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Dominique hadn't been in school for twodays. The desk beside me sat empty and void of her smell, her smile, and her funky rattling jewelry. I missed the way she always borrowed my pencil. I missed her little giggle when she saw I was hard in class again. Most of all, I missed her reaching over and touching me. I felt lost in class. I felt like my life had no meaning without her there. It had been two days of hell.

Even back at the art club house, my little oasis from the rest of the world, things weren't much better. We all sat around the old table and tried to spark up conversation. Even Nicole being with us didn't make anyone lively. Robin wasn't even trying to snap pictures of her panties.

“So no one has seen Dominique?” I asked.

“I heard that she was in the hospital.” Nicole said.

“HOSPITAL!” I yelled and jumped out of my seat.

“Well that's what I heard. If you are so concerned, why don't you just call her? God, don't have a fucking heart attack. Jesus, you geeks are fucking jumpy.” Nicole said patting her ample chest.

“Why are you even here?” Steve asked looking at Nicole.

Nicole sat Indian style on our table. Her elbows where on her knees and her face rested in her palm. She looked bored too.

“I don't have her number.” I said defensively.

“Jesus! You fucking slobber over her nearly every damn day and you haven't even asked for her number?” She said.

“Well...I...those's not something...”

“I..uh..huh...huh...duh, duh.” Nicole said making fun of me. She twisted her face and crossed her eyes. “You really are pathetic, you know that? If a beautiful girl is sitting in front of you and you want her, why don't you just let her know? Not like she is going to do all the work for you.”

Was Nicole talking about her or Dominique? I honestly couldn't tell. It didn't matter because it was hopeless. I didn't have Dominique's number. She could be dying and I would have no way to know! All because I was too chicken-shit to ask for her telephone number! I was such a loser.

“I have her number.” Nicole said.

“What? How?” I asked.

“Yeah, you don't even like Dominique!” Steve said.

“That goes to show you what losers like you think. You morons are so busy sitting in your club house and jerking off to fake girlfriends that you don't even have the social graces to make friends of enemies. Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer!” Nicole said.

She looked around and rolled her eyes.

“This place smells of day old sperm anyway. If you want Dominique's number, you are going to have to beg me for it.” Nicole said and walked out of the house.

I sat for a moment looking around at my friends. Steve rolled his eyes and put his head back on the table. Gayland mumbled something and went back to messing with the remote for the TV. I didn't even care what Robin was doing because I had to get that number! I jumped up from the table and headed for the door.

“Where are you going? She doesn't have shit. Just wait. Dominique will be back in school tomorrow.” Steve said.

“What if she isn't? What if something is wrong? She is a fellow club member and it is my duty to make sure she is ok.” I said.

I rushed out of the house expecting Nicole to be long gone. Instead, I found her standing at the foot of the walkway leaning against the fence. Her shirt was open, as usual, and her cleavage spilled out the front. She was wearing a purple bra.

“Took you long enough.” She said.

“So will you give me the number?” I asked.

“Sure. Sure. But first I want something to eat and then you are going to go with me to get some errands done and maybe after that I'll give you her number.” Nicole said laughing and put her arm in mine.

I took Nicole out for food. She never stopped talking about herself and all her friends and her rich Uncle and on and on. After the meal she wanted to go to the mall. We hit the mall and she made me walk behind her and not too close. After all she was a popular chick and I was a geek. She couldn't have people thinking we were together. I could only think of Dominique. What was wrong? Should I bring her something? What should I bring her? Where did she live? Would she even tell me where she lived? God, I hoped she was ok.

“Are you listening to me?” Nicole said.


“I asked if you were ready to leave? God, what are you deaf now too?” She said.

“Yeah, sure. Can I get her phone number now?” I asked.

“I don't have it with me. It's at home. You'll have to come back to my place to get it.” Nicole said.

We arrived at Nicole's place and I wasn't at all surprised to see that her parents were rich. The house was huge. I was literally shaking while we walked up to the door. I had never been to a girl's house before. Not only that, I had never met a girl's parents before. What would Nicole say to them? Would she tell them I was 'with' her? This was all too stressful. I just wanted to turn and run but I needed Dominique's phone number.

“Come on.” Nicole said.

I followed her into the house.

“Mom! Dad! I'm home.” She yelled. “Don't worry, they aren't going to even come up from downstairs.”

“Your parent's are home?” I asked.

“Yeah, but my Dad never comes out of his office and my Mom is most likely getting ready to go to some party or something. She never stays home long. Let's just go to my room.”

Nicole began walking up the stairs. I could see directly up her skirt. She wore shorter and shorter skirts now that Dominique had become her “friend”. She had on little pink and white striped panties. I could clearly see between her legs and the delicate swell of her pussy. I shook my head and tried to banish the thought of Nicole's pussy.

Nicole's room was a bit smaller than I expected. I stood in the doorway afraid to come inside. She said her parents wouldn't care but I had been trained from an early age that boys didn't go into girl's rooms. Somehow the thought of being busted in her room was front and center in my head and then Dominique might find out and get the wrong idea.

“Why are you standing there like a loser. Come in. Come on.”

“Can't you just give me the number and I'll head out? I don't want to get you in trouble.” I said.

“What the fuck are you talking about? Get your stupid ass in here and close the door.”

I didn't want to, but I stepped inside and sealed my doom. I looked around and tried to find somewhere to sit down but the room was filled with dirty clothes and tons of stuff. Everything a little rich girl takes for granted. I decided to stand. Then I stopped breathing. Nicole opened up her top and revealed her huge breasts trapped inside that tight purple bra. She threw the shirt on the floor in front of me. I didn't take my eyes off her. She stood for a moment with a smirk on her face and dropped her skirt. She did all this casually, like she did everything else. She didn't seem to care that I was in the room at all. Nicole walked over to her closet before turning around and saying, “Have a seat.” I watched her swaying ass move inside those little pink and white panties.

My cock wasn't just hard, it was nearly about to rip free of my pants. As soon as she was in the closet I adjusted and sat down on what might be a box or a stool, I couldn't tell. All kinds of thoughts rushed through my head. Was she bringing me here because she wanted something to happen? How could she? I was a nerd. I was the guy she didn't want. Why would she care?

She came back out wearing a long t-shirt and no bra. Her breasts were lower than normal and her nipples were extremely visible. Her breasts shook from side to side as she walked around the room and picked up things off her bed. I found the jiggle of her tits under her thin cotton shirt extremely erotic. I had never seen anything like it. Why weren't things like this in porn instead of women with immovable breasts? Damn the porn industry and their fake breasts!

“Hey, you must be getting ready for bed or something, can I just get the number? I'll leave you alone and plus...”

“I'm going to give you her number but first you have to give me something.” Nicole said.

“” I said.

“Yeah. I know you want me. I've seen the way you look at me. We both know you were waiting for me in the woods that night. I know you like Dominique and that's cool but let's be honest, you want to fuck little Nicole, don't you?”

“” I said.

“It's ok. If you don't tell anyone, I won't tell anyone. It will just be our little secret. Now come here.” She said.

There really was a little moment where I argued with myself. On the one hand I should be loyal to Dominique. Dominique is far, far hotter and nicer and cooler than Nicole. On the other hand she was standing there with her breasts so free and jiggly and her nipples so hard and...Ok, she was hot. Dominique could find out. But Nicole said she wasn't...but those boobs...and plus...boobs...and then...BOOBS!

Nicole looked down at her breasts and then back up at me. She pressed them together with her arms and said, “Nice huh?”

“Yeah. They are.” I said and instantly clapped my hands over my mouth. I hadn't meant to say that!

“Damn right they are. I have fantastic breasts. I saw how your eyes nearly bugged out of your head when I walked out of the closet. That's not the only thing that is about to bust out.”


“Oh shut up. I thought it was cute. Virgins are so cute.” she said. “Oh don't try to deny it. You have virgin written in mile high letters. But I think it's sweet. I like sweet too.”

Nicole closed the distance between us and pulled me to her. She moved her hand slowly under my shirt. Her hand on the bare skin of my stomach made me quiver. My breath was coming in short bursts now. I couldn't believe this was happening. What did she want from me? There must be some trick. I expected people to jump out of her closet and start laughing. Where were the jock assholes? This had to be a prank.

“Look how hard you already are. I can see the shape of your cock through your shorts. Is that a wet spot?” She said.

I blushed and tried to lean forward in some lame attempt at covering my bulging erection. It wasn't any use. The head of my cock was pressed firmly against my pants. Nicole leaned forward and closed her teeth around the head of my cock. I squealed.

“I think the head of a cock is beautiful. The rest of your cock gets so hard but the head always stays kinda soft. Is your cock like that? Do you want little Nicole to find out?” Nicole asked.

“I...never noticed.”

“Oh please, as much as you guys jerk off? I bet you know your cock better than your own family. You are trembling. Do you know how infinitely sexy that is? I love that you are so afraid. Are you like this around Dominique too or just around me?”

I didn't answer. Her hand was moving up my shirt and higher toward my nipple. Nicole's own nipples were larger now. She was excited? I made her excited? She said I was sexy...well...sort of. I had never been called sexy. But Dominique's face kept coming up in my head. I didn't want to cheat on her. Then it hit me! Maybe this was a test! Maybe Dominique had asked Nicole to do this? To test me? No. Dominique wouldn't do that. Plus, Nicole was practically naked. Couldn't she have tested me without getting practically naked?

I was confused and...all the blood...was leaving my head.

Nicole leaned forward on the bed, almost coming up on her knees and she placed her lips around my nipple. An instant tingling sensation moved all through my body. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and my mouth was dry. My shorts were already soaked. I was getting closer to cumming. I couldn't cum with Nicole. I couldn't!

“NICOLE!” I said much louder than I had expected.

“What?!” She said, her eyes wide.

“Can I please have the number?”

Nicole smiled and placed her hand over my erect cock. She barely even moved it before I came. I closed my eyes and hated my body for betraying me. Warm spurts of cum soaked my pants. Nicole kept the palm of her hand firmly placed over the length of my cock and she opened her mouth while she rubbed me, moaning while I came. Each time I pulsed and thrust forward, she pressed harder into me. She knew exactly what she was doing.

“Ahh..hah.” She said.

“ don't understand...I just...”

“I completely understand. Like I said, your secret is safe with me. But I'm not going to let you have anything else today. I think we both know that it would be better if we wait. After all Nicole isn't THAT easy.”

“Please, can I call Dominique now?” I asked.

“Don't be silly. You need Nicole to clean you up don't you?” She said.

“I...I can clean up at home. I don't mind.”

“Don't be silly. Your pants are soaked. You have a wet spot as big as a dinner plate. You'll at least need to get that taken care of before you go out in public, don't you think?”

“I guess.” I said.

“Ok, so take off your shorts and let me have them. I can get them dry in no time.”


“Take them off.”

I let my pants drop and was afraid to look down. My underwear were a mess! Did she really want to see this mess?

“The underwear too.” She said.



She watched intently as I peeled off my underwear and revealed my sticky mess to her. I didn't even have the nerve to look down. Nicole took my underwear and pants and left the room. For the first time I noticed that Nicole had a way of walking that involved swinging her hips from side to side and showing off her ass. I had to admit her ass was larger than Dominique's but quite nice.

I stood naked in a girl's room. Nicole's room. My heart was pounding and I thought I was going to pass out any second.

Nicole came back into the room and smiled. She knelt down in front of me and placed a warm wash cloth over my growing erection. It was warm. It was wet. It was absolutely wonderful. She moved it up and squeezed as she did so. She pressed it around me and moved it slowly. I wondered if this is what it felt like to fuck a girl.

“You know, I could totally suck you right now.” She said.

I wasn't able to speak. I couldn't form words or sentences or even think straight. I had just had a girl touching my cock and cleaning up my cum. This was beyond even anything I had ever imagined. Not only that but she was Nicole! This was a popular girl! This was a hot girl! The girl that had sex with every jock in school! Here she was telling me she wanted to suck me.

“Yeah, but I'm not. You fucking might spurt on my face before I even start. You really are adorably cute when you are terrified.” She said and stood up. She put her arms around me and she looked into my eyes for a long time. “I bet you are dying right now huh?”


She rolled her eyes. She turned and went to her table. She wrote down something on a piece of paper. She came back over and held it up in front of me.

“Here.” She said.“Want it?”

I shook my head yes.

“Then before you leave you have to make me cum.”

Make her cum? What! How was I going to do that? I didn't even know how to make a girl cum. What was I supposed to do?

“God! You should see your face right now. I swear to God you are about the most pathetic loser virgin I've ever known.” She laughed but came close again. Her breasts were touching me. I felt her hard nipples through her shirt and my body shook. I wanted to touch her. I wanted to feel her body but I didn't dare. I had to remain faithful to Dominique as much as possible, even if I was a loser. Maybe Dominique would forgive me if she didn't think I did anything voluntarily. Nicole pressed her body against mine. I felt the soft cotton of her shirt. I felt the warmth of her body against my cock. My naked cock was pressed into Nicole's shirt! I couldn't believe it.

“But you want Nicole don't you? I can feel it.” She said.

Slowly she rubbed her body against me, back and forth. She was so soft. Her breasts were so soft. Her body warm. Everything about her made me want to just give in and do what she wanted. She moved up and down. She moaned. She pushed against me and I pushed back.

I came.


“OH JESUS! Again! You came again! Just from that! And all over my shirt!”

“I'm sorry! I'm really sorry. It's just that your big boobs...and...there was your...”

“Get out! Just get out! Oh God! I have your sperm all over my shirt! Only a nerd would cum from just that. Just GET OUT!”

Back on the street and finally away from the temptation of Nicole, I stopped to look back at her house. It all seemed surreal. That's when I noticed her looking at me from her bedroom window. She waved. I raised my hand and half waved back at her. Nicole was so odd.

At home, I sat in my room and I opened the paper Nicole had handed me. There were two numbers. Around one of the two numbers were little hearts. I assumed that was Nicole's number. Strange.

I picked up the phone and called the number without the little hearts.

“Hello?” A sweet soft voice said.


“Yeah. Who is this?”

“It's Matthew.”

“Matthew! Can you come over?”

“Huh? Oh yeah. Sure. Where do you live?”

Just like that. I had Dominique's phone number and her address! Not only that but she wanted me to come over to her house! I ran out the door.

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