I recovered, he pulled his shorts on and gathered his shoes. His departing words going out my bedroom door were, "Wow."

No emotion, no tenderness. I had just been used as a MILF cum recepticle and it felt so erotic.

I still from time to time flirt with Ted. Jason has moved back with his dad and my husband is none the wiser about my little interlude. Sometimes, in the middle of a nice summer day, I stand naked in my window recalling that experience.

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