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Nick Pounds His Best Friend's 21-Year-Old Girlfriend

Nick wanted to show what a true slut his best friend's girlfriend really is.
Nick and Mike had been best of friends since their high school days when they played football together. They ended up becoming roommates in college and were nearly inseparable. When they graduated from college they still stayed true to their friendship, but that all changed one night.

Mike and Nick were out celebrating Mike’s 25 th birthday at their favorite hangout with a few other buddies, when Mike met Megan. Megan was a twenty-one year old beauty who went from guy to guy looking for attention. She flirted with him most of the night as she showed off her tight, lean, 5’8 body. She loved the attention Mike was showing her and they got friendlier as the night went on. By the time the night had ended Mike couldn’t resist Megan's advances.

Nick had seen Megan around a few other times before and could see by her demeanor that she was certainly no virgin. He certainly didn’t like the way she was hanging all over his best buddy. He felt a sense of jealousy come over him as his best buddy was more interested in Megan than spending time with him and his other friends.

As the night ended Mike and Megan were all over each other. The next day Mike couldn’t get over how beautiful Megan was and how good she was in bed. Nick hadn’t seen Mike act like this ever before with any of the other girls he had dated. He felt Mike’s vision of Megan was way off base.

Mike continued to date Megan despite Nick’s plea for him to dump her. Megan had Mike wrapped around her little finger and she began to wean Mike away from his best buddy Nick. Nick and Megan certainly didn’t see eye to eye and had become more at each other's throats as time went on. Mike for his part tried to stay out of the battle between the two of them but Megan kept up the pressure on him to take her side.

As the months passed Nick hardly saw his best friend anymore. It was almost six months later, and Mike and Megan were still nearly inseparable. Nick, knowing how much Mike loved basketball and especially the Heat, was able to score a pair of court side tickets for an upcoming game. He wanted to surprise Mike with the tickets so he decided to stop by his place one night after work.

He knew Mike would be extremely excited as he went up to the door. He couldn’t wait to see Mike’s reaction to the tickets, but that all changed suddenly when Megan opened the door. She was her cocky self as she barely let Nick inside the door. She stood there dressed in her tight jeans and partly opened top. She knew she was hot and had no problem showing herself off to Nick who stood there with a disappointed look on his face.

“Hey, is Mike here?” he asked.

“No, he isn’t here. He won’t be home till late tonight,” Megan sarcastically replied.

“I scored us court side tickets to the basketball game Saturday night against the Heat. I know how much of a fan Mike is of the Heat,” Nick said.

“Saturday night won’t work,” Megan said sternly back to him.

“Why not?” said a frustrated Nick.

“We've been invited to my cousin’s bridal shower that night.”

“What? A bridal shower? Mike agreed to go to this?” Nick laughed out loud.

“What is so funny? Mike is way more mature than you will ever be. I guess you will have to find some else to go to the game with.”

Nick's frustration had now turned to anger with Megan as he had to jump through several hoops to score the tickets. He couldn’t believe that Megan could be such a bitch by not letting Mike go with to the game with him. He was quickly getting to his wits end with her. She then turned away from him as she said, “Shut the door behind you as you leave.”

This infuriated Nick even more as he'd had enough of her. Instead of leaving, Nick followed Megan into the living room. He came up from behind on Megan and said, “It is time to teach you a lesson.”

He reached his arms around the front of Megan’s jeans and ripped them open. He then forced them down to the floor as he stared down at Megan’s beautiful ass. She stood there in only a thin pair of thong panties as she said to him, “What do you think you are doing?”

“I am doing something I should have done months ago. I am going to show what a slut you really are.”

Nick knew that his 8.5 inch cock was way bigger than Mike’s and wanted to see what kind of slut Megan really was. He then grabbed Megan and instantly bent her over the arm of the couch. He quickly reached down for her thong panties and slid them to the floor. Megan didn’t resist his overtures.

Within seconds Nick had removed his hard cock from his pants and shoved it into Megan’s hot pussy from behind. She instantly began to cry out as she felt Nick’s big cock being slammed hard into her. He had fucked her good and hard from behind for several minutes when Megan quickly felt an orgasm coming on.

“Take it, bitch! You know you like it!” Nick shouted out.

Seconds later Megan began to scream out loudly. She had a very powerful orgasm as Nick said to her, “Fuck, did you just squirt all over my cock?”

Megan juices began to run down the sides of her legs as Nick continued to ram his cock deeply into her.

“That’s it, bitch, take my cock!” Nick shouted out as he lifted Megan’s body up off the arm of the couch a few minutes later. She now stood up as Nick grabbed each of her big tits with both hands and began to fuck her hard standing up. Megan continued to cry out as she felt Nick’s large cock splitting her pussy wide open.

A short while later Nick once again laid Megan back over the arm of the couch. He pushed her face down into the couch as he grabbed each of her hips tightly with both hands. He began to pound his cock hard into her and she let out several continuous screams as she felt another orgasm began to build.

A few minutes later Megan began to cum hard again all over Nick’s big cock as her juices once again coated the shaft of his cock. It only took Nick a few more minutes after that when he was ready to cum. He gave Megan several hard thrusts with his cock before finally removing it from her extremely wet pussy. He then grunted out, “I am going to cum hard all over your tight ass!”

Seconds later Nick began to let out a loud moan. He gave his cock several hard pumps as he grunted out loudly and began to cum extremely hard all over Megan’s beautiful ass. She now lay there over the arm of the couch as Nick’s cum covered a good portion of her ass.

“I bet you liked the way I just fucked you,” Nick said to her as she stood back up, trying to regain her composure back.

It was just minutes later when Nick moved Megan down onto the couch. He knelt down in front of the couch as he pulled her wet pussy out to the edge. He forced her legs wide apart as he slid his hard cock once again back into her.

Megan began to cry out again as Nick said to her, “You want me to fuck you hard again? I bet you want to squirt again.”

“Fuck you!” Megan shouted out as Nick began to ram every inch of his cock hard into her.

Just minutes later Megan was on the verge of another intense orgasm. Nick then said to her, “Are you going to let Mike go to the game Saturday night?”

Megan cried out, “Yes! Yes! Fuck me!”

Seconds later Megan began to scream out as Nick suddenly removed his cock from her pussy. He now ran his fingers across Megan’s sensitive pussy as he grunted out, “You want to cum!”

Megan cried out, “Oh god yes! Don’t stop!”

Nick now had her on the edge of cumming when Megan began to cry out like never before. She began to squirt all over Nick’s body as he ran his hand hard over her gushing pussy over and over again.

“Wow, did you like that, cunt?” Nick moaned out as Megan lay there in a sexual trance. Nick then once again rammed every inch of his cock back into her.

“Fuck me!” Megan shouted out seconds later as Nick took control over her body.

He gave it to her good and hard for another few minutes before he made her change positions. This time he sat on the couch as Megan climbed on top of his hard cock. She slid herself down onto his cock as she began to fuck him with a vengeance.

“Give it to me! Harder!” Megan cried out as she slid every inch of his cock up into her aching pussy.

It was several minutes later when Megan felt another powerful orgasm building. She rode hard on top of Nick’s cock as she once again began to scream out. She quickly slid herself off the top of his cock as she brushed her quivering pussy against the head of his cock. A few seconds later she once again began to orgasm as she squirted hard all over the shaft of Nick’s cock.

She now was exhausted as Nick said to her, “I am not done with you yet. I want you to get on all fours. I am going to fuck you hard from behind.”

Megan used whatever energy she had left as she crawled down onto the floor. She laid her upper body onto the couch as she pushed her beautiful ass back toward Nick. Nick lowered himself behind Megan’s ass. He forcefully rammed his big cock back into Megan as she let out an intense moan. He fucked her very hard from behind as the sound of pounding flesh could be heard throughout the house.

“Fuck me, you bastard! Fuck me harder!” Megan cried out as she felt every inch of Nick’s big cock penetrate deeply into her swollen pussy.

It was a short while later when Megan once again squirted hard all over Nick’s cock. Nick now wanted to take it to another level. He held tightly onto each of Megan’s hips as he removed his wet cock from her wet pussy. He then rammed it deep into Megan’s ass as she let out a hollow cry.

“You like it in your ass? Don’t you?” Nick asked her seconds later.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Megan began to cry out as she felt several inches of Nick’s cock exploiting her tight ass.

Nick fucked her hard in the ass for several minutes as Megan felt another powerful orgasm coming on. She began to scream out, “Fuck me hard in the ass! Harder!”

Nick gave it all he had as he rammed almost every inch of his big cock deep into Megan’s ass. A few minutes later he no longer could take it. He began to cum inside Megan’s ass as she screamed out into another earth shattering orgasm.

A minute or so later Nick removed his cock from Megan’s just fucked ass. His cum began to trickle out of Megan’s ass as her juices ran down each of her legs. She pleaded with him not to tell Mike and Nick now felt in control as he got dressed. He was just about ready to leave when he turned suddenly around and said to Megan, “I will be by Saturday night at six to pick up Mike for the game.”

As Nick drove home he knew he was right about Megan being just a big slut. He knew it would only be a question of time before he fucked her again.

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